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RC4WD Twisted Monster Truck Spiked Tire Tamiya
Do you have a classic monster truck that is in need of new tires? The folks over at RC4WD have announced their new Twisted spiked tires for the Tamiya Clodbuster. This all new design uses large spikes to provide good traction on a wide variety of surfaces.

* Weight- 2.57oz each
* Comes in X2 SS Compound
* Outer Diameter- 5.96″
* Width: 4.21″
* Designed to fit Clod sized wheels

The part number is #Z-T0118, they have a street price of $34 per pair, and they are available right now. To get more information simply hit up This Link which takes you over to the official RC4WD website.

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Tamiya Rock Socker
The crew over at Tamiya have a new vehicle for the crawling crowd called the Rock Socker. The Rock Socker is a kit that uses a modified Stadium Blitzer body mounted on a Tamiya CR-01 chassis. With 4wd, 4-link suspension, and solid axles, it should be able to crawl over some gnarly terrain.

The Rock Socker has a part number of #58592, a retail price of $530, and you can Click Here to check out its page over on the Tamiya website.

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RC4WDUltra Scale Hardened Steel Driveshaft set for Tamiya Bruiser
RC4WD has a sweet new Hardened Steel Driveshaft Set for all you Tamiya Bruiser owners. The driveshafts are made from hardened steel to be extra tough and they were designed to look just like their full scale counterparts.

* Weight- 2.75oz
* Shaft end hole size- .2″
* Shaft outer diameter- .3″
* Short shaft travel distance- 3.15″-3.74″
* Long shaft travel distance- 5.11″-5.7″

The part number is #VVV-S0107, the street price is $89, and you can get more information by clicking Right Here.

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Tamiya Renault Alpine M06
One of the latest kits from Tamiya is a ’71 Renault Alpine A110 Rally Car. This car was famous for taking up all three spots on the podium at the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally, now you can own a very detailed rc version. The Renault comes on Tamiya’s M0-6 platform which is rear wheel drive with the battery running front to rear. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Gear differential
* Fully independent double wishbone suspension
* Plastic friction shocks
* Clear polycarbonate body
* TBLE-02S ESC inlcuded
* Includes plastic bushings
* Plastic bathtub chassis
* Adjustable wheelbase- 210mm, 225mm and 239mm
* Gear Ratio 5.8:1

The Tamiya Renault has a part number of #58591, a street price of $175, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops in late May. For more information visit This Link over on the official Tamiya website.

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Tamiya TRF503 4wd Buggy
Tamiya has announced an updated version of their TRF511 buggy called the TRF503. The 503 is a high-end 1/10th scale 4wd buggy loaded with carbon fiber and is designed to run with the best of the best.

* 4 wheel belt drive
* Sealed oil filled gear diffs
* Bell-crank steering
* Big Bore oil-filled aluminum shocks
* Includes clear Polycarbonate body
* 7.5mm longer carbon fiber chassis
* Includes shielded ball bearings
* Motor has been moved 10.5mm forward and 5mm towards the centerline
* New single-piece aluminum center pulley
* Lightweight aluminum upper and lower bulkheads
* Aluminum suspension plate is now angled at 14 degrees
* Shock mounting positions have been raised 2mm in the front
* Universal shafts are secured with ring connectors

The part number for the TRF503 is #42275 and it carries a pretty incredible MSRP of $1205. The street price is expected to be in the $800 range and you can get more information over on the official TRF503 Tamiya page.

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Tamiya Freightliner Cascadia Evo.
Tamiya recently introduced their cool looking Freightliner Cascadia Evolution to the world at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. The Cascadia Evo is a 14th scale kit that looks just like its full scale counterpart on the outside and has loads of scale detailing inside the cab.

* 4-axle semi drive-train
* Gear differential
* Leaf spring suspension
* Bell-crank steering
* Aluminum friction shocks
* Radial tires
* ABS plastic body
* Aluminum and plastic chassis
* Comes with bearings
* Length- 648mm, Width- 195mm, Height- 308mm.
* Capable of 3-speed gear changes w/ 4-channel transmitter
* Equipped with coupler for use with Tamiya semi-trailers

The Tamiya Freightliner has a part number of #56340, a street price of $469, and they should start hitting hobby shops in late April. For more information check out This Link over on the Tamiya website.

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Tamiya Zakspeed Jagermeister Ford Capri Turbo GR.5
Tamiya announced their racy yet easy to assemble Zakspeed Jagermeister Ford Capri Turbo at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. On the outside is a clear polycarbonate body that closely resembles its full scale counterpart, while on the inside is a basic 4wd TT-02 chassis. You can choose to decorate it with its original orange Jägermeister livery, or you can paint it differently to achieve an all new look.

* 1/10 shaft drive 4wd kit
* Gear differentials
* Fully independent double wishbone suspension
* Bell-crank steering
* Plastic friction shocks
* ESC and 540 brushed motor included
* Includes plastic bushings and fixed camber rods

The part number is #58590 and it has an MSRP of $227. Hit up This Link for more information on the Tamiya website.

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Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DT03
New in the Tamiya booth at the 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair is the Neo Fighter Buggy DT03. The Neo Fighter is a 2wd 10th scale buggy and comes as an easy to assemble kit. With friction shocks and a basic design the Neo Fighter could be a good choice for your youngsters first kit.

The part number is #58587 and it has an MSRP of $195. Hit up This Link for more information over on the Tamiya website.

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Tamiya Toyota Land Cruiser 40 GF01
Tamiya has a big booth at the German Toy Fair to showcase their new products. One of the most interesting items in their booth is a Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Pick-up. The Land Cruiser sits on Tamiya’s new GF01 platform. The GF01 platform is 4wd and has the motor placed in the center of the chassis for better handling.

* 1/12th scale kit
* Gear differentials
* Fully independent suspension
* Bell-crank steering
* Plastic friction shocks
* Clear Polycarbonate body
* ESC is included
* 540 brushed motor included
* Length: 333mm, width: 244mm, height: 242mm
* Requires Radio gear, battery, charger, and paint

The part number is #58589 and it has an MSRP of $298. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official Tamiya website.

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Tamiya Toyota FJ Cruiser
The newest release from our friends over at Tamiya is a Toyota FJ Cruiser. The FJ is set on their popular CC-01 chassis and is nicely detailed to make it a hot looking vehicle when out on the trail. Some of its features include-

* Full time 4wd
* Double wishbone front, 4-link rear suspension
* Lockable rear diff
* Polycarbonate body
* Includes side mirrors, light cases, grille, & spare tire cover
* Motor is placed longitudinally

The part number for the Tamiya FJ Cruiser is #58588 and it is retail priced at $304.

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Tamiya alfa romeo jagermeister
The crew over at Tamiya have announced a new release on their affordable TT02 platform, an Alfa Romeo 155 V6. The Alfa comes in Jagermeister livery just like it looked during the ’94 German touring car championships. The Tamiya TT02 4wd platform is easy to build and comes no frills with plastic friction shocks and bushings. Expect a street price of $220 with a a release date of early next year.

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Exotek F1R2 Pro Conversion
Formula 1 has become quite popular in the rc world the last few years, and with it getting more popular the aftermarket companies have responded with more goodies. The latest from Exotek is an uber Pro Conversion Kit for the Tamiya F103 & F104 Formula 1 cars. This conversion can take your F1 car to the highest levels of performance. Some of the highlights of the conversion kit include-

* US made premium matte finish 2.5mm ‘flex’ weave carbon fiber
* ‘Hybrid Link’ suspension with a t-plate chassis
* New rear pod geometry for more forward bite
* New twin side dampers
* Optimized for “shorty” packs
* Quick adjust shock end
* 2 wheelbase option rear pod

The part number is #1377, it has a street price of $169, and the release date is December 3rd. Hit up This Link for more information.

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2

Let’s get one thing out of the way– über-scale leaf-spring equipped r/c trucks aren’t for every hobbyist. They are generally more expensive, need a good bit of maintenance to stay in working order and in most cases, are slow and heavy. If you go into it with the right frame of mind though, the experience of building and driving one can be truly sublime.

For one thing, they are a blast to build. All of the mainstream leaf trucks are only available as builders kits, with the Tamiya High-Lift and RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (see Cubby’s review here) being two of the most popular examples. They all feature a bevy of metal parts and chassis with layouts resembling full-size pickups. Multiple speed transmissions are the norm. Many of the bodies even require assembly as they are ABS plastic (also known as “hard bodies”) with external scale pieces. The end result is something that looks and reacts remarkably like a real vehicle.

They can also be a real trip to trail with. You are forced into thinking like a real driver when approaching obstacles because the truck reacts very much like a 1:1. While this is still true of a four-linked performance scaler like the Axial SCX10, it’s of absolute necessity with a leafer. Nailing a precarious line of difficult terrain in a leaf truck (while the suspension creaks and groans) elicits just as much joy for some as nailing a big triple jump with a buggy does for others. And while it’s true that it probably isn’t the best idea to go jump a Tamiya Bruiser, I’ve seen plenty of leafers that can take abuse and come back for more. They also make fantastic trucks for mud bogging…but that’s a story for another day!

Next week we are taking a break from the trail to check out a rare late 80′s on-road kit that faithfully replicates a certain Caped Crusader’s iconic vehicle. Until then, have a great weekend and go get dirty!

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