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IHobby 2014 Thunder Power

iHobby 2014 – Thunder Power

Today we got a chance to drop by the Thunder Power RC booth at iHobby 2014. The big news in their booth was new HV Series LiPo batteries and their Avance accessory line-up. Thunder Power is best known for their high-end LiPo batteries and their new HV series cells are designed for more capacity, higher output voltage, and longer cycle life. [...]



Thunder Power G8 Chemistry Lipos

Thunder Power RC has just announced a whole new line up of lipo batteries with a new chemistry called G8! The new packs are lighter, smaller, and more powerful! Sounds like a win-win to us! Looking forward to getting our hands on some of these! Check out the Thunder Power Website for more information. Need more Lipo news from BSRC? Click HERE. [...]


Thunder Power 300 x 2 or 500 x 1 Power Supply

Thunder Power 15v 300w x 2 or 27v 550w Mono Power Supply

Maybe you’ve got a pair of DC only battery chargers and are looking for a new power supply. Thunder Power RC has just announced something you might be interested in, their new TP1527PS Switching Power Supply. The TP1527PS can be used with dual 15 volt 300 watt outputs, or you can mono-block it for 27 volts with 550 available watts. [...]



Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo

New from Thunder Power RC is the Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo. If you are into the carpet racing scene, this is probably a pack you want to put on your shopping list. The Advanced Energy Series batteries from Thunder Power claim more voltage with longer run times, and are also lighter than their competition. If [...]


schumacher thunder power

Schumacher Racing to Distribute Thunder Power RC

We just got word that Schumacher Racing will be the Thunder Power RC distributor for the UK, Spain and Portugal. This should help a lot of people get their hands on the Thunder Power line a little easier. It’s good to see both companies spreading out a little. Head over to the Schumacher Racing or Thunder Power website for details [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 11.24.2011 Version- You Ask Questions, I M…

Brian is going to shoot me for filling the front page this week, but we had some good questions I didn’t want people to miss! Hang on and enjoy the ride! Love the site and info and follow regularly through Google Reader (may want to throw an ad or two on the rss feed). However I do have a comment/irk about [...]


Thunder Power RC TP1430C High-Power Charger

We covered this guy at iHobby 2011 but we now have the official press release for Thunder Power RC’s new UBER TP1430C Multi-Chemistry Charger! With 1000 watts of total power, this bad boy can charge 1-14S LiPo, LiIon and LiFe (A123) batteries, as well as 1-40 cell NiCd and NiMH along with 6-48V Pb (lead-acid) batteries. A 2-14S [...]


Thunder Power TP1430C

Thunder Power TP1430C Charger

Hitec isn’t the only company at IHobby that has a new ultra mega super charger. Thunder Power RC is introing their new TP1430C charger. It’s a 1000(!) watt charger that is capable of charging appropriate LiPos at up to 30 amps! It’s not just LiPos though, this thing is a multi chemistry charger, so you can charge [...]


TPRC Z3R8 Motor

Thunder Power Z3R-8 Brushless Motors

Thunder Power RC has a couple new sensored brushless motors for 1/8 scale offroaders! Available in 1400Kv, 1900Kv, 2100Kv and 2400Kv ratings, these things are sure to make your buggy scream. Sporting easy-to-set 0-25 degree timing and a 4-Pole neodymium rotor; they even have a sweet warranty and replacement program. Check out all the specs at!


Thunder Power Z3R-8 Brushless Motor

Thunder Power expanding motor line

Thunder Power is expanding their, still relatively new, line of brushless motors.  The new Z3R-8 brushless motor line is made for 1/8 scale electric buggies and features all kinds of nice features.  A machined aluminum can with cooling fins, 0-25° adjustable timing, fast-switching high-temp sensors, and a balanced high strength 4-pole rotor are just some of the high performance features [...]


Thunder Power TP820CD Dual Port Charger (3)

Thunder Power Putting Out The Power

A powerful charger is an essential accessory.  There’s a ton of good options to choose from.  Thunder Power is adding to that selection.  Their new TP820CD can put out up to 800 watts of power from two independent charging ports, which is enough to allow you to charge up to 8S LiPos on both ports at the same time.  But [...]


Thunder Power Z3R 540 Brushless Motors

Starting off the new year with a bang, we just got word from Thunder Power RC announcing their new Z3R 540 Sensored Brushless Motors! File this one in the “Didn’t see that coming” box! Known for their awesome LiPo Batteries, Thunder Power is tossing their hat into the brushless motor ring. They are introducing the Z3R-S Stock Spec and Z3R-M [...]


4S Lipo Shootout

The 4S LiPo Shootout is Finished! Read it now!

Again we bring you one of the most anticipated RC articles on the internet! Our 3rd battery shootout! This time around, the flood of emails after the second shootout seemed to suggest that we take a look at the 4S lipo market, and who are we to deny our readers? We used some new equipment during our testing, [...]


Thunder Power Micro Lipo Batteries and Charger

In need of some tiny lipo’s? These new Thunder Power RC Ultra-Micro Batteries may be what you are looking for. If you need the batteries, you are going to need a micro charger to go with it! The only thing missing is a magnifying glass. Thunder Power RC is introducing their new 1S 3.7V 125mAh [...]


Thunder Power RC TP610C-ACDC multi-chemistry charger

Thunder Power RC is a company that knows all about our electricity needs.  Now they’ve added another charger to fulfill those needs.  The TP610C-ACDC is a multi-chemistry, AC/DC charger capable of filling up 1-14 cell NiMHs/NiCds, 2-6S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon, and 6-24 volt lead acid batteries at up to 10 amps.  This charger also features a built in balancer with JST-XH connectors.  [...]