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RC Gear Shop LiPo Batteries

RC Gear Shop LiPo Batteries

Coming next month is a line-up of LiPo Batteries from RC Gear Shop. Affordable yet high performance, the line ranges from a small 3S 1000mAh pack all the way up to a 4S 5000. Discharge rates vary between 30-40C and many of the packs come with a t-style Hobbico Star connector. Pricing for the batteries range from $12 to $62 and [...]


Tower Hobbies E-Fest 2016

Tower Hobbies Booth At E-Fest 2016

While roaming the grounds of E-Fest 2016, we had to stop by and say hello to our friends at the Tower Hobbies booth. As always, they were super nice and full of energy for the hobby. They also had a bunch of the latest air products on display from companies like Hubsan, Dromida, and Estes. Drones are hotter than ever [...]


Pactra Polycarbonate Paint

Pactra Polycarbonate Paint Reappears

Recently we saw that Tower Hobbies posted a bunch of Polycarbonate Paint from Pactra on their website. Pactra has long been our favorite paint to use when doing up a new body and we look forward to once again being able to lay our hands on some. Tower posted about about 20 different colors in 3oz cans, all of which [...]


Dromida Verso Inversion Drone

Dromida Verso 110mm Inversion Drone

Thanks to reversing motors, the new Dromida Verso can take-off, fly, and land inverted. All it takes is one push of the invert/flip button and you can go from flying normally, to inverted flight, and vice versa. Some of its other features include- * Everything needed for flight comes in the box * LED lighting * Three different flight modes * Available in four [...]


xiro xplorer

Xiro Xplorer RTF Drone

One of the latest high-tech drones to hit the market is the Xiro Xplorer. The Xiro comes two different ways, as a normal RTF (#16000, $499), or with a 3 axis gimbal for a GoPro camera (#16002, $699). The Xplorer comes with brushless motors and is appropriate for all skill levels. * Wi-Fi capable with 5.8GHZ transceiver * Auto take-off and land [...]


Hot Racing

Hot Racing Aluminum Upgrades Now Available from Hobbico

There are a lot of different aluminum upgrade companies out there, but one of the best is Hot Racing. About a week ago they signed on with Champaign Illinois based powerhouse Hobbico. What this means to consumers is that Hot Racing products will now be available at local hobbys shop via Great Plane Model Distribution, or if you don’t have [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, Version- You Like Outback, I Like Fogo de Chão

“Kyosho Mad force Kruiser 2.0 VE Hi, I saw some information about this truck on BigSquid- Was wondering if you knew where they can be bought. I’ve only found one site and its overseas and will cost almost 200.00 USD to ship to me. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, Paul R.” Cubby- Yo hey Paul, as always, thanks for taking the time to shoot [...]


RC Gear Shop Brushless Review

RC Gear Shop 1/8 2150kV Brushless Motor System Review

RC Gear Shop is a new line of affordable gear from Tower Hobbies. One of the items in the RC Gear Shop line-up is a 2150kV Brushless Power System intended for 8th scalers. We’ve been bashing the living daylights out of one to find out how it stacks up against the competition. Does it have plenty of power? Does it [...]


RC Gear Shop 4550kV Brushless System Review

RC Gear Shop 1/10th 4550kV Brushless System Review

If you are a basher, chances are you are looking for an affordable brushless system to pump up the power in your car. One of the latest systems to hit the market is the 1/10th 4550kV with 80A ESC from RC Gear Shop. The RC Gear Shop brushless system is street priced at $94. Does it have plenty of power? [...]


Hobbico Pro Series Big 5 GPS Meter

Hobbico Pro Series Big 5 GPS Speed Meter

The folks at Hobbico have announced a new GPS & Speed Meter for your bashing enjoyment. The Pro Series Big 5 monitors GPS, speed, altitude, distance and time. Easily hooked up to your PC to show data logging, it can even plot your path on Google Maps. The Big 5 can be used for recording top speed or can be [...]


Tower Hobbies E-Fest 2015

Tower Hobbies Booth at E-Fest 2015

Tower Hobbies is known as “America’s Hobby Shop” for good reason, for decades they’ve been selling hobby products to consumers from coast to coast. To show off some of their newest products the folks from Tower had a big booth at E-Fest 2015. For all the surface fans (like the BSRC Bash Crew) Tower had their new Cutback short course truck [...]


rc gear shop brushless system

RC Gear Shop 3900kV Brushless System

Looking for affordable power? If so, check out the brushless system from RC Gear Shop. Its motor is a sensorless 3900kV unit that has a sintered neodymium rotor and is a 4 pole for more torque. Its ESC is waterproof and rated at 80 amps. The ESC is also adjustable via a programming card and comes with a low voltage [...]


Tower Hobbies 424 Transmitter

Tower Hobbies 424 2.4GHz Radio System

New from the folks over at Tower Hobbies is the 424 2.4GHz Radio System. As the name implies, the 424 is a 4 channel unit that is perfect for someone looking for an affordable air transmitter. Transmitting on FHSS 2.4GHz ensures you won’t have any frequency conflicts and it comes with a 6 channel receiver. Some of its other highlights [...]


ARRMA Senton and Talion

More Details – ARRMA Senton & Talion on Tower Hobbies

Tower Hobbies has just posted their product pages for the ARRMA Senton SCT and the ARRMA Talion Truggy. Found on those pages are full product specifications, features, and more pictures of both models. The Senton and the Talion are the latest releases from ARRMA with both featuring 6S capable power systems, waterproof electronics, and are ruggedly designed for the serious [...]


Tower Hobbies Cutback Review

Review - Tower Hobbies Cutback 4WD Brushless Short Course Tr…

THE Tower Hobbies Cutback SCT ReviewThe Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Football Team”, just like Tower Hobbies could be considered “America’s Hobby Shop”. While Tower is certainly known more for being a mail order Goliath than being a truck manufacturer, they do have a new 4wd Short Course Truck on the market called the Cutback. How does it handle? Is it [...]