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SWORKz Zeus Monster Truck

SWORKz Updates The Zeus Monster Truck

The folks over at SWORKz have announced that they have updated their Zeus monster truck. The Zeus is a beast coming in at 1/8th scale, now it comes with a different gear ratio for improved performance. Here are some of its other highlights- * Hard coated T6 aluminum chassis * T6 aluminum shock towers * Metal CVD style driveshafts * Sealed a-arms * Double protection [...]


SWORKz APOLLO 1/8 Sport Brushless RTR Buggy

SWORKz APOLLO 1/8 Brushless RTR Buggy

New from SWORKz is the Apollo 1/8 Brushless RTR Buggy. The Apollo is based off the SWORKz S35-2E and comes fully pre-built and loaded with electronics. Here are its highlights- * 7075 aluminum shock towers and chassis * Big bore Pro 2.0 shocks with 4mm shafts * Oil filled gear diffs * Pivot ball steering * Falcon II body * Sealed a-arms * CVD style driveshafts * CNC [...]


SWORKz S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy

Teaser – SWORKz S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy

Just announce by SWORKz is the S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy. The S35-T Pro is based off of SWORKz latest nitro buggy and comes in kit form. Here are some highlights of this nitro powered track machine- * Pro shock towers made from 7075 aluminum * Longer BBS shock system w/ emulsion style caps * Lightened 7075 chassis * Front & rear universals * Heavy duty [...]



SWORKz S35-3E Electric Buggy Kit

For all you electric 1/8th buggy racers, SWORKz has announced the S35-3E. The S35-3E buggy is the latest electric 1/8th scaler from SWORKz and comes in kit form. Notable improvements on the 3E include the new rear suspension design and front Ackermann set-up of their latest nitro buggy, as well as a new center diff system. Here are some of [...]


SWORKz S35-3 Nitro Buggy

SWORKz S35-3 Nitro Buggy

The folks over at SWORKz have released pictures and details on their new S35-3 nitro buggy kit. The S35-3 is the latest 1/8th race machine from SWORKz and it sports a multitude of upgrades. * New a-arms with optional carbon fiber covers * New Ackermann steering system * Optimized suspension geometry * Pro version comes standard with team option parts * New T-7075 chassis allows [...]


SWORKz Fox 4x4 Buggy

SWORKz Fox 4×4 Buggy

The folks at SWORKz have been teasing the Fox 4×4 Buggy for a few weeks, now they have released pictures to give everyone an idea of what the beast will look like. SWORKz is mostly known for their racing machines, but the Fox 4×4 is pure basher featuring a twin vertical plate chassis, an aluminum roll cage, and a powerful [...]


SWORKz S35-2E Buggy Kit

SWORKz S35-2E Electric Buggy Kit

Recently announced by SWORKz is the 1/8 Electric S35-2E Buggy Kit. The SWORKz crew took the S350 BE1 EVO, added some uber parts, then made multiple revisions to make the S35-2E their best electric 8th scaler to date. Some of the highlights of the S35-2E include- * New rear suspension * New Ackermann steering system * New center diff * Comes with various factory [...]



SWORKz SMJ CX11 Chassis Kit

New in the world of touring cars is the SWORKz SMJ CX11 Chassis Kit. The CX11 has optimized flex characteristics to help give it neutral steering while giving it increased performance on high traction surfaces. Some of the highlights of the CX11 include- * Adjustable flex via position change and number of screws in lower bulkhead * Short, big bore shocks * Dual [...]


SWORKz S12-1R Buggy

SWORKz S12-1R Buggy Kit

Soon to join the 2wd buggy wars is the S12-1R from SWORKz. The S12-1R is a 2wd 1/10th scale buggy kit that is highly versatile and designed for today’s high speed dirt racetracks. The S12-1R was made to be a capable weapon for serious racers or for bashers, some of its highlights include- * Motor positioned for better grip on dirt [...]


SWORKz S350T US Edition

SWORKz S350T US Edition Truggy

Outdoor nitro season isn’t that far away, or at least that is what the groundhog said a couple of days ago. Stretching the rod on an engine, runaways, burnt clutches, and that sweet smell of burnt nitro is a great way of curing cabin fever once the weather switches from icy to nice. On that note, the folks at SWORKz [...]


SWorkz S350 Evo II Limited

SWorkz S350 Evo II Limited 1/8 Nitro Buggy

Now being teased by SWORKz is the S350 Evo II Limited. Full details have not been released, but a few teaser shots have been posted to show off their latest 8th scale nitro race machine. What we do know is that it will start shipping in late January and that you can hit up This Link to check out the [...]


SWORKz S12-1M Carpet Edition Buggy

SWORKz S12-1M Carpet Edition 2wd Buggy

New from SWORKz is the Carpet Edition of their S12-1M 2wd buggy. With most 2wd racing taking place on ultra-high bite surfaces now days, the carpet edition of the S12-1M has many features to keep its center of gravity low for optimal handling and for cutting fast laps. * Mid-front motor placement (can also do rear motor config) * 3mm 7075 chassis * [...]


SWORKz S12-1M Pro Kit

SWORKz S12-1M Pro Buggy Kit

Hot and new from SWORKz is the 1/10th 2wd S12-1M Pro Buggy Kit. Designed from the ground up for racing, the S12-1M uses a 7075 aluminum chassis and mid-front gear box for optimal handling on carpet tracks. Four different battery positions are offered on the chassis and it uses a “pure oil system” on the shocks (they don’t use bladders). [...]


SWORKz S104 EVO Buggy

More Details – SWORKz S104 EVO Pro Buggy

After teasing the S104 EVO Pro for several months, SWORKz has released some details on their latest high-end 4wd 10th scale race machine. What’s new on the EVO? * New big bore shocks and suspension geometry * Comes with center diff which can be easily switched to a slipper clutch * Stronger a-arms * New carbon fiber shock towers * Comes with X-System tranny * Aluminum [...]



SWORKz S350 FOX8e 1/8th RTR Electric Buggy

New from SWORKz is the S350 FOX8e RTR brushless buggy. The FOX8e is an 8th scale buggy, one of the favorite platforms for going big at the local bash spot. The FOX8e uses a pivot ball steering system for accurate feedback to the driver and comes completely assembled for your convenience. Big bore shocks come standard to soak up gnarly [...]