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Nic Case Castle 200 mphAll across the world people grab their rc car and make speed runs on the weekend. Some do it in their driveway, while others meet up with friends in parking lots to see who can go the fastest. It looks like all those people now have a new record to shoot for. A video has been released showing Nic Case and his RC Bullet going 202 mph. Nic has been the king of the high speed hill for years and now he has put his car past the 200 mph barrier. Click on the video below to watch Nic pilot his Castle Creations, NeuMotors,, and Dinogy LiPo powered car up to 202 mph.

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MCD XS-5 Super Car
The crew at MCD Racing has something for you high speed fanatics, as well as you 1/5th fans, their new XS-5 Super Sports Car. With a big chassis and big power, it should put a big smile on your face (and big dent in the wallet?).

Based on the MCD 4wd 5 series chassis, the XS-5 is said to be the “pinnacle” of large scale sports cars. It comes loaded with side wings, a large rear diffuser, a big rear wing, and has 6.3″ high grip tires.

The XS-5 will come in two trim levels, Factory Team and Competition, and it starts shipping in mid-October. You can get more details over on the offical MCD Racing Website.

You never know what you are going to get with a TGIF Mystery Link!

High Speed ECX 4WD Circuit
While we’ve had a fantastic time bashing the ECX 4WD Circuit at the local park, it does come with brushed power that isn’t very fast. Like most people, we are always longing for more speed, therefore we decided to do a few modifications to see what it would take to break the speed limit. Hit the READ MORE to see what we did to get some serious speed out of the 4wd Circuit, and watch the video.


RC Freaks Speed Challenge 2014
Everybody likes to go fast and last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a High Speed and Drag Event put on the RC Freaks. The RC Freaks are a Facebook Group that are very active on-line, and they also like to put on various rc events. Last weekend they invited anyone and everyone out to have some fun going really, really fast.

The RC Freaks are based out of St Louis Missouri, so they found a big empty parking lot in Fenton Missouri (a suburb of St Louis) to host the event. There were two different style events held, a 300 foot high speed run where the winner was decided by top speed on a radar gun, and 100 foot side-by-side drag racing.

In the unlimited 300 foot speed run there were all sorts of different entries. From 5th scale buggies to 2wd stadium trucks, you name it and it was going really fast. In the end it was Roderick and his 96 mph XRay NT1 (converted to electric) that posted the fastest speed. Second place went to Chad (one of the event organizers) with a run of 89 mph by his Ofna DM-One. Third place went to Franklin at 85 mph with his XRay 8th scale off-road buggy.

The 100 foot drag event was up after the high speed run. Drivers could call out other drivers and race the best 2 out of 3 to determine a winner. Roderick, Phoenix, Jamie, and even our own Hawaiian Chris got in some wins during the drag racing. Once again a wide variety of vehicles were used, some were nitro, some were electric, and everyone had a good time seeing if they could beat the person in the lane next to them.

Special thanks to RC Freaks for organizing the event and to all the guys from the STL Drag Racing Club for coming out and supporting the event. The RC Freaks event had a solid turn-out (my guess was around 40 drivers) so hopefully we’ll see more events like this one in the near future.

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Dynamite GPS Speed Meter
Every wonder how fast your car goes? Tired of those cheap softball radar guns going bad on you? Dynamite RC has an answer to your problems, their new GPS Speed Meter.

The Dynamite GPS Speed Meter is a compact unit that can measure the speed of your car, or show its location and altitude. The unit’s built in WASS/EGNOS/MSAS/RTCM allows it to be used anywhere in the world, while its 10Hz refresh rate gives it fast response.

* PC Interface for Google map products
* Battery: Lasts up to 4 hours
* Connector Type: Micro USB charging port
* Weight: 1.06 oz
* Length: 2.59″
* Width: 1.56″
* Height: 0.82″

The part number is #DYN4401, they are street priced at $124, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops early next month. For complete information hit up This Link over on Dynamite’s website.

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ASK Cubby

“Halix build
I am very interested in your Vaterra Halix project. This has been one of my all time favorite trucks. I’ve upgraded the wheels, tires, and shocks. It is much better than stock.
You may ask why, but I wondered if you had any suggestions for upgrading the motor?
Any input is appreciated.

Cubby- Yo Dave, just like you we are big fans of the Vaterra Halix. It looks cool, drives awesome, and has good yank right out of the box. But… “good’ is never enough, therefore we started a hop-up series on the Halix. You’ve probably already seen the first couple of installments and we’ve got several in the can on the way.

Yes, later in our hop-up series you’ll see us throw in major power. We did so to have the ability to rip off massive backflips (on the ground and in the air), and to generally overpower it just like every good basher should.

What would I recommend for you? First, upgrade to MIP CVDs, they are a must on big power with the Halix. Then… the Halix comes stock with a 540 sized motor, it could really use a longer 550 for more torque to turn those big tires over. There is plenty of extra space for a longer can, and it will bolt right up. To get specifics on brand, gearing, cell count etc, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for our hop-up article. :)

Hit the “Read More” button for the second letter of the week, one that asks how to go high speed running with an 8th scale buggy on a $70 budget.


70 mph ARRMA Raider BLX Buggy
When we read that ARRMA RC was putting on a Beat The Speed Video Contest we decided to give our own ARRMA Raider BLX test buggy a go. We wanted to see if we could go fast enough to beat their speed.

The first thing we did was hand the Raider BLX to our resident high speed specialist, DWayne Buchannon from RC Custom Lab Workz. We only gave him two instructions- go faster than 67 mph and leave it as stock as possible.

The first thing DWayne did was add a wheelie bar. A stock Raider likes to wheelie when running big power, so DWayne grabbed a 12″ long piece of plate steel and attached a pivot wheel, creating a wheelie bar that would keep the buggy from flipping over. Next, DWayne had to trim some plastic in the battery box to make room for a slightly larger 3S LiPo battery pack. That was it for the custom mods.

DWayne didn’t have to change out many parts either, he only changed two. DWayne added a larger 19 tooth pinion and installed larger diameter rear tires. Everything else on the buggy was 100% bone stock, including the shocks, radio and power system.

Once the buggy was prepped, it was time to try and “Beat that Speed”. On the day we ran it was only 40 degrees outside which made it hard to find grip on the high powered ARRMA. We quickly learned to roll very softly into the throttle at lower speeds. Our first couple of passes were in the 60 mph range but we kept spinning out. We came back into the pits, recharged the battery pack, and changed tires to find a little more grip.

We found the buggy much easier to drive on the new tires and promptly busted out a solid 70 mph run, but we never got above 3/4 throttle, so we decided to run again for an even higher number. On the next pass we ended up losing traction and flying off the road, hitting a fire hydrant in the process and tearing off a wheel and the wheelie bar. Our day may have been over, but it had been successful. We had indeed “Beat The Speed”, and it didn’t take many mods from a bone stock Raider BLX to do so.

Check the video here:

70 MPH ARRMA Raider-

* 19 tooth pinion
* Traxxas 2.8″ Alias rear tires
* Custom wheelie bar
* Turnigy 3S 65C 5000mAh LiPo

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ARRMA Beat the Speed
ARRMA has announced a neat Video Contest involving their Brushless BLX series vehicles. The Beat the Speed Video Contest gives ARRMA BLX owners a chance to win $80 in aluminum hop-up parts by posting a video of their vehicle going faster than 67 mph. BLX owners can even get a free t-shirt just by entering.

To get complete contest rules hit and to watch the video of an ARRMA Vorteks going 67.1 mph simply hit up This Link.

For more ARRMA news click This Link right here on BigSquidRC.

ARRMA Vorteks BLX Speed Tips Video
The crew over at Hobbico have released a new video that shows exactly what it takes to bust out 65+ mph with the ARRMA Vorteks BLX stadium truck. Watch below to see Scott Cramer walk you through the modification process, then watch see the Vorteks go 66 mph on the famous “Speed Run Road” in Champaign Illinois.

To get more information on the ARRMA Vorteks BLX simply click This Link, for more ARRMA news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.

Helion Criterion Top Speed
We first reported about the new buggy from Helion, the Criterion, Right Here. Now Helion has released a video showing just how fast the Criterion is. Using a radar gun and some old fashioned street running, the video shows the top speeds of the Criterion compared to several of its competitors. The Criterion is shown topping out at 33 mph, pretty fast for a 7 cell brushed buggy.

To get more information on the Criterion simply hit THIS LINK. To get even more Helion news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

RC Fest Tolono Illinois 2013 Bash Blood Donation
The BigSquidRC Bash crew had the pleasure of attending the 2013 RC Fest in Tolono Illinois over the weekend. RC Fest is a big charity bash held to raise money and awareness for blood donation. A young man named Adam Munds and his family work for months prepping for RC Fest and this year all their hard work really paid off with 70 entries from 44 competitors. RC Fest raised over $1300 with many people giving blood at the event. Our BSRC Bash Crew had a fantastic time and can’t wait for RC Fest to roll around again next year.

Results RC Fest 2013

Speed Run
Tie – 60 mph
1. Brandon Reich (Associated TC6)
1. Tim Mohr (Castle/HB VE8)

High Jump
1. Brandon Reich (Tekno Buggy) – 36 feet
2. Tim Mohr (Castle/MIP/STRC/Losi SCTE) – 36 feet
3. Dyllan Warren – 35 feet

2wd California Style Racing
1. Ty Brown (Traxxas Rustler)
2. Brandon Reich (TLR 22 SCT)

4wd California Style Racing
1. Tim Mohr (Castle/MIP/STRC Losi SCTE)
2. DaVon Hood (Traxxas E-Maxx)

1. Andrew Warren
2. Ben Buckles

Best Donut
1. Ty Brown

Tug-of-War 2wd
1. Jeremy Kiian (Traxxas Monster Jam Stampede VXL)
2. Tim Mohr (Castle/Pro-Line Pro-2 Slash)

Tug-of-War 4wd
1. Stephen Bleichner
2. Ken Cline (Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3)

Truck Pull
1. Stephen Bleichner
2. Brandon Lynch

Top Sportsman – THE Cub Reporter

Grand Champion – Brandon Reich

Winner of Duratrax Evader – Gryfen Good

The major rc sponsors of this years event were MaxAmps, Hobbico, Horizon, HotSlots Hobby Shop, JConcepts, AKA, Cow RC, Slot and Wing Hobbies, HRP Distributing, Silent D RC, and The RC Shack. RC Fest 2014 is already in the planning stages, to get in touch with them all you have to do is Click Here.

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Click the “Read More” button for 10 more galleries of photos after the break.


HotSlots Bash Fest Urbana Illinois

On Saturday the BigSquidRC Bash Crew attended Bash Fest 2013 put on by HotSlots Hobby in Urbana Illinois. HotSlots has been open for several years, but only in the last several months have they really started getting into the rc scene. Looking to promote both their store and the hobby, HotSlots decided to hold a good old fashioned bash.

HotSlots held all the events on the parking lot just outside of their store. They put up barricades to make it safer for people watching, rented a lift to help measure the high jump, had the County Market grocery make food for the event, and even had the local police drop by to radar the top speed contest.

The staff of HotSlots were super organized, all the events went off without a hitch and we got home before we expected. For being the first rc bash event that HotSlots had ever put on, they did a fantastic job. HotSlots got some great exposure from their event and we had a total blast. Also of note was the fact that HotSlots donated all the profits to their local middle school robotics club.

Event Results

Speed Run

1st- Craig N. (Losi Brushless Eight-T)- 78 mph
2kd- Tim M. (Losi MIP SCTE)- 68 mph
3rd- Adam M. (Traxxas E-Maxx)- 68 mph

Obstacle Course

1st- Tim M. (Vaterra Glamis Uno)
2kd- Ethan (Losi SCTE)
3rd- Brandon (Traxxxas)

High Jump

1st- Craig N. (Losi Brushless Eight-T)- 40 feet
2kd- Tim M. (Losi MIP SCTE)- 35 feet
3rd- Ethan (Losi SCTE)- 30 feet

RC Sumo Wrestling

1st- Brandon (Traxxas E-Maxx)
2kd- Abigail (Associated SC10)
3rd- Steve (ECX Ruckus)

Demo Derby

1st- Steve (ECX Ruckus)
2kd- THE Cub Reporter (Thunder Tiger TS-2e)
3rd- Gevon (Traxxas Slash 4×4)


1st- Adam M. (Vintage Traxxas Bullet)

Click on the “Read More” button for 5 more galleries of pictures from the big bash.


JConcepts Scalpel Body and Front Bumper Conversion Kit for Traxxas Slash 4x4
There are a lot of people out there that like to speed run their Traxxas Slash 4×4′s, including most of the staff here at BigSquidRC. JConcepts recognized that fact and have announced their new Scalpel Body and Front Bumper Conversion for the Slash 4×4. Their new Scalpel body is low slung and made specifically to help you get the most out of your Slash when making high speed passes. Some of the features are-

* A JConcepts oringinal design and concept
* Chiseled front-end with chin-spoiler
* Low-profile roof-line
* Spacious fenders to allow tire clearance
* Shallow bed area
* Truck-line appearance
* Comes with detailed Scalpel decal sheet
* Part # 0240

Street price on the new Scalpel body is $38 and it should be available at your local hobby shop in late October.

JConcepts is also releasing a new Front Bumper Conversion Kit (part # 2173) for the Slash 4×4. The conversion includes a touring car style front bumper and lowered aluminum body mounts to help slam the body. Street price on the bumper conversion is $38 and it will also be available in late October.

For more information on both the Scalpel body and bumper conversion hit up the official JConcepts website.

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