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Pro-Line Custom Parts for Ty Tessmann
The good folks over at Pro-Line have released two pictures of custom parts they made up just for Ty Tessman to use at the IFMAR Worlds this week in California. Pro-Line has in-house manufacturing capability at their California headquarters, thus making it easy for them to whip up some uber parts for their factory hotshoes. Pictured are custom Pro-Line titanium camber plates and billet shock caps to help Ty take on the world.

Of course this got the BigSquidRC staff talking, just how cool would it be if Pro-Line started making trick aftermarket parts for some of our favorite vehicles? As far as we know there are no plans for it to happen, but it would be pretty sic if they did.

Click Here to take a look at all of Pro-Line’s fine products over on their official website, and hit This Link to read more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC.

From: FlexTek RC
Direct Link: FlexTek T-Maxx Suspension Arms Complete Kit

Being a pretty serious basher, (I usually don’t stop till it’s broken!) you can imagine that I end up having to replace a lot of parts at the end of the day. My usual routine has been, come home, inspect what’s broke, take off the a-arms and bend them back into shape if possible, and fix whatever else needs fixing. Let me tell you, aluminum a-arms only bend back into shape so many times before the metal gets so week, that normal driving causes issues with them. I was getting pretty tired of this routine, and when FlexTek released their titanium a-arms, I figured it was time to see if they could really take the abuse they say they can.

I’m a big fan of FlexTek for really standing behind their product! Many companies hear about us, and know that we are going to bash the heck out of their product, so they run scared! They try to set rules like “no higher then this” or “no faster then this” BAH! FlexTek told me have fun! I like that!