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PROTOform Elite Wing

PROTOform Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit

New from PROTOform is the Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit. The wing is molded from genuine Lexan and is shaped to give your 1/10th touring car a neutral feel while driving. It can also be run in three different configurations to suit different track conditions. The wing has a part number of #1724-17 and is street priced at $11. For complete details [...]


Kyosho TF7

Kyosho TF7 Touring Car

For all you go fast touring car types, Kyosho has just announced the TF7. The TF7 is a high-end 1/10th scale touring car designed to crush track records, or to be an uber platform for your next on-road build. Some of its highlights include- * Floating servo mount AND battery (both are suspended from upper bulkheads) * 4wd using 2 belts * Spool [...]


VBC Racing Ghost EVO RM SPEC Touring Car

VBC Racing Ghost EVO RM Spec Touring Car

The latest and greatest from VBC Racing is the Ghost EVO RM Spec Touring Car. The “RM” in the name stands for Ryan Maker, a championship winning VBC driver from Australia. The RM spec touring car is loaded with carbon fiber goodness and other trick parts. Some highlights of the Ghost EVO RM include- * Completely redesigned from the original Ghost * [...]


Team C TC10 2015

Team C 2015 TC10 Touring Car

New from Team C is the 2015 Edition of the TC10 touring car. The previous version of the TC10 was known for its smooth drivetrain, precise handling, and easy adjustability. So what’s new on the ’15? * New motor mount * New battery mount * New hard suspension arms * New aluminum steering plate * New gear box Pricing and more details have yet to be [...]


Serpent Natrix 748-e 200mm

Serpent Natrix 748-e 200mm Electric Touring Car

While most electric touring cars are 190mm in width, the latest from Serpent comes in at a nitro sized 200mm. The Natrix 748-e is based off the nitro powered 748 making it extra durable and giving it an extra 10mm in width to help make it more stable. * Suitable for use on large 8th scale tracks * Uses wide foam tires * [...]


PROTOform Caddy

PROTOform Cadillac ATS-V.R Clear Body

Put a trick new look on your touring car with a Cadillac ATS-V.R Body from PROTOform. The fully licensed Cadillac body is formed from genuine crystal clear .030 Lexan with strong attention to scale detailing. Molded nylon wing struts are included, as are window masks, overspray film, and an extensive decal sheet. The body is priced at $28, it has a [...]


VBC GhostEVO Carbon Touring Car

VBC Racing GhostEVO Carbon Touring Car Kit

VBC Racing has announced a Carbon Fiber version of their GhostEVO touring car. It comes loaded with carbon fiber parts to make it not only look cool, but to perform better than ever. * Carbon fiber chassis, upper deck, and shock towers * Full bearing set * 7075 aluminum parts * Long travel aluminum shocks * Floating servo mount * Low friction belt system The GhostEVO Carbon [...]


VBC GhostEVO Touring Car Kit

VBC Racing GhostEVO Touring Car Kit

Designed to make an affordable platform for VTA Racing, the new GhostEVO from VBC Racing should be a strong performer on the track (or around the cul-de-sac). The GhostEVO is a an all new design that features an FRP chassis and top deck to keep costs down. 7075 aircraft grade aluminium is used in strategic areas (like the motor mount) [...]


PROTOform PFM-10

PROTOform PFM-10 Clear Body

PROTOform has just announced a hot new body, the PFM-10. After the success of the smaller PFM-12, PROTOform decided to scale it up to fit 1/10th 190mm touring cars. Styled after British supercars, the PFM-10 is sure to turn heads when it hits the tarmac. The new PFM-10 comes clear so you can put your favorite paint scheme on it, [...]


LRP S10 Blast TC 2 Brushless RTR

LRP S10 Blast TC 2 Brushless RTR Touring Car

Tear up some pavement with the new S10 Blast TC 2 Brushless RTR from LRP. Featuring an 8.5 turn 4300kV LRP Vector motor and LRP Spin Pro ESC, the S10 Blast TC 2 is splash-proof and ready to bash. Big bore oil filled shocks come standard, as do CVD front drive shafts and sway bars. * Full ball bearing [...]



HPI/HB Pro5 Touring Car

First shown at the Nuremburg Toy Fair a few weeks ago, full information has been released on the new HPI/HB Pro5 touring car. The Pro5 is a high-end racing kit loaded with all the trick goodies that hardcore on-roaders are looking for. Some of the features of the Pro5 include- * New motor mount for optimized weight distribution * 7075 aluminum bulkheads * [...]


Killerbody RC Furious Angel Body

Killerbody RC Furious Angel Body

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, Vanning is a “thing” over in Japan (our own Jeff Hoy is really into this movement). This is where the hip crowd in Japan modify vans to make them look as wild as possible by adding HUGE wings, long overhangs, exotic paint schemes, and of course, lots of lights. To celebrate the vanning culture the [...]


PROTOform Dodge Dart Body

PROTOform Dodge Dart Clear Touring Car Body

PROTOform has teamed up with Dodge yet again to come up with their most advanced touring car body ever, the Dodge Dart. The latest offering from PROTOform is officially licensed by Dodge and brings the aggressive look of the Dart to the touring car crowd. Designed for a neutral feel with ample steering and a planted rear end, the Dart [...]



ARC R10 ATS Edition Touring Car

The touring car world continues to push the envelope on trick designs. The latest comes from ARC with their R10 ATS 1/10 touring car. The ATS stands for active toe system. This is a type of rear suspension that changes toe as the suspension compresses, leading to more on-power steering when coming out of a corner. The ATS system isn’t the [...]


PROTOform Touring Car Body

Teaser – New Touring Car Race Body from PROTOform

Speaking of a 10 Year Anniversary, the IIC is having theirs out in Vegas this weekend. As with most “big races”, lots of new gear gets shown off. Of particular interest to touring car drivers is a new PROTOform body being raced by Juho Levanen. No details have been released, but if it’s PROTOform its likely to be setting the [...]