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From: DuraTrax
Direct Link: Street Force GP 2

As a basher, I don’t really do a lot of on-road racing, but I do like to tear up a parking lot whenever I get the chance.  It was time to see if the Duratrax Street Force GP2 could handle some parking lot bashing!

The kit comes RTR with everything you need to get up and running quickly.  All you need to do is install some batteries and add some fuel.  For fuel I went with my standard O’Donnell 20%.  When I went to install the batteries, I was surprised to find that I had to loosen a few screws to be able to remove and install the battery pack.  At first I was a little concerned about this, since if you are running a 4AA pack, you know you want to change them often, and quickly.  After the first run, I decided to pull a Duratrax hump pack from one of my other vehicles, and install it in here.  It fit like a glove, and I was much happier!  If you are going to pick one of these up, spend the extra $20 or so and get yourself a 5 cell pack!