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Product Spotlight - Yeah Racing Shock Gear aluminum damper s…

The Yeah Racing Shock Gear aluminum dampers are a low cost suspension tuning set for your 1/10th scale drifter or touring car. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality however. Just looking at the packaging you can tell that they mean business. This sub 30 dollar set of shocks includes four anodized threaded aluminum dampers, five sets of springs in different [...]


Associated Fox Shocks

Team Associated Factory Team V2 FOX Shocks

New from Team Associated are Factory Team V2 Fox Shocks. The big news about them is they have a Kashima coating on the shock body. Kashima is well known in the mountain bike world for being very smooth and for its durability. The trick coating should help make their action very smooth, but unfortunately they don’t look anything like real [...]


Exotek F1 Front Suspension

Exotek F1R2 (IFS) Independent Front Suspension Set

Exotek has a new F1R2 Independent Front Suspension Set to make your F1 car faster than ever. The Exotek IFS gives your car more suspension travel and body roll, this allows you to drive into corners harder while being able to soak up curbing and bumps without backing off the throttle. Designed to fit a standard F104 bolt pattern, the [...]


Exotek TCX shock standoffs (2)

Some odds and ends from Exotek

EXOtek has a couple new items for a couple high-end cars.  Their new quick change shock posts for the HB TCX and Cyclone make changing shocks quicker.  But that’s really not all.  These new pieces are lighter than the stock setup and have a shorter barrel that reduces slop in the suspension setup. Their other release of the day is a [...]


STRC Ten-SCTE Parts (05)

ST Racing has a boatload of new parts for the Ten-SCTE

When ST Racing Concepts sets their sights on a project, they aim high.  Their new line of aluminum parts for the Losi Ten-SCTE is a perfect example of this.  While most companies might release a couple new parts here and there over time, the gang at STRC has decided to put out every conceivable part at once.  These parts include [...]


RC8B Factory Team Upgrades

Bunch of hop-ups for Associated RC8B

Team Associated has a whole load of new Factory Team upgrades for their popular RC8B 1/8 scale buggy.  The A Team says that all of these parts are based on ideas and designs used in various big-time races like Motorama and the IFMAR Worlds in Thailand.  Some of the parts include a new, thicker chassis, light-weight outdrives, upgraded front [...]


Toughen up your SC8 or RC8B

Basher favorite, RPM, is set to make your SC8 more tougher.  They are introducing front and rear A-arms for the truck, as well as the RC8B buggy.  Beyond the legendary RPM material adding much strength to your ride, you can also expect some nice added touches like molded in shock mounts and additional clearance to allow for more droop in [...]


Exotek 1-16 e revo big bore shocks

Exotek big bore shocks for 1/16 E-Revo

Traxxas’ tiny truck is getting a big upgrade in the shock department thanks to the Exotek crew.  Their new Big Bore Shocks for the 1/16 E-Revo (and pretty much all the other 1/16 scale Traxxas vehicles, with minor parts swaps) are beautifully machined hunks of alloy with threaded shock bodies and a gun metal finish for hot looks.  You’ll also [...]


GH Racing Giveaway 1

Win aluminum Slash 4x4 hop-ups from GH Racing and Big Squid …

[Update:  This contest is now closed.] It’s time for another Big Squid giveaway!  Actually TWO giveaways to be exact!  This time we have a whole load of bright and shiny hop-ups for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 from those masters of metal machining at GH Racing. GH Racing has been awesome enough to throw a bunch of their great looking and awesomely durable [...]


RPM sc10-t4 front shock tower

RPM front shock tower for SC10, RC10T4(.1), and GT2

Have you been snapping the front shock tower on your SC10 or T4 with shocking regularity?  Then you might want to invest in RPM‘s latest product, a drop-in replacement front shock tower that will also fit the RC10GT2.  Being made out of the Basher Approved RPM material makes this new part tough enough to survive crashes that would break the [...]


Blitz aluminum front suspension mounts

Racers are an insatiable bunch.  You give them a sweet ride like the Blitz and they want a high-end race version.  So you give them the Blitz ESE, which is ready to tear up tracks and win races all over the world and they want more hop-ups for it.  So what is HPI to do?  Release more hop-ups of course.  [...]


ST Racing Concepts hop-ups for Jammin SCRT10

You know you’ve made it when you get a load of aluminum and carbon fiber hop-ups made for you.  The Jammin SCRT10 has made it.  Those masters of CNC machining, ST Racing Concepts, have a whole lot of new metal for the SCRT10.  So much in fact that I’m just gonna bust out the generic HTML list [...]


Flextek A-Arms Review (5)

FlexTek RC Titanium T-Maxx Suspension Arms Kit Review

From: FlexTek RC Direct Link: FlexTek T-Maxx Suspension Arms Complete Kit Being a pretty serious basher, (I usually don’t stop till it’s broken!) you can imagine that I end up having to replace a lot of parts at the end of the day. My usual routine has been, come home, inspect what’s broke, take off the a-arms and bend them [...]