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ST Racing Concepts Battery BraceThe good guys over at ST Racing Concepts have announced 3 new upgrades for some of your favorite Axial trucks.

First up (and shown above) is an Aluminum/Graphite Battery Brace for the Axial Yeti. The battery brace is used to reduce the flex that can cause your battery to fall out during extreme bashing. These are available in several different colors and are priced at $20.

Next up are special green anodized versions of STRC’s Short Wheelbase Kit and Front Upper 4 Link Kit for the SCX10. These are made from high quality aluminum and are priced at $69 and $15 respectively.

To get more information on these and all the other hop-ups that STRC has for Axial trucks simply Click Here to head over to their official website.

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It’s a RECON G6 weekend here in St. Louis! While you can get the event details right here there is one very important change to note. The actual G6 event (and mud race) on Saturday will take place right down the road from the listed spot on the website. The new location is Sports Center Park in St. Peters, MO. The recent torrential rain forced us to move last minute. All is well though, we are ready for a great day!

I’m riding into G6 battle with two rigs; my Captain America piloted Axial G6 SCX10 for the main day stage, and our SCX10 C/R Edition fresh off of review. The G6 truck is waterproofed and heavily modified…the C/R is bone stock (save for the battery plate being moved to the front). It will be interesting to see how they do.

I’m also pumped up for the Mega Truck mud race taking place in between stages. I’ve been heavily testing the truck and it’s as ready to go as it’s gonna be. I took out the Castle 6900 motor and slotted in a 4600. It’s got gobs of torque and is much easier to handle (the 6900 was just way too hot). Here are some of my testing pictures.

I did a new body for it, a Pro-Line 1966 F-100 (#3415-00) that I’ve dubbed the Monster Mule (in the spirit of my Clodbuster with the same name). I’m ready to hit the pit and see what she’s made of. And speaking of blue Fords, my friends at BIGFOOT 4×4 have donated a very cool trophy for the mud race – a section of driveshaft loop that was recently used (and grenaded) on a BIGFOOT race truck!


Look for a full event rundown next week on Big Squid. Ok, I’m off to ride the G-Train. Hope to see a few of you there!

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Axial Jeep C/R Edition SCX10
The folks over at Axial are on top of the crawling world now days. They got there by putting out capable, and great looking, trucks. Their latest truck is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition. This SCX10 based truck is loaded with trick scale goodies like BFG tires, Rigid Industries light bars, Casey Currie’s CRC wheels, and multiple Poison Spyder licensed parts. The C/R edition looks trick right out of the box, and should be a solid performer out on the trail.

The part number for the C/R edition is #AX90035, it has a street price of $419, and they should start hitting hobby shops in late April. To get complete information simply hit up This Link.

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RC4WD Steering Knuckles Axial SCX10
Stock plastic parts aren’t known for their durability, therefore the crew over at RC4WD have announced new aluminum steering knuckles for the Axial SCX10. Black in color, these knuckles look the part and should be difficult to destroy on those long trail drives.

* CNC machined from billet aluminum
* Easy to install
* Weight (each)- 0.35oz

The part number is #Z-S1216, they have a street price of $29, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official RC4WD website.

Can’t get enough RC4WD news? Hit up This Link on BigSquidRC for even more!

STRC Axial Heat Treated Universals SCX10 Wraith
Need to beef up the driveline of your Axial Wraith or SCX10? The good folks over at STRC have just announced high quality universal driveshafts for the popular Axial off-road machines.

The ST Racing Concepts universals are made from the ground up to be extra tough. They are made from carbon-steel, heat treated, and CNC machined to make sure they can take a beating. The universals bolt up without modification and the retainer rings come in 5 different colors. Also of note, the STRC driveshafts are completely rebuild-able.

The part number for the SCX10 universals is #STA30464 and they have a street price of $42. The part number for the Wraith units is #STA30780 and they sport a street price of $47. For more information hit up This Link.

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MIP Axial Wraith SCX10 Center Driveshafts
If you want the toughest driveshafts in the business you have to look no further than MIP. Now MIP has center driveshaft kits for the Axial Wraith and SCX10. The stock plastic driveshafts can twist or break, the heavy duty MIP units are built to take punishment. Some of their key features include-

* Spline drive technology
* Made from tough heat treated steel
* MIP includes Loctite & grease with each set
* Pin set screws
* 100% made in the good old USA

The part number for the MIP SCX10 set is #13360, the part number for the MIP Wraith set is #11116 and they are each priced at $75.

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RC4WD Tough Armor Front Lightbar Bumper for Axial SCX10
RC4WD has another way to scale up the looks of your Axial SCX10 with their Version 2 Tough Armor Front Lightbar/Bumper. Made from steel, this lightbar/bumper should be able to take a beating while giving you a place to mount some cool looking lights to the front of your truck.

* Welded by hand
* Constructed from strong steel tubing
* Powder coated finish
* Corrosion resistant
* Weight- 2.71oz

The part number is #Z-S1102, it has a $29 street price, and they are available right now for your bashing pleasure. Hit up This Link for complete information.

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STRC ST Racing Concepts hop up parts axial SCX10 Wraith
The crew over at STRC/ST Racing Concepts have some trick new aluminum hop-ups for the Axial SCX10 & Wraith.

First up are Heavy Duty “H” Chassis Braces for the SCX10. These are CNC machined out of aluminum and are used to strengthen the chassis, reducing twist on tough trails. The “H” brace is available in four different colors, has a part number of #STA80026HBK/GM/G/S, and has a retail price of $15.

Next up is an Aluminum Off-Axle Servo Mount & Panhard for the Wraith. To get the ultimate in scale realism, Wraith owners often times move the steering servo off of the front axle. The new STRC CNC machined servo mount does just that. It also comes in four colors- black, green, gun metal or silver. The part number is #STA30792PBK/GM/G/S and it has a retail price of $40.

Also new from STRC are Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers for the SCX10. These CNC machined towers look trick and come with the same geometry as the stock pieces. Also available in multiple colors, the part number is #STA80025FBK/GM/G/S for the front towers, #STA80025RBK/GM/G/S for the rear, and they both have a retail price of $25.

For more information on everything STRC simply click on This Link.

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Unboxing Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Recon G6
What does it look like to crack the box open on the brand new Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Recon G6? Here ya go, it looks pretty cool. The latest SCX10 from Axial comes with loads of scale detailing in the spirit of the ultra tough Recon G6 series.

As you can see from the pictures, the Axial Recon G6 is a kit. The body comes clear and you get to assemble the truck from raw parts. If you really want to get to know a truck, and make sure it is set up for you from the very start, a kit is the way to go.

Our full review on the Axial Recon G6 is just a couple of weeks away, until then you can hit up This Link for more information.

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STRC Axial SCX10 Upgrades
The crew over at ST Racing Concepts keep coming up with cool new products for the Axial SCX10, here are their latest upgrade parts-

CNC machined aluminum shock upgrade kit. This kit comes with a pair of threaded bodies, a pair of aluminum shock collars, and one pair of aluminum lower shock caps. The upgrade kit uses the stock internals from the SCX10 shocks to help save some cash. These are available in four different colors, have a part number of #STA30130BK/GM/G/S, and have a street price of $16 per pair.

To go even more uber, you can add a set of CNC machined aluminum faux shock reservoirs. These have a part number of STA30131BK/GM/G/S and a street price of $12 for a set of four.

Also now available is the new STRC aluminum rear upper link mount. The mount is CNC machined, available in four different colors, and is generally a lot more beefy than the stocker. The part number is #STA80043BK/GM/G/S and it has a street price of $21.

Hit up This Link to head over to the STRC website, or Click Here for more STRC news on BigSquidRC.

ST Racing Concepts option parts for Axial SCX10 Jeep
The friendly folks over at ST Racing Concepts have announced new aluminum hop-up parts for the Axial SCX10.

First up are new heavy duty front & rear bumper mounts. These are CNC machined from aluminum and features a longer side bracket which offers better clearance for the steering servo during suspension compression. Available colors are black, gun metal, green and silver. The part number for the front mount is #STA80125FBK/GM/G/S, the part number for the rear is #STA80125RBK/GM/G/S, and they both have an MSRP of $22.

STRC also has uber new heavy duty side rail mounts for the SCX10. These are also CNC machined out of aluminum and are also available in black, gun metal, green and silver. The part number for the side rail mounts is #STA80041BK/GM/G/S and they have a MSRP of $13.

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RC4WD Blade Snow Plow
It is getting colder here in the Chicago metro area, snow can’t be too far around the corner. The same is true in many northern parts of the globe.

RC4WD just sent us a hot new release, their Blade Snow Plow. With the RC4WD blade snow plow your scaler becomes a snow pushing machine when it gets nasty this winter. The snow plow is CNC machined and weighs in at 11 oz. A servo is used to make the blade go up and down.

If you want to mount the snow plow up to your Axial SCX10 you’ll need RC4WD mounting kit #Z-S1002, if you plan on putting it on your RC4WD Trailfinder 2 you’ll need #Z-S1003.

The part number for the RC4WD Blade Snow Plow is #Z-X0007, it has a street price of $79, and you can get more information at This Link.

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STRC Axial suspension links
Changing out the suspension links on your Axial SCX10 or Wraith is pretty common. Changing over to aluminum links makes your truck stronger and look a whole lot better.

Our friends over at STRC/St Racing Concepts make some very trick aluminum suspension links for your Axial. Made from CNC machined 6mm & 7mm high quality aluminum, the STRC links are extra tough and come anodized in different colors to suit your taste. Some of their suspension link sets include-

* STA80043UBK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Upper kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $19.99
* STA30518BK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Lower kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $13.99
* STA30516BK/G/GM/S Precision Steering Upgrade kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $8.50
* STA80083BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD Upper & Lower for Axial Wraith (w/hardware) $13.99
* STA30792BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD (Wraith Replacement Lower links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30791BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD 25.5 deg. Bent (Wraith upper links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30441BK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear Lower, 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30792LBK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear upper or front lower, 1 pair. $7.00

To get more information on all the fine option parts from STRC simply click This Link.

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