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Team Associated ProSC 4x4

2 New Team Associated ProSC 4x4s

The Team Associated crew has announced 2 new versions of the ProSC 4×4. Sealed gear diffs, aluminum center drive shaft, and an adjustable slipper clutch help put the Reedy 3500kV brushless power to the ground. Bumps are handled by 16mm shocks and aggressive short course racing tires. The new ProSC 4×4 has a part number of #7063, while the LiPo combo [...]


Team Associated ProRally

2 Versions of the Team Associated ProRally 4WD RTR Comi…

Team Associated has announced not one, but two versions of the ProRally 4wd RTR. What’s the difference? One will also included a LiPo battery and charger. Both are 10th scale 4wds that come RTR and ready to bash. Both come with Reedy brushless power along with a cool looking Rockstar Energy rally car body. And both come with water resistant [...]


Associated Fox Shocks

Team Associated Factory Team V2 FOX Shocks

New from Team Associated are Factory Team V2 Fox Shocks. The big news about them is they have a Kashima coating on the shock body. Kashima is well known in the mountain bike world for being very smooth and for its durability. The trick coating should help make their action very smooth, but unfortunately they don’t look anything like real [...]


Team Associated RC8B3 Buggy

Team Associated RC8B3 Team Kit Nitro Buggy

The crew at Team Associated has announced their new RC8B3 8th scale nitro buggy. The RC8B3 is touted to be an all new replacement to the old RC8, something that AE racers have long been waiting for. Full details can be seen at This Link at the official Team Associated website with a list of needed parts to complete the [...]


JConcepts Carbon Fiber Associated B44.3

JConcepts Carbon Fiber Option Parts for the Associated …

Add some bling while improving the handling of your Team Associated B44.3 with the new Carbon Fiber Option Part Set from JConcepts. The set comes with 4 pieces- a servo brace, a battery brace, and front & rear top decks. All the pieces are made from 2.5mm thick carbon fiber and are machined to perfection. Also, the battery brace comes [...]


Pro-Line BullDog Mid Motor Clear Body Associated T5M

Pro-Line BullDog Mid Motor Clear Body for the Associate…

Put a fresh look on your Associated T5M while enhancing its handling with the new Bulldog Clear Body from Pro-Line. With twin mohawks on the roof and a redesigned front end for more downforce, the Bulldog can help keep your T5M glued to the track. The Bulldog for the T5M has a street price of $25, a part number of #3443-00, [...]


Dirt Racing Products Turnbuckles

Dirt Racing Products Cool Gray Fin Turnbuckle Sets

Dirt Racing Products has announced a new titanium turnbuckle set for the Associated B5 that comes in a cool gray color. The cool grey color will set these apart from a crowd and are the latest brainchild from the dirt master himself, Brian Kinwald. These use a standardized 3mm thread base and come conveniently marked for left and right hand [...]


JConcepts Finnisher T5M

JConcepts Finnisher Body for the Associated T5M

Put a fresh new look on your Associated T5M with the latest Finnisher Series Body from JConcepts. Like other bodies in the Finnisher line, the T5M model features a cab forward design for better cornering. Also, a new high performance gurney spoiler helps plant the rear to give your T5M a more balanced feel while out on the track. The body [...]


Associated Diff Fluid

Team Associated Expands Diff Fluid Line-Up

Perfectly tune in that gear diff of yours with the Expanded line of Diff Oils from Team Associated. Now available in 4K, 6K, 15K, 80K, 200K, 500K, and 1M (one million!), the AE oils are made from the highest quality materials which are lab tested to ensure consistency. * Made from silicone fluid by Lucas Oil Products * New flip-top cap * Comes [...]


JConcepts Silencer Associated B44.3

JConcepts Silencer Body for the Associated B44.3

Add an aggressive new look to your Associated B44.3 with the new Silencer Series Body from JConcepts. Like previous Silencer bodies, the latest has a cab forward design to give more steering and was designed to handle well on today’s high speed tracks. Other features include clipped side-pods with extended runners, a rooftop shark fin, and it comes with a [...]


Associated Kicker Speaker

Kicker KPw Bluetooth Speaker from Team Associated

Remember cruising the strip, pounding your 15″ Kickers off your Precision Power amp? Yes, those were the days. Now days audio is much different, case in point, the new Kicker KPw Bluetooth Speaker from Team Associated. The Kicker KPw can help bring the tunes to your next bash session or even trail drive. Some of its features include- * Contains two [...]


Schelle B5 aluminium rear hubs

Schelle Aluminium Rear Hubs for Associated B5

Add some bling while making your buggy more adjustable with the new Schelle aluminum rear hubs for the Team Associated B5 buggy. These feature a 2-piece design with a replaceable upper that can be shimmed to fine-tune performance. Just like the kit units they come with zero toe and they were designed to allow for more shock spring clearance. Available [...]


Factory Team Shock Shaft Pliers

Team Associated Factory Team Shock Shaft Pliers

Team Associated has announced a high-end set of Shock Shaft Pliers. Sure, you could just use paper towels on a set of normal pliers, but an uber set looks much more trick in your tool box. Some of the highlights of the AE Factory Team set includes- * Large clamping surface and long handle for more leverage * Anodized blue with laser-etched [...]


T-Bone Racing XV Front Bumper Associated SC10

T-Bone Racing XV Front Bumper for the Associated SC10

Do you like to drive your Associated SC10 like you stole it? Hey, that’s how we like to drive our vehicles too. For you hardcore SC10 owners out there, T-Bone Racing has created a new XV Series front bumper for your truck. These are made from ultra-durable nylon and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty. With it being an XV [...]


Associated Factory Team Parts

Associated Factory Team Parts for the B44, B5M, and T5M

Add some bling, tuning options, and durability to your Team Associated off-roader with these three new Factory Team aluminum upgrades. Part number #9727 is an aluminum 3 degree toe plate for the B44. This is not only stronger than the stock part but also helps to improve corner speed and on-power traction. Street price is $14. Next up is part number #91608. [...]