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Associated Screw Set

Team Associated B6/B6D Titanium Screw Kit

Titanium Screw Kits are pretty trick. They are lighter than stock and are much more trick looking. Team Associated recently announced a Titanium screw kit for their B6 and B6D buggies. 90 screws are included in all and they are sized to be perfect replacements for the stock fasteners. The set is priced at $46, it has a part number of [...]


Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

New Stainless Steel Screw Sets From Dynamite

We are big fans of Stainless Steel Screw Kits here at Big Squid. They look good, their heads are much harder to strip than the stock hardware, and lets face it, you can never have enough spares sitting around. On that note, just announced by Dynamite are new screw kits for the Traxxas X-Maxx, Axial Yeti/Trophy Truck/Bomber, and for the [...]


Associated Screw Set

Team Associated RC8B3 Factory Team Upper Titanium Screw Set

Team Associated has announced a Factory Team Titanium Screw Set for the RC8B3. Containing 92 different screws, the set saves weight and adds a trick look to the buggy. The screw set has a street price of $65, it has a part number of #81274, and they are shipping right now. To get more details check out This Link over on [...]


Team KNK Twin Hammers Vaterra

Team KNK Hardware Kit for the Vaterra Twin Hammers

Team KNK has been making a name for themselves in the hardware game. Not only have they been traveling all over the place to different events, but their screw kits are showing up in more and more hobby shops. One of Team KNK’s latest hardware bags is for the Vaterra Twin Hammers. Their Twin Hammers bag is filled with 300 pieces [...]


Team KNK Gmade R1

Team KNK Gmade R1 Stainless Hardware Kit

The latest Screw Kit from Team KNK is for the Gmade R1 rock crawler. Consisting of 350 pieces, the Team KNK kit comes with 2.5mm and 3mm A2 stainless hardware that is not only tougher than the stock screws, but also much better looking. The kit has a street price of $24 and you can get more details at This Link [...]


Team KNK Slash 4 X 4 Stainless Hardware Kit

Team KNK Traxxas Slash 4 X 4 Stainless Hardware Kit

One of the best improvements you can make to any truck is upgrade hardware. Upgrade screws won’t strip as easily and can be considerably stronger than the stock hardware. The crew over at Team KNK have announced a new Stainless Hardware Kit for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. The kit contains 184 pieces and includes all the 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm [...]


Team KNK Vaterra K-5 Blazer Screw Kit

Team KNK Screw Kit for the Vaterra Ascender K-5 Blazer

Are you getting ready to build a new Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender kit? Why not build it with high quality (and trick looking) stainless steel hardware? The Team KNK screw kit contains 204 pieces, everything you need to build a new Ascender, or to simply have plenty of spares. The screw kit is priced at $22 and you get one [...]


Axial Yeti Screw Kit Team KNK

Team KNK Axial Yeti Hardware Kits

So you’ve got a new Axial Yeti on the way and are looking for options to make it even tougher than it is stock. A good place to start is by installing an upgrade screw kit. The crew over at Team KNK have just announced their upgrade hardware kit for the Yeti. It comes with 2, 2.5, 3, and 4mm [...]


STRC TLR Weight Reduction Kits

STRC Weight Reduction Kits for TLR 22 2.0 and 22-4

Want to shave some weight off your TLR 22 2.0 or 22-4? If so, the crew over at ST Racing Concepts have some new screw & nut weight reduction kits to put your buggy on a diet. The screws are made from titanium making them both strong and light, while aluminum nuts are used to shave even more weight. The [...]


STRC Screws Nuts Associated B5

STRC Titanium Screws & Aluminum Nuts for Associated B5

The good people over at ST Racing Concepts now have weight reducing Titanium Screws and Aluminum Lock Nut Kits for the Associated B5 and B5M buggies. These kits weigh about half as much as their stock counterparts and look a whole lot better to boot. The B5 screw/nut kit has a part number of #STCB5ti and they are priced at $32. [...]


Team KNK Traxxas Basher Bag

Team KNK Hardware Traxxas Basher Bag Screw Kit

If you bash hard, you bend, break, and otherwise obliterate a lot of screws. Unfortunately, most screw kits are over-priced and come with hardware that is just not up to the task at hand. The crew over at Team KNK have released a Traxxas Basher Bag. The Basher Bag contains 245 pieces of A2 stainless steel hardware to get your truck [...]


RCScrewz Stainless Screw Kit for Durango

RCScrewZ Stainless Screw Kit for Durango DNX408T

Looking to upgrade the fasteners on your Durango DNX408T truggy? The crew over at RCScrewZ have put together a complete kit containing some of the best stainless steel screws that money can buy. The new RCScrewZ kit comes with all the screws, washers, and nuts you need, plus it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Street price is $30 and they [...]


Traxxas Screw Kit

Stainless Steel Screw Kit for Traxxas Funny Car

Do you have a new Traxxas NHRA Funny Car? Looking for higher quality screws that will add some serious bling factor to your new car? Lucky for you RcScrewZ has a new kit just for the Traxxas drag car. RcScrewZ only uses stainless steel screws in their kits and guarantee them to be the best on the market. Street price [...]