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Vectorworks Shock Tower TLR Losi 22-4
Vectorworks has announced new carbon fiber upgrades for the TLR/Losi 22-4 buggy. First up is a front shock tower made from 4mm carbon fiber that is easy to bolt up and features an integrated front body mount. Also new are their carbon fiber battery mounts. The battery mounts are 2.5mm thick and fit perfectly into the center mounting slots. Both were designed to handle the rigors of 4wd racing and will instantly boost the bling factor of your buggy.

The part number for the front tower is #VWL003 and it has as street price of $23. The part number for battery mounts is #VWL004 and they have a street price of $17. To get more information over on the official Vectorworks website simply Click This Link.

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JConcepts Silencer TLR 22-4 Body
The new JConcepts Silencer clear polycarbonate body for the TLR 22-4 has been specifically designed for high speed tracks. Featuring a low profile cab forward design, with a shark fin in the back for added stability and roof stiffness, the Silencer for the 22-4 will set your buggy apart from the crowd.

* Includes two 6.5″ wings
* Shark fin for added stability
* Comes with window mask, decal sheet & protective film
* Forward cab design with dual channeling rear escape
* Air outlets available throughout the body

The part number is #0271, it has a retail price of $26, and you can get more information at This Link over on JConcepts official blog.

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TLR Losi 8IGHT-T 3.0 Truggy
The latest machine from TLR for supremacy in the truggy class is the 8IGHT-T 3.0. The 8IGHT-T series is well known for winning races and for being one of the kings of the local bash spot. Their big tires and big nitro power are just what the doctor ordered for some serious bash action. The 3.0 version includes some updates to make it better than ever.

* Improved body & wing
* 16mm shocks
* Improved suspension geometry
* Center dogbones
* Comes with a collection of option parts
* Stronger, newly designed ring & pinion gears
* Gen III radio tray

The part number is #TLR04001 and you can check out all of TLR’s fine products on their Official Website.

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Team Losi Racing Universal Driveshafts 22 buggy
The crew over at Team Losi Racing have announced a new Universal Joint Driveshaft Set for their 22 and 22 2.0 buggy. Universal driveshafts create less “bone binding” which allows for a freer rear suspension. The universal driveshafts can improve side bite and bump handling.

The part number is #TLR232006, they have a street price of $35 and you can get more information at This Link.

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TLR Tuning Kit 5ive-t
TLR, also known as Team Losi Racing, has announced a Tuning Kit for the popular 5IVE-T 5th scale gas truck. The TLR tuning kit offers some popular upgrades for the 5IVE-T all in one package to save you some cash. Among the parts included in the kit are new shock bodies, shock springs, sway bars, and tie-rods.

The part number for the TLR 5IVE-T Tuning Kit is #TLR351000, it has a street price of $549, and they should start hitting hobby shops in early November.

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Team Losi Racing TLR 22-4 4wd Kit
It has been a long time since Losi/TLR has announce a new 10th scale 4wd buggy, but the wait is over, the 22-4 is on the way. Along with 10th scale 2wd buggy, 4wd buggy has also been enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with the new 22-4 Team Losi Racing should be right at the front of the pack this winter. Some of its key features include-

* Hard anodized, 2.5mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis
* Sealed 3-belt drivetrain
* Forward motor mount
* Generation II hard-anodized, big bore 12mm oil shocks
* HDS Slipper Clutch
* Ball Differentials w/ Tungsten Carbide Balls
* Universal driveshafts
* Comes with two sets of wheels
* Mid-cab body and wing
* Front One-way clicker or full-time 4WD
* Aluminum Camber Blocks Front & Rear
* Full ball bearings
* Titanium Carbon Nitride hinge pins
* Aluminum Rear Toe Plates and Aluminum Spindle Carriers

The part number for the new 22-4 is #TLR03005 and it has a street price of $469. Hit up This Link for more information on the Horizon Hobby website.

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TLR Losi 22 2.0 Buggy
For all you fans of 2wd buggy racing, TLR/Losi has just updated the 22 with a version 2.0. While based on the same general platform, the version 2.0 comes with a slew of updates-

* New steering rack
* New HDS slipper
* Updated diff
* TiCn coated shock shafts and hinge pins
* Aluminum front pivot
* Threaded outer hinge pins and king pins
* New front end geometry
* Aluminum rear camber block
* Velcro replaced with hard battery holder
* Generation II shocks with improved internals

The 22 2.0 has a part number of #TLR03002, it has a street price of $349, and they should hit hobby shops in late September. For more information on the TLR 22 2.0 simply click THIS LINK.

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Team Losi Racing TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 Electric Buggy Race Kit
Losi has given some big updates to their 8IGHT-E race machine, now introducing their 3.0 version. Some highlights of the updates include-

* Updated chassis layout
* Servo and speed controller mounted towards front, battery and motor towards rear
* New center dog bones and outdrives
* New shock towers, hubs, and suspension mounts
* New droop screw system
* New wing and body
* New wheels

The part number for the TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 is #TLR04002 and it has a street price of $669. Click HERE for more information.

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FTW Phoenix Body for TLR Losi 8ight-T
Today the guys over at FTW RC announced a new clear body for the TLR 8ight-T truggy called the Phoenix. If you are looking to sport that wild “Extreme Cab Forward” look on your Losi then the Phoenix will be right down your alley.

The Phoenix is formed from .040″ polycarbonate and comes with window masks and over-spray protection. The part number for the FTW is #FTW00047 and it has a street price of $27.

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The Horizon UK website has just posted the new TLR 22SCT RTC. The RTC is Losi’s proven 22SCT platform that comes “ready to compete”- fully assembled, with decent tires and a 17.5 turn sensored brushless system. The RTC makes it very easy to go straight from the box to the track. Some of the features and specifications include-

* Completely built and Ready to Compete right out of the box
* Includes BRCA legal 17.5T Dynamite Platinum Sensored Motor
* Includes Dynamite ESC with selectable timing and non timing ‘blinky’ class programs
* Fully Ballraced
* Includes TLR high Performance SCT bodyshell pre-printed in striking Race inspired livery
* Built in Rear Motor Configuration (mid motor configuration parts not included)
* Includes fluid fillable gear differential
* Includes Spektrum DSM2 DX2L Radio with SR2530 micro 3-channel DSM2 Receiver
* Includes extra high-torque Steering Servo
* Length: 21.65″
* Width: 11.62″
* Height: 7.87″
* Ground Clearance: 1.30″
* Wheelbase: 12.80″
* Track: 11.42″
* Chassis: 2.5mm thick, 7075-T6 Aluminium
* Drivetrain: 2WD
* Differential: Gear Differential
* Wheel Type: Plastic Short Course w/ Beadlock 2/2″
* Wheel Diameter: 55.8mm/76.2mm
* Wheel Width: 39.0mm
* Weight: 1870g
* Does not include- battery or charger

To get more information on the 22SCT RTC hit up the official Horizon UK website. For more Losi news on BigSquid HERE is the link you want.

MIP Super Diff Kit Losi TLR 22 22T 22SCT
The Super Diff kits from MIP are legendary for their smooth operation and reliability. Now all you TLR/Losi 22, 22T, and 22SCT owners can rejoice, MIP has just released a new Super Diff for your rig. Part number for the new MIP 22 Super Diff is #12165, and here are some of the features-

* Hardened Alloy Steel for superior strength and Wear!
* American made High Strength diff rings!
* Precision machined for excellent bearing fits!
* MIP Team Tested and Approved!
* Does not include Diff Gear & Stock sealed Bearings!
* Quality made in the USA!

MIP Super Diff Traxxas SlashMIP didn’t forget about all you Traxxas Slash drivers, their new #12225 Super Diff pops right into your Slash and helps bring it up to competition level. Some of the features of the MIP Super Diff for the Traxxas Slash include-

* American made High Strength diff rings!
* Improves overall traction during cornering!
* Precision machined for Excellent Bearing Fit
* Hardened U.S. Grade Alloy Steel for Superior Strength & Wear
* Includes MIP Pin Screws for use with Traxxas Stock Drives, MIP X-Duty™, & MIP C-CVD™ Drives
* Lightweight to reduce rotating mass!
* 100% Quality made in the USA!

Retail price for the Losi diff is $35, while retail price for the Traxxas diff is $60. For more information hit up the official MIP Website.

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TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0 Kit
The new Ten-SCTE 2.0 Kit from Team Losi Racing has just been announced and it hosts a bunch of upgrades to improve performance over the original version. Some of these upgrades include-

* 3mm HARD-ANODIZED, 7075 Machined-Aluminum Chassis Plate
* Heavy-duty 4mm tie rods with captured ends
* HARD-Anodized aluminum threaded shocks
* Updated front and rear carbon fiber shock towers
* Updated motor and center diff placement
* Performance battery mounting system
* Updated diff cases
* Two complete wheel sets
* 12mm aluminum wheel hexes
* Hi-performance, high flow body
* Ti-Nitride shock shafts and hinge pins
* Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Adjustable pivots
* Aluminum bleeder shock caps
* Aluminum chassis braces

Street price for the new SCTE 2.0 is $470 with a release date of mid-March. Hit up the official TLR Website for all the juicy details.

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Team Losi Racing Eight 3.0 nitro buggy 8th scale
The latest from the crew over at Team Losi Racing (TLR) is the Eight 3.0 8th scale nitro buggy. The Eight 3.0 is the latest version of their extremely popular Eight series buggy and comes with multiple upgrades for increased performance. Some of those updates include-

* Improved suspension geometry
* Gen III radio tray
* 16mm shocks and tapered springs
* Adjustable aluminum front and rear pivots with inserts
* Front and rear center dogbone
* Brake caliper springs
* Improved droop screw system
* Race performance wickerbill system
* Aluminum bearing inserts
* Race-inspired dome wheels (2 sets)
* Lightweight outdrives
* Multiple sway bars included
* Heavy-duty 5mm turnbuckles
* Improved titanium carbo-nitride shock shaft and hinge pin coating
* Metal servo inserts
* Eight 3.0 body and wing
* Center dogbone drive system
* Option parts included- lightweight outdrives and spur, hinge pin braces, aluminum rear bearing inserts
* Part #TLR04000

TLR has announced a late April release date, and expect to see a street price of right around $700 on this one. Hit up the TLR Website for more information.

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