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Graupner Transmitters
Graupner might not be the biggest name in the bashing community, but they have a long history in our hobby and most recently are best known for their touch screen battery chargers and transmitters. Last week at the HobbyTown USA Convention was the first time we were able to lay hands on their new products and we have to say they certainly looked good. Hopefully we will get a chance to review them in the near future.

Getting Graupner products here in the states hasn’t been easy the last few years, but that is all about change as Tower Hobbies is gearing up to carry many of their products. We haven’t heard any word on when they will be in stock so we will pass along that information when we hear it. Until then you can hit up This Link to learn more about all the products in Graupner’s catalog.

Happy Friday, the weekend is nearly here! Have you clicked a TGIF Mystery Link yet?

Kyosho Great Planes Hobbico

Will we be seeing Kyosho being sold again at Great Planes & Tower Hobbies this summer?

We know bashers are always looking to save a few bucks, and holiday weekends are a good time to do that! Here are some sales we have found floating around the web! If you know of any other sales or coupon codes, drop us an email and we will add them to the list!

First up we have a Pro-Line Racing coupon code. You can save 15% on your entire order by using code HONOR15 from now to Monday May 27th 2013. Click HERE to visit the Pro-Line Racing site and use the code.

Next up there is a sale going on over at A Main Hobbies. From now till Monday May 27th 2013 you can get FREE shipping on most orders over $25 as well as save 10% using the coupon code MEMHK513. Click HERE to visit the A Main Hobbies site and use your coupon code.

Our friends over at Tower Hobbies are showing their support by putting together a huge list of MADE IN THE USA rc products for you to check out. There is some good stuff listed over there, and if you have been thinking about picking up a copy of Real Flight, now might be a good time. Check out the Tower Hobbies MADE IN USA list.

acer girlThe folks from Acer Racing are offering 10% off with their coupon code E10! They always have free world wide shipping as well. So if you are looking to make the jump to some serious bearings go get your 10% off!

Also, many hobby shops have sales on the holiday weekends as well! So take the some time this weekend and head out to your local shop and see what they have to offer! Make sure to tell them Big Squid RC sent ya!

Don’t forget to pay your respects to the men and women who gave their lives protecting and serving our country. And keep in mind those that are still out there doing their job and risking their lives every day!

people of efest 2013 volume 2
Pictured above with the BSRC crew is Kevin Hisel, a man you might recognize from that big thick Tower Hobbies catalog you get every few months. Kevin is VP at Tower and was one of the many industry people that made eFest a very special event. eFest was a great place to actually talk with the people that have made and shaped our hobby, just as it was for talking to people that drove 8 hours just to enjoy flying their plane indoors and hang out with their fellow hobbyists. Check out the galleries below to see even more happy hobbyists, and hit up THIS link for more eFest 2013 coverage.

tower f6f hellcat

New from Tower Hobbies comes the F6F Hellcat. The F6F Hellcat was designed after the success of the F4F Wildcat during WWII. The Tower Hobbies plane is a easy, glue-free assembly model that comes with brushless motor, esc and 4 micro servos. Since it’s a Rx-R (receiver ready), all you need to supply is the radio, receiver and battery. It has a 39 inch (990mm) wingspan, and a street price of about $130.

We have been posting more RC Plane news lately, so if that’s your thing, click Looking for more here.

team durango In what is probably good news for most Team Durango fans, Great Planes will now be distributing the full Durango product line. We sort of guessed this would happen after Hobbico purchased Durango, but it’s good news because Durango parts and kits will be available through Tower Hobbies! That will make it MUCH easier to get parts and things very quickly, plus GP has some great support!

Make sure you head over to Team Durango page for vehicles or details.

Cyber Monday Just saw over on the TowerHobbies site they are wrapping up their Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals today and letting you sort of ‘double dip’ by getting multiple discounts! If you are looking to save some cash and need to order some stuff online, head over toTowerHobbies today!


Cubby what is the best body for my HPI Blitz?
Tommy C.

Cubby- The best body for your Blitz is whatever style you like best, so go with your own gut on this one. But… if you really can’t make up your mind- I personally like the Pro-Line Flo-Tek, especially in 2wd short course where the parachute effect is the hardest to correct with the throttle and brake. The Pro-Line Flo-Tek is the trickest looking IMO, and handles the best on windy days. It does take a bit longer to cut out all the extra body vents, but IMO that is time well spent.

I saw you helped test the new Arrma raider buggy cubby. I am going to buy a new buggy is the raider good or am i better off with a boost?

Cubby- Hummm…. what’s better, the ECX Boost or ARRMA Raider? Now that would make a great shootout. Thanks for the idea John. ;)

But really, not to dodge the question, if I had to pick one of the two buggies I would personally pick the Raider, and here’s why.

1. I like the looks of the Raider better, I like how original it is.
2. It has a beefier powertrain to handle brushless power.
3. It jumps better.

On the other hand… the Boost is no joke and is a daily driver around here (yes, I drive one nearly every day, no joke), it drives well and is tough as a tank.

So… if you were to go around the office and ask 6 of us which we’d pick you’d probably get half for the Boost, and half for the Raider. Every person has different wants and needs, which one is best is really up to you.

Dear Cubby,
You always say “support your local hobby shops” but I do not have one, the nearest hobby shop to me is over 2 hours away, so now what do I do?
Rayford D

Cubby- What’s up Rayford? I saw in your email that you are from Oregon, no doubt you don’t have too many local hobby shops.

Anyways… your answer is easy, you are gonna have to mail order. Yes, I know it’s a sin and all, but a 4 hour round trip is gonna cost ya some serious bucks in gas. So…. if you have to mail order I only recommend one place, Tower Hobbies. You can hit’em on the web HERE, or call’em toll free at 800-637-6050. They are good peeps over there and will hook ya up. They set the standard for mail order, good prices, outstanding inventory, and quick shipping, they are who I’d use if I lived 150 miles from an LHS.

Yup, that’s it for this week ya bunch of freaks. Email me all your crazy antics to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

A big Happy Anniversary to Tower Hobbies who celebrates 40 years of bringing hobbies to people all over the world! To celebrate they are giving away a Tower Hobbies Gift Certificate worth up to $1000! All you need to do is head over to the Tower Hobbies website and subscribe to their email newsletter for a chance to win! They usually have some good coupons and specials in the newsletter if you find yourself ordering stuff often from there!

Tower Hobbies has slashed the price of the HPI Crawler King by more than 50%.  It’s on sale for $119.98, which is more than $125 off their normal price.

This is an insane deal and the Crawler King is an awesome truck.  Be sure to take advantage of this deal while you can.

The Crawler King is a fully ready to run rock crawler based off the Monster King chassis.  It features a HPI TF-1 27 MHz radio system, an EN-1 reversing ESC, and a detailed Land Rover Defender style body.  If you’re looking to get started in rock crawling, this truck is a good stepping off point.

To take advantage of this deal head on over to the Tower Hobbies web site.

Tower Hobbies Vee
New from Tower Hobbies is the Tower Power Vee RTR boat. This boat is completely designed for beginners. If you have batteries and a pond, your ready to go! It has a water cooled 550 motor and 30A ESC with reverse. Price will be well under the $150 mark when it hits the streets!
Check out the Tower Hobbies website for more info.