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Pro-Line Destroyer Monster Truck Tires

Full Details on Pro-Line Destroyer Monster Truck Tires …

After a week of teasing, Pro-Line has released full details on their new Destroyer 2.6″ Monster Truck Tires. * Alternating (chevron) deep grooved tread for scale appearance * Massive forward bite * Designed for maximum performance * Made Pro-Line’s M3 race compound rubber * Lightweight soft white inserts for plush landings * Designed for the ideal tire diameter and width for lighter weight and agility The [...]


Pro-Line Flat Iron XL 2.2" G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Pro-Line Flat Iron XL 2.2″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Bigger is always better and now Pro-Line has gone XL with their 2.2″ Flat Iron G8 Rock Terrain tires. Their extra size makes them not only look tougher, but can also help you get through tough sections on your next trail drive. High quality memory foam comes standard and they are molded from Pro-Line’s legendary G8 rubber compound. Their large lug [...]


P-L Electron ST Tires

Pro-Line Racing Electron Stadium Truck Tires

Lay down some serious power in the resurrected stadium truck class with Electrons from Pro-Line. Closed cell inserts come standard and the Electron tread is known for giving consistent forward and side bite. The Electrons will be priced around $23 per pair, they have a part number of #8248-03 for M4 compound and #8248-17 for MC compound, and they should start [...]


AKA Chain Link SCT

AKA Chain Link Short Course Tires

The AKA crew has announced that their Chain Link tires are now available for short course vehicles. Designed specifically for high traction indoor or outdoor tracks, Chain Links are known for providing a nice blend of forward drive and side bite. The Chain Links are available in four different compounds, they come with red inserts, and they are also available [...]


Pro-Line Destroyer Clod Buster Tires

Sneak Peak- Pro-Line 2.6″ Destroyer Clod Buster Tires

Now being teased by the good folks over at Pro-Line are a new set of tires for the ageless wonder, the Tamiya Clod Buster monster truck. The new Clod tires have an awesome name, Destroyer, and they feature a chevron style tread. The tires should have a street price around $38, they have a part number of #10114-02, [...]


JConcepts Reflex 5th Scale Tires

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Reflex Tires

After just announcing new 5th tires yesterday, JConcepts is back at it again today. Designed to fit the Losi 5IVE, JConcepts Reflex tires use small pins to get more traction on hard packed surfaces. They come in JConcepts grippy yellow compound and use horizontal reinforcement bars for more forward traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number [...]


JConcepts 5th Scale Chasers

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Chasers

Bolt more traction onto your 5th scale with Chasers from JConcepts. The Chasers come in JConcepts yellow compound and were designed to fit on Losi 5IVE wheels. Hefty, medium sized lugs with recessed pins are used to provide bite, while sidewall tread is used for increased paddle traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number of [...]


Ty Tessmann Pro-Line Video

Video - Pro-Line Suppressor Buggy Tires with Ty Tessman…

Having problems putting all that power to the ground with your 8th scale buggy? A great tire option on looser surfaces is the Pro-Line Suppressor. Watch the video above to hear the World Champ Ty Tessmann talk about some of the features on the Suppressor, as well as see him demonstrate just fast they can get around a track. Also, [...]


RC4WD Fuel Mud Gripper Tires

RC4WD Fuel Mud Gripper M/T 1.7 Scale Tires

New from the folks at RC4WD are Fuel Mud Gripper M/T tires. These were made to fit 1.7″ wheels and are molded in RC4WD’s X2 SS super sticky/super soft tire compound. Fully licensed by Fuel Offroad, the Mud Grippers have the great scale appearance that everyone is after now days. The tires are street priced at $25 per pair, they have [...]


Panther Ocelot Tires

Panther Z Compound Ocelot Tires

Panther has unleashed their Z Compound Ocelot 8th scale buggy tires on the world. These are said to be ideal for most outdoor tracks and were designed for not only high grip, but also for long wear characteristics. Street priced at $20 per pair, they have a part number of #T981 and you can hit up This Link to visit the [...]


JConcepts Reflex

JConcepts Reflex 1/8th Buggy Tires

The latest entry into the 8th scale buggy tires wars is the Reflex from JConcepts. The Reflex has square angled pins stacked vertically for less wear and more forward bite. The Reflexes will come with the latest gray Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts from JConcepts and will be available in four different compounds to suit a variety of track conditions. The tires [...]


VP-Pro Tire Balancer

VP-Pro Tire Balancer

New from VP-Pro is a Tire Balancer intended for 1/10th scale wheels and tires. The balancer comes with a 12mm hex allowing it to work with number of popular tenth scale off-road wheels. The stand is made from high quality aluminum and comes anodized in black for a trick look. For added convenience, the base of the stand was designed [...]


Pro-Line Suppressor

Pro-Line Suppressor 1/8th Buggy and Truck Tires

The latest ultra-performance tire to come out of the Pro-Line factory is the Suppressor. Designed specifically for medium packed to loose outdoor tracks (like most local outdoor tracks are), the Suppressor uses long center bars for massive forward bite. To help prevent traction rolling the Suppressor features a smooth transition on the sidewall. The 1/8 Buggy version comes in four [...]


JConcepts New Release – Scorpios SCT Tire

JConcepts Announces New Scorpios SCT Tires

JConcepts has announced that their Scorpios tread design is being released on a new short course truck tire. The Scorpios feature a scale looking tread that should work well on everything from loose dirt to rocky terrain. The tires come in JConcepts super soft green compound and come standard with closed cell foam inserts. The Scorpios are priced at $26 [...]


JConcepts Lil Chasers

JConcepts LiL Chasers SCT Tires

The JConcepts crew has just announced new tires for your SCT called LiL Chasers. The LiL Chasers feature small rectangular lugs and were designed to give you more traction on outdoor tracks. Closed cell foam inserts come standard and they are available in green (super soft) compound. The LiL Chasers are priced at $26 per pair and they are also available [...]