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exotek direct spur gear hub 22
The crew over at Exotek Racing have announced a Direct Spur Gear Hub the TLR 22 series of vehicles. The direct spur gear hub eliminates the slipper clutch which can be beneficial in certain conditions. Eliminating the slipper saves weight, this helps to increase acceleration and can result in lower motor temperatures. The direct hub also allows the use of standard Kimbrough gears, resulting in an extremely wide range of gearing options. While intended for stock class or oval racing, the direct gear hub could came in handy for a variety of bashing applications as well.

The part number for the gear hub is #1419, it is priced at $14, and you can get complete information over on Exotek’s website by Clicking This Link.

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Dromida Aluminum Drivetrain Kit
Looking to beef up the drivetrain on your Dromida 18th scaler? Well you are in luck with Dromida’s Aluminum Drivetrain Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to bulletproof your drivetrain, and it does so in style with blue anodizing. The kit includes-

* Spur gear with o-rings & springs
* Center drive shaft
* Four dog bones
* Four axles

The part number is #DIDC1160, the kit has a street price of $25, and you can find more information on the Official Dromida Website.

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Robinson Steel Spur Gear Vaterra Twin Hammers
Ever blow up the spur gear in your Vaterra Twin Hammers? Yes, we have too, but now Robinson Racing Products/RRP has come to the rescue. Their new hardened steel spur gear should be a lot harder to strip than the stock plastic unit.

There are two versions, #5078 for 78 tooth and #5087 for 87. Both spurs are priced at $27 and you can get more information by clicking This Link.

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Pro-Line Performance Transmission Optional UpgradesThe good folks over at Pro-Line have just announced some new tuning options for their performance transmission. If you are looking to really dial in your PL tranny, these items will come in quite handy. Among these tuning options are 2 new spur gears and 3 different anti-squat blocks. Also now available are Pro-Line heavy duty washers & motor screws to help keep your motor in place during big hits.

* Part #6092-12 anti-squat blocks- comes with 2, 4, and 5 degree blocks, street price $8

* Part #6092-13 and #6092-15- 78 and 82 tooth spur gears, street price $5 each

* Part #6092-16- heavy duty motor washers and screws, street price $5

For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s products, hit up their Official Website. For more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC, THIS is the link you want.

MIP Kyosho Super Diff
The good guys over at MIP have recently announced more hop-up parts to their catalog. The first is an uber Super ball diff for the Kyosho Ultima SC/RB5-6, and RT5. The outdrives are precision machined out of hardened ally steel, the diff gear is precision molded, and it’s made in the USA. The super diff has a price of $40, a part number of #12158, and they are available right now.

MIP Losi SCTE spur gear

The MIP team has also created two new spur gears for the Losi Ten SCTE, a 39 tooth and a 41. These sport the precision uber quality you’ve come to expect from MIP, and sport a price of $15 each. Part number is #12198 for the 39 toother, and #12199 for the 41.

Hit up the official MIP Website for more information on these and all their products, and hit THIS link for a BigSquidRC TGIF mystery link.