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2016 ARRMA BLX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing – 2016 ARRMA Typhon BLX Buggy

Did you know that the 2016 version of the ARRMA Typhon has received a number of updates? If not, now you do. The new Typhon comes with a new Tactic radio system, beefed up wing mount, updated wheels, and a number of other changes. The price point stays the same at $429 and they are shipping right now to a [...]


ARRMA Nero Unboxing

Unboxing The ARRMA Nero Monster Truck

The ARRMA Nero is about ready to take over the bashing world. The non-smart diff version is already shipping, while the uber edition with the remote lockable diffs will start hitting consumer hands any time now. Today we are posting up some unboxing photos so you can see exactly what it looks like to crack open the box on a [...]


AquaCraft Tactic Mini Rio Paradise

AquaCraft Paradise & Mini Rio RTRs Receive Tactic Upgrade

The big news today from the good folks over at Hobbico is the addition of Tactic 2.4GHz radio systems to a pair of their AquaCraft products. The Mini Rio offshore RTR and the Paradise RTR sailboat both are now Tactic controlled for superior range and performance. The Mini Rio receives the popular Tactic TTX300 pistol style radio while the Paradise [...]


Aquacraft Mini Rio Tactic Boat

Aquacraft Mini Rio Now With Tactic Radio

The popular Aquacraft Mini Rio Offshore Racer is now getting an update by shipping with a Tactic TTX300 Radio System. The boat stays mostly the same with its ABS hull and water cooled 380 motor, but the addition of the TTX300 is a nice upgrade with its reliable, interference free performance. The Tactic equipped Mini Rio is street priced at [...]


AquaCraft Atlantic II Harbor Tug RTR

AquaCraft Atlantic II Harbor Tugboat

Want to talk about scale detailing? If so, take a look at the latest version of the AquaCraft Atlantic II Harbor Tugboat. Everywhere you look on the Atlantic II you can see the high attention to detail that can make it a special addition to your collection. As far as upgrades go, the new version of the Atlantic II comes [...]


Aquacraft Mini Alligator Tours TTX300

AquaCraft Mini Alligator Tours Airboat Now With Tactic Radio

Like many other boats in the AquaCraft line-up, the Mini Alligator Tours Airboat is now sporting a Tactic TTX300 as its RTR radio. The popular little airboat is well known for its scale detailing and its ability to be driven just about anywhere, now it is even better by coming with the Tactic 2.4GHz transmitter. Pricing on the AquaCraft Mini [...]


Tactic 5.8GHz FPV equipment

Tactic 5.8GHz FPV Equipment

Get your first person view on with new 5.8GHz FPV Gear from Tactic. Whether you are piloting a drone or an ARRMA Kraton, the new FPV products from Tactic make it easy and affordable to set your rig up for a true first person view experience. The Tactic FPV-RM1 HD monitor is perfect for giving you a high def view of [...]


Aquacraft GP-1 TTX300

AquaCraft GP-1 Mini 3S Ultra Hydroplane w/ TTX300

Coming soon from Aquacraft is a Tactic TTX300 controlled version of the GP-1 Ultra Hydroplane Boat. The GP-1 is a very quick brushless powered hydroplane, now it will be even better thanks to the TTX300 transmitter. The GP-1 gets a new part number #AQUB1819, it has a street price of $179, and you can hit up This Link to visit [...]


Aquacraft Rio EP Tactic TTX300

AquaCraft Rio EP Coming Soon With Tactic TTX300

Aquacraft is spicing up their Rio EP Offshore Superboat by adding a Tactic TTX300 transmitter. The Tactic is known as a Solid Performer and should help the Rio be even easier to drive out on the water. The TTX300 equipped version of the Rio sports a new part number of #AQUB1801 with a street price of $159. To get more [...]


Tactic HD Mini Camera FPV

Video – Tactic DroneView Wi-Fi HD FPV Mini Camera

Have you been thinking about trying out FPV? Or have you been thinking about picking up an affordable action camera? If so, Tactic has released a video showcasing the capabilities of their new DroneView Mini Camera. The DroneView isn’t just for quads, it works equally well on rc monster trucks, bicycles, skateboards, just about anywhere. Also, when used with the [...]


AquaCraft Motley Crew TTX300

AquaCraft Motley Crew Now With Tactic TTX300

New from AquaCraft is an updated version of their popular Motley Crew Catamaran. The latest version comes with a Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz radio for even better control on the water. Some of its other features include- * 6 pole 1800kV brushless motor * 60 amp ESC * Fiberglass hull * Comes with GrimRacer performance upgrades The Motley Crew has a street price of $349, a [...]


Tactic DroneView Wi-Fi Camera

Tactic DroneView Wi-Fi Camera

Tactic has a versatile new camera to capture all your crazy rc antics. The DroneView Wi-Fi Camera can be used on drones/quads, your rc car or truck, or even on a skateboard. It captures 1MP stills, shoots 720P HD video, and also captures audio. With its built in Wi-Fi it is FPV capable via the free DroneView app from Tactic. * [...]


Cajun Commander Brushless Airboat

AquaCraft Cajun Commander 1/10th Brushless Airboat RTR

Ready for a boat that can go virtually anywhere? Airboats are well known for their ability to travel not only over water, but also over snow and land. For you airboat fans, cue the new Cajun Commander from AquaCraft. The Cajun Commander comes on a tough ABS hull and has some pretty cool scale detailing from front to back. Some [...]


Tactic Radio Video

New Video from Tactic

The folks over at Tactic RC have just released a new video highlighting their feature laden transmitter line-up. From surface to air, Tactic has you covered with affordable performance. We’ve used a number of their transmitters with good success, check out their new video below to learn more, or you can hit up This Link to check out their official [...]


2015 Hobbico eFest Booth

E-Fest 2015 Event Coverage – Hobbico Booth

Over the weekend the BigSquidRC Bash Crew spent some time in Champaign Illinois to check out E-Fest 2015. E-Fest is a huge indoor flying event that is put on each year by one of the hobby’s largest companies, Hobbico. In case you did not know, Hobbico is the company that brings us surface rc’ers brands like Axial, Duratrax, Team Durango, [...]