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MIP Bypass1 Associated
We’ve used the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons in a variety of vehicles with good results, now they are available for the Associated B5 and B5M. If you aren’t familiar with the Bypass1 pistons, they give you many more tuning options than normal pistons. Most normal pistons yield the same rebound and compression damping, while the MIP pistons allow for a heavier compression damping than the rebound.

The part number is #14220, they are priced at $32, and you can get complete information over on the official MIP Website.

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Associated B5 B5M Conversion Kits
It isn’t unusual now days to see 2wd buggy racers switching between mid-motor and rear motor configurations before deciding which one to race for the day. Now Associated makes it easier for their drivers by offering Conversion Kits for the RC10B5 and B5M. The kits come with everything you need to make the switch and they save you some bucks from buying all the pieces separately.

The part number for the B5 to B5M conversion is #91539 with a street price of $95, while the part number to go from a B5M to a B5 rear motor is #91539 and is priced at $59. Both are expected to ship in late May and you can get complete details by simply hitting This Link.

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Team Associated Countertop/Setup Mat
Team Associated has a new Setup Mat that should come in handy while fixing or setting up your rc. The Associated pit mat is waterproof and fairly large in size at 16″ x 20″. The part number is #SP29, it has a street price of $19, and it is only available from

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ASK Cubby

“Have you guys done a review or shoot out with the SC10.2 Factory team and Losi SC22?
Ryan W.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo yo Ryan, thanks for taking the time to write in. Shoot Brian your snail mail so he can hook ya up with a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt. Yes, yours is the letter of the month.

No, we haven’t reviewed the AE SC10.2 FT or the TLR/Losi 22SCT (although we did review the original SC10 Here). Although their parent company Thunder Tiger is cool with us, Associated hates us with a passion, so you can count on us never, ever, reviewing another AE vehicle unless we go out and buy one, and I seriously don’t see that happening. However… I have driven multiple SC10s and was never a fan. Their rear end tends to be loose, and they seem to be far too sensitive to tiny track changes. Oh ya, I am not a fan of their box stock set-up either.

As far as the 22SCT goes, I’ve also driven a number of them. Generally I was a fan, they carried speed really well in corners, and I really liked how far sideways I could land with them off of jumps. If you are thinking of pulling the trigger on one go ahead and bust that wallet out.

“Does anyone at BigSquid RC answer their emails?
I am looking to purchase for the Corvette GT2 body made by killerbody for my Traxxas XO-1. I am having trouble finding a seller. I’d also like to purchase the entire light kit as well. Do you have a source or a link you could point me too?
James G.”

Cubby- No, nobody ever answers emails here. LOL. One of my minions ran across yours, and I have no idea why they went ahead and forwarded it to me. So here, let me make up some sort of an answer.

Actually, we talk with the Killer Body RC quite frequently and they’ve got a bunch of new stuff getting ready to hit the market. However, what we do not do is manage their inventory. What little I do know about their distribution is that quite a few HobbyTown USA locations carry their products, so you might start by calling the one closest to you to see if they have what you are looking for in stock.

If that doesn’t work I would contact them directly. You can get their contact info at This Link.

That’s it for this week, shoot me your questions, opinions, and lightly used Tag watches to Cubby at In the very unlikely event that I actually answer your question you will get a free sticker pack, and if yours is proclaimed “Letter of the Month” you score a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

JConcepts Chassis Protective Sheet
Chassis protectors are great for keeping your chassis looking new and to decrease friction between your chassis and the dirt. JConcepts has announced two new chassis protectors, one for the Associated RC10B5 and for its brother the mid-motored RC10B5M. These are made to be easy to apply and come with 2 pieces per package.

The part number for the B5 protector is #2344, while the part number for the B5M is #2345. Both are priced at $15 and you can get more information at This Link over on JConcept’s website.

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Exotek Carbon Fiber B5M Battery Strap
So you just built a new Associated B5M but don’t know where to start to uber it out. Carbon fiber is always a good choice and Exotek has just announced a pretty trick battery “Flite” strap for the B5M. The Exotek piece is lighter and stiffer than the stock piece, and looks infinitely cooler. The part number for the B5M Flite strap is #1413, it has a street price of $17, and you can get more information over on Exotek’s Website.

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Replay XD1080 Mini Camera System
RePlay has announced a new Action Camera to capture all those crazy bashing antics of yours, the XD1080 Mini. The 1080 Mini comes in the ultra small XD720 chassis (24 x 85mm), yet can record in full 1080p at 30 frames per second. When recording in 720 it can do 60 frames per second and it comes with 3 different mounting bases, making it easy to install in your rig.

The part number is #RP004, it hits the streets at $199, and they are available right now. For more information simply Click This Link over on the official Associated website.

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JConcepts Silencer RC10B5M Body
For all you mid-motor Associated RC10B5M owners, JConcepts has announced a new Silencer series body for your buggy. The Silencer for the B5M has a trendy cab-forward design with a small shark fin on top for added stability. Some of its other features include-

* Clear polycarbonate with over-spray film
* Includes two 6.5″ wings, window mask, and decals
* Distinct JConcepts Silencer styling
* Clipped side-pods with extended runners

The Silencer has a part number of #0273, a retail price of $26, and you can get more information at This Link over on JConcept’s official blog.

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Pro-Line Phantom Associated B5M
Our friends over at Pro-Line have released a teaser image of their Phantom series body for the Associated RC10B5M. As you can see from the picture, the latest Phantom is ready for the track, and it looks pretty sharp with the murdered out paint job. More information will be coming soon, until then you can click This Link to check out all the cool products over on the official Pro-Line website.

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Pro-Line Phantom Clear Body Associated B44.2
The latest Phantom series body from Pro-Line Racing is for the Associated B44.2 buggy. The Phantom sports a cab forward design and sweeping body lines for both style and performance. On the rear, an optional center fin can be used to add high speed stability.

The part number is #3425-00, street price is $26, and you can get complete information at This Link on Pro-Line’s website.

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JConcepts Silencer RC10B5 Body
JConcepts has announced a new Silencer body for the Associated RC10B5. The Silencer is made for the rear motor version of the B5, and its cab forward design helps on-track handling.

* Cab forward design
* Shark fin on roof for stability
* Comes with protective film, window masks & decal sheet
* Comes with two 6.5″ rear wings

The part number is #0272, the retail price is $26, and you can get more information at This Link over on the official JConcepts Blog.

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RPM RC10 Inside Rear Hinge Pins
RPM RC has announced longer hinge pins for the Associated RC10 Classic. The stock RC10 Classic rear hinge pins are too short for RPM A-arms so the new RPM pins are longer to ensure a proper fit.

The part number is 70590, the retail price is $7 per pair, and they should start hitting dealers mid-March. Click Here for more information over on the RPM website.

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Pro-Line Phantom Associated B5 Body
The crew over at Pro-Line have released a teaser shot of their upcoming Phantom body for the Team Associated B5. Cab-forward design is all the rage in racing circles for better handling, but unlike other designs, the Phantom maintains a nice look with its flat roofline and flowing panels. More information on the Phantom B5 is coming soon, until then hit up the Official Pro-Line Website to check out all their fine products.

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