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Schumacher RC Hauler BagThe longer you are into rc, the more stuff you end up hauling around, at some point a hauler bag becomes a must have item. Schumacher has announced a big new hauler bag to help get all your gear to the track or local bash spot. Sized at 54 x 37 x 60cm, it comes with 5 tough corrugated boxes, a tool tray, and numerous pockets to keep your parts and tools organized.

The part number for the bag is #G355 and you can get more information by hitting up the official Schumacher Website.

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AKA Double Play Nut DriverWe are all about saving space and having the right tool for the job. Enter from stage left, the new AKA Double Play Nut Driver. The Double Play has a machined aluminum handle to shave weight, while it saves space by putting both a 5.5 & 7mm socket into one wrench. A hard anodized finished gives it a cool factory look and it has a street price of $29. If you want to get one on order, it has a part number of #44004 and they are expected to start shipping in about 2 weeks. For even more details hit up This Link over on the official AKA website.

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Revolution Design Ultra Torque Wrenches
Are you a tool snob? If you raise your hand yes, the folks over at Revolution Design Racing Products have some new high-end wrenches for you. Available in 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm, they have a large butterfly handle to bust loose even the most stubborn of bolts.

The part number for the 2.0 is #RDRP0227, the 2.5 is #RDRP0228, and the 3.0 is #RDRP0229. For complete details hit up This Link over on the RDRP website.

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Novak Wire Stripper Cutter
If you are an avid hobbyist, chances are you do a lot of solding on your cars and trucks. There is nothing like having the proper tool to get a job done right so the crew over at Novak have announced a Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool. Some of its features include-

* Built in cutter
* Comfortable handles
* Blades automatically adjust to wire
* Has screw to adjust jaw tension

The part number is #5880, they are street priced at $18, and they are available right now. Get complete details Right Here on Novak’s website.

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AKA Nut Driver
To make your life of wrenching a little easier, the crew over at AKA are teasing a nifty 2-n-1 Nut Driver. It fits the common 7 and 5.5mm nuts you are always wrenching on and was designed to save some space in your tool box. Hit up This Link to check out AKA’s official website.

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MIP Wrench Wraps
MIP Wrenches are the best you can buy and we use them every day around the BigSquidRC offices. However, they do have one downside, when you have a half dozen of them laying on your pit table, it isn’t easy to tell from a glance which size is which.

The folks over at MIP have now solved that problem with their new Wrench Wraps. The wrench wraps are color coded making it easy to pick the size you need out of a pile. Pricing is $1.25 each, but they also sell metric and SAE sets. Hit up This Link for more information over on MIP’s website.

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Hudy Turnbuckle Wrench
There is nothing like using the right tool for the job. Hudy has announced two new turnbuckle wrenches to make it easier to work on your rig. In both 5.5 and 6mm, the Hudy turnbuckle wrenches are hardened for long life and hand ground for a perfect fit.

The part number for the 5.5mm is #181055, the 6mm is #181060, and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Hudy website.

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Black Duratrax Pit stand
Black is the new blue when it comes to color in the rc world. Duratrax has noticed the trend and now you can get all of their popular pit stands in black. Made from high impact polystyrene with aluminum center posts, the Duratrax pit stands will not only last for years, but also make it a lot easier to wrench on your bash-mobile.

DTXC2369 – Car Stand-Black – $11
DTXC2379 – Truck Stand-Black – $17
DTXC2384 – Shock Stand-Black – $11
DTXC2389 – Tool Stand-Black – $13

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MIP Speed Tip Hex
MIP makes the best hex wrenches on the market, hence the reason we were stoked to see them introduce their Speed Tip Metric Hex Set. With this set you get the three most often used sizes, and their design allows you to quickly pop them in your cordless drill or screwdriver. Then you can let your cordless drill do all the work while you save wear and tear on your wrist.

The part number for the MIP Speed Tip Metric Set is #9512 and they are priced at $39. You can get more information at This Link.

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Hudy ProfiTools
While we are partial to MIP wrenches around the BSRC offices, Hudy is also known for their high quality tools. Recently they have announced several new tools including .050 & 5/64 Allen wrenchs, and a new 3mm A-arm reamer. Some of their features include-

* Comfortable, lightweight, plastic handle
* Hubs machined from aluminum for easy tip replacement
* The handmade, CAD designed, tips are formed from HUDY Spring Steel

To get more information on the new uber tools from Hudy simply click This Link.

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Savox 12 In 1 Driver Tool
When you bash hard, you break a lot of parts, therefore tools are of great importance to the BigSquidRC Bash Crew. We recently came across a 12 in 1 tool from Savox and had to give it a spin.

Inside the Savox 12 in 1 you’ll find-

* 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm hex tips
* 1/16″, 3/32″ hex tips
* 1.5 and 2.5mm straight slot tips
* PH00 and PH0 Phillips tips

All the tips are held inside the wrench until needed, then you slide out the one you need and get to work. We found the Savox multi-tool saved a bunch of space in our pit box and had a nice feel in the hand. It was a very handy tool that was higher quality than other “multi-tool” products we have tried in the past. If you are looking for one multi-tool to save some space in your pit box, the Savox worked well for us.

Street price for the Savox 12 in 1 is $19, the part number is SAVST1001, and you get one from your local HRP/Savox Dealer. Hit up This Link for more information on all the products that Savox has to offer.

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Need to get your work bench area cleaned up? Maybe you need some help in your pit area? Well Duratrax has you covered! They have released three new items to help you get your rc pit area organized!

duratrax_tool_stand_empty The Pit Tech Deluxe Tool Stand has 18 holes in the top plate to help keep your tools from rolling around your bench and getting lost. There are four compartments on the bottom for miscellaneous nuts bolts and parts. It has an aluminum center post for durability and can be dissembled and made flat for portability. It’s MADE IN the USA and has a price of $12.99

duratrax_pit_stand The Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand can help make working on your vehicle easier. It has a wide reinforced base that can handle most monster trucks and 1/8th scale buggies. The top plate rotates for easy access. It has a couple of parts trays on the bottom, and can also be disassembled and stored flat for carrying around with you. It’s MADE IN the USA and has a price of $17.99

duratrax_shock_stand_empty The Pit Tech Deluxe Shock Stand has eight hols to hold 1/10th or 1/18th scale shocks in multiple configurations for easy maintenance and assembly. The bottoms compartments can hold parts and o-rings, or be there to help catch oil when draining. It can be taken apart and made flat for portability. It’s MADE IN the USA and has a price of $11.99

For more details and information check out the Duratrax Website. Looking for more Duratrax news on Big Squid RC? Click this link.

serpent rc tools
You’ve got a high-zoot bash machine, maybe you want to pop for a good set of tools to wrench with. Serpent has announced a bunch of new tools to make your wrenching life easier. From hex drivers, to body reamer, to screw drivers, Serpent has you covered.

The handles have been designed to be lightweight, plus they are designed not to roll off your tailgate or pit table. As a special service, Serpent can also engraved your name on the handles, pretty cool! For durability, the tips are made out of precision machined hardened spring steel that should last a very long time.

The new Serpent tools should start to become available later this month. To get more information on the Serpent tools simply click THIS LINK.

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