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Serpent Natrix 748 Nitro Touring Car
Yesterday Serpent announced the 747-e, a 10th scale nitro converted to electric. Today Serpent has dropped their new 200mm nitro touring car, the Natrix 748. If you are really serious about nitro touring car racing, or simply want a very high end nitro burning on-road car, or just want to go really fast on-road, the new Natrix 748 should be of interest to you.

* Lighter and smoother diffs
* Smoother braking action
* New lower sitting fuel tank
* New chassis with engine placed more towards rear

The 748 has a part number of #804007, a release date of late May, and you can hit up This Link to check out the official Serpent website.

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Serpent 747-e 200mm
Based on the 747 nitro sedan, Serpent has announced the electric 747-e. Starting out as a nitro sedan gives the car a couple of advantages, it makes the 747-e easier to drive, and you end up with a car that is more rugged than a “normal” touring car. Recommended power system is a 3S LiPo, 540 brushless motor of less than 5000kV, and an 8th scale ESC.

* Carbon fiber chassis, top deck, battery holders, and shock towers
* Gear diffs front and rear
* Bearings used on roll bars
* CVDs used in front, dogbones used in the rear
* Low friction belts

The part number for the 747-e is #804006 and you can get complete information at This Link on Serpent’s website.

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PROTOform anti-tuck body stiffeners
If you’ve done any touring car driving, you have probably experienced body tuck. If you haven’t, body tuck is when one of your buddies hits the rear of your car causing the body to get sucked into the wheel. Body tuck makes your car extremely hard to drive and can definitely ruin a good run out on the track.

PROTOform has some new Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners to eliminate the problem. These are molded out of crystal clear Lexan and mount with three screws. The stiffeners also help to reduce unwanted body fluttering at speed. The part number for the stiffeners is #1721-00, they have a street price of $10, and you can get more information at This Link over on PROTOform’s website.

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Team Durango DETC410 Unboxing
Team Durango, once a tiny, relatively unknown race oriented company, has become mainstream since being distributed by Great Planes. Part of going mainstream in rc is developing a wider product base. While Durango was well known for their uber off-roaders, they never offered anything for the on-road crowd.

Several months ago Durango started teasing a new high-end touring car. That car, the DETC410, has finally hit the market. The DETC410 fits the mold of most Durango products- the latest in engineering, and manufactured from high-end materials.

View below our unboxing pictures for the DETC410. Inside the box you’ll find a series of well organized plastic bags, several of which filled with trick looking aluminum and carbon fiber parts. What you won’t find inside the box are wheels, tires, or a body. Like most top-of-the-line products, Durango has excluded them so you can use the exact units that best suit your needs. We’ve included pictures of the Muchmore wheels/tires and PROTOform Mazda body that will be outfitting our test machine.

Our full review of the DETC is still a couple of weeks away, until then you can click This Link to check out more information over on the official Durango website.

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Schumacher Mi1v2 Touring Car
Schumacher introduced a new entry level racing touring car at the Nuremburg show a few weeks ago, now they have released full information and pictures. The Mi1v2 was designed to be durable, easy to maintain, and fun to drive. Some of its highlights include-

* 4 wheel dual belt drive
* Aluminum motor mount and shock bodies
* Designed for use with LiPo batteries
* Ball diffs
* S1 composite chassis, towers and top deck
* 24 ball bearings

The part number is #K151 and you can get more information by clicking This Link.

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PROTOform MAZDA6 GX Clear Body
When it comes to making world class racing bodies for touring cars, PROTOform is the king of the hill. Their latest body, the Mazda6 GX, is sure to win as many races as it will turn heads with its cool look.

The PROTOform Mazda6 GX is a 190mm clear Lexan body designed to fit on touring cars. It comes with details like hood air extractors, striking lines, and a signature Mazda grill. The body is fully licensed and comes with overspray protection, window masks, and a rear wing.

There are two part numbers, #1536-25 for the light weight version, #1536-30 for the regular, and you can expect a street price of right around $25. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official PROTOform website.

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HPI Ford Mustang GT-R Sprint 2 Flux
The Ford Mustang GT-R Spint 2 Flux from HPI Racing has hot scale looks and brushless power to go fast. On the outside it sports a fully licensed body that looks very much like its full scale counterpart, while under the hood a 5900kv brushless motor makes sure it has enough power to make it a thrill to drive. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Waterproof
* Flux 5900kv brushless motor
* 2.4GHz radio system
* Officially licensed body
* Orange anodized aluminum parts
* Officially licensed Rays/Volk wheels
* Complete bearing set
* Belt driven 4wd
* Length- 17″
* Wheelbase- 10″
* Width- 7.9″

The part number for the Mustang Sprint 2 Flux is #112710 and it has a street price of $349. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Durango DETC410 Touring Car
The crew over at Team Durango have been teasing a high end touring car for several months now. The name of their first ever on-road car is the DETRC410 and they have just released a new teaser image. As you can see from the picture if definitely looks high end, with loads of carbon fiber and distinct gold anodized aluminum parts. We hear the full release isn’t far away, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until then, you can hit up This Link for a bit more information.

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Yokomo BD7 2014 Touring Car
Touring cars might not be all the rage like they used to be, but that hasn’t kept the manufactures from continuing to improve the breed. The latest uber touring from Yokomo is the BD7 2014. The BD7 2014 Edition is a belt driven 4wd, littered with carbon fiber goodness from nose to tail. The 2014 Edition comes with small upgrades over the previous version, including hard anodized shock bodies and a revised motor mount for more centralized mass and the ability to run larger pinions.

The part number for the new Yokomo is #MRTC-BD714 and they should start hitting hobby shops in late December.

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Associated RC10TC6.2 Factory Team Kit
Team Associated has announced the latest version of their top end touring car, the TC6.2 Factory Team. The TC6.2 FT has numerous improvements to make it better than ever.

* Floating spur gear mount
* Floating servo mount
* Updated bulkheads and arm mount system
* Narrow 2.25mm graphite laminate chassis
* Optimized dual bellcrank ball bearing steering system
* Lower spur gear and top plate
* VCS3 shocks
* Lightweight rear gear diff and front spool
* 22 ball bearings
* Cross-compatibility with TC6.1 suspension components

The part number is #30109 and it has a December release date. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Vaterra 10th Nissan Silvia S15 RTR
The on-road cars from Vaterra not only take scale realism to the next level, but have proven tough bash machines out in the field. The latest on-roader from Vaterra is a Nissan Silvia S15 4wd touring car. With a hot Silvia body on the tough Vaterra V100-C chassis, it should be a great car to drive on the weekends. Some of its features include-

* Licensed Nissan Silvia S15 body
* Comes on 10th scale 4wd Vaterra V100-C chassis
* Rear diffuser & front splitter
* Dynamite brushed power system w/ 15 turn motor
* Waterproof
* Comes with everything in the box
* Comes with racing wing & front dive planes

The part number for the Vaterra Silvia is #VTR03008, it has a street price of $289, and you can get more information at This Link.

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Tamiya TRF418 touring car
The folks over at Tamiya have been teasing their next uber touring car for a while, finally they have released pictures and information. As you can see from the pictures the new TRF418 is an aluminum and carbon fiber work of art. If you are looking for a top of the line touring car, the TRF418 has to be on your list. Some of its highlights include-

* Identical front and rear bulkheads
* Separate center bulkhead
* Weight reduction of 2 grams compared to previous model
* Stabilizers now attached with ball connectors
* New steering arms give more linear feel
* Includes 20 tooth pinion

USA Spec version includes-

* Damper Springs – soft & hard, 2pcs. each
* Soft Stabilizer Rods- front & rear, 1pc. each
* 1 additional set of Suspension Arms
* 1 additional set of Front and Rear Uprights
The part number for the new Tamiya TRF418 is #42270, it has a MSRP of (hope you are sitting down for this one) $1116.00, and they should start hitting hobby shops in December. Hit up This Link for more information.

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XRay T4 2014 Touring Car
When you think of high-end touring cars, the name XRay has to be at the top of the list. Their latest offering, the T4 2014 Edition, has just been announced and it features a slew of upgrades for more traction and improved steering.

* All-new suspension holders
* All-new suspension bushings
* All-new chassis design
* All-new top deck design
* All-new arm design
* All-new smart Suspension Flex Adjustment
* All-new layshaft bulkheads
* All-new motor mount
* All-new aluminum steering plate
* All-new shock spring harnesses

The part number for the XRay T4 2014 is #300020 and you can get more information by hitting This Link.

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