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MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2 PRO-MTWhile we are big fans of the stock gear diff in the Pro-Line PRO-2 and PRO-MT, some racers prefer the feel of a ball diff. When it comes to ball diffs the crew over at MIP are experts and they’ve announced a Super Ball Diff Kit that fits the PRO-2, PRO-MT, and the Pro-Line performance transmission. The MIP super diff is 100% made in the USA and was specially designed to handle the rigors of racing.

The super ball diffs are priced at $60 and have a part number of #13375. Get more details over on MIP’s Website.

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MIP Super Diff Kit Losi TLR 22 22T 22SCT
The Super Diff kits from MIP are legendary for their smooth operation and reliability. Now all you TLR/Losi 22, 22T, and 22SCT owners can rejoice, MIP has just released a new Super Diff for your rig. Part number for the new MIP 22 Super Diff is #12165, and here are some of the features-

* Hardened Alloy Steel for superior strength and Wear!
* American made High Strength diff rings!
* Precision machined for excellent bearing fits!
* MIP Team Tested and Approved!
* Does not include Diff Gear & Stock sealed Bearings!
* Quality made in the USA!

MIP Super Diff Traxxas SlashMIP didn’t forget about all you Traxxas Slash drivers, their new #12225 Super Diff pops right into your Slash and helps bring it up to competition level. Some of the features of the MIP Super Diff for the Traxxas Slash include-

* American made High Strength diff rings!
* Improves overall traction during cornering!
* Precision machined for Excellent Bearing Fit
* Hardened U.S. Grade Alloy Steel for Superior Strength & Wear
* Includes MIP Pin Screws for use with Traxxas Stock Drives, MIP X-Duty™, & MIP C-CVD™ Drives
* Lightweight to reduce rotating mass!
* 100% Quality made in the USA!

Retail price for the Losi diff is $35, while retail price for the Traxxas diff is $60. For more information hit up the official MIP Website.

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MIP Kyosho Super Diff
The good guys over at MIP have recently announced more hop-up parts to their catalog. The first is an uber Super ball diff for the Kyosho Ultima SC/RB5-6, and RT5. The outdrives are precision machined out of hardened ally steel, the diff gear is precision molded, and it’s made in the USA. The super diff has a price of $40, a part number of #12158, and they are available right now.

MIP Losi SCTE spur gear

The MIP team has also created two new spur gears for the Losi Ten SCTE, a 39 tooth and a 41. These sport the precision uber quality you’ve come to expect from MIP, and sport a price of $15 each. Part number is #12198 for the 39 toother, and #12199 for the 41.

Hit up the official MIP Website for more information on these and all their products, and hit THIS link for a BigSquidRC TGIF mystery link.