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Speed Passion V4.0 Brushless Motors
Our friends over at Speed Passion are teasing their latest and greatest V4.0 Brushless Motors. The 4.0s will come in a variety of winds and feature a new can with large cooling vents. Also new on the 4.0s are new endbells and bullet connectors. More information like part numbers and pricing will be coming soon, until then you can hit up the official Speed Passion USA to view all their current products.

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Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 EX
The latest brushless ESC from Speed Passion is the Revention Pro 1.1 EX. You can run either sensored or sensorless motors with the 1.1 EX, and it now features a smaller footprint for those tight installs. Continuous current is stated to be 140 amps and it has a maximum cell count of 2S LiPo.

The part number is #SP000150, the street price is $125, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for complete information.

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THE Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans Spec Racer Review

Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans Car

Ya, you’ve probably heard of Speed Passion ESCs and motors before, but you might not be aware that they sell cars too (or that they have an office right here in Chicago). When we first saw the product announcement for their new LM-1 Le Mans Spec Racer we immediately made the call, we had to have one for review. The LM-1 is a 2wd 10th scale pan car that looks very scale realistic. Here we are a few weeks later and our review is all done. Is the LM-1 fast? Can you slam the pipes without it falling to pieces? Is it worth the cash? Hit the “Read More” to find out…


Speed Passion Blaze Brushless
Extra torque and power come in mighty handy when running a short course truck and now Speed Passion has announced new Blaze Series motors just for your SCT. The new Speed Passion brushless motors come in 2 different kv ratings, 4600 and 5700, and are said to featuring no cogging with loads of low end torque. The Blaze series motors are also said to be quite efficient and strong enough to even handle the demands of an E-truggy.

For more information on everything Speed Passion Here is your link, to get more Speed Passion news on BigSquidRC simply click Here.

Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer
When Speed Passion first announced their new LM-1 LeMans car we were immediately interested. It’s a pan car so it should be fast and it has some pretty cool scale looks, nobody can resist that combination.

While we are finishing up the LM-1 review, have a look at the unboxing pictures. It comes in two boxes, a small box containing the actual car kit, and a larger box with the body inside. The biggest thing we noticed during the unboxing was how trick the multi-piece body looks. If it looks this good clear, it should really knock our socks off when painted.

Also pictured but not included in the kit are a Speed Passion Reventon S ($59) speed controller and a Speed Passion V3.0 17.5R ($49) brushless motor. We are looking forward to seeing how much rip these affordable units have during our review.

To get more information on the Speed Passion LM-1 hit up THIS LINK, to get more Speed Passion news on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Speed Passion LM-1 Spec Racer
The crew over at Speed Passion first put their new LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, now they are announcing it is about a month from hitting hobby shops. The LM-1 Spec Racer is intended to be an affordable, fast, and durable on-road car. Under the highly detailed LeMans style body lies a 2wd pan car, easy to build and work on.

The part number for the Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans is #SP001062 and it has a street price of $199.

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Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro Kit
Cubby isn’t the only Formula 1 fan at the BSRC offices, in fact several of our guys have spent many a late night glued to the tv watching open wheel racing from around the world. Now Tresrey has posted some pictures of the new Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro chassis kit. The SP-1 is loaded with carbon fiber and looks the part of a high-end race machine. Surely Speed Passion has Cubby’s mouth watering with this one, hopefully the SP-1 F1 makes it to the States.

The new Speed Passion F1 kit is said to have a release date of April in Japan and you can hit up THIS link for the official Speed Passion Website. For more Speed Passion news right here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Schumacher and Speed Passion Booth Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013
Another huge name in the European rc scene that had a booth at Nuremberg was Schumacher. The Schumacher crew was showing off all their latest and greatest including their new 4wd off-road racer, the Cat K1. Schumacher is also a distributor for Speed Passion, so all of Speed Passion’s goodies were also in their booth. Check out the gallery below to get a feel for what they had on display at the Toy Fair.

To get more information on Schumacher’s fine products click over to their Official Website, and HERE is the link to get more information on Speed Passion. Hit up THIS link to follow all of our BigSquidRC Toy Fair 2013 coverage.

Speed Passion Formula 1 body
The 1:1 F1 teams start unveiling their new 2013 cars in just a few weeks, today Speed Passion has unveiled their new 10th scale F1 body, the SP Mark-1. The latest from Speed Passion is designed to fit on 10th scale F1 chassis’s and gives you 2 different choices for the nose. Another smart feature is a fan mount molded directly over the motor area so when the racing heats up you can keep your motor cool. The body includes 2 nose options, a drivers helmet, double sided tape, and assembly instructions. For more on this body and all the other goodies from Speed Passion, hit up their Official Website.

TGIF, we’ve finally made it to Friday, time to get your bash on!

Speed Passion F-68 1/10th scale Formula 1 Body
We have a lot of Formula 1 racing fans that read BigSquidRC. For you guys Speed Passion has just announced something you will be interested in, their new F-68 1/10th scale Formula 1 Body. What’s really neat about Speed Passion’s new F1 body is how much you can customize it. The body includes 4 interchangeable nose profiles and 2 interchangeable rear fins allowing you to put your personal touch on your car or to tune for specific driving conditions. The F-68 body comes with a driver helmet, double sided tape, instructions, and a decal set. Hit up the official Speed Passion Website for more information.

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Speed Passion Short Course Truck Bodies Shell
Speed Passion recently announced two new short course truck bodies. The name of the new body is the Ananta and it is available clear or half painted. The new Ananta body is made from high quality polycarbonate and comes with side number plates, side dams, and a rear wing for enhanced performance. The bodies are coverage in a protective over-spray film and come with window masks.

Part number for the clear Ananta body is #SP000207, with the half painted version being #SP000170. No word on pricing or a release date yet, but hit up the official Speed Passion Website for more information when it becomes available.

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speed passion

New from Speed Passion comes the Reventon Pro ESC. The new ESC in the Reventon series is smaller, and has many new updates to the new product. It’s a 140A system with a new Intercooler design with a full aluminum case to really help keep the temperatures in check. It can be programmed via an onboard switch, but what has us drooling is the smart phone and wireless tablet technology! You can now update and modify your settings via wifi or bluetooth. Even crazier, you will soon be able to update the ESC from their new 2.4GHZ Carries-3 Transmitter! If the wireless tech does not do it for you, it also comes with a LCD programmer that uses USB to get the job done.

Get all the info at the direct link for the Reventon Series HERE.

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Way back when we posted in our rumor mill about the Team Durango RTR editions, more than a few people got excited. Well, we finally got our hands on them! Up first is the Durango DESC210 Short Course Truck. In person that read is as bright as it looks in the pictures. You will have no problem spotting this thing on the track or at your bash spot!

We are looking forward to seeing what sort of beating it can take, and what type of power that Speed Passion combo can put out. Review coming soon!

More pictures after the break, keep reading…