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SSD 1.9 Stamped Steel Wheels

3 New Stamped Steel 1.9″ Wheels From SSD

Coming to a hobby shop near you are 3 new 1.9″ Stamped Steel Wheels from SSD RC. The three different styles are stock, 8 hole, and slot. All three have a great scale authentic look and were designed for serious durability. * Standard 1.9″ size * Fits all tire brands * Standard 12mm hex * Internal beadlock system * Removable aluminum hub * #SSD00266 Steel 8 [...]


SSD 1.9" Chrome Stamped Steel Wheels

New Chrome Stamped Steel 1.9″ Wheels From SSD

Shipping soon from SSD RC are a pair of new 1.9″ Chrome Steel Wheels. The first is a slotted design, while the second is an ever-popular 8 hole. Both are made out of stamped steel, then finished with a coat of chrome to give your next custom build a fantastic look. * Fits all tire brands * Only 6 bolts per wheel, [...]


SSD HD D60 Front Diff Cover Wraith SMT10 Bomber

SSD HD D60 Front Diff Cover For AR60 Axles

Now available from SSD RC is a Heavy Duty D60 Diff Cover for the Axial Racing Wraith/RR10/SMT10. These diff covers have a great scale realistic look and were designed to take the worst you can throw at them. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Black anodized finish * Scale authentic look * Easy to install The part number for SSD’s new diff cover is [...]


SSD Black 1.9 Wheels

SSD RC Black 1.9″ Steel 8 Spoke Wheels

New from SDD RC are Black 1.9″ 8 Spoke Wheels. These wheels are made from stamped steel and feature an internal beadlock design. Here are some of their other highlights- * Only 6 screws to mount a tire * Aluminum hub and rings * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Standard 1.9″ wheel size * Removable hub * Yellow zinc plated scale hex head bolts The part number [...]


SSD RC Heavy Brass Knuckles HPI Venture

SSD RC Heavy Brass Knuckles For The HPI Venture

Take a look at the new Heavy Brass Knuckles for the HPI Venture from SSD RC. The knuckles help add weight down low on your FJ to increase performance when rock crawling. The knuckles are CNC machined out of brass and come with a gun metal finish. 11mm bearings are used in the knuckles and they were designed to be [...]


SSD Steel Scale Driveshaft TRX-4 SCX10 II

SSD Steel Scale Driveshafts For The TRX-4 & SCX10 II

In scale crawling, every detail matters. To give your Traxxas TRX-4 or Axial SCX10 II even more scale appeal, SSD has just announced Steel Scale Driveshafts. The scale driveshafts are some of the coolest looking that we’ve seen, yet are made from a hardened steel to improve your rig’s durability. * Made from CNC machined, hardened steel * Scale realistic design * Comes [...]


SSD RC Wheel Hub Spinning Rotor

SSD RC Wheel Hub With Spinning Steel Rotor

New from SSD RC is a Wheel Hub with Spinning Steel Brake Rotor. The new hubs are super trick, plus they can really help the handling of your rig out on trail. The CNC machined steel rotors are used to add weight down low on your rig to improve handling, plus the rotor sits on a bearing and can spin [...]


SSD 1.9 Bronze Contender Wheels

SSD 1.9″ Bronze Contender Wheels

Have you been looking for a trick new set of 1.9″ wheels? If so, have a look at the new Bronze Contender Wheels from SSD RC. Now available anodized in bronze, the SSD Contender Wheels are CNC machined from aluminum for durability and for a sharp look. * 12mm wheel hex * Standard 1.9″ wheel size * Removable hub * Internal beadlock design * 6 [...]


SSD 2.2" Champion Wheels

SSD 2.2″ Champion Wheels

New for the scale crawling crowd are Champion 2.2″ aluminum wheels from SSD RC. The Champion wheels are highly detailed and have been CNC machined from aluminum for style and durability. * Internal beadlock design * Black Delrin inner ring * 6 screws, easy to mount * Standard 12mm hex * Width- 37.75mm * Offset- 1mm * Backspacing- 18.5mm * Weight- 92 grams The Champion wheels come in standard [...]


SSD Winch Bumper Traxxas TRX-4

SSD Rock Shield Narrow Winch Bumper For The Traxxas TRX-4

New from the folks over at SSD is a Rock Shield Narrow Winch Bumper. The bumper fits the Traxxas TRX-4 as well as a number of other crawlers. Here are some of its highlights- * Made from CNC machined aluminum * Narrow design for more clearance * Anodized black for scale appearance * Designed for easy installation * Has a width of 135mm The bumper has [...]


SSD 6mm Offset Wheel Hub Brake Rotor

SSD 6mm Offset Wheel Hub With Brake Rotor

Coming soon from SSD are 6mm Offset Wheel Hubs With Brake Rotors. The hubs can be used to give your rig extra width, plus those trick looking brake rotors are great for scale realism. * CNC machined from aluminum * Black anodizing * Fits 1.55, 1.9, and 2.2 inch wheels * 12mm wheel hex * Comes with mounting hardware * SLW bolt pattern * Also fits TRX-4 [...]


SSD Pro44 Axle Case SCX10 II

SSD Pro44 Axle Cases For The SCX10 II

Coming soon from SSD are Pro44 Axle Cases for the SCX10 II. There is an axle case for the front and for the rear of your SCX10 II, both of which are modeled for serious scale realism. * Nylon main axle housing * Diff covers are removable * Removable metal axle tubes * Both cases retain stock link mount locations * Metal bearing holders * Uses [...]


SSD Heavy Brass Knuckles Vaterra Ascender

SSD Heavy Brass Knuckles For The Vaterra Ascender

Attention Vaterra Ascender owners, SSD now has Heavy Brass Knuckles for your rig. The knuckles have been CNC machined from brass to help put more weight down low on your Ascender for better performance out on the rocks. * Finished in a grey gun metal color * Fits larger 11mm bearings * Fits stock Ascender c-hubs as well as SSD c-hubs * Each knuckles [...]


SSD 1.9 Rock Racer Wheels

SSD 1.9″ Rock Racer Wheels

Bolt a hot new look on your rig with 1.9″ Rock Racer Wheels from SSD. The Rock Racer wheels sport a tough look and are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Here are more of their features- * Anodized in black * 12mm wheel hex * Internal beadlock design * Yellow zinc plated scale hex head bolts * Removable hub * Fits all 1.9″ tire brands * Weight- [...]


SSD Front Bulkhead Losi Rock Baja Rey

SSD Front Bulkhead For The Losi Rock/Baja Rey

Attention Losi Rock Rey & Baja Rey owners, SSD has a trick new part for you. New from SSD is an Aluminum Front Bulkhead for the Rock & Baja Rey. The bulkhead not only looks super trick, but is also CNC machined from aluminum for the ultimate in durability. * Grey anodizing * Direct fit, easy to install * Large pinion bearings- 11 [...]