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Futaba 4PXR

Futaba 4PXR Coming Soon!

The folks at Futaba are showing off the new 4PXR at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show. While no details have been released, we do know the unit on display has a shiny exterior to really up the bling factor. More details are coming soon, until then you can hit up this link to see a ton more pictures [...]


Kyosho Syncro EX-6

Kyosho Syncro EX-6 Transmitter

New from Kyosho for all you Mini-Z drivers is the Syncro EX-6 Transmitter. The Syncro EX-6 promises some of the fastest speeds ever seen for a Mini-Z transmitter along with exceptionally linear control. * Large 2.7″ display screen * Optimized for the MR-03 when shipped * Rich functionality * Backwards compatible to pre-existing ASF 2.4GHz system * 10-model memory * Hybrid spread spectrum system that integrates [...]



PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips – July 4th Sale

Just a heads up, for those who have been waiting to give the PPR Reptile grips a try, they are having a sale this weekend. July 2-6th. Grips are only $8.99! Some people like foam, some people like the more rubberized feel. There are more than a handful of radios around the office here that use the grips. Go check [...]


Kyosho Syncro Touch KT-432PT

Kyosho Syncro Touch KT-432PT Radio

Touch screens sure are easy to use, thus the reason the latest radio from Kyosho has one. The Syncro Touch KT-432PT features a large smartphone style LCD touch screen to make changing settings a snap. Like most radios these days it is a 2.4GHz unit, meaning you won’t have to worry about frequency conflicts, and the Syncro does telemetry as [...]


KO Propo EX-2

KO Propo EX-2 KIY Radio System

KO Propo has announced the latest addition to their radio line-up, the EX-2 KIY. The EX-2 isn’t intended to replace the more high-end EX-1, instead it is aimed at intermediate level drivers. Some of the highlights of the EX-2 include- * 2.7″ LCD display that can be rotated * 4 channels * K.I.Y. parts compatible * Dual 2.4GHz output with FHSS and MHS for [...]


Airtronics M12S

Airtronics M12S Transmitter

Meet the latest and greatest transmitter from Airtronics, the M12S. The M12S is said to be 30% faster than the previous model and comes with all the features that you could want in a high-end radio. Some of its features include- * Drop down wheel option * Fully adjustable trigger * Comes with Li-Fe battery * Has brighter backlighting * Telemetry mixing function * Earphone jack * [...]



Traxxas Stability Management Receiver

Someone woke the sleeping giant. First Traxxas gets some new vehicles coming soon with the Traxxas Craniac and Traxxas Skully and now they are jumping into the Stability Control scene? HPI and Horizon have a pretty good jump in that area, but it looks like Traxxas is going to throw their hat into the ring with the Traxxas Stability Management [...]


HPI Racing TF-45 Radio

HPI TF-45 2.4GHZ Radio Set

The HPI TF-45 transmitter comes standard on several of their RTRs, but now HPI has announced it officially bundled as a radio set with a RF-45 receiver. The radio set features the latest in FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology along with 3 channels of output, customizable grips, and a drop down steering wheel. * Easy to bind * Folding antenna * Handle on [...]


Updated Spektrum DX4S

Spektrum Updates the DX4S

The Spektrum DX4S has been a favorite of the basher crowd since its release. It has a mid-range price point, it has 4 channels, and it comes with AVC. Recently Spektrum made it better than ever with a few updates. The updates include- * Extended range * Improved user interface * Software bug fixes The DX4S gets a new part number of #SPM4010W but [...]


Tactic Radio Video

New Video from Tactic

The folks over at Tactic RC have just released a new video highlighting their feature laden transmitter line-up. From surface to air, Tactic has you covered with affordable performance. We’ve used a number of their transmitters with good success, check out their new video below to learn more, or you can hit up This Link to check out their official [...]


Tactic TTX300 Review

Tactic TTX300 Radio Review

Sometimes you have a RTR transmitter that you just can’t stand, sometimes you just need a simple radio for a project that you are working on. Those are just two good reasons that the Tactic TTX300 is on the market. We’ve been beating on a review unit for weeks now, keep on reading to find out how well it worked [...]


Tower Hobbies 424 Transmitter

Tower Hobbies 424 2.4GHz Radio System

New from the folks over at Tower Hobbies is the 424 2.4GHz Radio System. As the name implies, the 424 is a 4 channel unit that is perfect for someone looking for an affordable air transmitter. Transmitting on FHSS 2.4GHz ensures you won’t have any frequency conflicts and it comes with a 6 channel receiver. Some of its other highlights [...]



Tactic TTX300 Transmitter Unboxing

We recently started testing the new Tactic TTX300 3 Channel Transmitter. This is meant to be a budget friendly upgrade over stock RTR radios. We will let you know what we think about it soon, but for now enjoy the unboxing pictures. The part number for the TTX300 is #TACJ0300, it has a street price of $49. Click This Link [...]


Hitec Lynx 4S Transmitter Review

Hitec Lynx 4S Radio System Review

It’s been a long time since Hitec put out a high-end surface radio, that is why a whole lot of people in the rc world were stoked at the announcement of the new Lynx 4S. The Lynx 4S was touted to be the best surface radio Hitec has ever produced and comes with features like telemetry, a drop down wheel, [...]


PPR Reptile Wheel Grips

PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips Is Having A Sale

Some people like foam on the wheel of their transmitter, while others like soft rubber (and everyone just plain hates hard plastic). For you rubber fans, Reptile Wheel Grips is having a sale! For a limited time you can get one of their very cool looking grips for the low price of $8.99. Click Right Here to get more information [...]