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TheToyz Bearing Removal Tool

TheToyz RC Bearing Removal Tool

Just announced by TheToyz is a Bearing Removal Tool. The tool costs under $4 and should be in everyone’s toolbox. Why is that? Because removing bearings can be a real pain at times, this affordable tool can make the job easy. The bearing tool is made from a high grade aluminum and has a ribbed handle for ease of use. The [...]


TheToyz LED Light Controller Review

Review – TheToyz LED Light Controller

Once primarily known for their large inventory of micro/mini hop-ups, the crew at TheToyz are quickly becoming one of the best resources for scale parts. In recent years TheToyz has vastly expanded their inventory of crawling and drift goodies, now you can find just about anything you need to accessorize your on-road or off-road scale rig on their website. One [...]


TheToyz scale seat belts 5 point harness

TheToyz 1/10th Scale Seat Belts

Shipping soon from TheToyz are 1/10th scale Seat Belt/5 Point Harnesses. These are the most scale realistic on the market and are the perfect addition to your scale crawler or drift machine. * Reversible design * Straps are made from high quality nylon * Stainless steel buckle * Designed to fit Wraith sized seats * Shipped in pairs Pricing has not been released, but full details [...]


TheToyz LED Remote Control

TheToyz LED Light On/Off Remote Control

Here is a neat new product just announced by TheToyz, an LED Light On/Off Remote Control. TheToyz remote looks quite handy and can make it really easy to turn your LEDs on/off without have to search for a switch under the body of your scaler or drifter. But that isn’t all, the remote can be used to dim your lights [...]


Driven Pro Drift Tires

Driven Pro Losi 1/24 Micro Drift Tire Review

Driven Productions made a name for themselves in the mini/micro community by offering affordable and innovative hop-ups. That was the reason we were stoked to get a set of their 1/24th Losi Micro Drift Tires and test them to see how they stacked up. Are they easy to install? Do they instantly turn your 24th scale Losi into a genuine [...]


TheToyz Hot Racing GPM Axial Yeti XL

Project – TheToyz Axial Yeti XL Mega-Basher

We were blown away by the Axial Yeti XL when we first reviewed it. It was huge, it had incredible scale looks, and it loved to go huge or go home. A few months later we received the kit version and we were further impressed. However, just like every one of you out there, no matter how good a vehicle [...]


TheToyz Logo

Go Fund Me for TheToyz’s Rj Blaisdell

A couple of weeks ago we posted that RJ Blaisdell, the owner at, was having some serious health problems. RJ suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke and is still in the hospital as a result. There has been a Go Fund Me set up to help with his medical expenses. RJ’s website is still going full steam, if you need [...]


TheToyz Logo

Get Well Soon RJ at TheToyz

We have just learned that one of the best guys in the rc industry, RJ the owner of TheToyz, had some major surgery on Sunday. Our entire BigSquidRC Bash Crew would like to wish RJ a speedy and full recovery. If you know RJ and would like to shoot him a “Get Well Soon” email, or even if you don’t [...]


TheToyz Engine Sound Module

New Engine Sound Module Available from TheToyz

One of the hottest upgrades you can make to your car/truck right now is adding an engine sound module. Adding real life engine sounds to your vehicle can really make your driving experience more fun. Recently the crew at TheToyz added a new Engine Sound Module to their ever growing list of inventory. The sound module that TheToyz stocks has [...]


TheToyz Losi Micro Storage Bag

TheToyz 1/24th Losi Micro Storage Bag Review

Some people use bags to simply get their gear from the house to the park, while others use them to keep more organized. Any which way, a good storage bag can make your life easier. We recently received a storage bag from TheToyz that is made just for 24th scale Losi Micro vehicles. We’ve been putting it through the ringer [...]


Aluminum Upgrades Axial Yeti XL Hot Racing TheToyz

Box Full of Uberness - Aluminum Upgrades for the Yeti XL fro…

We are just like you guys, when we going bashing with the crew, we like to push the limits. While our review Axial Yeti XL Kit proved to be quite tough, when the going gets extreme (like at the end of the day), every vehicle could use some beefing up. We got with the folks over at to see what [...]


CBE Yeti Shock Tabs

CBE RC Fab Adjustable Shock Tabs for the Axial Yeti

Get your Axial Yeti dialed in with the new Adjustable Shocks Tabs from CBE RC Fab. The tabs are made in the USA from high quality steel and offer increased adjustability over the stock rear shock mounts. The tabs are priced at $18, they are available right now, and you can get yours on order At This Link over on TheToyz [...]


Driven Pro Drift Tires Losi Micro Rally

Driven Productions Drift Tire Set for the Losi 1/24 Micro Ra…

Got a drift itch that you need to scratch? The crew over at Driven Productions have announced new Drift Tires for the 1/24th scale Losi Micro Rally Car. These are easy to install, just press fit them over the stock wheels (no glue required) and you are ready to slide. The Driven Pro tires are CNC machined from black polyurethane [...]

Read More... Scale RC Garage

Winter Project – Building A Scale Garage with

Some areas of the world are having great weather right now, but other places, like right here in Chicago, aren’t so lucky. In fact, we’ve had a rather long and nasty winter this year, filled with plenty of -5 degree days with a foot (or more!!!) of snow still on the ground. To help get us through our winter time blues, [...]


TheToyz Brass Pinions for Losi Micro

TheToyz Brass Pinion Sets for Losi Micro SCT/Rally/DT

Having recently reviewed the latest Losi Micro Vehicles (which should go up any day now), we were reminded how much fun they are to bash indoors when the weather is terrible outside. One of the cheapest/easiest/best mods you can make to any vehicle is to change the gearing. You can “gear down” for longer runtimes, or you can “gear up” [...]