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HPI decided another update to their popular RS4 was necessary, so here we have the new RS4 3 Evo+.  The new 3 Ev0+ is a fully RTR nitro sedan with a gunmetal anodized aluminum chassis, orange anodized aluminum parts, a waterproof SF-10W steering servo, and a TF-40 2.4 GHz radio.  Other new additions to make the RTR even more RTR include a 7.2v battery with AC charger for the included Roto-Start, a collection of AA batteries for the radio gear, a glow plug igniter with C-sized battery, a fuel bottle, and a multi-wrench.  This new edition is available in three body styles, the Plymouth Barracuda pictured above, a ’67 Chevy Corvette, and a BMW M3 GT2.

MSRP for these new RTRs is going to be about $680.  Check out the HPI Racing website for more info.

You know, I think we’ve posted more news from Thunder Tiger in the past month than any other time in this site’s history.  That’s a pretty good sign that TT is getting on the ball and coming up with some great new releases.  Their newest one is a nitro powered, 1/10 scale sedan that goes by the name of Tomahawk VX.  Some of the big features of the Tomahawk include shaft-driven 4wd, a .18 size Pro-18BX engine mated to a 2-speed transmission, anodized 3mm chassis, and full ball-bearings.  To keep the Tomahawk from flying off the handle, Thunder Tiger is including an Ace RC Cougar PS3, 2.4 GHz radio system and it’s topped off with an officially licensed Nissan GT-R body.

The Tomahawk VX will be available toward the end of this month with an MSRP of $479.99.  Check out the Thunder Tiger website for more info.

Tamiya is showing off their redesigned TA06 Pro chassis at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan.  Some of the new features include a completely new chassis layout, with different motor, battery, and electronics positioning.  You’ll also notice the front shocks are inboard and the belt drive system is different.  There’s also been some changes made to the differentials, which Tamiya says increases the acceleration of this road rocket.  Tamiya has also posted a promo video to YouTube, which I’ve embedded after the break.

Keep an eye on the Tamiya website for more info coming soon.  Thanks to Hobby Media for the pic and info.


How often have you been sitting around saying to yourself “boy, if only my sedan had a Boss 302 body, my life would be complete…”  I’m guessing not often, most of you probably rank other things as more important to having a fulfilled life.  Not me though, I’m a straight up, unrepentant consumer.  If it’s shiny or new, I must have it.  So with HPI Racing‘s new Ford Mustang Boss 302 body for 200mm sedans coming out, I now have a reason to live, I have one more thing I must buy.  The new Boss body is officially licensed from Ford and as such includes decals for all the details you’d expect on the 1:1 car.  It also comes with an instruction sheet for the difficult task of installing said decals correctly.  You can also expect all the proper window masks, overspray film, and other sundry items that most aftermarket bodies come with.

The Boss will be available as soon as the FedEx guy makes his deliveries to your local hobby shop, the MSRP is $35.  Check out the HPI Racing website for more info.

Speed Passion and East Coast Bodies Tune (wait… wha? who?) have decided to get together.  And the body pictured above is the result of their coupling.  That crazy awesome space alien looking thing is a 190mm sedan body modeled after full-scale automaker Mazda’s Furai concept supercar.  The big Furai made it’s debut a few years ago at the 2008 North American International Auto Show.  The officially licensed 1/10 scale polycarbonate version is making it’s debut now.  This body is said to be suitable for every style of racing, whether it’s indoor carpet with foamies, or outdoor asphalt with rubber tires.  The gang suggest using wide offset wheels with the Furai for an even more “realistic” look.

I’ve been shopping for a new body for one of my sedans, this might be the one.  Check out the newly redesigned Speed Passion website for more info.

The guys at HPI Racing have a thing for real on road cars.  Nearly their entire on road setup consists of officially licensed body styles from most all of the big name auto companies.  So it only makes sense that they would introduce a new 200mm sedan body based on one of the most well known modern muscle cars.  The 2010 Chevy Camaro body shell is formed out of clear polycarbonate so you can paint it to suit your style.  It also comes with a large selection of decals for adding detail, including a ton of gold and chrome.  You can also expect overspray film, to keep you from screwing up your brand new body with your sloppy spraying skills.  It’s pretty much a direct fit for almost all of HPI’s nitro and electric on road chassis’ like the Sprint 2 RTR, Pro 4, Dash, and Nitro RS4.

MSRP for the Camaro is going to be $30 and it’ll be hitting shelves soonish.  Check out the HPI Racing web site for more info.

Schumacher Racing has a new high-end touring car in the line-up, hot on the heals of their recent budget tourer the Mi1.  The Mi4CX is being touted as a competition ready car, with all kinds of high-end features like an ultra-lightweight front spool with increased durability, ultra-lightweight aluminum transmission housings, dedicated front & rear high strength steel CVD driveshafts, and a ton more.  The Mi4CX will start shipping sometime next month and it will be available as a kit or pre-assembled roller (all electronics and wheels required).  The assembled version will be just over $600, while the kit will go for $570ish.  Check out the Schumacher web site for more details.

Horizon is bringing back the 1/14 scale line of Carisma cars.  As of right now they are distributing the four pictured above, clockwise from top-left: BMW M3 GT2, Mercedes Benz SLR GT, VW Golf GTI, and the Nissan Skyline GT-R R35.  There’s a possibility of more coming soon, including the off-road buggy.  All of these are fully RTR with 2.4 GHz radio and there are also different chassis types.

Check out the Horizon Hobby web site for more info.

Speed Passion is introducing a couple new RTRs here at IHobby.  This one, the RS1 Touring Car, is a 1/10 scale 4wd sport compact that comes out of the box with a brushless system and the 2.4 GHz Carrera 2 phaser radio.  It’s got some nice features, like metal diffs, oil filled shocks, and full ball bearings.

They are expecting to have these out to market before Christmas at a price of about $190 – $200.  Check out the Speed Passion site for a little more info.

When a lot of people hear the name Schumacher, they usually think of one thing, expensive cars.  Well, apparently Schumacher is tired of listening to all your belly aching about cost.  They’ve created a new 1/10 scale, electric sedan, called the Mi1, for the budget conscious drivers out there.  It may be a low-cost ride but it has some nice, high-end features.  The Mi1 has a 2 belt drive-train with limited slip ball differentials front and rear, a fully adjustable suspension setup, and plenty of purple anodized alloy parts, a complete set of ball bearings, and a LiPo ready chassis.

The kit price is going to be £129.99, while the assembled roller will be going for £159.99.  What is a £ anyway?  Is that Monopoly money?  Anyway, for those of us that use real money, that converts to about $207 for the kit and $255 for the roller, though American prices may actually be higher than that.  The Mi1 will start shipping in November.  Check out the Schumacher web site for more info.

The fine folks at OFNA have another new vehicle for us to gawk at. The Ultra GTP 2e is a 1/8 scale, brushless, sedan. Like their previous release, this one is also an 80% complete roller, requiring all electronics and a paint job on the clear body to be complete. Some of the features of note include full ball-bearings, front and rear sway bars, hard anodized chassis, hard coated shocks with threaded shock bodies, and pivot ball suspension.

MSRP for the Ultra GTP 2e is $349.95, no word on ship date. Check out the OFNA web site for more info. Click through after the break for some video.




Team Associated has a brand new ride.  The RC10TC6 Factory Team edition is an all new design that has been prepared for brushless power and LiPo batteries right out of the box.  The whole thing has been given a makeover but a few of the significant changes include moving the motor 13mm in toward the centerline of the chassis, lowering the spur gear by 5mm, an updated steering system with more ackerman options and an improved input rate, all ball cups now have eyelets for easy access to the ball studs, and the VCS3 shocks with hard-anodized threaded bodies have additional stroke for more up-travel.  And being a Factory Team edition, there’s a whole lot of blue aluminum and titanium all over the place.

If you’re into sedan racing, or you just want a high-end ride to show off, give the new RC10TC6 a look.  Check out the Team Associated web site for all the details.

Could this new chassis portend a bunch of new platforms coming soon from the team in blue?  We shall see.

Check out this new, officially licensed, Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition Ford Mustang body from HPI Racing.  It’s made for 200mm sedans but can be used on 190s with the addition of wide offset wheels.  All the various common things are included: window masks, decals, overspray film, etc.  A molded nylon wing is also included and it comes clear so you can paint it any color you like if you aren’t a fan of the Parnelli Jones style.

MSRP is $32.00, no word on availability but probably soon.  Keep an eye on the HPI Racing web site for more info.