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RC4WD Beadlock Wheels Traxxas T-Maxx Revo
Want some seriously cool bling wheels for your Traxxas T-Maxx/Revo? Have a problem flinging tires off the wheels? The new Locker Beadlock aluminum wheels from RC4WD could be the hot ticket for you.

Made from CNC machined billet aluminum, the new wheels from RC4WD can add a hot new look to your T-Maxx/Revo. To help keep your tires where they are supposed to be (on the wheel), they feature a beadlock design. Each set of wheels comes with both 14mm and 17mm hex adapters making for an easy install on a wide variety of trucks.

* Size- 3.58″
* Width- 2.13″
* Negative Offset- 0.94″
* Weight (each)- 11.8oz

The part number is #Z-W0144 and they are street priced at $229 for a set of four. These are available right now and you can get complete details
Right Here on the RC4WD website.

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Cubby's PlaceI got slammed in the face last week, slammed by the fact that the gasoline powered trucks are finally making it to the market.

While I know it’s a good thing for the hobby (the added realism of the sound and smell of a fossil fuel powered engine), I am forever a hardcore electric guy, and the realization that gas might be taking over again, well, it frankly sent chills down my spine. Why?

Just before the 2000′s life was good in rc. Most people drove electric 10th scale buggy, tracks were quiet, you knew pretty much everyone at the track, and things were in a nice quiet routine. Then came the Traxxas T-Maxx. The T-Maxx set off a firestorm that our hobby had never seen before.

Perhaps the biggest change it brought to the hobby was nitro, for years afterwards that’s all most people, including first time noobs, wanted to run. It also fostered in the age of Ready-To-Runs. Before the T-Maxx most hobbyists wouldn’t touch an RTR with a ten foot pole, afterwards, that’s all “average” hobbyists wanted. It also brought about a huge change at local tracks and bash spots. All of a sudden there was a huge influx of first time noob drivers, some driving the right direction on the track, others the opposite direction, and some others were simply jumping every pipe and going which ever direction suited them. Yes, there were a whole lot of near misses, a lot of chassis bending slams, and plenty of the ever hysterical, rod stretching, nitro runaway. Seriously, the early T-Maxx days were insane, at the local bash spot, and on dealer showrooms. Dealers couldn’t keep the T-Maxx, or its incredible amount of aftermarket parts, in stock.

Now… I am fairly certain that even if the new gasoline powered trucks are superb that they can’t make the same kind of incredible change to our hobby like the T-Maxx did. But still, gas just might blow up huge giving our hobby a very nice shot in the arm, something it could really use right now. That might not be something us seasoned hobbyists are really going to enjoy, but it is for the good of the hobby, so we need to help out all the noobs the best we can. Yes, seriously, even if you really don’t want to, play nice and be good ambassadors for the hobby.

Btw, for gasoline powered machines to really take off they really only need to do one thing- perform like a 5th scale HPI Baja 5B. By that I mean they need to- 1. start easy, 2. rarely need carb adjustments, and 3. have such a long runtime that you get tired of driving before it runs out of gas. Can the new breed of 8th scale gas burners pull those three things off? Well… our review of the HPI Octane Savage goes up tomorrow, there you can find out just how close the first entry into the gas market comes to those 3 goals. But… even if the early entries into the gas market do not solve all the problems nitro had, give the R & D departments at the various rc manufacturers some time and I’m pretty certain they can work out the kinks. To boil it down, IMO it’s just a matter of time until gas takes over, at least for a few years (but I’ll be very happy sticking with my 6S MT4 G3 thank you very much).

That’s it for this week ya bunch of raving lunatics, support your local hobby shops and bash spots, and don’t forget about all the people that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body
The good folks over at Pro-Line have released full information on their two new fully licensed 1966 Ford F-100 “Hay Hauler” bodies. These have that trick old school look and are very detailed to give your truck a unique look the next time you hit the local bash spot. Check out the step-sides and fender flares, the ’66 F-100 will make your truck stand out in a crowd.

The part number for the Traxxas Stampede version is #3412-00 and it has a street price of $25. Pro-Line has another version for the Traxxas T/E-Maxx, Revo, and HPI Savage, it has a part number of #3415-00 and a street price of $33. Simply hit up This Link for more information.

This just might be the strangest TGIF BigSquidRC Mystery Link EVER, dare you click it?

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Traxxas Revo Summit
One of our favorite innovations of the last couple of years has been the Pro-Line Thumbwasher sets. These replace traditional body clips and won’t fall off and get lost during a hard bash session. They also help keep your body from ripping out around the body post.

The Pro-Line crew has incorporated their Thumbwasher sets into their new Extended Body Mounts for the Traxxas Revo/Summit platform and for Losi SCTE and XXX-SCT/22 SCT. You can now get the benefits of the Pro-Line Thumbwashers plus extended body mounts that allow you to mount a variety of aftermarket bodies.

The Pro-Line extended body mounts for Traxxas run $14 and you can find more information Right HERE. The body mounts for Losi cost around $12 and you can get information at THIS LINK on the Pro-Line website.

Want to learn how to install a Pro-Line Thumbwasher set on your ride? Click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

TVR Ball-X
Being the hardcore basher that you are, you’ve already blown up plenty of stock driveshafts. TVR has come up with heavy duty Ball-X driveshafts for the Traxxas Revo and Maxx series trucks.

Big brushless power can definitely make the life of the stockers quite short, TVR claims their new Ball-X driveshafts are some of the toughest and smoothest available. TVR uses spring steel, ball bearings, and hardened steel to make their driveshafts extra tough while giving an even greater working angle.

The TVR Ball-X driveshafts run around $75 a pair and are available right now. To get more information simply click THIS LINK.

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RPM Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx E-Maxx
How many bulkheads have you busted on your Traxxas T-Maxx/E-Maxx over the years? If you are anything like us, dozens. Cue the crew over at RPM RC Products. RPM is known for making the most durable aftermarket parts in the industry out their unique blend of plastic.

RPM has just announced their new Front and Rear Bulkheads for the Traxxas Maxx series trucks. The highlights of the new bulkheads include-

* Made from RPM’s incredibly strong nylon
* Re-designed key areas for more strength
* Lock nuts to keep mounting screws from backing out
* Lighter than stock parts
* Limited lifetime breakage warranty
* Manufactured in the USA
* Available in black or blue
* Fit all versions of T-maxx and E-maxx

The part numbers are as follows- #81062 front bulkheads in black, #81065 front bulkheads in blue, #81072 rear bulkheads in black, and #81075 rear bulkheads in blue. All of the RPM bulkheads have a retail price of $16 per pair.

We managed to make it to yet another Friday, spin the wheel and try your luck at a BSRC Mystery Link.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 TQi and Telemetry
Two of Traxxas’s legendary monster trucks just got even better, they now come not only with the Traxxas TQi radio system and docking base, but they even have telemetry pre-installed. The addition of the on-board telemetry really helps you keep track of what is going on in your truck as you can see real-time data such as speed, engine RPM, engine temperature, and battery voltage. The part numbers stay the same as before, #4907 for the T-Maxx 3.3, and #5309 for the Revo 3.3. Hit up the official Traxxas Website for more information.

Now that you’ve learned about the latest from Traxxas, you can check out older Traxxas news right HERE on BigSquidRC.

Hello everyone – Even though Old Man Winter has given most of the lower 48 a break this year. For us here in Chicagoland, there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground which is perfect for the snowmobile conversion from Integy. Rear treads and front ski’s are available. For those of you in a milder climate, these bad boys will work great on sand as well. These kits are available for the 5B/T, Savage Flux, Revo, Summit and T/E Maxx.

Head over to the Integy website for more information

Proline 1992 Jeep Cherokee
Sitting on my desk today was a box from Pro-Line. I always like surprises! Especially the ones that Cubby has not already opened and is driving around in the parking lot, and all I see is the empty box. This one was untouched! So I open it up to find a new body! It’s a new Jeep Cherokee 1992 for Traxxas T-MAXX and Revo size vehicles! The official model number on it is 3361-00! What’s really cool is this body has not even been announced!!! As of the time of this post, it’s not even on their website! This is a nice surprise! Whoever the little birdie is over at Pro-Line that snuck this one out, it’s much appreciated, thanks for the exclusive!

Here are a couple of shots, a little hard to see without the paint, but it’s coming soon!

Make sure you check out Pro-Line for info, I’m sure it will be up in the next few days!

From: FlexTek RC
Direct Link: FlexTek T-Maxx Suspension Arms Complete Kit

Being a pretty serious basher, (I usually don’t stop till it’s broken!) you can imagine that I end up having to replace a lot of parts at the end of the day. My usual routine has been, come home, inspect what’s broke, take off the a-arms and bend them back into shape if possible, and fix whatever else needs fixing. Let me tell you, aluminum a-arms only bend back into shape so many times before the metal gets so week, that normal driving causes issues with them. I was getting pretty tired of this routine, and when FlexTek released their titanium a-arms, I figured it was time to see if they could really take the abuse they say they can.

I’m a big fan of FlexTek for really standing behind their product! Many companies hear about us, and know that we are going to bash the heck out of their product, so they run scared! They try to set rules like “no higher then this” or “no faster then this” BAH! FlexTek told me have fun! I like that!