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ASK Cubby

“Hey Cubby,
I implore you to please quit using the word manufacture when you should be using manufacturer. A manufacturer is the company that manufactures the products.
Joshua H.”

Cubby- Yo hey Josh, you’ve made the big time, hit Brian up with your snail mail for a BSRC sticker pack.
Ok, a couple quick things here-
1. While I merely dislike Grammar Nazis, what I really hate is a bad one, and that would be you. When other Grammar Nazis write in they typically list dozens of issues, you only list one. If you are gonna live in a dictionary the very least you could do is pay attention.

2. I’m betting you were born after the internet was, thus you’ll never know the freedom that comes from letting misspelled words go, using internet shorthand, using lots of …. before and after each sentence, etc. You see in the era I grew up we had teachers breathing down our necks ready to bust out the red pen of death for every “i” we forgot to dot. Sadly you’ll never know that feeling of “freedom” by writing however you want to like in the early days of the internet.

3. I’ve explained multiple times that BSRC made a conscience decision years ago to not look like the dinosaur media. While some former 5th grade English teacher may be proofing every sentence at a dinosaur mag, we basically don’t have anyone. We do it this way so our readers see we are human just like them, making a few mistakes here and there. We want our readers to know 100% that we are just like them, down in the trenches of rc, more worried about how high the new HPI Octane truck can jump than the finer points of the written English language.

“I need expert advice
I’m a gearhead looking for a new hobby. Drag racing has gotten cost prohibitive and I stumbled across the RC world just recently. I’ve done a lot if reading and you guys have become my favorite source of what seems to be unbiased info.
I know from reading your stuff that I am going to be a basher so I need your opinion of the best 4×4 sct rtrs in electric and nitro. I love the test result and review of the ECX Torment but it was a 2wd. I live in rural Arkansas so parts will be mail order.
I only know what I read, mainly on Big Squid, so I can use any help you’re willing to give.
Chad P.”

Cubby- Ya know Chad, we have really worked hard to attempt to be unbiased, but… I am absolutely sure that we are. When it comes review time we attempt to blind test as much as we can and spread out our test ratings over as many reviewers as possible to fight this, but in the end it is impossible to be unbiased.

And why is it that I think it is impossible that we are unbiased? Because some companies treat us extremely well, while others treat us like dirt, so of course we can’t help but want to “like” the companies that treat us awesome. Still, when it comes review time, we do our best to block all that out.

Anywhos… on to your question. What are the best 4×4 SCT RTRs? You want the list for electric and nitro, but I am gonna stamp out the nitro thing right now. You might be a big-time gear head, but at this point I would never recommend nitro to anyone. Why? Yes, they have the sound and smell of the real deal, but with current technology they are a PITA to keep tuned and running.

With that said… several of our staffers are big fans of the Traxxas Slash 4×4, while we have others that are big fans of the Losi SCTE platform. I have only bought 3 cars in the last year, one of which was a Losi SCTE (then I added the MIP conversion and some STRC and RPM parts). To give you a feel for how much I like the SCTE, I can pretty much shoot a text to whoever I want and get a free car, however I actually cut the check to buy an SCTE. The SCTE rails on the track and you can torture the heck out of it when bashing. The SCTE is one of those rare vehicles that can do it all, and it comes in at a reasonably affordable price point.

But then… if you talk to other members of our Bash Crew they will emphatically recommend the Traxxas. It certainly has some upsides, with parts availability being at the top of the list.

Thanks for the props and whatever you end up buying shoot us an email and let us know how it turned out.

That’s it for this week ya freaks. Shoot me an email to Cubby at If your letter hits the front page you’ll win a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as letter of the month you’ll win an uber new BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Hey Cubby,

I need your advice on 4×4 Short Course trucks. I’ll initially bash but grow into racing and am currently looking at the SC10 4×4 Factory Team and the Losi SCTE 2.0.

Obviously I don’t want to start a fan war between the two platforms, but can you give any advice on which way to go?


Matt M.”

Cubby- Yo hey Matt, thanks for the email and a super uber Thanksgiving to you and to all our readers.

Ummm… if you know me at all, then you already know the answer to this one, I’m going with the Losi SCTE (or 2.0) all the way. The SCTE has proven itself to not only be a freak’n animal on the track, but also an incredible bash machine. The AE on the other hand… takes too much time to dial in, is comparatively a PITA to work on, and while its belts may be able to handle the average racers 2S set-up, they live a short life on crazy basher power. Buy the Losi and never look back.

“Snow plow for a Honcho rc

I want to buy a plow for my grandson for Christmas. how can I find one?

Jean P.”

Cubby- Yo hey Jean, what’s up?

So…. your grandson is totally dialed with an Axial Honcho and you want to hook the lil’ fella up with a snow plow for X-mas. You sound like a pretty cool Grandpa. Have I mentioned all I want for X-mas is a case of perfectly preserved Dom Rosé ’00? Just a subtle hint if you feel so inclined (hint, hint).

Oh ya, about the snow plow. RC4WD is your friend on this one. Check out their # Z-X0007 snow plow which runs about $80. You’ll need the plow itself plus some mounting hardware which is also available from RC4WD and your Grandson will be uber-dialed for X-mas. Oh ya, look for our “Product Spotlight” on the RC4WD snow plow next week.

That’s it for this week gang. If you are working this Thanksgiving extra props to you, it sucks being away from family on a holiday. Btw, if you have a question just shoot me an email, Cubby at

YOUR Cub Reporter

MIP Pro8 Conversion kit
Want to turn that beast of a Losi SCTE 2.0 you have into a lightweight 8th scale buggy? The crew over at MIP now make a conversion kit that makes it a snap. The kit contains new towers, new wheel hexes, wing mounts, and body mounts, as well as handling upgrades like springs and shock pistons.

The part number for the MIP conversion kit is #13300 and they should start shipping before the end of the month.

Click Here for more MIP news on BigSquidRC.

VectorWorks Carbon Fiber Shock Towers
The Losi Ten SCTE not only rips around the track, it’s also a fantastic bash machine. One of the few weak points on the SCTE is its shock towers. Jeremy and Brian over at VectorWorks have new towers for the SCTE that should be a lot tougher than the stockers. The VectorWorks shock towers are made out of 4mm thick press cured carbon fiber, making them some of the toughest that you will find.

The part number for the rear tower is #VW002 and #VW001 for the front. Street price for each tower is $27 and you can get more information at This Link.

Click Here for more SCTE news on BigSquidRC.

Upper Steering plate Losi SCTE King Headz
The latest hop-up part from the guys over at King Headz is an aluminum Upper Steering Plate for the Losi SCTE short course truck. The plate is CNC machined out of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum and comes with black anodizing for a sharp look. Made out of aluminum, the King Headz top plate is stiffer than stock, and it is designed to eliminate the top plate screws from being ripped out during a big impact.

The part number for the King Headz SCTE top plate is #SCTE-010, it has a street price of $29, and it is available right now. Hit This Link for more information.

Click Here for more Losi SCTE news right here on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Traxxas Revo Summit
One of our favorite innovations of the last couple of years has been the Pro-Line Thumbwasher sets. These replace traditional body clips and won’t fall off and get lost during a hard bash session. They also help keep your body from ripping out around the body post.

The Pro-Line crew has incorporated their Thumbwasher sets into their new Extended Body Mounts for the Traxxas Revo/Summit platform and for Losi SCTE and XXX-SCT/22 SCT. You can now get the benefits of the Pro-Line Thumbwashers plus extended body mounts that allow you to mount a variety of aftermarket bodies.

The Pro-Line extended body mounts for Traxxas run $14 and you can find more information Right HERE. The body mounts for Losi cost around $12 and you can get information at THIS LINK on the Pro-Line website.

Want to learn how to install a Pro-Line Thumbwasher set on your ride? Click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

#13245 MIP Pro4mance 5-40 Aluminum Nuts
One sure way of gaining a performance edge over your bash-buddies is to shave some weight off your rig. The crew over at MIP have just announced some new lightweight aluminum nuts to help shave 9 grams off your TLR/Losi SCTE. Along with the weight savings you’ll enjoy their resistance to rust and added bling factor.

The set comes with 26 nuts and the part number is #13245. Retail price is $20 and they are available right now. Simply click THIS LINK for more information on all of MIP’s fine products.

Looking for more MIP news? Check it out RIGHT HERE on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Trenchers Pre-Mounted on Renegade Wheels
What is possibly the best tire you can put on your short course truck for bashing? Pro-Line Trencher X SC’s of course, and now they are available pre-mounted on black Renegade wheels.

The Trencher X’s and Renegade combo make not only a very scale looking combination, but also a great performer out in the dirt. With them now being pre-mounted they save you the time and frustration of the entire gluing process.

Pro-Line has Trencher X pre-mounts available to fit vehicles like the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4, the HPI Blitz, Associated SC10 4×4, Pro-Line ProTrac Slash, and Losi Ten SCTE. Part numbers are #1190-13 and #1190-18, and you can hit THIS link for more information. Street price is $35 per pair.

How about some more short course truck news? Find more at THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0 Kit
The new Ten-SCTE 2.0 Kit from Team Losi Racing has just been announced and it hosts a bunch of upgrades to improve performance over the original version. Some of these upgrades include-

* 3mm HARD-ANODIZED, 7075 Machined-Aluminum Chassis Plate
* Heavy-duty 4mm tie rods with captured ends
* HARD-Anodized aluminum threaded shocks
* Updated front and rear carbon fiber shock towers
* Updated motor and center diff placement
* Performance battery mounting system
* Updated diff cases
* Two complete wheel sets
* 12mm aluminum wheel hexes
* Hi-performance, high flow body
* Ti-Nitride shock shafts and hinge pins
* Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Adjustable pivots
* Aluminum bleeder shock caps
* Aluminum chassis braces

Street price for the new SCTE 2.0 is $470 with a release date of mid-March. Hit up the official TLR Website for all the juicy details.

Looking for more Losi news? Try THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

THE RPM RC Products Hop-Ups for Losi Ten SCTE Review

RPM Losi SCTE Parts

Your truck is not a true bash-mobile unless it has RPM parts on it. In our quest to make our Losi SCTE the most bash-worthy truck possible, we installed a bunch of RPM hop-up parts. Today we’ll be taking a closer look, are the RPM Losi SCTE hop-up parts worth the cash? Read on…



I absolutely love your site, the content is killer and the best part is what you say is honest and not watered down to protect any sponsors. With the winter quickly approaching I was wondering if you guys ever posted some how to articles, not tips and little things like you find in magazines but specifically a review of some of the track and rail systems on the market along with some how-to’s for anyone trying to save money and build their own. Indoor tracks seem crazy expensive and even then you aren’t really sure if they are worth their weight ya know?

Ever host a general contest like having people send in their detailed instructions for building a basement track layout and the winner gets some stickers or shirts or other swag? If not, do you know of anyone who has reviewed indoor track systems? I wanted to find something that is interchangeable, somewhat durable, and most of all not break the bank expensive so my kids and I can have a fun winter without becoming couch spuds. Oh yeah did I mention your website rocks? Best out there by far hands down. Keep up the excellent work and thanks!

Jason K.

Cubby- Hey Jason, you just hit the lotto. I official declare yours as email of the month. Shoot Brian your snail mail and he’ll send ya out some stickers and a brand new BigSquidRC t-shirt.

So you wanna build an indoor track to help pass the time this winter and you would like to know our thoughts on some of the current commercially available track systems. If you were looking to spend some cash (and have an available spare room
where you don’t have to tear everything down after driving) you could go buy something like an RCP track for the small scalers or ozite carpet and a RoadRail system for bigger vehicles. Both work fine for their respective uses no doubt.

However… what I am going to recommend is this- just use whatever you already have laying around the house. It won’t cost you any money, and should your better half request (read- demand) you pick up after every bash session everything you use will already have a place at your house. For example, throwing some old carpet pieces over shoes or pool noodles makes for some pretty gnarly whoop sections. A piece of carpet over an old cardboard box makes a good tabletop, and jumps are easily constructed out of cardboard or left over wood pieces. There are a million different ways to make obstacles, the more you make, the more you learn, and perhaps at some point in the future you’ll be using what you learned from first hand experience to make uber tracks for more than just yourself.

Hey Guys!
I wanted to share some pics of my Ten-SCTE. I’ll get some chassis shots of it after I get her all cleaned up. We had a great weekend bashing at a friend’s house out in rural Mississippi. They have a vacant lot next to theirs which has been converted into a small RC track. He and his son have a couple of Slashes while we have the SCTE, Slash, and Dominus SC10.

The Losi broke for the first time in the year I have had it. The wheel nut backed off and the mounting surface on the wheel rounded itself off. No biggie really. The Dominus on the other hand has been down quite a bit. We are having issues with rod ends. They are too soft and keep stripping out. I’m gonna try to replace them with Traxxas rod ends which are tougher to see if that does the trick. Hopefully the center diff will be out soon as we can swap that in.

My friend has a Slash 4×4 and after wheeling my Losi for a bit he really liked it much more than the Traxxas. After taking his Slash 4×4 for a ride I have to agree with him. The Losi is a far superior beast. Have you guys had good luck with the
Dominus so far?

Keep up the good work! I think you guys have a great website and am proud to know you guys!
Jon A.

Cubby- Good hearing from you again Jon, and thanx for the pics.

Nice to hear you’ve been having good luck with your Losi SCTE. Whether for bashing or racing, it is an exceptional vehicle. We’ve driven our SCTE’s like we stole them for over a year now with very little damage or breakage, they are beasts. Just FYI, we are in the process of reviewing all the RPM hop-up parts for the SCTE, making a tough truck even tougher, expect to see that review in perhaps another week or so.

If where you drive isn’t too grassy and doesn’t have too many large dirt clods I’d highly recommend you try the MIP Pro4mance package for the SCTE. Yes, stock the SCTE drives very well and the MIP kit isn’t cheap, but it transforms the truck to an epic level that I think you would really appreciate.

About the Traxxas Slash 4×4, I’d agree it is not on the Losi’s level… but it does excel in grass and on dirt with large clods. The additional ground clearance of the Slash can come in handy in those conditions, but the extra ride height works against it on smoother surfaces.

We’ve had good luck with our Helion Dominus review truck. Out of the box it’s quite slow, but we beat it fairly hard and didn’t experience many issues. Our review Dominus is still in service on a weekly basis, only now in hopped up form, and it still keeps putting a smile on our face. No, it’s not in the league of the Losi either, but for its price point it exhibits all sorts of win.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of mongrels, submit your questions, hate-mail, smack-talk, and any other jive you might have to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your email hits the front page you’ll get free stickers, if you pull off “letter of the month” like Jason did above you’ll get a free way-super-uber BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

T-Bone Racing 1 Piece SC Racer Losi Ten SCTE Rear Bumper
The latest addition to the product catalog over at T-Bone Racing is their SC Racer Rear Bumper for the Losi Ten SCTE short course truck. This new rear bumper is a one piece design for extra durability. Some of the other features include-

* Comes with lifetime unlimited replacement warranty
* One TBR SC Racer rear bumper
* One TBR nylon brace
* Lightweight
* Fits inside the body (width wise)
* Comes with mounting screws and lock nuts
* Two TBR decals
* Part #37185

Street price on this item is $17 and they are available for sale right now. Hit up the official TBR Website for more information.

Looking for more T-Bone Racing (TBR) news? We have it right HERE.


hi guys i m from brasil this the second time i need your advice,the first time you guys nailed it advising me to buy a hpi vorza, now I’m wanting a short course and read the review that you guys made of the losi SCTE and slash 4×4 platinum … so personal to bash, which of these two is the best and more durable, if you guys had to pick just one what would? thanks again and I will await the response of you before you decide …

Jonas T.

Cubby- Hello there Jonas, glad we “nailed it” for you the first time around.
Losi Ten SCTE vs Traxxas Slash 4×4 Platinum is the question, a question that a lot of our readers are pondering now days.

The Slash has one major upside over the Losi, it has more ground clearance. The extra ground clearance of the Traxxas makes it better when driving in grass and when driving in soft dirt areas that have large clods. The second biggest advantage of the Traxxas would be its parts availability. Here in the states nearly every local hobby shop stocks parts for it, but with you being from Brazil that may not be the case.

The Losi’s biggest advantage is it is lower slung, meaning it has a lower center of gravity. The lower CG of the Losi is advantageous in corners and on higher bite surfaces. Perhaps the second biggest advantage of the Losi is its center diff. The Losi’s center diff makes it generally easier to drive and to jump. The Traxxas comes stock with a slipper, with an optional center diff in the box but not mounted.

Both trucks can take some pretty sic beatings, both come with more power than you’ll probably ever need, and both are great fun to drive. However, you asked me to pick just one, and it is a well known fact I’m a huge fan of the Losi Ten SCTE, so that is what I am recommending to you. The Losi Ten SCTE is a solid truck all the way around. However, there is one thing that could change my mind for you- parts availability in Brazil. Not that either truck is going to need many parts, but broken parts are a big part of life in the basher game. If for some reason you can’t easily get parts for the Losi then I would certainly recommend the Slash to you, it is also a solid truck.

Shoot us an email to keep us posted on what you end up putting in your rc garage and thanks for the email.

HPI E10 Monster Energy Mustang, Read your article. Thank you. I heard this is only 18 mph top speed. Although this is needed for drift control. What is needed to make it faster and touring driven?
In addition what is your experience with Exceed cars?

Thank you,

Cubby- So James, you have an HPI E10 Drift RTR and it’s crazy slow and does nothing but drift/slide around every corner. I am soooo not into the drift thing, I’m all about going fast, not sliding around like I’m on ice.

Thankfully it’s pretty easy to get the E10 up to speed. First reposition the motor from the “drift” placement to the “touring” placement. This will give ya better traction for real cornering and won’t cost you a dollar.

Secondly, pitch the rock hard stock drift tires. For drifting they might be the bomb but for actually getting some traction and going somewhere in a hurry they blow. HPI makes tons of regular on-road tires, pick up a full set. Putting new wheels/tires on your ride is relatively affordable and they are ultra easy to bolt up, and they will yield incredible gains in traction/performance.

Third, the stock 6 cell Ni-MH leaves a lot to be desired in the power to weight department, pitch it ASAP and go Lipo. Your stock speedo (an HPI sc-15wp) is Lipo compatible so it’s not an issue to run a lithium pack to get more power. Once you’ve started running a Lipo- see if that is fast enough for ya, if not (and if you haven’t run into any motor temp issues) try adding a couple of teeth to the pinion. Going up a couple teeth will give your car a little more kick in the pants.

Normally at this point I’d recommend tossing in a brushless system to really get that Mustang hauling, but… I have not personally attempted to run BL in the E10 platform. The E10 series is made more for fun than taking 500 watts plus of brushless power and I can not personally vouch for whether it can take it or not. Should you be inclined to put one in and TOFTT let us know if it lived or if you blew its guts out.

Lastly, about Exceed cars. I personally have very little experience with them, but I’ve seen multiple people at the track with them. Of all the people I’ve seen at the track with one they were all having issues. I don’t like issues, I like to drive, go big, then go home. And that’s all I have to say about that…

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot whatever is on your mind to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. We are averaging over 100 letters a week now days, so if yours is lucky enough to make the big time you’ll get some free BSRC stickers, and if I chose yours as the “email of the month” we’ll totally hook you up with one of our uber new t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter