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Thunder Tiger Jackal Review

Thunder Tiger Jackal Desert Buggy Review

What is a Thunder Tiget Jackal? It is a RTR tenth scale desert buggy with independent suspension up front and a solid axle with locked diff in the rear. Sound familiar? It should, that is the formula that the Axial Yeti and Vaterra Twin Hammers have used to sell a ton of vehicles. How does the Jackal stack up to [...]


Thunder Tiger Bushmaster Review

Thunder Tiger Bushmaster Buggy Review

There is a new 8th scale bash buggy on the market called the Bushmaster from Thunder Tiger. The Bushmaster comes on a fairly standard 8th scale buggy platform but has some nice scale touches like a roll cage and engine sound module. We’ve had a chance to run a few packs through it, read below to see what we found [...]


Thunder Tiger Bushmaster

Unboxing – Thunder Tiger Bushmaster 1/8th Buggy

Thunder Tiger has become a well known name in the bashing world. Their incredible MT4 G3 series bash-mobiles caught not only our attention, but also bashers from coast to coast. For 2015 Thunder Tiger announced several new models. We tested their Kaiser eMTA a few weeks ago and recently we received the new Bushmaster. Like the Kaiser, the Bushmaster is [...]


HRP Hobbytown usa

HRP Distributing at the 2015 HobbyTown Convention

HRP is one of the largest hobby distributors here in the United States and they had a great arrangement of new gear on display at the HobbyTown USA Convention. If your hobby shop sells brands like Savox, Thunder Tiger, Hobbywing, Gmade, or Racer Edge, they are dealing with HRP. What was hot in the HRP Booth? * The item that was [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck Video

Just added a quick video using some of the footage we shot while testing at a few of the locations while working on the Kaiser Review you can read at that link. Hope you enjoy. If you are one of those people who hate to see vehicles beat up on purpose, there is a warning for when the durability testing [...]


Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Review

Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA Monster Truck Review

When we first saw the Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to get one in our hands. Its body had a nice scale look, it had a big ole’ brushless system inside, and it is one of the first trucks to hit the market with an on-board engine sound module. We’ve been bashing the daylights [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Unboxing

Since we first heard about it’s upcoming release, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck. When we got the call asking if we’d like the FIRST ONE before anyone else, I could only hope they didn’t hear the extra excitement in my voice. This truck is truly a beast. We like the body style, [...]


Thunder Tiger Olympian

Thunder Tiger Olympian Deep-V Brushless RTR

With spring time just around the corner (YES!!!), it isn’t too early to start looking for a new rc boat. The latest boat from Thunder Tiger is the Olympian Deep-V. The Olympian is a rtr that comes stock with a 2000kV brushless motor and a one meter long (39.1″) high performance deep-v hull. Water cooling is used to keep the [...]


Hawaiian Chris Cubby

THE Cub Report, 02.02.2015, Version- From Germany With Love

I don’t know how you could not notice, but the big news last week was the Nuremburg Toy Fair in Germany. Our homeskillet Igor was there to get all the scoops so here is a brief (ya right) rundown of the show… Attendance- The Toy Fair once again proved they are the “Biggest” show in rc with rampant support from manufacturers [...]


Thunder Tiger AXIO 8Be Terra Buggy RTR

Thunder Tiger AXIO 8Be Terra Buggy RTR

New from Thunder Tiger is the Axio 8Be Terra Buggy. The Axio was modeled after full scale buggies and comes in ready to run form. A beefy 8th scale platform helps to make it tough, while a 1515 sized Reedy 2000kV brushless motor provides the power. Also, like several other new Thunder Tiger products, it comes stock with an Engine [...]


Thunder Tiger KAISER eMTA Monster Truck

Thunder Tiger KAISER e-MTA Monster Truck

The second big nasty monster truck to be announced by Thunder Tiger this week is the Kaiser e-MTA. Following the theme of scale realism, the Kaiser comes stock with an Engine Sound Module and highly detailed body, roll cage, light buckets, and driver’s helmet. Aluminum shocks and towers help soak up massive jumps, while waterproof electronics make it basher friendly. [...]


Thunder Tiger Jackal RC Trophy Truck

Thunder Tiger 1/10 Jackal Trophy Truck

The new Jackal Trophy Truck from Thunder Tiger was designed for both performance and a scale realistic look. A four link suspension is used on the Solid Axle rear end to soak up bumps and jumps. An independent suspension is used up front while a 3900kV brushless motor provides the power. Also standard is a Cougar GP2 2.4GHz radio system [...]



Thunder Tiger K-ROCK MT4 G5 Monster Truck

The G3 line of bashers have become quite legendary, that’s why our ears perked up when Thunder Tiger announced their new K-Rock MT4 G5. The G5 is a big nasty 1/8 scale monster truck that comes stock with an On-Board Sound System. Of course brushless power is under the hood provided by a 2000kV motor and BLC-150C ESC. A Cougar [...]


Cubby Booth Babe

THE Cub Report, 01.05.2014, Version- 7074lly 0u7 0f n3w 717l…

One of our friends, Tim Gluth over at, posted up a question last week that got my mind to thinking. His question was quite simple, “What is the best rc story from 2014?”, but I had a hard time actually coming up with an answer. However, after some more thinking (and a few Swarovski crystal flutes filled with Dom [...]


Helion RC Volition

THE Cub Report, 12.22.2014, Version- 16 Months…

Hello cruel rc world, welcome to yet another Cub Report, a satirical column intended to raise eyebrows (and tempers). Hey, I actually have a few topics this week, so lets get this party started… 1. Did ya see IFMAR is allowing AstroTurf as a racing surface for the 2015 10th scale off-road worlds? Of course you didn’t, you are a basher and [...]