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Review: Simplecopter Mini Tricopter 250mm

Hey guys, 3DBill here with another fun multirotor kit to review!  This year the mini quad class really exploded but this isn’t another quad from the average consumer hobby brand: it’s the Simplecopter Mini Tricopter. See my setup as well as my impressions of this small class aircraft after the jump…



Unboxing – Simplecopter Mini Tricopter 250

Our uber flying guy, 3DBill just got his hands on the new Simplecopter Mini Tricopter 250, so he sent over some unboxing photos. The 250 size is becoming a popular choice because it’s small, yet just big enough to hold a decent camera or FPV setup. The Mini Tricopter frame comes with the landing gear for $34.99, and to get [...]


Simplecopter Tilt with GoPro 2

Simplecopter V-Tail “The Tilt” Review

Hey guys, 3DBill here, reviewing another V-Tail style quad. This one really is versatile just like a SUV when it comes to v-tail quads. The Simplecopter V-Tail can be folded, painted, customized, and comes as a kit for you to build. How does it stack up? Can it hold a camera? Hit the READ MORE button to check it [...]



Simple Tricopter 2.0 Review

Hey guys, it’s 3DBill here with something a bit different for you: Multirotor (Tri, Quad, Hex, and Octo-Copters) aircraft are the new rage and quadcopters are THE item to pick up this Christmas at all the local hobby shops. Tri copters are a bit different from your standard quadcopter and quite fun to fly as well. Read More to check out the [...]