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JConcepts Traxxas Slash Rally Stampede 4x4 spur gear
Are you tired of blowing up the stock Traxxas spur gear on your Slash, Stampede, or Rally 4×4? Or maybe you are just looking for a smoother running alternative? If so, the guys over at JConcepts have just introduced a new spur for you, their Silent Speed Spur Gears for the Traxxas 4×4 line-up. These spurs are machined for a precision fit and better mesh. Some of the other features include-

* .8M, 54T, SS Machined Spur Gear
* JConcepts simple design and function
* Precision machined for durable and concentric design
* Machined to indicate size
* JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design
* Fits Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally
* Part number- #2154

The new spur has a retail price of $11 and you can get more information on it and more JConcepts products on their Official Website.

Looking for even more JConcepts news here on BigSquidRC? THIS is the link you want.

JConcepts Traxxas Silent Speed Spur Gears
JConcepts has just announced a new line-up of precision machined spur gears called the Silent Speed series. These are available for a bunch of popular vehicles including- Traxxas Slash, Stampede, Rustler, Slash 4×4 and Stampede 4×4. For Team Associated JConcepts makes spurs to fit the B4, B44, T4, and SC10 series, and for TLR/Losi they make spurs for the 22, 22T and 22 SCT.

Retail pricing is in the $9-$12 range, and you can get more information on the official JConcepts Website.

It’s Friday and HERE is another mystery link, click at your own discretion.