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RPM ECX Caster Blocks
Have you been modding your ECX 2WD to make it as tough as it can be? If so, you should put a set of RPM Heavy Duty Caster Blocks on your “to order” list. Made from RPM’s legendary plastic, these are up to 20% thicker in key breakage areas and use a strengthening ridge to make them more rigid than the stock part.

The part number is #73442, they are street priced at $9, and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official RPM website.

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RPM RC Continues the love for all things ECX! Their latest Oversized Rear Axle Carriers will fit the ECX Boost, Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment 2wd vehicles. The new carriers fix several issues such as bearing life due to RPM allowing 5x11mm bearings instead of the stock 5x10mm. They are also much more durable over stock, as to be expected from an RPM product.

The RPM Rear Axle Carriers have part number #73572, and are priced at $11, and they should start hitting hobby shops pegs later this month. Get full details at This Link over on RPM’s website.

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RPM Rear Arms ECX Torment Ruckus Circuit
RPM has new rear a-arms for the ECX Ruckus/Circuit/Torment. Not only are the RPM arms much stronger than the stock units, but they are also higher performance. The RPM arms are built to tighter tolerances and are 21% lighter than the stock arms. Stronger, plus higher performance, plus lifetime warranty, equals winning!

The part number for the rear arms is #70462, they are priced at $11, and they should hit the market at the end of the month. Click Here to get complete details over on the official RPM website.

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ECX 2.1 Ruckus
ECX has some updated versions of their popular 2wd brushed vehicles. The update looks to be a LiPo compatible ESC, and while the price stays the same on the Boost buggy ($149), prices go up $20 for the Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment to $189.

To check out all the products that ECX offers here is a link to their Official Website, and you can Click Right Here for more ECX news on BigSquidRC.

RPM ECX Front A-arms Ruckus Circuit Torment
For all you ECX owners, the good folks over at RPM RC have announced Front A-Arms for the Torment, Ruckus, and Circuit. In typical RPM fashion, the new arms were designed for extreme use, built much beefier than that stock units, yet with tighter tolerances to reduce slop. Larger bosses are used in the hinge pins areas to reduce breakage, while angled leading edges help the arms slide over objects. RPM also removed the tiny outer hinge pin screws, replacing them with an in-line screw to help improve overall strength. They also come with RPM’s limited lifetime warranty against breakage for piece of mind.

The part number for the arms is #70582, they have a street price of $12 per pair, and they should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For complete information hit up This Link to head over to the RPM website.

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Torment Xtreme LCG Kit

I have a new Torment and I’m interested in putting an Xtreme LCG kit on my truck. My only question is, what is the ground clearance after you put the Xtreme LCG kit on the Torment? How does this truck compare to a 2wd Slash with the STRC LCG kit on it as far as handling goes?

I want to buy another Torment for my 6 yr. son so we can go to our local track and race in the 2wd stock class. I was thinking that if the Slash with STRC kit on it is a much better setup than the Torment, I would give my Torment to my son, and buy a Slash for myself and put the STRC kit on it. I would of course put the Xtreme kit on the Torment for my son. Thanks.
Bryan F.

Cubby- Guess what Bryan? I proclaim your email as “Letter of the Month”, shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with a free t-shirt.

We haven’t tested the Xtreme LCG set-up for the ECX Torment, so I can’t state first hand what it handles like or if it’s worth the cashola. What advice I will give you is this- if both you and your son plan on running at the track it will be cheaper/easier to keep spare parts if you both run the same machine. If you run a Slash and he runs an ECX, you’ll need parts for both, while if you both run the same thing you can pick up a beater off eBay or Craigslist and have a spare of everything on hand while you bash. And remember, it’s not a matter of if you’ll need parts, it is a matter of when and how many, so you will be needing plenty of spares.

A stock 2wd Slash drives well, dropping it with the STRC LCG kit makes it even better at a reasonable price. Should you decide to go that direction you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy your new BigSquidRC shirt and let me know what you ended up buying for a second vehicle.

I have an Ofna Hyper 10SC Nitro Truck that I want to convert to electric…
Can you help me with a kit or other ideas?
Mario A.

Cubby- Yo hey Mario, thanks for the email.

So… you want to convert your nitro Ofna 10SC to electric. I think I would probably skip that process, and here’s why. By the time you buy a conversion kit, buy all the electronics and spend the time doing the install, you probably could have spent a few more bucks and bought a brand new Losi SCTE RTR or Slash 4×4 RTR. So while it certainly is possible to convert your truck over, I would sell the nitro and pick up a new ride that comes out of the box kick’n electric power. Just my 2 cents, but then I’m ultra lazy and hate wrenching.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot me your questions, rants, and epic meltdowns to Cubby at If your letter makes the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” (like I did Bryan’s this week) you’ll win a free BSRC t-shirt. Be cool, shoot me your letters.
YOUR Cub Reporter

ECX Brushless Ruckus
Both the ECX Torment SCT and the ECX Ruckus have made quite an impact on the bashing scene. Now ECX has made them even more powerful by releasing brushless powered versions.

A Dynamite 3300kv 4 pole brushless motor is used to give the two trucks a healthy increase in power, while heavy duty driveshafts help to make it bulletproof. The part number for the new brushless Torment is #ECX03008, while the brushless Ruckus has a part number of #ECX03009. Expect both trucks to come fully RTR and have a street price of right around $289.

For more information check out THIS LINK to head over to the official ECX website. Looking for more ECX news? We have more HERE on BigSquidRC.


I have a ECX Torment that I am modding, and would like to know what kind of shocks/shock oil I should get for asphalt bashing. I already put in a brushless system, a metal transmission, and some street shoes. I would prefer is the shocks were 20-35 buck for eah front or rear set. ( total cost of 70 bucks or less).
Marcus F.

Cubby- Yo hey Marcus, thanks for the email, shoot me or Brian your snail mail so we can get ya out a big ole’ sticker pack.
I see that you have two options-
1. Install new uber shocks
2. Retain the stockers and tune them up

For going route #1- buy new Pro-Line Powerstroke shocks. These are slightly out of your budget but worth the extra cash. They’re tough, look awesome, and work like butter. Start by installing Associated 40 weight oil front and rear and ditching the stock two-stage springs. I say this because a straight rate spring will work better for on-road use, so install Losi “blue” springs front and rear. That should be a good baseline, then tune from there for your driving style and grip levels.

Route #2- Install Associated 70 weight oil in the front and 50 weight in the rear. Keep the stock rear springs, but go with Associated “red” springs in the front. This should be a good baseline for running on pavement or other high grip surfaces.

Whether you go route #1 or #2- Set ride height to arms slightly below level front, and bones slightly below level rear. This helps keep your CG down while still having more than enough travel to soak up road joints and the occasional rock. This is also fine for small jumps like curbs and such. Install washers to limit down travel under the shock pistons. You don’t need a bunch of down-travel when driving on-road, when you limit some out your truck will stay lower and be faster in the corners. Start with 5mm of spacers under each piston and go from there. Have fun, go fast, send pictures of your beast when you are done.

I have the Vaterra Glamis Uno. I read your review and I found it accurate. At the end you gave workability a D, which I find fair, but there was nothing difficult about setting gear mesh. It you meant taking off the cover, just unscrew it, and the bar that makes it impossible to remove, there is a screw in that bar, just to the right before shock. Once removed you can pivot that bar out and then take the cover off. Great review though, it’s an amazing buggy and worth the price.
Sean M

Cubby- Well ya of course our review was accurate, we aren’t the dinosaur media. LOL But seriously, thanks for the props. And… while you may think adjusting the pinion/spur mesh is great fun, it’s way more time consuming than on a typical buggy/truck. Adjusting mesh is one of the core mechanical jobs on an rc car, it should be easy, not a 5 step process. Understandably, for every upside (scale looks, great handling) there has to be a downside (work-a-bility). Building an rc car from the ground up is a huge series of compromises, and quite frankly I think Vaterra went the right way with the Glamis. I think what they gained in scale appearance and driving prowess was worth the extra wrenching time.

Overall, for bashing purposes, the Glamis Uno is the star of the Vaterra line-up. The Glamis has scale attributes without the downside
of lugging around a huge SCT body, and the stock power system has more than enough yank to do crazy stuff with. On top of all that, it is arguably the best driving 2wd we’ve ever tested. We fight over who gets to drive our review unit, it has a few downsides, but how it drives more than makes up for it.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot your emails to me- Cubby at If yours makes the big-time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” we’ll even send ya a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt. YOUR Cub Reporter

ECX Price Drop and Upgrades
We have previously posted about the new upgrades the 10th scale line-up from ECX is receiving for 2013. The upgrades include things like a Spektrum DX2E transmitter, new body designs, wheels/tires, and waterproof electronics.

Now ECX has announced a permanent price drop on their 10th scale vehicles. While prices from other manufactures are going up, ECX is out to save you some cash. The new prices are $149 for the Boost Buggy and the Circuit Stadium Truck, while $169 is the price point for the Torment SCT and the Ruckus Monster Truck. For more information on everything ECX hit THIS LINK for their official website.

How about checking out more ECX News right here on BigSquidRC.

ECX Summer 2013 updates
Horizon has announced that their updated ECX line-up will be hitting hobby shops this summer. Some of the updates include-

* New bodies/colors
* Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz transmitters
* Waterproof Spektrum SR201 receivers
* Waterproof Dynamite 15T Tazer ESC
* Heavy duty drive-shafts
* Dynamite 15 turn motors for the Ruckus and Torment
* Dynamite 20 turn motors for the Boost and Circuit

The ECX’s are some of the most popular bashers on the market, the new updates should make them even better. Hit up the official ECX Website for more information.

Stamp it, another week in the books. How about trying your luck on a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link?

Yes, it has been a while, but we don’t just hand these things out to anyone who wants to toss us cash like the other industry awards. The Basher Approved award is probably one of the most sought after awards in the RC world because companies actually have to EARN it! It’s our stamp of approval, and we take this thing pretty seriously now a days.
I’d like to take a moment and congratulate two companies on their products that have made our prestigious list. First is the ARRMA Granite. Not only did this truck win our 2WD Monster Truck Shootout, but it backed up it’s toughness with an insane crash and bash beat down video while we were trying to destroy it.

Next the ECX Torment short course truck. You can read our Updated Review Here to get our overall opinion, but the short version is this truck is indestructible. We have been beating on this truck for months, and it does not even blink. I feel sorry for the hobby shop that bought a bunch of parts to have in stock for people, because they aren’t going to be selling them any time soon.

You can read all about our BASHER APPROVED AWARD as well as get more details about the winners, and see other vehicles that have achieved this elite status.


NeXXt Review…
*Handling – 7/10 -* The NeXXt is not the worst driving vehicle we’ve ever tested, but it was pretty darn close.
It’s gets a passing grade even though it’s one of the worst vehicles you’ve ever driven? I think your scale is a bit off.

Cubby- Yo what’s up Jason, thanks for the email and be sure to shoot Brian your snail mail for some of our uber stickers to paste your rig with.

I’ve explained this before, but I’ll post it up again for those readers that may have missed it. Since we’ve gone to the 1-10 rating system we rarely use 6′s or below. For the most part we use 7-10 as sort of a grade system, such as 9-10 being a type of “A” and being superior, an 8-9 being a sort of “B” and being “above average”, etc. Starting in 2013 we will be going to the grade system. Instead of a 1-10, we’ll simply be going by grades, A through F, which in theory should be easier for readers to relate to, and easier for us reviewers to stay consistent with. High hopes, I know. :)

As far as the NeXXt goes we gave it a 7 out of 10 for handling even though IMO it was one of the worst rc vehicles I’ve driven in the last 30 years. However.. we use multiple testers, and not all felt the same way I did. While I did not enjoy the NeXXt bouncing around like a basketball with 50 psi of air in it, other testers thought that was a blast. Iron Mike couldn’t get enough wheel time with the NeXXt, and each time he got to drive it he would plow straight into the roughest section of track he could find just to get it bouncing all over the place. What was fun to Iron Mike was pure hell to me, and that’s why we use a multitude of testers in pretty much everything we review here. Each and every one of our readers is different, enjoying different handling styles, etc. We attempt to get a broad spectrum of input from our testers because we already know you guys have very diverse tastes, then we attempt to state as many of our opinions as possible to get you guys in the ballpark with whether or not you would enjoy the product.

There it is, and there ya are Jason. If you don’t dig a buggy that bounces around uncontrollably, the NeXXt is NOT for you, but if you are as brain damaged as Iron Mike, you might laugh yourself silly every moment you are pulling trigger on it.

Oh and.. I’m wayyyy too lazy to check, but I would doubt that we’ve issued too many handling scores lower than the one we gave to the NeXXt, if you have some free time research that for me and LMK.

Young bashers vs. new battery tech

I have a truck/battery tech question that I’m seeking expert advice on and believe you can best answer. The forums are filled with so-so or partial answers so I’d like your take on the matter. I’ve been out of the hobby for over 20 years and battery tech has evolved quite a bit.

My kids (4&6 yrs old) have been begging for R/C vehicles and this year Santa is coming to the rescue. The younger one wants a Gravedigger 30th anniversary RTR and the other a HPI Blitz RTR. Both come with LiPo cutoff and brushed motors. While shopping for a charger, I came to the following conclusions. Overnight chargers will not cut it and good NiMh chargers can only handle one battery at a time. I’d need two chargers to keep up with two kids, and we’d still spend most of the day charging. In cutting to the chase, why not just go LiPo, where I can balance charge in parallel – with one potent charger (liking the i-charger 400W). I am eying up the Turnigy Nano-Tech 2S2P 5800 mah batteries which are no more expensive than NiMh and they can provide the desired run times of around 20-30 min. Charging at a 2C rate safely at 5A, I should be able to charge two batteries in a more reasonable amount of time. I’m not interested in speed at this time, but can’t see sinking one dime into NiMh battery tech.

Q1: In keeping with the brushed motors for the time being, are we going to fry motors or ESC’s with this brushed /5800 LiPo set-up sooner than brushed/5000mah NiMh?

Q2: Assuming heat in the motors/ESC is what kills them – and for my newbie kids, top speed is irrelevant, what gearing should I go with?

Q3: Is there another battery tech that is better for my application such as A123′s LiFe – the rumor being it offers lower voltage and is less damaging than the LiPo?

Love the reviews – keep em coming. They led me (and my son) to the Blitz RTR. Also, the 30th anniversary Gravedigger, with 2.4 Ghz resolved my issue with Traxxas putting crap Radios with their basic RTR packages.

Thanks in advance,

Ed M.

Cubby- Wow, a lot to chew on in your email Ed, but thanks for taking the time to write in.

First- to your direct questions.

Q1- Are you going to fry more motors when using a 2S Lipo or when using a 6 cell Ni-Mh? Answer- I have never buckled down and done a somewhat scientific study on that one. The Lipo will maintain a higher voltage under load, thus making your motor faster, but it is much lighter. The Ni-Mh is putting out less voltage/slower, but it’s heavier to hall around. I’ve done impromptu testing on this subject, but it always yielded spotty results for me- sometimes the motor driven off a Lipo lasted longer, sometimes it was the motor being powered by the Ni-Mh. If I had a spare 100 hours or so I’d doing more testing on this for ya, but I don’t, so I’m not going to give you a solid answer on this one.

Q2- What gearing should you go with? I am a big fan of gearing via temp gauge. Your kids may never get the stock motors hotter than 100 F with bone stock gearing due to their driving styles, in that case you could elect to leave gearing stock. Or you may choose to drop a few teeth on the pinion to knock a few mph off the top end (making them easier to drive) and get longer run-times. Whatever you do gearing wise, pick up a cheap temp gauge from your LHS and use it. Below 120 is awesome for motor life, 120-160 is less than optimal, and hotter than that and you start ruining electronics. But… IMO more important than gearing is properly seating the brushes on those RTR brushed motors. Out of the box most RTR brushed motors arc like mad because the brushes are not seated properly to the comm, thus causing lots of extra heat, wasted energy, and short lifespans. Yes, water dipping a RTR motor is time consuming, it might take up to an hour per motor in the water to seat the brushes, but it is well worth it if you are wanting to get the maximum life (and power, and run-time) out of a motor.

Q3- Is there better battery tech out there for your application than A123 LiFe cells? The A123′s have one major downfall, their form factor. They are a PITA to fit properly in most of our vehicles. And yes, 2 cell LiFe vs 2S Lipo, the LiFe are about 1 volt less under load, meaning your truck will feel significantly slower unless you gear up. But… when you gear up you pull more amperage to make the power, making more heat. Lastly, A123 filed for bankruptcy a couple of months ago, and they haven’t been supporting the rc hobby the last couple of years, so I would not recommend you buy them at this time.

My recommendation to you is… wait for it… no, seriously wait for it… Ni-Mh.

I have a 5 yr old son that is getting his first ever rc truck for Christmas this year. In theory I plan on him doing most of his own charging (we’ll see how well that goes.. LOL) so he’s getting a new ECX Torment and four 1800 mah Ni-Mh packs with an old school Dynamite twin peak charger. I’ve water dipped the motor and made sure the slipper is a bit on the loose side so when he pins it WFO against a wall it burns up the slipper and not something else. I’m going Ni-Mh for this reason- you can do stupid stuff to a Ni-Mh and not get into much trouble, that is not the case with Lipo. For years I was paid to burn Lipo’s up, I know first hand how they react in a thermal runaway, and while the chance is small it might happen, I don’t want my 5 year old anywhere near a Lipo fire.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of lunatics, submit your questions, answers, and anything else in that demented brain of yours to Cubby at If your email makes the big time on our front page you’ll get free stickers, and if I pick yours as letter of the month you’ll be dialed with an uber new BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter


What say you? What is the best 2 wheel short course available right now?
Keep up the good work
George F.

Cubby- Hey what’s up George, thanks for the email and shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with a BigSquidRC sticker pack.

The word “best” is a very powerful word. Not that I’m going to skirt around the question, but the word “best” used in conjunction with short course trucks can have many different answers. For example, what is the best turning 2wd SCT? IMO it’s the Venom Gambler in mid-motor configuration. With proper tires and tuning nothing rails corners like the Venom can. What is the best overall handling 2wd SCT? For pure bashing I’d say the Slash, but for track use my vote would go to the Durango. For pure toughness, which is the best? IMO that would go to the ARRMA Fury. Which is the best value? My vote would go squarely to the Torment.

However… none of those “bests” mean a darn thing to you George, or any of our other readers out there. The only “best” you give a dern about is which of those trucks meets your criteria making it the best one for you and your specific needs. Your email you give me absolutely zero specifics to see how you would be using a new SCT, so I would highly recommend you read a bunch of our reviews and make your buying decision based on those.

But… as I attempt to never “dodge” a question, I will blindly say go for the ECX Torment if you are looking to save some bucks, or take home a new Durango DESC210 if you are looking for something for both bashing and track use. But those are just my personal picks, if you would ask one of the other guys sitting around the office I’m quite certain their picks would be different.

Hi Cubby,
I caught the bigsquidrc live show last night and I had to shoot your an email and say that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Keep it real guys and thanks for taking rc talk to the next level.

Cubby- Hey Henry, thanks for the props on the show. It wasn’t ment to be uber polished, nor some super high buck production, what it was ment to be was just some good ole’ laid back rc bench racing, and I hope it came across that way. Well actually, I hope it was at least worth your time and kept you interested for at least 10 minutes.

First off, expect us to be doing more “BigSquidRC Live” shows each Wednesday evening, for at least a few more weeks to sort out if they are truly worth doing or not. So if you haven’t already made plans, make them now for next Wednesday evening 12/5. It might be at 10 pm CST, but we are also considering 9 pm CST to make it easier on our East Coast viewers.

We had talked for a long time about doing a podcast, but I rarely listen to them. In fact most of our guys don’t listen to podcasts as they take up a lot of time and most come across as boring. We had also talked about doing something video related, but that also sort of fell short of what we were looking to do.

Then… the Google Plus Hangout technology came along, and with most of us being “tech” types we latched onto it. We’ve had a blast over the past few weeks using the technology and we were hoping you guys would enjoy watching us goof around while doing some rc talk. The G+ tech also allows for soooo many possibilities in the future, the current set-up is cool, but I think it will really come to fruition when our readers can join in live on cam as well. Full live video chat between us and our readers is ultimately the goal I think.

We’ll be trying out a bunch of stuff in the coming weeks, everyone please shoot us an email telling us what you think is working, what is worth watching, and what’s not. I think as long as we are all having fun it will be entertaining. Yes certainly its needs some polish, and none of the BSRC staffers are models nor incredible speakers. But… what we are is average Joes just like most of our readers, and I think that relationship can make the “BigSquidRC Live” concept really take off.

That’s it for this week folks, shoot me your questions, rants, rants, or anything else in that deviant mind of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com! If your question makes the bigtime on the front page you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim your email as “email of the month” we’ll totally hook you up with a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter