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SSD 2 Speed Transmission SCX10 II

SSD 2 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit For SCX10 II

2 speed transmissions can work great when trail driving or rock crawling. A “Granny low” first gear helps put the perfect amount of power to the ground during tricky sections, while a taller second gear comes in handy when the trail opens up. To hook up all you SCX10 II owners, SDD has just announced a new 2 Speed Transmission [...]


RC4WD R5 24th Scale Mini Cast Transmission

RC4WD R5 1/24 Mini Cast Transmission

Need a small transmission for a custom build? Already worn out the transmission in your 1/18 Gelande II RTR? If so, RC4WD recently announced the R5 1/24th Scale Mini Cast Transmission. The Mini R5 was designed to handle the rigors of off-road driving while maintaining a scale type appearance. * Single speed * Uses a gear ratio of 1:15 * Utilizes a Zinc [...]


SSD Scale Tranny SCX10

New Goodies From SSD For The SCX10 & SCX10 II

The crew over at SSD RC have announced two new upgrades for the SCX10 and their very first option part for the SCX10 II. First up is the Scale Transmission for the SCX10 shown above. The tranny has a part number of #SSD00123 and can be used to give your rig a serious dose of scale realism. Hit This Link for [...]


Associated B6 Laydown Transmission Conversion

Associated B6 Laydown Transmission Conversion Kit

New from the crew at Team Associated is the B6 Laydown Transmission Conversion Kit. The conversion kit is used to lower the center of gravity on a B6D by changing the buggy from a standup to a laydown transmission configuration. The conversion kit is street priced at $27, they are shipping right now, and they have a part number of [...]


RC4WD 2 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit Trail Finder 2

RC4WD 2 Speed Conversion Kit For The Trail Finder 2

New from the good folks over at RC4WD is a 2 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit for the ever popular Trail Finder 2. The kit comes with a steel drive coupling, plus the R3 tranny and servo mounts that you need to make the conversion. The aluminum parts have been CNC machined to ensure an easy install. Street pricing for the kit [...]


Associated Stealth 3 gear laydown tranny b5m

Associated Prototype Stealth 3 Gear Laydown Tranny

Now being teased by Team Associated is a 3 Gear Laydown Tranny for the B5M buggy. This is the same style low-profile tranny used to win the IFMAR Worlds last year and was designed for ultra high bite tracks like AstroTurf and carpet. More details are coming soon, until then click This Link to visit the official Associated website. Learn more [...]


SSD 2 Speed Wraith Transmission Kit

SSD 2 Speed Wraith Transmission Kit

How cool would it be to put a 2 Speed Transmission into your Wraith? Well now you can with SSD’s 2 Speed Tranny Conversion Kit. Now you can have ultra low gearing for those tough rock sections, then hit a switch on your transmitter and have a taller second gear for wide open sections. Some of the highlights of the [...]


Yeti 2 Speed Conversion kit

Axial Yeti 2-speed Hi/Lo Transmission Conversion Kit

It’s HERE, the 2 Speed Conversion Kit for the Axial Yeti! Now you can have the best of both words, a low gear for crawling over treacherous rocks, and a high gear for WFO bashing action. The kit comes with everything needed to make the conversion (minus a servo that you will need to supply) and comes with an even [...]


MIP Eco Transmission

MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set Transmission for the Associated B5M…

New from MIP is the Eco All-In-1 Box Set Tranny for the Associated RC10B5M/T5M. This new 3 gear tranny was designed to give your mid-motor 5 series Associated more initial punch and less drag, thus helping you to bust out faster lap times. * 7075 aluminum construction * 50% lighter gear cover than stock * Can use 5 or 6mm ID bearings * Aluminum [...]