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Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your PL PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out…

From - Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link - PL Buggy Conversion Kit

Details - Part number 6254-00, street price $76. Fits PL PRO-2 SCT, and Traxxas 2wd Slash when equipped with PL LCG chassis, performance tranny, and ProTrac rear tower.

Set-Up Notes - We converted over Cubby’s PRO-2 SCT that was equipped with an Xpert servo, Castle brushless system, Futaba 4PK Super R radio system, and PL Badlands tires on Split Six wheels. Mike over at Blaze RC threw a wicked paint job on the body for us, and we used a 3S Dynamite LiPo for power.

Build Notes - The Pro-Line conversion kit went together without a hitch. The instruction manual was well done and easy to follow, and all the parts went together without issue. Installing the conversion kit didn’t take that long, roughly 2 hours of wrenching at a leisurely pace.

Upsides - There are two major upsides to the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit, the scale looks, and how the buggy jumps. With scale appearance being of the utmost importance now days, Pro-Line did a great job with the body and roll cage. The plastic netting on the roll cage looks good and doesn’t get ripped out like rubber netting would. Also, the roll cage is keyed into the chassis to help make it stiffer, this also helps keep the chassis from getting bent on big hits. On the jumping side of things, there is no parachute effect on the buggy like you would normally experience with a short course truck. You could hit jumps on a windy day with the buggy conversion and never have to worry about it flipping over backwards, this is a big plus in our book.

Downsides - While we didn’t break any parts during our review, the buggy uses much smaller bumpers and does not use long/flexible body posts like on the truck version of the PRO-2. The bigger bumpers & body mounts on the truck help offer more protection during extreme bashing than the units on the buggy.

The Final Scoop - We found the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit to be a great product. It was easy to install, gave our PRO-2 a cool new look, and it took a beating without breaking. The buggy conversion also helped our PRO-2 jump a lot better on the big outdoor tracks that we frequent. The Pro-Line conversion kit rocks and we can highly recommend it to you.

Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit
After months of teasing, Pro-Line has released full information on their new PRO-2 Buggy Conversion Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to convert your Pro-Line PRO-2 to a buggy, and it can be converted right back to a truck when needed.

Modeled after a Class 1 Desert Buggy, the supplied body and roll cage are loaded with scale detailing for a sharp look. Plastic window nets add to the scale appearance, but won’t pull out like rubber netting. Pro-Line light buckets can easily be added, as can a wing if you plan racing or just like that type of look. Also, the narrow buggy body is sure to suffer from a whole lot less parachute than a typical short course truck, making it easier to jump on windy days.

The part number for the conversion kit is #6254-00, the street price is $78, and you can get more information by simply clicking This Link.

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Pro-Line 1966 Ford Short Course Truck Body
Pro-Line has put out the trickest and highest quality rc product for as long as I can remember. Recently Pro-Line released “sneak peak” information of their next wave of ultra-cool products (special thanks to Steve from STRC for some of the pictures).

Pictured above is the upcoming Pro-Line ’66 Ford SCT Body. Some of the staffers at BSRC are getting burnt out on the normal SCT look, the ’66 Ford is a stylish and unique alternative.

The first picture in the gallery below shows Pro-Line’s new Over-sized 1.9″ tires. If you’ve been out crawling with your buddies and you get frustrated when your scale 1.9 has trouble making sections that your buddies with 2.2′s can blow through, these should make your day.

The second picture in the gallery below is a Pro-Line Pro-2 that has been converted over to a short course buggy. This is just a concept vehicle for now, but I’ve heard that thing is an animal on the track.

Third picture in the gallery is a Rat Rod Body for full size Traxxas Revo’s! You asked for it and Pro-Line hooked you up.

The last picture isn’t a sneak peak of a new product, but it does show you how cool the Pro-Line VW Body looks on a Vaterra Twin Hammers.

Full part numbers and pricing should be announced soon, until then check out all the sweet products that Pro-Line currently offers on their Official Website.

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Team Associated SC10B Race Spec Brushless Scale Buggy
Team Associated has just announced their new SC10B Race Spec Scale Buggy. The new Associated SC10B is based on their SC10 short course truck platform, and comes with an authentic looking pro buggy body, roll cage, and driver. Some of the other primary features are-

* RTR 2WD short course pro buggy based on SC10 truck
* Roll cage with window nets and integral nerf bars
* Water-resistant XP Brushless ESC with reverse and LiPo cutoff
* XP 2.4GHz radio system
* Metal-gear steering servo
* Reedy 3300 KV brushless motor
* Water-resistant receiver box
* Gear differential
* Two paint schemes to chose from
* KMC™ replica wheels
* Aggressive short-course race tires
* Blue anodized aluminum V2 shocks
* Molded composite chassis
* Realistic front and rear bumpers
* Length- 18.8 inches
* Width- 11.5 inches
* Wheelbase- 12.7 inches
* Weight- 4.01 lbs

Street price is expected to be right around $300 with an expected release date of late October. Hit up the official Associated WEBSITE for more information.

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associated scb Team Associated posted up this funky ‘spy shot’ of what looks like a possible short course buggy (SCB) coming soon from AE? It’s hard to tell exactly, it’s blurry, and has some wacky ‘photo editing’ done to it.

We scaled it up, and tried to ‘fix’ it as best as we could for you. If we hear anything else, we’ll post more info.

associated scb

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associated short course buggy

A couple of times on Big Squid RC we have talked about the need for Team Associated to hop on the short course buggy bandwagon. Well today we received a little info from someone on the ‘inside’ that there is one in the works. So file this under rumor mill, but we have heard Team Associated is working on a Short Course Buggy that is based on the SC10. It will be 2WD, brushless, with a new tire design, and a whole new body design.

Rumor alone will make more than a few people happy I’m sure. We will keep digging, and see if we can come up with any more confirmation on this one. If it looks anything like the one from the Lucas Oil Series, we’d be plenty excited.

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