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JConcepts Stadium Truck Dirt Web TiresIf you are looking for a hard pack stadium truck tire the folks at JConcepts have announced they will be producing their Dirt Webs tires in a 2.2″ size. The Dirt Webs were designed to give loads of forward bite on hard packed surfaces like blue groove and indoor clay tracks.

* Comes in blue, green, gold, or red compounds
* Designed by Brian Kinwald & Jason Ruona
* Pressure points for more surface area
* Comes with closed cell inserts

The Dirt Webs are priced at $25 per pair and you can Click Right Here to get more details over on JConcepts’ blog.

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JConcepts Closed Cell InsertsTired of using old school lumpy foam? Now JConcepts is offering Dirt-Tech closed cell foam inserts for stadium trucks and short course trucks. The Dirt-Tech inserts are much more durable than normal foam and have horizontal channels cut on the inside for absorbing big impacts and to help provide more forward bite. These extremely light-weight inserts are precisely contoured for a perfect fit and can be reused multiple times.

The short course inserts have a part number of #3237, the part number for the stadium truck version is #3238, and both are priced at $12 a pair. More details can be found At This Link over on the JConcepts website.

Click Here to read more information on JConcepts.

Pro-Line BullDog Mid Motor Stadium Truck Clear BodyIf you are driving a mid motored Kyosho RT6 or an Associated CT4.2, Pro-Line Racing has a new cab forward BullDog body for you. The front of the body has been designed or more down force, giving you more traction in corners and helped to keep the front on the ground instead of pulling a wheelie. To add stability and give a more aggressive look, Pro-Line added a “Mohawk” on top of the cab, while a low profile rear deck helps clean air hit the wing.

The street price is $24, it has a part number of #3438-00, and you can get complete details At This Link over on Pro-Line’s website.

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HPI E Firestorm FluxHPI Racing has a new 2014 edition of their popular E-Firestorm Flux. This 2wd tenth scale stadium truck has been a favorite of bashers for years, now it is better than ever. Some of its upgrades include-

* New Flux EMH-3S speed controller
* New Flux MMH-4000kV brushless motor
* Comes with a “speed pack” that includes smaller 77 tooth pinion and huge 35 tooth pinion
* Longer battery strap for 3S LiPo packs
* Comes with a wheelie bar
* Now comes with the slipper clutch from the Blitz
* Speeds up to 124km/h or 77 mph

The 2014 edition has a part number of #112878, expect a street price of right around $300, and you can get full details at This Link over on HPI’s website.

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THE ECX Circuit 4WD RTR Review

ECX Circuit 4wd Review

Myself, like many of you, spent years driving 2wd Stadium Trucks. They were a whole lot easier to drive and bash with compared to a typical 2wd buggy. A 4wd stadium truck would have been even better, but there were very few available, and those that were tended to break all the time.

ECX recently released their all wheel drive stadium truck, the ready to run 4wd Circuit. Does the Circuit make a good basher? Can it get around the track? Does it have enough power to be fun? And most importantly, is it worth your hard earned cash? Find out by hitting the “Read More” button below…


Hobby Pro ST1 Stadium Truck 2
It’s not every day a new stadium truck comes out, but for all you ST fans the crew over at Hobby Pro USA have announced their new ST1 is now in stock and shipping. The ST1 is a versatile truck that can built in either mid or rear motor configurations, and is designed to go fast on around a racetrack. We have always been big fans of bashing with stadium trucks, the ST1 might make for a good basher as well. Some of the highlights of the ST1 include-

* 12.75mm big bore shocks
* Gull wing front a-arms
* CNC hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Full bearing set
* Dual disk slipper

The ST1 has a street price of $299 and you can get more details by hitting up the official Hobby Pro USA Website.

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Kyosho ULTIMA RT6 Stadium Truck Kit
There was a time when driving a Kyosho 8th scale buggy was awesome, but you wouldn’t even think of racing their tenth scalers. Jared Tebo has changed all that, winning lots of races, and showing that the Kyosho tenth scalers are plenty competitive.

Kyosho has just released pictures and information on their new 10th scale stadium truck, the RT6. While the buggy class has seemingly been getting all the love lately, stadium trucks are still quite popular, and the new RT6 should be a strong contender in the class. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Mid and rear motor configuration
* 7075 hard anodized chassis
* Linear RB6 steering crank system
* Compatible with straight, separate and shorty packs
* Gull wing rear a-arms
* Big bore, velvet coated shocks
* Width: 328mm
* Wheelbase: 290mm
* Gear ratio: 2.6:1

The part number for the Kyosho RT6 is #30069B and it is listed at $599. For more information simply click This Link.

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Duratrax Six Pack ST Tires_00006

Did you see our reveal of the Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires? Just like the Monster Truck Tires we are bringing you some pictures of the tires in action. We have been using these for a while now, on all sorts of vehicles, and thought we’d post up a few shots. We have been running the Bandito ST, Pistol ST, Picket ST and Six Pack ST on a bunch of stuff. From Traxxas Jato and Rustler to our Axial EXO!

If you need more information you can go here for pricing, sizes and details.

Enjoy the pics!

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We first broke the news about the new Duratrax Monster Truck Tires, and now it’s time to do the same with the new line of Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires!

Just like their Monster Truck line, the Duratrax Performance Stadium Truck Tires come pre-mounted and glued to 2.8″ rims, complete with foam inserts. The rims will be available in black or chrome with contrasting screws.

We have had the opportunity to be driving/testing these for a while now. We have bolted them onto all sorts of vehicles during our test time, and dishing out our normal amount of bashing abuse.

The soft C2 compound has provided excellent traction on all sorts of terrain, and Duratrax has enough tread patterns to help you find your ideal match.

They come ready to go for most 1/10 scale Traxxas, HPI and ARRMA 2WD and 4WD vehicles like the Rustler, Jato, Vorteks, and Firestorm, as well as many others.

They should be available to order, and in stock in your local hobby shops mid September. As far as we know, we have been the only ones privileged to be running these.

Here are the details for ordering when they come out. Notice the colors for rims, Chrome, Black, and the offsets as well as Front and Rear. Tread Patterns are Bandito, Picket, Pistol, and Six Pack.

Stock Number – Description – Price

DTXC3540 Bandito ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR BLK (2) . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3541 Bandito ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR CHR (2) . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3542 Bandito ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE BLK (2) . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3543 Bandito ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE CHR (2) . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3544 Bandito ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET BLK (2) . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3545 Bandito ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET CHR (2) . . . . . . 26.99

DTXC3546 Picket ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR BLK (2). . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3547 Picket ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR CHR (2) . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3548 Picket ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE BLK (2). . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3549 Picket ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE CHR (2). . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3550 Picket ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET BLK (2). . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3551 Picket ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET CHR (2). . . . . . . 26.99

DTXC3552 Pistol ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR BLK (2). . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3553 Pistol ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR CHR (2). . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3554 Pistol ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE BLK (2. . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3555 Pistol ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE CHR (2). . . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3556 Pistol ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET BLK (2). . . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3557 Pistol ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET CHR (2. . . . . . . 26.99

DTXC3558 Six Pack ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR BLK (2) . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3559 Six Pack ST 2.8 2WD MTD FR CHR (2) . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3560 Six Pack ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE BLK (2). . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3561 Six Pack ST 2.8 2WD MTD RE CHR (2). . . . . . 26.99
DTXC3562 Six Pack ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET BLK (2). . . . . . 25.99
DTXC3563 Six Pack ST 2.8 MTD OFFSET CHR (2). . . . . . 26.99

It’s still early for info yet on the Duratrax Website, but it should be available in a week or two.

We will have a post of action shots soon, but why not a little teaser?

Duratrax Six Pack ST Tires_00005

Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0 SCT
The crew over at Pro-Line have recently added two new Suburbs to their line-up- Suburbs 2.0 SC in X2 compound for short course trucks, and Suburbs T in X2 for 10th scale stadium trucks.

The Suburbs 2.0 SC’s are not only wider than the originals but they also features more pins and deeper tread. This gives you more traction and longer tire life. The Suburbs T’s are designed for predictable side-bite and their internal carcass ribbing resists tire expansion when you pound the throttle. Both should be great choices for high-bite dirt tracks.

The part number for the Suburbs 2.0 SC is #1171-002 and they have a street price of $24. The part number for the Suburbs T 2.2″ is #8205-002 and their street price is $21.

Give THIS LINK a click to read even more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC.

AKA AKA Stadium Truck Closed Cell Red Tire Inserts
AKA changed the tire world when they first introduced their closed cell inserts for 8th scale tires several years ago. Now AKA is introducing closed cell inserts for 10th scale stadium trucks. These inserts will not only last much longer than traditional foam, but they can also make your truck handle better in corners and through the rough. Part number is #33015 and they have a price of $12 per pair. Hit up the AKA Website for more information.

Would you like to read more about AKA products? Hit THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Team Associated RC10T4.2 Factory Team Kit
After Team Associated announced their new B4.2 you knew it was only a matter of time until the T4.2 came along. Today the crew over at Associated have released full information on their latest version of the legendary T4, the RC10T4.2 Factory Team Kit. With all the new changes it is bound to be at the front of the pack (like it always has been). Some of the major changes, features, and specifications include-

* Factory Team 12mm Big Bore hard-anodized aluminum threaded shocks
* TiN “Gold” 3mm shock shafts
* VTS slipper (variable torque, multi-plate slipper with three drive surfaces)
* Factory Team 12mm blue aluminum front and rear clamping hexes with hex wheels
* Pro-Line Bulldog body
* Factory Team 7075-T6 blue aluminum 0° rear hubs with oversized outer bearing
* Factory Team blue aluminum bellcrank set
* Updated shock towers optimized for the 12mm Big Bore shocks
* Ball differential with light-weight out-drives
* Factory Team blue titanium turnbuckles
* Factory Team carbon-fiber battery strap and blue aluminum thumb screws
* CVA joints with pin retainer clips
* Factory Team rear ballast weight
* Complete set of precision ball bearings
* Part #7025

No word on a release date or street pricing, but hit up the official Team Associated Website for more pictures and information.

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THE Durango DEST210 RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck Review

We have already reviewed the Durango DEX210 buggy and the DESC210 short course truck, so it was time to wrap up the group and review the DEST210 Stadium Truck. Since the DEST210 is still a bit low to do any backyard grass bashing, it was time to hit the parking lot, dirt paths, and the local track! Keep reading to see how it did…