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Serpent Natrix 748 Nitro Touring Car
Yesterday Serpent announced the 747-e, a 10th scale nitro converted to electric. Today Serpent has dropped their new 200mm nitro touring car, the Natrix 748. If you are really serious about nitro touring car racing, or simply want a very high end nitro burning on-road car, or just want to go really fast on-road, the new Natrix 748 should be of interest to you.

* Lighter and smoother diffs
* Smoother braking action
* New lower sitting fuel tank
* New chassis with engine placed more towards rear

The 748 has a part number of #804007, a release date of late May, and you can hit up This Link to check out the official Serpent website.

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Serpent 747-e 200mm
Based on the 747 nitro sedan, Serpent has announced the electric 747-e. Starting out as a nitro sedan gives the car a couple of advantages, it makes the 747-e easier to drive, and you end up with a car that is more rugged than a “normal” touring car. Recommended power system is a 3S LiPo, 540 brushless motor of less than 5000kV, and an 8th scale ESC.

* Carbon fiber chassis, top deck, battery holders, and shock towers
* Gear diffs front and rear
* Bearings used on roll bars
* CVDs used in front, dogbones used in the rear
* Low friction belts

The part number for the 747-e is #804006 and you can get complete information at This Link on Serpent’s website.

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Serpent Cobra 2.1 Buggy
The latest and greatest from Serpent is their 8th scale Cobra Buggy 2.1 kit. The 2.1 uses modest updates to make it better than ever down at your local track or bash spot. The changes on the 2.1 model include-

* 4mm longer chassis
* Longer aluminum rear brace
* Longer rear center shaft
* Hard coated shock caps
* Aluminum 14 degree caster blocks

The part number for the 2.1 buggy is #600014 and you can get more information by heading over to the Serpent Website.

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Serpent Pre-painted 8th Scale Cobra GT Body
If you’ve read BSRC for any length of time then you already know we are big fans of pre-painted bodies. None of our staffers have any painting skillz, and quite frankly we would rather spend more time with our families or outside driving than wielding a rattle can. Today the fine folks over at Serpent announced a new Pre-Painted 1/8th Cobra GT Body. The body comes in their signature orange color and fits short wheelbase GT cars (325mm). It has a large rear wing for loads of downforce and is molded out of top quality polycarbonate.

The part number is #170311 and you can get more information over on the official Serpent Website.

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MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Serpent Spyder SRX-2
For all you Serpent buggy owners, MIP has announced their Puck CVD System for the SRX-2. The Puck Shiny System comes with steel CVDs to handle mod power, plus the replaceable pucks will keep your outdrives & CV bones from wearing out so quickly. Oh ya, they look sharp and help with quicker acceleration too.

The part number is #14125, they are priced at $75, and This Link will take you over to MIP’s website for more information.

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Serpent Cobra GT-E Ready To Race 1/8
Serpent has announced a new RTR version of their high end 1/8 Cobra GT car. The GT-E RTR comes fully assembled with a 2.4GHz radio system, metal gear servo, waterproof ESC, and 2450kV brushless motor. The slick looking body is pre-painted and pre-cut for extra convenience.

* 16mm big bore shocks
* 4wd with 3 gear diffs
* 7075 T6 aluminum shock towers and chassis
* Oversized A-arms
* Front and rear anti-roll bars

The part number for the Cobra GT-E is #600045 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Serpent Spyder SCT-2
If you are serious about 2wd short course you’ll want to take a look at the new SCT-2 from Serpent. The SCT-2 is Serpent’s first short course truck and was designed by Billy Easton. It comes with durable bumpers, lexan plates in the side-guards for more stability while jumping, and comes in a rear motor configuration. The kit is scheduled for a May release date with a RTR version to come out soon afterwards. More information coming soon, until then you can hit up This Link to visit the official Serpent website.

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Serpent Spyder Buggy SRX-2 MM
After some teasing, Serpent has released full information on their new Spyder SRX-2 MM buggy. The SRX-2 MM is Serpent’s high end, mid-motored, 2wd buggy. The SRX-2 MM was designed by former IFMAR champ Billy Easton for high bite conditions like damp clay, carpet, and sugar coated outdoor tracks. Some of the highlights of the SRX-2 MM include-

* Big bore 12mm shocks
* Mid-motor design
* High performance race geometry
* Narrow composite chassis
* Innovative shock towers
* 3 pad slipper
* Low, cab forward body
* Adjustable differential height

The part number for the SRX-2 MM is #500003 and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Serpent website.

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Serpent SRX2 MM Buggy
About 3 months ago Serpent introduced their rear motored SRX2 RM 2wd uber buggy, now they have released some teaser pictures of its mid-motored brother, the SRX2 MM. The SRX2 MM is made to have maximum performance on high grip surfaces like damp indoor clay or sugar coated outdoor tracks. The Serpent SRX2 MM is scheduled for a January release date and full information will be released in the coming days.

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Serpent F1 Helmets
The crew over at Serpent have announced a new helmet set for your 10th scale Formula 1 body. The helmets allow you to personalize your body and the ability to change looks. The set comes with 3 different helmets and have a part number of #170328, hit up This Link for more information.

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serpent rc tools
You’ve got a high-zoot bash machine, maybe you want to pop for a good set of tools to wrench with. Serpent has announced a bunch of new tools to make your wrenching life easier. From hex drivers, to body reamer, to screw drivers, Serpent has you covered.

The handles have been designed to be lightweight, plus they are designed not to roll off your tailgate or pit table. As a special service, Serpent can also engraved your name on the handles, pretty cool! For durability, the tips are made out of precision machined hardened spring steel that should last a very long time.

The new Serpent tools should start to become available later this month. To get more information on the Serpent tools simply click THIS LINK.

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Serpent Spyder SRX-2 Buggy
The crew over at Serpent have been very busy expanding their product line-up. The newest Serpent is the Spyder SRX-2 RM 10th Scale 2wd Buggy. The Spyder SRX-2 RM is a dedicated rear motor configuration buggy that should be one of the best available if it follows the tradition of other Serpent product. Former 2wd Word Champ Billy Easton did the design, here are some of its features-

* Composite chassis
* Carbon battery plate and shocktowers
* Slipper clutch
* Hardcoated big-bore shocks
* Full bearings
* Serpent spring-steel tranny and suspension parts
* Cab forward body
* Optimal race geometry

The part number for the Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM is #500001 and it should start hitting hobby shops in late September. Its brother car, a dedicated mid-motor machine that shares many parts with the RM, is expected out in late October.

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Serpent F110 Formula 1 Kit
Back in the day most Americans blew off F1 Racing, both full scale and rc. Now days, F1 is a lot more popular and the F1 class is quite active at many rc tracks.

Serpent has announced their new high-end F110 Formula 1 Kit. The F110 should rip at your local track or make one heck of a sharp looking machine at your local bash spot. Some of its features include-

* Carbon Fiber galore
* Chassis allows normal or shorty packs
* Pan car style rear end
* Spring loaded steering blocks
* High quality fasteners and bearings
* Durable wings

The part number for the F110 is #410060 and you can get more information Right Here on the official Serpent website.

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