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THE Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car Review

Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car Review

Team Durango has been known for years as a premium producer of off-road machines, luckily for us the UPS man dropped off their very first on-road machine, the DETC410 Touring Car, for some good old fashioned bashing action. As the first of its kind from Durango, the DETC410 sits on an all new, and very high-end, platform. Can you bash with it? Is it really that trick? Does it bring something to the plate that no one else offers? Hit the “Read More” and find out…


Team Durango DETC410 Unboxing
Team Durango, once a tiny, relatively unknown race oriented company, has become mainstream since being distributed by Great Planes. Part of going mainstream in rc is developing a wider product base. While Durango was well known for their uber off-roaders, they never offered anything for the on-road crowd.

Several months ago Durango started teasing a new high-end touring car. That car, the DETC410, has finally hit the market. The DETC410 fits the mold of most Durango products- the latest in engineering, and manufactured from high-end materials.

View below our unboxing pictures for the DETC410. Inside the box you’ll find a series of well organized plastic bags, several of which filled with trick looking aluminum and carbon fiber parts. What you won’t find inside the box are wheels, tires, or a body. Like most top-of-the-line products, Durango has excluded them so you can use the exact units that best suit your needs. We’ve included pictures of the Muchmore wheels/tires and PROTOform Mazda body that will be outfitting our test machine.

Our full review of the DETC is still a couple of weeks away, until then you can click This Link to check out more information over on the official Durango website.

Time for the last TGIF Mystery Link of the day!

ASK Cubby

I have a “team Durango” DESC210 and I want to run my 12mm wheels on it (it comes with 15mm hex) and have been looking EVERYWHERE for a conversion.
Have you heard of any or have any suggestions for me?
I only found one so far and it was in a blog that named a company that is not on the internet (M+M RC products)
Please help
“Sent from a Pirate ship somewhere in the Caribbean”.”

Cubby- Hey now Fred, thanks for somehow getting me an email from that Pirate ship in the Caribbean, LOL.

I have never converted a Durango 2wd SCT over to the smaller, but much more common, 12mm hexes, so I can not give you first hand info on the best way to do it. I have heard that you might be able to do it with Losi 22 hardware, but I have no idea if that will actually work or not. If you have a kick ass local hobby shop, you should be able to take your truck down and test fit a bunch of different parts to see what works and maintains the proper width. I for one am still amazed that none of the bigger aftermarket companies have made adapters for the Durango 10th scalers (hint hint Pro-Line, Exotek, etc).

Hit the “Read More” button to read the second question for this week (it’s about a Helion Dominus 10SC)…


Durango DEX210v2
Team Durango has released full information and pictures on their new DEX210v2 buggy kit. The DEX210v2 is a 10th scale 2wd that can be run in either rear motor or mid motor configuration. Some of the updates included with the version 2 are-

* Straight front a-arms
* New rear arms
* 8mm longer hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Higher downforce V2 body
* Updated driveshafts
* New tranny case and ball stud mounts
* Aluminum rear arm mount
* New rear tower
* 2mm hex bullstuds

The part number is #TD102028 and it has a street price of $279. DEX210v2s should start hitting hobby shops in mid March and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Team Durango website.

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THE Team Durango DEX410v4 Buggy Review

Durango DEX410v4 Review

10th scale 4wd buggies have a well earned reputation for being nuclear missiles. All around the globe you’ll find them tearing up tracks, and flat out hauling at local bash spots. Today we’ll be taking a close look at the Team Durango DEX410v4. The version 4 is the latest and greatest from Durango, with multiple upgrades over previous verions. Is it fast? Can you bash with it? Will it run circles around your buddies at the local bash spot? Click the “Read More” to find out…


Durango DEX210v2 buggy
The Durango DEX210 buggy has been successful around the globe. Now its predecessor has been announced, the DEX210v2. The version 2 comes with a slew of upgrades to make it better than ever.

* Hard anodized 8 mm longer chassis
* Straight front arms for more ground clearance and better aero
* Interchangeable rear arms
* New rear chassis brace
* Redesigned side pods
* New front shock tower
* Low-profile rear shock tower
* Clear version 2 cab-forward body
* More shock piston choices
* Updated DIMEC X ball cups
* -2 mm rear roll-center suspension hanger
* Includes Team Durango Type “B” upgrades
* Length- 13.2″, 14.5″
* Width- 9.6″
* Wheelbase- 10.6-11.2″
* Weight- 3.64 lb

The part number for the 210v2 is #TDRC0011, you can expect a street price of $279, and they should start hitting hobby shops in Mid March. Hit up This Link to visit the official Durango website.

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Team Durango DETC410
Team Durango has been teasing their new DETC410 high-end touring car for months. Now they’ve released a video that shows one of their team drivers, Elliott Harper, building the first production unit. The video is sped up to show the entire build, in the end it looks like a pretty trick piece of machinery.

The Durango DETC410 has a part number of #TD102023, they should have a street price of just under $400, and we are told they should start showing up at your LHS in late February.

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Check out the video of the Durango DEX408v2 Buggy we just posted. This footage was shot during some of our extreme testing procedures during the review process. You can check out the review at This Link if you haven’t already.

Make sure to watch it in HD for bashing goodness!

Team Durango DEX410v4 Unboxing
We are in the middle of building our review Team Durango DEX410v4 but we thought we would post some unboxing pictures to tide you over until the full review. This is the latest version of Durango’s 4wd 10th scale buggy and it should be an animal on the track, as well as being an extremely fast bash machine.

Of note during the unboxing-

* The packaging is top notch
* All the parts bags are very well organized
* The manual is well written with excellent diagrams

Our full review is still a couple of weeks away, until then you can Click Here to find more information on the official Durango website, or you can hit up This Link for more Durango news right here on BigSquidRC.

THE Durango DEX408v2 Buggy Review

Team Durango DEX408v2 Review

Yes, Team Durango is world renowned for their uber racing machines, but can their high-end DEX408v2 electric buggy also make a good bash machine? Is it fast enough to own the local bash spot? How does it jump? Can it takes huge hits like a only a good bash machine can? Hit the “Read More” button to find out what we thought of the DEX408v2… Now with video!


Team Durango DEX410v4 4WD BuggyAfter a bit of teasing, Team Durango has released full information on their new DEX410v4 off-road buggy. The DEX410 platform is a proven winner, with the Version 4 upgrades it should be even more of an animal on the track.

* 10th scale 4wd kit
* Front & rear gear diffs
* Harder diff cases
* Ultra-Slim aluminum chassis
* Premium carbon fiber parts
* Universal joint center drive shafts
* Two way slipper clutch
* Revised a-arms
* Low stiction shock o-rings & updated pistons
* New Dimec X spec ball cups
* Cab forward body
* Larger body clips (Cubby will like those) & captured hinge pins

The part number for the DEX410v4 is #TD102030, it has a street price of $399, and you can expect for it to start hitting hobby shops later this month. For more information simply follow This Link.

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Durango DEX408 V2 Unboxing
8th scale buggies are common on the bashing scene, they are fast and they are tough, a perfect combo for serious bashing. The latest 8th scale buggy from Team Durango is the DEX408 V2. The Version 2 is updated to not only make the big Durango faster, but also even tougher. The V2 comes as a kit, which many people prefer. Sure, it takes a while to build one, but once together you know your new bash machine like the back of your hand, and you know it was put together correctly.

Our full review for the DEX408 V2 is still a couple of weeks away, until then, take a look at our unboxing pictures to see exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open. We also included pictures of the Futaba S9353HV servo and TrakPower 2S 6800 Lipos that we chose to use for the install.

For more information on the DEX408 V2 check out This Link, for more Durango news on BigSquidRC Click Here.

Durango DETC410 Touring Car
The crew over at Team Durango have been teasing a high end touring car for several months now. The name of their first ever on-road car is the DETRC410 and they have just released a new teaser image. As you can see from the picture if definitely looks high end, with loads of carbon fiber and distinct gold anodized aluminum parts. We hear the full release isn’t far away, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until then, you can hit up This Link for a bit more information.

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