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STRC Aluminum Parts Associated B5 B5M
The folks over at STRC make some of the trickest, best fitting aluminum upgrades on the market. Recently they announced a slew of black anodized parts for the Associated B5/B5M. These are much stronger than the stock parts and help give your buggy that cool murdered out look. The parts include-

* STC91428BK – Heatsink Aluminum Motor Plate – $13
* STC91414BK – Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers – $30
* STC91398BK – Aluminum HD Front Hinge-pin Brace – $7
* STC91445BK – Aluminum Upper Shock Mount Bushings (4 pcs) – $11
* STC91364BK – Aluminum Bulkhead (25 Deg.) – $17
* STC91518BK – Aluminum Rear Camber Link Mount for B5M – $10
* STC91377BK – Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace/Camber link mount for B5 – $18
* STC91391BK – Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set – $26
* STC91441BK – Aluminum Rear Hex Adapters (1 pair) – $11
* STC91400BK – Aluminum Caster Blocks (1 pair) – $29

Check out This Link over on the STRC website for more details on all their Associated B5/B5M option parts.

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STRC Axial Heat Treated Universals SCX10 Wraith
Need to beef up the driveline of your Axial Wraith or SCX10? The good folks over at STRC have just announced high quality universal driveshafts for the popular Axial off-road machines.

The ST Racing Concepts universals are made from the ground up to be extra tough. They are made from carbon-steel, heat treated, and CNC machined to make sure they can take a beating. The universals bolt up without modification and the retainer rings come in 5 different colors. Also of note, the STRC driveshafts are completely rebuild-able.

The part number for the SCX10 universals is #STA30464 and they have a street price of $42. The part number for the Wraith units is #STA30780 and they sport a street price of $47. For more information hit up This Link.

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STRC Traxxas Nitro Slash Hop-ups
ST Racing Concepts (STRC) makes some of our favorite aluminum hop-up parts. If you look over the Bash Crew’s personal rigs, you’ll find STRC parts in all the critical areas.

The STRC crew has just announced some new aluminum upgrade parts for the Traxxas Nitro Slash 2wd, electric Slash 2wd, and LCG Slash 4×4.

The CNC machined #ST4434 aluminum rear chassis brace for Nitro Slash helps reduce flex and is priced at $22.

Also new are aluminum engine mounts for the Nitro Slash. These are also CNC machined from aluminum with a part number of #ST4460 and a price of $29.

STRC also has new aluminum rear a-arms that fit both the electric Slash 2wd and the Nitro Slash. The rear arms come with delrin inserts and hinge pins with a part number of #ST2555G and are priced at $34.

New for the LCG Slash 4×4 is a heavy duty CNC machine aluminum motor mount. The mount is much beefier than stock and is available in a range of different colors. The part number is #ST7460 and it has a street price of $39.

Finally, the popular STRC shock shaft pliers are now available all murdered out in stealth black anodizing. The part number is #ST22353BK and they are priced at $20

The weekend is nearly here, click on THIS BigSquidRC mystery link to kick your weekend off right.

STRC Durango Hop-up Parts
Team Durango has done nothing but grow since they hit the market. Racers have latched on to them for their track properties, bashers have taken them up because they drive so well, and the aftermarket companies have followed suit with their support.

We just received a few “sneak preview” pictures of the brand new hop-up parts for Team Durango vehicles from ST Racing Concepts. From the looks of the pictures they’ve got numerous aluminum and carbon fiber goodies for all you Durango fans on the way. We’ve reviewed numerous STRC products and they have been some of the best in the business, we are really looking forward to seeing how their new Durango option parts turn out.

We haven’t received any pricing or release date information but we’ll pass it along as we receive it. Until then HERE is the link to the official STRC website to check out all their other fine products.

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cubbysquidBeing the last day of the year it’s only fitting that I write up my annual year in review. I not only looked back over the last 94 pages of posts here on BigSquidRC, but also called some of my industry homies to “boil down” how the year 2012 will go down in the rc history books. Lets dive in shall we?

Biggest news of the year- There was tons of “big” news in 2012, but the biggest of the big was the announcement that Traxxas was entering the air market with their QR-1 quad and DR-1 heli. Announced late in the year Traxxas was still able to get these on LHS shelves before X-mas, and speaking to shop owners they sold very well. However, hard-core Traxxas loyalists were left in disbelief, not understanding why Traxxas would jump into the air market while so much of their surface line is in desperate need of updating.

While the air gear was their biggest news, Traxxas kept themselves in the limelight all year long. The XO-1 Supercar was announced late in 11′, but shipping in Feb 12′, and you couldn’t get away from the hype machine around it. A couple months later came the widely publicized but poorly received Traxxas drag car. Throw in their new Rally car and LCG Slash 4×4 and Traxxas had yet another year at the top of the buzz (and sales) charts.

Second biggest news- Early in the year it was announced that the Champaign behemoth Hobbico had made a deal to acquire Axial, Durango, and ARRMA. This was some serious eye popping news to many industry peeps, they knew Hobbico has the cubic cash and market savvy to use those lines to take their world domination to a completely new level. Axial was already a hot name brand in America, but during the year you would have to blind not see how Durango and ARRMA climbing the sales charts here in the USA.

Biggest dropping of the ball- It was August 2011 when HPI first announced that they were attempting to put gas (not nitro) engines in regular 10th/8th scale rc vehicles. A few months later in February 12′ at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, HPI had multiple models on display all showing off their “Xtreme/Octane” series engine. While HPI did tease us once again a few weeks ago in mid December, we’ve yet so see one come to fruition. We really just want to drive one.

Biggest head-scratcher of the year- When the announcement came off the wire that HPI was now the exclusive distributor for Hobao in North America we weren’t the only ones scratching our heads.

Euro gear coming in style- You may or may not still consider Durango a European name, but alas, companies like X-Ray, Serpent and Schumacher also made positive strides in America. Many industry types make claims like the Euro’s are just trying harder right now, they are more focused, pushing harder, the internet is changing the game, etc, and I think you can look for more European brands to start making waves in the American market in the next 12 months.

Product trends of the year- 2012 will go down as the year that saw the emergence of the Rally car, quadcopters, scale off road buggies, nitro powered SCT’s, an uber battery charger war, and of the 8th scale roller “XO-1″ killers.

Rally has never been “so cool” here in America, and both Traxxas and HPI capitalized on this by putting out new rally style cars.

Quads which were once considered $19 stocking stuffers by true hobbyists, but they became a hot item after Traxxas announced their QR-1.

For scale buggies, Axial got their EXO Terra Buggy to the market, the HPI Apache hit (and missed), and even Associated threw their hat in the ring with the SC10B.

Associated made the news again with their SC10GT, Losi announced their Nitro Ten SCT, and finally Traxxas showed their hand and entered the nitro SCT market with their Nitro 2wd Slash. New offerings for the nitro crowd have been minimal in recent years, but the nitro SCT’s of 2012 gave fuel burners something new to play with.

After years of brushless/Lipo dominance, the battery charger companies went balls to the wall in 12′. Everywhere you turned was another company putting out some uber mega high current charger. Venom put out a charger with built in speakers, iCharger put out a charger you can probably weld with, and TrakPower put out one of the most esoteric chargers the market has ever seen. And.. uber chargers weren’t only about putting out ridiculously huge amounts of power, they were also about doing so on multiple channels. Reading some of the specs now days reminds me of the old car stereo days- 4 channels, bridgeable, mono-block, 500 watts, etc.

Why pay over a grand for a Traxxas XO-1 when you’ve already got all the electronics sitting in your garage? Late 2012 showed multiple brands putting out 8th scale roller on-road cars ready to bust out triple digit mph numbers once you’ve slammed in your own electronic goodies. Going crazy fast on-road should continue to be a big trend in 13′.

Accessory companies blowing up- Pro-line is no stranger to having huge years, but a number of other accessory companies put their dent on the scene in 12′ as well.

Pro-Line was everywhere in 12′. Their product line-up exploded with items for not just racers, but also for scalers and bashers. Pro-Line also went WFO on the 2wd Slash, now offering nearly a complete truck of their own in replacement parts. Also of note was the staggering amount of product give-aways that Pro-Line did over the course of the year. 2012 was Pro-lines 30th anniversary and they certain did it up the right way.

JConcepts made their waves too. They are living the dream, getting bigger and bigger and 12′ was a banner year for them. From spur gears for the Slash, to a high speed Traxxas truck body, to tons of racer gear, to sponsoring tons of races across the country, JConcepts was pushing it hard all year long.

RPM ventured out to numerous new models in 2012 and put out perhaps their most involved product yet- a tranny case and metal motor mount for Traxxas 2wd trucks. Consumers have been asking RPM to branch out a bit for years, in 12′ they arguably branches out more than ever before.

MIP, who has been a player in the rc game for years, saw a fresh resurgence in 2012. Their Pro4mance kit for the Losi SCTE and uber shock pistons got the ball rolling early in the year, and they are looking more solid than ever going into 13′.

RDRP blew up on the accessory scene in 12′. A little known Euro company a few months ago, they are now one of the “hot” brands to have in your pit at the local track.

Exotek was once a tiny company making a few 18th scale parts, in 2012 they really expanded their product catalog and market share.

You can’t talk about upgrade parts without talking about STRC. They landed a big deal with Great Planes and keep putting out more and more parts for nearly every vehicle (worth owning) on the market, plus their LCG Chassis for 2WD and 4WD Slash Vehicles!

Other significant happenings-

Thunder Tiger was once a joke in the American market. Today, with distribution from Great Planes, they are one of the biggest names in the bashing market. After multiple new releases in Q4 of 12′, expect their market share to keep on growing in 13′.

Firelands Group is making some waves. From Anza hop-up parts, to Helion, to Radient, to Ares, they might just be the model company of the future.

Venom Group had a big year. From putting out loads of innovative products, to changing their name to Atomik (and seemingly failing, everyone still calls them Venom), to inking a deal to sell Brian Deegan/Metal Mulisha gear, Venom is working their way towards the front of the pack.

Associated made the news here and there, the introduction of their SC10B was huge news, as was their announcement of their new “Qualifier Series” basher line-up.

ECX also had a big year. Sales were solid and they ventured into uncharted territory with their new 8th scales, one electric, and one nitro. Expect to see more big things from ECX in 2013.

Kyosho made a push in 12′ with loads of new products (the Scorpion XXL Ve for example) and a solid marketing push. Unfortunately their distribution blows here in the states and most consumers only saw the new stuff on the web, not in their LHS.

Oh ya, BigSquidRC had pretty good year too, thanks to you guys-

Our March Bash-Ness contest was huge again, and it sported a controversial winner, the Helion Dominus. We did a great job of busting out juicy Traxxas news in good time and our “chat with us in the forums” morphed into our live Google Plus show. We also had solid coverage of not only iHobby, but of RCX SoCal, Nuremberg, and the HobbyTown USA show. And lastly… traffic was once again way up, for that we must salute you guys out there!

That’s it for this week ya’ll, next week will be my also annual “looking forward to the coming year” Cub Report, till then, support your local hobby shops and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

ST Racing Concepts Kyosho RB6 Motor Plate in RedThe Kyosho RB6 buggy has really started taking off and STRC now has some of their uber hop-up parts for it. We’ve tested many different STRC hop-up parts and they all have proven to be very high quality. If you are looking to put the best on your Kyosho take a look at what STRC now has to offer for your RB6.

First up is a new motor plate. You can get the motor plate in a variety of colors (red, gunmetal, and blue) and it’s been CNC machined out of high quality aluminum. Fins in the plate help to dissipate heat and it has longer motor screw slots to give you more gearing options. Street price on the motor plate is $11.

ST Racing Concepts has also created some new rear hubs for the RB6. These are also available in multiple different colors (red, gunmetal and blue) and come in zero, .5, and 1 degree of rear toe. The hubs have been CNC machined from high-grade aluminum and feature extra camber link holes for even more adjust-ability. For extra attention to detail- the bearing holes are CNC machined after anodizing to ensure a precision fit, and the set-screw on hinge-pin design makes for a perfect fit with reduced wear. Street price is $25 per pair.

strc_kyosho_rb6_rear_hubsIf you are looking to put maximum tuning options in your toolbox, STRC is also selling all three toe configurations (zero/.5/1 degree) of the rear hubs as a set for only $69.

To get more information on these pieces along with the rest of the uber parts that STRC produces hit up their official Website.

Looking for more STRC news? We have it, check out THIS link.

traxxas slash lcg chassis

More than a few people have been waiting for this announcement! The STRC LCG Chassis for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 is now available! The kit lowers the battery, motor, and all the electronics bringing the over all center of gravity way down. The list of stuff you get for $99 is pretty impressive, check it out:

• CNC Machined Hard anodized HD front bulkhead
• CNC Machined Hard anodized 4mm aluminum lower chassis.
• 2.5mm Graphite Upper Deck (holes pre-drilled for stock receiver box)
• CNC Machined aluminum motor mount and motor cam (motor cam allows for maintenance on the motor without losing gear mesh)
• CNC Machined aluminum rear suspension mount (x2)
• CNC Machined aluminum battery brackets and center block
• Graphite battery hold down strap
• CNC Machined aluminum chassis posts, steering posts, and spacers
• CNC Machined aluminum front sway bar mount (x2)
• CNC Machined aluminum light weight servo mount
• All hex drive hardware included
• Designed with racing in mind for 550 motor and 2S lipo (3S compatible (certain plug type might need modifications))
• Available in Blue or Black anodizing (with hard anodized lower chassis and front bulkhead) and very limited quantity in Orange, Green, Silver and Red

Hopefully we get our hands on one soon for a full review.

Head over now to the ST Racing Concepts webpage to order.

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strc wraith hop ups

We recently picked up a bunch of ST Racing Concepts hop-ups for the Axial Wraith. We will be doing several articles on all of these parts. You can read part 1 here.

strc wraith hop ups
This time around we are installing the aluminum shock caps, aluminum shock bodies and spring collars, and steering knuckles. Keep reading to see the pictures and read about the install.


strc wraith hop ups

We recently got our hands on a boatload of ST Racing Concepts hop-ups for the Axial Wraith. A large portion of the parts are cosmetic, but several are functional. Once we get them all installed and some wheel time with them, we will write up more of a complete review.

strc wraith hop ups
We decided to start with the Aluminium Motor Plate and the Aluminum Transmission Back Plate. Our man Wrench cleared a spot on the work bench and we were ready to go..


strc losi ten hop up parts

There are many ways to enjoy our hobby. Driving probably tops the list for most, but some enjoy doing intricate airbrush paint jobs, some enjoy building the smoothest diffs, while others simply enjoy hopping up their truck to make it the best it can be. STRC puts food on their table catering to those that enjoy hopping up their rides as much as driving them.

I’ve used numerous STRC parts in the past and I’ve never been disappointed. Hobby shops are littered with junk hop up parts, but STRC has always been associated with putting out quality. Are STRC parts still high quality? Are they the best you can buy? Read on… READ MORE

Need some bling for your Associated SC10, B4 Buggy, or T4 Truck? ST Racing Concepts has you covered with some new alluminum option parts! You now have the option of precision CNC machined steering bellcranks, heatsink motor plates, shock mount bushings, hinge-pin braces, servo mounts, and even an alluminum battery hold down. They come in four anodized colors (red, blue, silver, black) and are sure to increase looks, performance, and durability. Prices range from $10-$30.

Check out Team STRC for more information!