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Killerbody Alfa Romeo Traxxas XO-1
There aren’t a whole lot of aftermarket body choices for the Traxxas XO-1 but the folks over at Killerbody RC are out to change that. They have previously released a Corvette body for the Traxxas high speed machine and now they have added an Alfa Romeo 8C body to their catalog.

The Alfa was careful modeled after its full scale counterpart and is available in several different colors and trim levels. For the ultimate in scale realism, Killerbody also has rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, and lighting kits available for the big Alfa. These are all available right now here in the states so hit up This Link over on the official Killerbody website to get complete details.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, why not check out This Hard Hitting mystery link?

2014 Traxxas XO-1 Super Car
Traxxas has updated their XO-1 speed run car for 2014. What might some of the updates be?

* BNG (bold new graphics)
* It no longer comes with batteries to save you some cash

The rest of the car looks to be identical to the previous version with Castle ESC and brushless motor, TQi controller, etc.

The part number for the 2014 XO-1 is #6407X, it should have a street price of right around $699, and they have a shipping date of January 3rd. For more information simply click This Link.

Want more Traxxas news? Check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.


I was recently hanging out at the Killerbody RC office, taking pictures and drooling over some of their new products coming out! We brought our Traxxas XO-1 along because we knew they had a new body for it that will be released soon! They have an officially licensed 1/7 scale Chevy Corvette GT2 body, and it looks amazing! There is a race edition as well as a standard edition. They will be available in a bunch of different colors. The details on these are top notch! From the stickers and paint down to the built in light buckets. If you own a XO-1, you probably need a new body, and that body should be one of these Vettes! These pictures do not do it justice, in person it is just awesome. Watch for more Killer Body RC pictures from our visit here soon.

You can get more info at the official Killer Body RC website.

Click Read More to see even more pictures!

Traxxas XO-1 Black Body
There is some good news for all you Traxxas XO-1 Supercar owners out there, Traxxas has just announced a new pre-painted Black Body and a new sway bar kit for your car.

The new black polycarbonate body is painted, pre-cut, and completely ready for installation.

* Aggressive Supercar styling
* Fully painted and trimmed
* Factory-applied decals
* High-downforce rear wing pre-installed
* Part #6411X

Traxxas XO-1 Sway bar kitAlso available is the new sway bar kit from Traxxas for your XO-1. The kit is fully adjustable and comes with everything needed to make the install easy.

* Includes “light” and “heavy” sway bars
* Adjustable linkages with installed pivot balls
* Custom tuned for XO-1
* Includes mounting hardware
* Part #6498

Retail price for the black body is $80 while the sway bar kit goes for $25. Hit up the official Traxxas Website for more information.

THIS is the link you want for more Traxxas news right here on BigSquidRC.


Aloha Guys,

Read all your shoot outs and reviews and settled on the Turnigy 2s 5800mah lipos. Cheapest because shipping is sore. Bought 3 and charging them all on my icharger 206b they all only charged up to 4200mah. All three. Made sure to check all my settings on the charger but everything looks good. Do you have any of your readers asking the same question or get the same switched battery like me?
Any way we have a small track that we are building on Kauai for the neighborhood so if you’re ever out, come bash some with us. I race my 9 yr old boy (stampede vxl) against my slash vxl and suffice to say, ” he crushes me every time , but at least we play together.
Keoni Kahn M.

Cubby- Hey Keoni, thanks for the email, and be sure to shoot Brian your snail mail on the islands so he can totally hook ya up with an uber BigSquidRC sticker pack.

First off, I’d highly doubt you’d be emailing me if you didn’t know how to measure capacity, but perhaps for others out there this is how we do it at BigSquidRC (and they way most cell manufactures do it, when they actually make the effort to do so).
Fully charge pack at a 1C charge rate. Discharge pack at a 1C rate down to 3 volts per cell, measure capacity during the dis-charge- that’s how it’s done.

So let’s say you are dialed and indeed you received 3 mis-labeled battery packs. You ordered their 5800′s, and you got mystery packs with a 5800 sticker that are roughly 4200 mah in capacity. What do you do? Well…. you can- 1. attempt to return them, or 2. attempt to run them. Best of luck if you attempt to return, and if you decide to run them, treat them as 4200′s of unknown “C” rating. By this I mean, charge at a gentle 1C rate, and monitor temps during a moderate discharge to see if they will be able to handle the current draw of the application you will be using them in. Because they are mystery cells, you have no idea if they were intended for a 1/2C discharge in the medical field, or for a 40C discharge in an rc airplane, so be careful.

Oh and heck yes, if any of the BigSquidRC crew hit the beautiful islands of Hawaii we will totally come over for an uber-bash session.

I have a couple of questions, first

1) What is the best power system for my rustler that can get me to about 40 MPH thats under 50 bucks?

2) Can i use traxxas XO-1 tires and rims on it? i dont have a use for the offroad tires that came with it.

Thanx, a important follower

Cubby- Because we’ve been receiving this email every week for quite some time, yes, I’ll finally take precious time out of my busy schedule to finally respond.

1. There is no BL power system that I would recommend to you for under $50. For your Rustler I’d recommend stepping it up to the Castle SCT Sidewinder 3800 kv combo at right around $120. Your Rustler isn’t exactly the free-est spinning truck in the world, the plastic motor mount sucks (I highly recommend the PL tranny, or at the very least the RPM motor mount), and you’ll be running high speed with it, that’s why I am recommending you pop for a quality unit at a higher price point.

2. XO-1 rims use a 17mm hex, the stock hex on your Rusty is 12mm, so no, they will not bolt right up. You can use hex adapters (I’d use the STRC units), but you’d be looking $50+ for the adapters, plus the cost of the XO-1 wheels and tires. And… the XO-1 tires are freak’n heavy, that means a lot of rotating mass to turn over at speed.

So let’s say you are looking to go an honest 40-50 mph with your Rustler, this is the set-up I’d recommend.

1. Brushless power system. I mentioned the Castle 3800 SCT system above, and it’s a great choice for your truck and application.

2. 3S 11.1v Lipo battery. I’d go with the Dynamite Speedpack that we reviewed HERE .

I recommend that pack because it’s hardcase and has proven itself to us over months of bashing abuse. This pack is taller than stock, so you’ll have to make some changes to properly secure it, but I assure you it’ll be worth the effort.

3. Street tires. For you I’d recommend Pro-Line Street Fighter 2.8″ pre-mounts. These are a street tread that should easily get you into the low 50′s.

4. Use to make sure you aren’t gearing your truck too tall and use a temp gauge to keep from cooking any electronics. If you are looking to go 50, gear it for 50, not 110. Start slow, and slowly gear taller to increase your mph (if you want to save yourself loads of cash and wrenching).

Go straight, go fast, and don’t blow too much stuff up Mr VIP.

Do you have 2S lipo battery pack with 65C?
Or you have the best battery for electric car on road for the fastest speed?
Sent from my iPhone

Cubby- Oh wow we get questions from some nut jobs out there…

So…. to answers your questions-
1. maybe
2. of course


Hello my name is BRANDON H. and I have been a rc hobbyist for about 3 years. I presently have a traxxas slash raptor edition. Everything on truck is custom. Except trans. My truck had the element combo from duratrax and castle creation. I wanted a
bigger stronger and faster esc and motor. So I bought the castle creation momba short course with the 2400 kv motor. Not knowing that it’s not recommended for 2wd. What will happen if I run this. What do I need to get for my truck to support this
motor?? I have pictures and I’m willing to send upon request.

Thank you for your time
Brandon H.

Cubby- Now see guys, this is how you ask a proper question. You give a decent amount of info, and say thank you are the end. Brandon gets it.

So Brandon, you have everything else uber’ed-out on your truck except the tranny. Hummm…. I think I see a Pro-Line tranny in your future. 1. Because how can you leave that the only stock part on the truck, and 2. because you are gonna need it if you crank up the power on that 1415 2400 kv Castle motor in your Traxxas.

To get to your direct questions-

1. What will happen when you run a Castle 1415 2400 kv motor in your Slash/Raptor compared to your previous set-up? Nothing bad. Your new motor is certainly capable of higher torque and overall power levels, but it is lower kv, meaning your truck won’t go as fast on the same gearing and cell count as your previous system. However, if you are gear taller, and/or jump to a higher cell count, you’ll be amazed at how much power you’ll have on tap.

2. What do you need to get your truck to support that motor? Nothing really, it will bolt right up the same way as your old motor. The 1415 is the same diameter as your old motor, but is slightly longer, which won’t be a problem in your application. However, with the identical set-up it’ll probably feel slower than what you were using, so if you leave everything else the same you won’t have to make any changes. If you do decide to unleash the power via gearing and/or cell count then you might want to seriously consider that Pro-Line tranny. Not only is the PL tranny capable of handling some serious power, but its metal motor mount really helps keep motor temps down. As always, if you do decide to go for big power, consult to make sure you aren’t crazily over-geared, and use a temp gauge to make sure you aren’t cooking anything. Ideal temps are below 140 on the motor and below 120 on the battery pack.

That’s it for this week guys, shoot me your questions, answers, smack-talk, or anything else you want to ramble on about to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your question makes the big time you get free stickers, if I pronounce yours as “letter
of the month” we’ll shoot ya out a new BSRC t-shirt.

xo-1 rumor

File this deep in the Rumor Mill box, but we have heard that Traxxas was recently doing some driving and filming of some down hill speed run action featuring the XO-1. Our informant mentions a group of guys in a Traxxas ‘wrapped’ Hummer (maybe) were up north of us running vehicles down some huge mountain side. When our ‘guy’ stopped to chat a bit, he said the Traxxas guy was claiming they were in the 140mph range with the vehicle. Cubby, just about coughed up a lung when I mentioned this to him. We have ALL run high speed here, and we know how difficult it is. We also know how difficult it was getting the XO-1 even close to 100mph. Down hill or not, there are a lot of physics and air things happening at those speeds that really raise the bar on making that work.

Only time will tell if we see something officially from Traxxas on this. Maybe there is a Traxxas XO-2 in the works being tested? Or maybe some new hop-ups?

Have you read our review of the Traxxas XO-1? Click HERE to check it out.


Because not enough people get confused around the office when I say I’m taking the XO for a spin, (Nobody knows if I’m referring to the XO-1 or Axial EXO) Traxxas has now announced the Exo-Carbon Wing for the XO-1. Ok.. seriously? *sigh*

Anyway, the new Exo-Carbon finish isn’t actually carbon fiber, but has the glossy/woven appearance of a carbon fiber wing. It’s a quick install with a few bolts and wing mounts, and you have some new bling for your ride. The original XO-1 wing is about $12, and the new carbon look will set ya back $20.

Besides all the Traxxas TORC Series news we have been posting, the folks from Texas have been quiet. Hopefully they have some bigger announcements in the works.

maxamps 9000xl

Word from MaxAmps is that if you have a Traxxas XO-1, you should think about their 9000mah 3-cell LiPo Pair. These are some BIG packs, so you’ll need to remove the lower part of the XO-1 battery tray to make these bad boys fit.
Some stats on the packs:
100 C Rating, Lifetime Warranty, 5C fast charge compatable, waterproof, and 12AWG Deans Ultra Wire.

Check out the MaxAmps web site details.

It’s a promotional video put out by Traxxas talking about safety and things like that. At the end they slam the Traxxas XO-1 into a car door and it just disintegrates! We should of did this to ours before we gave it away! LOL.

traxxas xo-1 carbon chassis

New from Xtreme RC Racing is a Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Traxxas XO-1. It’s lighter and as well as stiffer than stock to help try and keep those high speeds as consistent as possible. They also have a carbon top plate. The chassis will cost about $150 and the top plate another $45.

Hit the information page over on Xtreme RC Racing’s website for all the info.

The Traxxas XO-1 Review

We finally got our hands on the Traxxas XO-1, easily one of the most talked about car releases of the year. This was Traxxas’s answer for a Supercar. There was controversy from the beginning, and there was also a lot of praise. This is probably the most anticipated and honest reviews of the Traxxas XO-1 you will find, so lets dive into the review and see how it rates with Big Squid RC.


Cubby Arguably there has never been more excitement surrounding an rc car than the Traxxas XO-1- it is one of the most expensive rc cars ever released, it features more power than any sane person would ever ask for, and it has 100 mph stamped right on the box. So welcome to XO-1 week here on BigSquid.

Wednesday morning at 10 am CST we will be posting our full scoot BigSquidRC Traxxas XO-1 review. How fast does the XO-1 go in real life on real streets? Does the XO-1 actually turn and drive well? Can the XO-1 actually do 100 mph? Will an XO-1 instantly make you King of the cul-de-sac? Is the power even remotely controllable? How well does the new Traxxas transmitter work? What breaks when you flip the XO-1 end over end at 60 mph+? And most importantly, how well does the XO-1 jump (LOL)? We’ve put a lot of hours into our XO-1 review to answer all your questions and more. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this review. Myself, Brian, Wrench, and Adam “The Intern” have been driving the XO-1 like we stole it for weeks now. We’ve been driving it everywhere from skate parks, to 1700+ feet abandoned roads, to cul de sacs. In other words, we tested it just like you would have- balls to the wall, having as much fun as possible!

Then… Wednesday night at Midnight CST we will collect all the final entries because we will be be giving away the Traxxas XO-1 we used in our review! Want to win a free Traxxas XO-1? Of course you do, so quick slack’n and get signed up to win, everything you need to know is at the top of our homepage! We will be announcing the lucky winner the following day on Thursday. I don’t care how many rc cars you have in your stable, you’ve still got room for the Traxxas Supercar!

Btw, we’ve been told by Traxxas to “make certain it is clear that Traxxas does NOT sponsor and is NOT affiliated with this contest”, so it seems they aren’t real happy we are giving away one of their XO-1′s. There are a LOT of things that make us different than the mags and I think our XO-1 contest is a prime example. But… how could we not give our XO-1 away? It is such a sic car we had to hook up one of our readers! We could get a zillion views on YouTube by driving it 80 mph+ into a brick wall, but we’d rather hand it to one of our readers, it’s just how we are wired.

I stated last week that we had all our contestants for our next Lipo shootout…. I wasn’t lying (I swear!), but during the week we got two more big names to enter, so add Orion and Dynamite/SpeedPack to the shootout list. Oh heck yes, our next shootout is gonna be epic, stay tuned, we start testing this week!

Speaking of the Lipo shootout… during our “Wednesday Night Forum Smack Talk Session” the BigSquid crew had a lively discussion on what the maximum rate of discharge in our Lipo shootout should be. Is 60 amps enough? Is 780 amps too much? Shoot us an email (or join us in the forum Weds night) with your thoughts…

Ok, enough self promotion, on to more rc news…

The “big” race last week was Joey Christensen’s The Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm out in Arizona. The premier class is 8th scale buggy at the Nitro Challenge, and the young guns have been put’n it to the old farts. 19 yr old factory HPI/Hot Bodies/Pro-Line driver Ty Tessman sits on pole for the A, while 15 yr old factory Losi/Pro-Line driver Dakotah Phend qual’d second. I am writing this before the buggy A-main has been run, but if you don’t follow much racing the competition at the top of 8th scale nitro is insane. All the guys in the A (and the B, and the C!) can put their 8th scale buggies within an inch of where they want it, lap after lap after lap, at crazy speeds. The older I get the worse my eyesight and reaction times get, and the more I appreciate watching the younger guys pushing the limits of man and machine.

On another note…

The Axial EXO Terra Buggy has officially hit hobby shop shelves. A few early units made it out to Canadian dealers weeks ago, but finally consumers can get their hands on them here in the states. Scale buggy IS the what all the cool kids are driving this summer, have you jumped on the bandwagon yet?

That’s it for this week folks, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

traxxas xo-1 skate park

In case you haven’t heard, we are currently reviewing the Traxxas XO-1. And when we are done, we are going to be giving it away! A few people didn’t believe we would test it like we test our other vehicles, so why not post up a couple of pics. These are from our recent visit to the skatepark.