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Traxxas LED Light Kits
We first posted about the Traxxas LED Light Kits back in our HobbyTown USA National Convention Coverage, now there are more pictures and information available.

Traxxas now has lights kits for your Stampede 4×4, Summit, 1/16 Summit, 1/16 Revo, and their Monster Jam replica trucks. Some of their features include-

* Light kits do not require a separate battery
* Illustrated instructions for easy install
* Wide angle LED lights
* Connector for easy body removal
* Lights come on and off with ESC

#7185 LED light kit, complete, 1/16 E-Revo (includes front bumper with 4 white lights, rear bumper with 4 red lights, power supply, and wire ties)- $35.00
#7186 LED lights 1/16 E-Revo, light harness (4 clear lights, 4 red lights)/bumper, front/bumper, rear/wire ties- $18.00
#3686 LED Lights, Grave Digger /harness (2 red lights)/LED housing (2) /housing retainer (2)/wire clip (1)/wire ties (3)- $15.00
#3687 LED Lights, 30th Anniversary Grave Digger /harness (4 red lights)/ LED housing (2)/ wire clip (1)/ wire ties (2)/ 3x6mm CCS (2) (use with 3686)- $15.00
#3688 LED Lights, Son-Uva Digger /harness (2 blue lights)/LED housing (2) /housing retainer (2)/wire clip (1)/wire ties (3)- $15.00
#7285 LED Light Kit, 1/16 Summit (includes chrome lightbar, roof light harness assembly (4 clear lights, 2 red lights), chassis harness assembly (4 clear lights, 2 red lights), power supply, and wire ties and mounts- $37.50
#7286 LED lights 1/16 Summit, power supply- $20.00
#7287 LED lightbar 1/16 Summit, roof (Chrome)/Light harness (4 clear lights, 2 red lights)/wire tie mount (2)/wire tie (3)(requires power supply #7286)- $12.00
#7288 LED lights 1/16 Summit, chassis harness (4 clear lights, 2 red lights) (1)/wire tie (3) (requires power supply #7286)- $10.00
#5684 LED Lightbar, (chrome, fits Summit roll cage), light harness (4 clear lights), harness adapter- $15.00
#6784 LED lightbar Stampede 4×4 (chrome, 4 clear lights)- $15.00

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RPM Traxxas Slash 4x4 Caster Blocks & Spindle Blocks
The good folks over at RPM RC have come up with another “bomb proof” part for your Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, or Rally car. Part number #73592 is their new front Caster & Spindle Blocks that will help ensure your Traxxas bash machine comes home in one piece instead of multiple.

RPM started with a blank sheet of paper and designed from the ground up some truly bash worthy parts. They used more of their legendary plastic material around the kingpins and subtle changes to make sure their new Caster/Spindle combo is not only tougher than stock, but also works better when driving.

Retail price for the set is $19, the release date is June 26th, and you can get more information at THIS LINK over on the RPM Website.

Have you read our last RPM review? If not, check it out HERE.

Traxxas 6869 12mm hex adapters
Want to put some uber strong driveshafts on your Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, or Traxxas Rally car? With the new Traxxas #6869 12mm wheel adapters you can use the heavy duty steel-splined driveshafts that were originally designed for the XO-1 supercar. The new 12mm hex’s have a 6mm inner diameter, thus allowing use of the heavier driveshafts. A drill bit is included to make a larger hole in your wheels allowing the beefier shafts to fit through.

Detailed instructions come with the hex adapters and you’ll need part numbers #6451 (front driveshafts x2), #6452 (rear driveshafts x2), #6439 (steering blocks), #6455 (axle carriers), #5117 (bearings x3) to complete the conversion. With the retail price of the Traxxas #6869 12mm hex adapters being $28, you are looking at roughly $200 to do the complete conversion, but once completed you are that much closer to a bomb-proof drivetrain.

Now that you’ve read about how to beef up your Traxxas, how about a TGIF Mystery Pic?

JConcepts Traxxas Slash Rally Stampede 4x4 spur gear
Are you tired of blowing up the stock Traxxas spur gear on your Slash, Stampede, or Rally 4×4? Or maybe you are just looking for a smoother running alternative? If so, the guys over at JConcepts have just introduced a new spur for you, their Silent Speed Spur Gears for the Traxxas 4×4 line-up. These spurs are machined for a precision fit and better mesh. Some of the other features include-

* .8M, 54T, SS Machined Spur Gear
* JConcepts simple design and function
* Precision machined for durable and concentric design
* Machined to indicate size
* JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design
* Fits Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally
* Part number- #2154

The new spur has a retail price of $11 and you can get more information on it and more JConcepts products on their Official Website.

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Pro-Line Bulldog Traxxas Stampede
Here’s yet another incredible body from Pro-Line, their Bulldog clear body for the Traxxas Stampede. The Bulldog design yields increased front down-force thus helping to keep the nose of your truck down during speed runs, and giving more front end bite in high speed corners. Street price is $25, and you can get more information at THIS link on Pro-Line’s official website.

Care to read our Traxxas Monster Mutt review? You can view it right HERE.

JConcepts Monroe Battery Brace
During extreme use a battery pack can be subject to a lot of g-forces, around the BigSquidRC offices we see battery packs get thrown out of trucks all the time. A good battery brace can help prevent this from happening. JConcepts has two new Monroe battery braces that are stronger and offer more coverage than stock. One brace is designed for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4, while the other fits the Traxxas Stampede 4×4. Some of the features are-

* Made from 2.5mm Carbon Fiber
* Allows battery movement forwards and back
* Uses stock clips and parts for attachment
* Comes with protective foam padding
* Pumps up the bling factor of your truck

Pricing is right around $20 and you can get more information at THIS link on the official JConcepts website.

Mystery LINK, dare you click it?

So here’s a little video of the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 in action! Wherever we go, we usually have this one with us because it’s just fun to bash with. The video is a little montage of some front flips, back flips, and a few reverse double back flips.
If you are wondering about the Stampede, and thinking about buying one, you can read our full review HERE!

We were usually running on 2S or 3S lipo for most of these shots.

Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to check it out in HD!

Also, before we get some emails, the awesome music is by ROTATION. You can check them out on their page HERE! Make sure to tell them hi from us if you stop by, and buy their albums, because they really do rock!

In the beginning of May, Brian posted his review on the Traxxas Stampede 4×4. We actually have a couple of these trucks floating around the office and they really are a great vehicle. However, Brian made mention of a major design flaw (aesthetics wise) in his review that seems to be a common theme; the way the body sits on the truck. The stock body posts are very tall, making the body sit extremely high on the vehicle. In most people’s opinions, too high. Brian also pointed out that the fenders don’t line up with tires. The body looks almost silly sitting on the truck, like it doesn’t fit. While, you can’t exactly fix the fender alignment issue, there is an option for lowering the body. JConcepts has created a Lowered Body Mount Kit for the Stampede 4×4, and here is 5 minutes…on it!

The kit comes in around $18 bucks. It includes 4 semi-gloss black aluminum body posts. I’ve been known to grind body posts off like I held them on a belt sander, so these being alloy are a huge plus. The JConcepts posts measure just .19 inches while the stock Traxxas post measure just over .75 inches from bottom to the base where the body will rest. They are a direct replacement for the stock posts, and include the little groves cut into the bottom to help them line up on the body mount bar. They also have holes drilled through in a 4-way design instead of a 2-way design like the stock posts. This just means you can orient them however you want on the body mount bar and can change the placement of your body clips with ease.

Installation was a snap. Just remove the stock posts, put a little threadlocker on the stock hex screws, and reinstall the new JConcepts posts in the same places you removed the stock posts from. It’s good to do these one at a time, that way you can be sure you line everything up correctly. Nothing ticks you off more than getting everything tightened down just to find out that your posts no longer align with the holes in your body… Am I speaking from experience? What do you think… :)

Now for the real test… The before and after shots!



Some of this relies on personal preference, but I believe the JConcepts Lowered Body Mount Kit drastically improves the overall appearance of the Traxxas Stampede 4×4. It doesn’t quite slam the body down so low that it looks like a buggy, but it doesn’t leave it sitting up so high that it looks like your ‘Pede 4×4 has the wrong body posts on it either. It’s a little hard to tell in the pictures, but from some angles it almost looks just the tiniest bit Revo…ish. Either way, unless you want the serious jacked-up monster truck look, these body posts are a great investment for anyone who has a Stampede 4×4.

In case you were wondering, since the photo shoot, my ‘Pede 4×4 has been out and about quite a bit. I’m happy to report that the body posts are still intact and in perfect working order despite the miscalculated backflip attempts, full speed roof slides on tarmac, and several run-ins with first-time drivers and hard things like trees, fence posts, and a car tire or two. All in all, the JConcepts Lowered Body Mount Kit is just one word…TENTACLES! Make sure you head over to the JConcepts website or visit your LHS to pick up a set of these babies!

Got something you want to hear about in 5 minutes or less? Do you have some feedback on something I’ve said already? Are you just lonely? Shoot me an e-mail at evan(at) (replace the (at) with @) and let me know! I’d be glad to hear from you. Bash heavy!

Needing some front-end protection for your Traxxas Stampede 4×4? RPM has the answer with their new Wide Front Bumper for the Stampede 4×4. The bumper uses the same design principles found in their Stampede 2×4 front bumper (which I have and love, BTW). It sits out front far enough to be the initial point of impact on front end collisions, but not far enough to mess with the normal driving characteristics of your truck. The bumper is a stock replacement part. Just remove the stock front skid plate, and replace it with the RPM bumper using the stock screws. It even has mounting points for the stock upper bumper should you choose to keep it. Their website shows a ship date of 7/13 and that it is avaliable in either black or blue. What will it set you back? Just 10 bucks. Be sure to hit RPM’s website for more info!

Pro-Line has a few new bodies for a few of Traxxas’ most popular vehicles.  Shown above is the new, officially licensed Chevy Silverado 2500 HD body for the Stampede and Stampede 4×4.  Also available is a body based on the over-compensating GMC TopKick medium duty road truck for the various T-Maxx and Revo platforms, including the Summit and E-Revo, and also HPI’s Savage line.  And finally, for the on-roaders out there, they have an officially licensed 2012 Ford Fiesta ST body for the 1/16 Rally cars.  All of these will come with all the usual officially licensed decals, masks, and overspray film.

MSRPs start at $26.95 for the Fiesta and go up to $36.95 for the TopKick and they are all available now.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

A friend at Pro-Line sent along this exclusive photo and a brief description of their next wheel in the pipeline.  It goes by the name Desperado and is a 2.8″ wheel made for various Traxxas vehicles like the nitro and electric StampedesJato, and the Rustlers.  It uses the Traxxas style glue bead, so it’s compatible with Traxxas’ 2.8″ tires in addition to Pro-Line’s extensive new line of 2.8s, which includes the Trencher, Road Rage, Badlands, Bow-Tie, and Dirt Hawg treads.  Black is the color right now with chrome under consideration, so if you’d like to see chrome, let us know by voting in our little poll below and maybe Pro-Line will hear your cries.

Nothing about this wheel is up yet, but check out the Pro-Line website anyway for good measure.

Black or Chrome, which would you rather have?

  • Black (77%, 125 Votes)
  • Chrome (23%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 162

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Dear Cubby,
Who makes the body lowering kit for the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 and where can I buy one?
Your truly,
Billy D.

Cubby- Funny you should ask that question the same week that Brian posted his Pede 4×4 review. I trust you are loving your truck except for its overly lifted body. If it came murdered out in flat black paint you’d think the truck came straight outta the 909.

Who makes the lowering kit? Jason Ruona and his crew over at JConcepts do. The part number is #2083- the new mounts are black anodized aluminum, and they instantly make a Pede look much more realistic.

Where can you buy these at? You should be able to get them from any LHS that buys from Great Planes, or if that isn’t an option Tower Hobbies has’em in stock for $18.

Cheers, and go fast/turn right.

Hey Cubby,
I am in the market for a new 2wd short course truck. I am looking for one that is good for bashing but also has a lot extra parts that I can get for it. What is your opinion?
Aaron D

Cubby- Wow… for such a short lil’ question, there could be a very long answer. So let me attempt to be brief.

To boil it down, your criteria are-
1. 2wd SC truck
2. Good for bashing
3. Lots of after-market parts

So what’s the “best” 2wd SC truck? IMO it’s the HPI Blitz. It doesn’t turn as sharp as a Venom Gambler or SC10, but its overall handling is perhaps the best of the bunch. But, all the trucks have their merits, wish we had more time to shoot’em out.

What’s the best “basher” in the class? The Blitz is super tough, IMO even more so than the Slash, but… the Slash has greater ground clearance than anything else in its class. If you are gonna bash, the extra ground clearance of the Slash is going to come in mighty handy for grass, curbs, etc. So I gotta give the overall “bash” title to the Slash.

Which 2wd SC has the best after-market support? That’s easy- the Traxxas Slash. You can get upgrades for nearly (or perhaps all of them!) every part on the Slash. None of the others in the class come close. And, if you are looking for just stock replacement parts, the Slash again wins hands down, as far more LHS’s stock Traxxas parts than AE, Venom, Losi or Kyosho.

So taking your criteria into consideration- the truck I recommend to you is- the Traxxas Slash. Buy one, trick it out, and enjoy!

Hey Cubby,
I remember reading several months ago that you had hoped the industry would have gone more scale in 2010. Well, so far 2011 is off to a good start with the release of the Axial Wraith and the Losi SCB. Sure, a few more brands released their short course trucks but it’s nice to see something new and different AND scale. Personally, I would like to see more touring and drift cars from all the major brands. I’m hoping the drift cars will bring back on-road rc back to the masses since (I may be wrong here) you really don’t need a high-tech, super expensive, uber engineered chassis to get sideways and have some fun in the parking lot plus their relatively cheap and have the cool scale look. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for 2011….
keep up the good work,
Joe C

Cubby- I know there will be some that would argue with me, but on-road is D-E-A-D. There are many contributing factors to what killed it- but if I had to boil it down, it died simply because it was too hardcore. Everything goes is cycles, it will come back, but what is it going to take?

I certainly don’t have the answer to that one, if I did I’d be making a lot of money off of it. Realism isn’t nearly as big of a problem on road as it is off road. The current on road cars drive well and most are quite durable. Maybe the answer to getting on road to blow up again will be scale realism under the body- chassis designs that mimic full scale rides. But who knows? All I do know is that on road and even nitro will be huge again, it’s just a matter of time.

Lastly, you mention the Losi SCB… Horizon thinks I’m the anti-Christ so I’m gonna have to buy mine, but I’ll eagerly do so. I know some of the other staffers here don’t dig it as much as I do, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I haven’t “wanted” a new rc car so much since back in the day of the Associated B2. Let’s hope the XXX based SCB works as good as it looks. Oh and, I’ve already got plans to velcro the head of my Losi SCB driver on, so when I get hacked hard my drivers head goes rolling across the track. :)

That’s it for this week ya bunch of rc freaks. Shoot me your questions, doubts, lies, hate-mail, comments, and Ken Onion knives to- Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Have a new Stampede 4×4?  Tired of it getting loaded down with crap?  Sure you are.  JConcepts may have a solution with their new Stampede 4×4 over-tray.  The over-tray is designed to have a tight fit around the entire chassis, helping to keep all the dirt and debris out.  It’s formed out of clear polycarbonate, ready to be painted to your tastes.  It comes with hook and loop fastener for quick and easy mounting to your Stampede 4×4.

The Stampede 4×4 over-tray is available now at a list price of $25.00. Check out the JConcepts website for more info.