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JConcepts has a few new releases today.  This one is for the fans of the ol’ bow-tie, it’s a short course version of the new 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500.  The body is made to fit all of the following trucks: Slash, Slash 4×4, SC10, SC10 4×4, XXX-SCT and TEN-SCTE.  It’s one of JConcepts’ Hi-Flow bodies, so it has a ton of little vents that can be cut or reamed out to reduce the parachute effect that is so prevalent on SCTs.  You’ll also find the requisite decals, window masks and other stuff associated with new bodies.

The 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 is available now with a MSRP of $42.00.  Check out the JConcepts website for more info.  And click past the break for what could possibly be the longest video about a RC car body ever produced.


Those award winning folks at RPM have some more winning stuff to stick on your ride.  Owners of the 1/16 Slash (and ALL those cars based on it) should be excited to learn that your particular model is receiving their tender love and attention this time around with a set of new front A-Arms.  Of course RPM’s legendary material is used to make these beefy little fellas, so expect them to be dang near unbreakable.  They’ll be available for order on November 29th in a variety of colors.

Speaking of colors, are you bored with the red, blue, chrome and black colors offered by RPM?  Well then get yourself ready to trade some of your green for some of their green.  That’s right, RPM will soon be offering many parts in green.  Starting with a few parts for the Slash/Rustler/Stampede trio, ideally suited for the new Monster Jam line of trucks.

Keep an eye on the RPM website for more info.

Dynamite has a load of new stuff for the Traxxas Slash. The biggest new item being a LCG conversion set. But you’ll also see aluminum arms, shock towers, sway bar sets, and more. Everything is available now or will be very soon. Keep an eye on the Dynamite website for more info.

Schumacher have decided to dive into the Short Course scene with two types of tires: Mini Pin-SC’s and Mini SpikeSC’s.




These Mini Spikes are a less aggressive general purpose tire, which Schumacher reccomend for Grass, Astroturf, Carpet and general use.









Mini Pins are aggressive high-traction tires, for astro carpet and other surfaces with a lot of grip. Schumacher suggest trimming the front tires to reduce excessive bite.






Both tire patterns are available in a hard “Blue” compound, and a soft “Yellow” compound, and schumacher reccomend firm foam inserts for both. These promise to be some darn good tires!
Check out the Schumacher Website for more info!


DE Racing is expanding their line of Trinidad SC wheels with a new color, fluorescent yellow.  Other than the incredibly bright color, the wheels are the same as the others in the line, with the faux beadlock style and realistic molded in details.  The Trinidad wheels come in a number of offsets specific to a lot of the different SC trucks on the market, such as the Slash, Slash 4×4, Blitz, SC10, SC10 4×4, Ten-SCTE, XXX-SCT, and a few more.

These new wheels are available now direct from the DE Racing for about $9.00 per pair.  Check out the DE Racing website for more info.


when i first seen the losi scb i knew i had to have one so i ordered one from horizon. but they keep missing release dates and it seems it is never going to come out. do you have any inside news on when they are coming?

Cubby- Well Dean, you are not the only person waiting on the uber new Losi SCB, you can count me on that list as well. Losi’s Rich Trujillo has posted over on that the SCB’s are shipping to dealers this week, and Rich isn’t know for pulling anybodies leg, so that should be pretty solid info. I know they’ve pushed back the release date several times, but things come up, and I for one can’t wait to get mine.

But, if you don’t feel like waiting any more, or don’t think the SCB is gonna hit for a while, might I suggest you simply buy a Kyosho Ultima DB buggy. I haven’t personally driven one, so I can’t vouch for how good it is, but it’s quite similar to the Losi SCB. Now normally, I’d post a link to a certain hobby shop on the right coast who’s name starts with “A” and ends with “Main” (and has them in stock right now), but… the previously mentioned hobby shop seems to think print media is the only way to go, so I’m going to recommend you buy directly from Kyosho America. You can buy the Kyosho Ultima DB HERE, or try your local hobby shop.

What do you think the best upgrades are for the Traxxas Slash? Cheap upgrades only.

Cubby- Hey what’s up John? So what are the best cheap upgrades for the Traxxas Slash?

Well, the Slash is a dern good truck to start with. It drives well on low bite surfaces straight out of the box, and can take a good beating. The TRX team spent a lot of time getting that truck right, and it’s obvious they did a great job.

But… the first low buck mod I’m going to recommend is to install Traxxas aluminum shock caps. The stock plastic caps are the weakest link on the truck, the uber Traxxas aluminum caps are rock solid and will set ya back less than $15. You can get these from your LHS and the part number is TRA 3767A (for blue) and 3767X (for red).

Next on my list would be the ST Racing Concepts hinge pin set. The stock Traxxas hinge pins like to back out on their own, and they bend far too easily. The STRC hinge pins are tough as nails and never back out. They are worth way more than the $17 they charge for them. The part number you need for these is #ST3640BK.

The stock tires look scale and wear forever, but some new Pro-Line shoes will yield a lot more traction, making the truck easier to drive and faster. For general bashing look for Pro-Line Trenchers, for pavement use Street Fighters, or if you run on a prepped track Calibers are generally a great choice. You’ll be looking at under $40 for a set of four.

There are tons more mods available for the Slash, but honestly the truck doesn’t need a whole lot to be fun, at least not at stock power levels.

That’s it for this week, submit your letters, questions, answers, hate-mail, and pretty much anything ya feel like to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

The Truth is still out there, and now there’s a better version of it.  JConcepts‘ new Truth V2 may share it’s name with the first Truth body, but that’s where the similarities end as the V2 is a completely new design.  Though it does take a few design cues from the original, such as the roof scoop, fan treatment, and aero cab, but they’ve all been updated for the new design.  One of the nice, new features is added wheel well clearance to reduce tire rubbing.  You’ll also find full number and name plates, window masks, decals, and overspray film.

The Truth V2 is made to fit the Slash, Slash 4×4, and SC10.  It’s available now at an MSRP of $48.00.  Check out the JConcepts site for more info.

Pro-Line has a new adjustable battery strap for the Slash and Slash 4×4, let me tell you about it.  Well first of all, it’s a battery strap, it’s also adjustable, and it’s made for both the Slash and Slash 4×4.  Also, it’s blackish in color and … did I mention adjustable?  I guess the main point of this whole deal is that it’s not the stock battery strap and it is adjustable for use with larger batteries.  So if you have issues with your current battery strap and it’s non-adjustability, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The strap is available now for $29.95, check out the Pro-Line web site for more info.

I like me some universal/cv driveshafts.  They’re usually super smooth and can take a beating more than your typical dog bone.  On that note ST Racing Concepts is preparing a new line of heat treated, carbon steel universal kits that are compatible with Team Associated SC10 and RC10T4 as well as the HPI Blitz and OFNA Hyper 10SC.  Their new design is a thicker, more substantial design that should stand up well to massive amounts of power put out by LiPo/brushless combos.

Prices for complete kits will come in at just under $40 and they’re available now.  Slash owners don’t fret, you can expect a set for the Slash 2wd soon.  Check out the STRC web site for more info.

JConcepts has a hot looking new wheel style for a few different Traxxas vehicles.  The Tense is a one piece wheel with a cool little added detail, wheel caps.  The caps come in two styles, open and closed, with the closed featuring JConcepts’ logo machined on.  They’re held on with six button head screws for a realistic look.

For the Slash/Slash 4×4 you can get the standard 2.2″/3.0″ wheel (part #3324 for Slash 2wd rear and Slash 4×4 f/r, part #3323B for Slash 2wd front) and for the Rustler and Stampede there is a 2.2″ wheel (part #3335B for front, part #3336B for rear).

MSRP for all is $11.00 per pair.  Check out JConcepts’ site for more info.

If you’re looking for ways to get an edge on your opponents in some short course racing action, then you might want to turn your gaze to these new turnbuckle sets for the HPI Blitz and Traxxas Slash 2wd from ST Racing Concepts.  The CNC Machined Pro-Light Turnbuckle Kits are made out of lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum.  A complete set of them will shave about eight grams from your truck’s weight.  They are lighter than a typical set of titanium turnbuckles.  The turnbuckles will also be available as pairs if you don’t want to upgrade your entire truck in one shot.  You can expect them in the usual anodized colors for which ST RC is known.

The complete kits will be retailing for $28.99, while the pairs will be going for $9.99.  They will be available directly from the ST RC web site soon.

Here’s something cool from Pro-Line.  A Volkswagen Bug body that actually has fenders on it.  How novel.  It actually casts a much different attitude than all the fenderless beetle bodies that populate the alternative-style short course landscape.  This new vision of an old body is officially licensed by Volkswagen, so you can expect all the decals necessary to replicate the look of the real thing, logos and all.  A spoiler with mounting hardware, window masks, and overspray film are also included.  The Volkswagen Full Fender Baja Bug body is available now at a list price of $39.95.  Unfortunately it’s only made to fit the Slash and Slash 4×4 right now.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Here’s some video of RC4WD‘s recently announced solid axle conversion chassis, the Hardcore, in action. The Hardcore chassis conversion takes the Traxxas Slash to the next level of realism, with a full on 4-link rear suspension holding on a solid rear axle, just like the full scale short course trucks run. Check the video and then hit up the RC4WD Store for pre-order info.