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Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy 2.2

Serpent Cobra 811 2.2 8th Scale Nitro Buggy Kit

New from Serpent is the Cobra 811 2.2 nitro buggy. While not an all new design, it does feature a number of upgrades to make it the best nitro buggy yet from Serpent. The upgrades for the 2.2 buggy include- * V2 rear uprights * V2 wheel axles * 98mm driveshafts * Wheel-axle boots * 2.3mm front anti-roll bar The 811 2.2 has a part number [...]


Serpent Cobra B-e 2.1 Buggy

Serpent Cobra B-e 2.1 Electric 1/8th Buggy

The competition is heating up in the brushless 8th scale buggy class just in time for summer. The Durango DEX8 is making big waves and now Serpent has announced their latest entry into the class, the Cobra B-e 2.1. The B-e 2.1 is a revision of their previous buggy, but being a Serpent, it is sure to keep up their [...]


Serpent F110 SF2 Formula 1 Car

Serpent F110 SF2 Formula 1 Car Kit

The latest F1 car from Serpent, the F110 SF2, features a slew of changes to make it faster than ever. The SF2 was designed to be run with either foam or rubber tires and comes in kit form. The kit doesn’t come with a body or tires, but does include front and rear wings. Carbon fiber can be found just [...]


Serpent S120 LTR 1/12 pancar

Serpent S120 LTR 1/12 Pan Car

One of the longest running and most popular classes on indoor carpet is 1/12th scale pan car. Needless to say, the competition to produce the best 12th scaler is quite intense. Serpent is known for their high-end products and have just announced their latest entry into the 12th scale class, the S120 LTR. Some of the highlights of the new [...]


Serpent Natrix 748 TQ

Serpent Natrix 748 TQ Nitro Touring Car

A snowy winter’s day might not be the best place for a high-end nitro touring car, but spring will come, and when it does the need for speed is sure to come with it. When your trigger finger gets itchy this spring the new Natrix 748 TQ from Serpent just might be the best cure. It is a 1/10th scale [...]


Serpent Spyder SCT SRX-2 RM RTR

Serpent Spyder SCT SRX-2 RM RTR

Looking for a high-zoot ready to run short course truck to race/run this winter? If you are, Serpent has just announced they are offering their Spyder SRX-2 RM in RTR form. The RTR has many of the same parts as their high-end race model, but comes pre-built with waterproof electronics for the basher crowd. A 9 turn brushless motor and [...]


Serpent Front Wing SRX2 Buggy

Serpent Front Wing Set for the SRX2 Buggy

Even though Formula 1 cars are extremely light, they still manage blinding corner speeds thanks to the amount of down-force their wings provide. In rc, wings are also very important, they shove the tires into the dirt for more traction. To give maximum traction to the front end of their Spyder SRX-2 buggy, Serpent has announced a front wing. The wing [...]


Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RTR

Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM 2wd RTR Buggy

Maybe you have been looking for a high-end 2wd buggy but just don’t have the time to build a kit. Enter Serpent with their new Spyder SRX-2 RTR. Their new RTR is based on their uber kit version but is ready to hit the track right out of the box. Some of its features include- * Dragon 2.4GHz radio system * Pre-painted [...]


Serpent Cobra E-truggy

Serpent 1/8 Cobra E-Truggy

Big power combined with big tires equals a whole lot of bashing fun, hence the reason many bashers use a monster truck or truggy to bash with. The latest big truggy to hit the market is from Serpent, the 1/8 Cobra E-Truggy. The Cobra is a high-end 1/8 4wd, featuring plenty of carbon fiber and other high quality materials. Some [...]


Serpent Asiatees

Serpent Kits Now in Stock at Asiatees Hobbies

If you’ve been in the hobby for any length of time then you already know about Serpent. If not, they are known world wide for putting out high-end cars, buggies, and trucks. Recently our friends over at Asiatees Hobbies picked up the Serpent line and they wanted us to let you know about it. Hit up This Link to read [...]


Serpent Viper 977-e

Serpent Viper 977-e 1/8 Electric On-Road Car

For those people looking to go insanely fast around an on-road track, Serpent has started teasing their new 977-e 8th scale on-road car. Like most Serpent products, it is ubered-out with carbon fiber and should be an animal to drive. Some of its features include- * Carbon fiber chassis, ESC plate, and battery holders * 7075-T6 aluminum motor mount and mid-shaft [...]


Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM SCT

Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM 2wd 1/10 Short Course Truck

The Serpent Short Course Truck has been teased for months, now full details and pictures have arrived. The first short course truck from Serpent is a 10th scale 2wd variety which is based off their uber SRX buggy platform. The truck was designed by none other than former IFMAR World Champ Billy Easton and comes in a rear motor configuration. While [...]


JConcepts Silencer Serpent RM

JConcepts Silencer Body for Serpent SRX-2 RM

JConcepts has announced a Silencer series body for the Serpent SRX-2 RM buggy. Designed with high speed tracks in mind, the Silencer for the SRX-2 RM is a cab forward body sculpted to produce extra down force which can help your buggy stick to the track. A shark fin is used on top of the cab for stability and it [...]


Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0

Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0 Touring Car

The war for touring car supremacy never ends, the latest high-end machine to hit the market is the Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0. The latest addition to Serpent’s 411 family is all about using the best materials and keeping the center of gravity as low as possible. Some of the highlights of the new Serpent touring car include- * Lowered [...]


Serpent Natrix 748

Serpent NATRIX 748 200mm 1/10th Nitro Touring Car

Yesterday Serpent announced the 747-e, a 10th scale nitro converted to electric. Today Serpent has dropped their new 200mm nitro touring car, the Natrix 748. If you are really serious about nitro touring car racing, or simply want a very high end nitro burning on-road car, or just want to go really fast on-road, the new Natrix 748 should be [...]