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ROAR RC RacingYou probably remember from back in February a lawsuit between Trinity/Epic (and their business pardners) against ROAR Racing. The lawsuit has now been settled and here is a press release from Fantom Racing (who get motors from Trinity) stating some of the details.

“Trincorp Reaches Settlement Agreement with Remotely Operated Auto Racers.

JUNE 24, 2013 – WASHINGTON, DC – Trincorp, LLC, along with three other companies (Fantom Racing, Team EAM Inc, and Putnam Propulsion), have reached a settlement with Remotely Operated Auto Racers (ROAR) to resolve all outstanding issues regarding the removal of the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motor from the ROAR approved list.

The parties were able to reach a settlement without either party admitting or conceding any liability for claims raised in the lawsuit after Mr. Ernest Provetti of Trincorp, LLC was able to personally meet with ROAR’s President, Mr. Steve Mruk. At that meeting, the parties agreed that the interests of the individual racers. who purchased the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motor after ROAR initially approved the motor, should take priority in structuring the settlement. Accordingly, the parties crafted the terms of the agreement in order to provide a meaningful opportunity for those racers who had purchased the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motors to actually race the motors in ROAR sanctioned races for a specified period of time.Trinity RC

Under the terms of the agreement, the TRINITY D3.5/17.5 Trinity motor will be reinstated on the ROAR approved list on July 1, 2013 and will remain on that list though the first quarter of 2014, upon the release of the new TRINITY D4/17.5, when it will be removed. Trincorp has guaranteed this will occur before March 30, 2014.

ROAR, a non-profit organization staffed by unpaid volunteers, is a sanctioning body, which operates for the benefit of the racers. The ROAR Executive Committee is committed to improving it operations through a set of measures which are intended to become effective within the next ninety days. The operational changes are as follows:

ROAR will reinstate an independent testing laboratory for product evaluation and testing by September 1, 2013.

In order that the ROAR members and the RC Community will be better informed regarding ROAR’s operations, ROAR will also put in place new rules and standardized procedures for the product approval process, including avenues for affiliate members’ direct participation with ROAR.

Trincorp, Fantom, Team EAM, and Putnam will continue to support and participate with ROAR in promoting and regulating radio controlled automobile racing.

ROAR appreciates the continuing participation and cooperation of Trincorp, Fantom, EAM, and Putnam as affiliate members of ROAR.”

So that’s the word folks, remember comments are open so feel free to let the world know what you think about this.

For more information on ROAR Racing check out THIS LINK, to see what’s new with Team Trinity just click HERE.

Trinity Sting Extreme VTA Lipo Race Pack
The Trinity crew has announced a new Sting Series Lipo battery that has VTA Racing in mind. It’s a 2S 50C 5000 mah that is ROAR approved and comes stock with a Dean’s connector. Retail price is $89 and they should be available later this month. For more information on all things Trinity hit up their Official Website.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, another long hard week in the books. How about a TGIF Mystery Link?

Cubby at Auto Show Monster Energy MustangHey gang it’s Monday morning and time to bust out another work week. Wherever you are I hope you kick ass and the week flies by.

First up is some actual rc news, and relatively big news at that. We reported a few months ago about the Thunder Tiger eMTA. If you are a core basher you already know what it is, if not, it’s a new brushless monster truck that features a rather futuristic chassis. Battery packs fit in the eMTA sideways instead of front-to-rear, it utilizes laid down shocks with a rocker arm system, and it generally has a much different look (under the hood) than a “normal” monster truck. Anywhos, the eMTA was first released overseas but now it’s headed to our shores, a fact that has many hardcore bashers rejoicing. Not many “new” platforms get released in the uber monster truck category, so the eMTA is a big deal to those guys fighting for king-of-the-hill at their local bash spot every weekend.

Speaking of hardcore bash machines… our “March Bashness” contest is right around the corner. Of course we’ll need your guys help filling out the starting bracket of the 16 top bash-mobiles, look for a post containing more info in the very near future. “March Bashness” talk around the office has heated up, we all have certain favorites that we would like to see make the sweet 16, but there are so many good bashers out there that making the top 16 isn’t going to be easy. For example- long time bash legends like Traxxas and HPI have lots of great choices, but you also have to factor in some of the new faces like ARRMA, ECX, Vaterra, and several vehicles from Thunder Tiger.

Our last two March Bashness contests have been freak’n insane, I can’t help but think this years is going to be the craziest yet. The #1 thing I’ve learned about March Bashness is- never underestimate brand loyalty, people go to great lengths to see there favorite vehicle come out on top.

And to another subject…

So… arguably the biggest news from last week was Trinity putting out a PR stating that they have (along with a few other companies that sell re-badged motors) sued ROAR. First things first- I have attempted to look up information on the case, you know, just to make sure it was actually filed, and I’ve yet to find that it exists in the real world. Ya, maybe I’m a total moron at using Google, so I’m going to ask you guys to help prove that I am an idiot. That should be easy enough right? Please feel free to shoot me proof that the class action suit was actually filed- links, a phone number, whatever. I’ll gladly post the information next week and freely admit I’m a total moron (if you guys can come up with concrete info).

So… “if” the there is a class action suit against ROAR, there are a bunch of different opinions floating around. Some people say it’s a disgrace to see it come to this, others are totally on the motor companies side, while ROAR fanboys are screaming how bogus it all is. Personally, I’m not a fan of either group, but it sure will be interesting to follow as it unfolds.

I would guess that a “worst case scenario” for ROAR would be that it ends up folding due to litigation. In case you haven’t already heard, a group of four men have apparently started a “new” sanctioning body called RCRAA, “ready” to step right in should that ever happen . No doubt rc racing needs a huge overhaul, so whether or not ROAR ends up kick’n the bucket, perhaps RCRAA can help further the sport. The RCRAA guys say they are hoping to sanction races as early as this summer, best of luck to them, they’ve got a long, tough, nasty road ahead of them.

Btw… RC Pro Series is still up and running, if people think ROAR sucks so bad why don’t they just support them???

Different topic-

So… over the weekend some of our moto industry friends gave the BSRC crew some VIP love at the St Louis Supercross. I am lucky and get to attend multiple rounds, but for some of our other contributors they just hit one, the St Louis event. This year the racing was as good as ever with Bubba, RV2, Bam-Bam and Reedy having a great battle in the big boy pants main. If you’ve never been, it’s worth your time and cash to see these guys risking life and limb for your entertainment.

As many of you know, Traxxas has stepped up their support of AMA/Feld Supercross this year. In case you can’t make one of the races, Traxxas has one of their try-me-tracks set up in the pit area and they get a short demo on the track right before the night show. At the STL round they had a pair of Revo’s huck’n one of the triples. Unfortunately they could only double in and ended up breaking one of the trucks, not exactly an ideal performance in front of 50,000 people, but none the less, still better than nothing. Traxxas keeps going huge exposing the masses to our wonderful hobby, once again props to them.

That’s it for this week folks, have a great week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Trinity Sues ROARAfter a recent ROAR ruling banning the previously legal Trinity D3.5 17.5 turn brushless motor (also known as WireGate on the forums), Trinity have just announced they (along with Fantom Racing, EAM, and Putnam Propulsion) are bringing a class action lawsuit against the sanctioning body. Here is the press release from Trinity-

It is with great regret that I must inform the racing community that lawsuits have been filed against R.O.A.R. this morning the 26th day of February 2013 in the State of Florida. Case # CA-13-976-16W and ROAR and Plaintiffs to appear before Judge Dickey for resolution. A class-action suit pending involving Trincorp, EAM, Fantom Motors and Putnam Propulsion is now in place with the Court System and will have to be defended. We as a group have done everything in our power to negotiate with ROAR, asking for a time period for new specifications using this new protocol testing to allow time for manufacturer’s and consumers to adjust to their new protocol yet using the same vague rules but we were denied! Our goals are to protect our good names and our customer base from purchasing new motors for a season that has not ended due to the precocious and what we feel irresponsible behavior of ROAR to change the “testing protocol” which has been used for over 30 years, terminate both Independent Labs, keep a rule “with no maximum tolerance listed in the rule and be arrogant enough to still leave it “as is” have left us no alternative at all than to allow a “fair and equitable” court system to decide the “fate” of all involved with the D3.5/17.5 it’s customers both National and International and it’s race organizers and promoters.

We look forward to a reasonable and quick decision by the Court so we can all get back to enjoy racing the way it should be. We also hope that the Executive Committee of ROAR can see and understand the misfortunes of this case and the wrongful action by a select few of their own and rectify this situation as quickly as possible to restore the “independent and equitable atmosphere” ROAR should exhibit to all it’s members and affiliates will ultimately restore the confidence again to the ‘buying public”. It is obvious that ROAR holds a great responsibility not only in rule-making but also in confidence for consumers to purchase products on their approval which is why rescinding an approval after 10 months (when there was no change in the motor) for the personal gain of some of it’s directors and or manufacturer’s they are aligned makes the action of ROAR so profound and must be heard in a court of law!


Ernest N. Provetti
Managing Director

We will be bringing you more information as we receive it, until then HERE is the link for Trinity, and click HERE for ROAR’s website.

THE Cub Report QuadcopterHey guys, welcome to THE Cub Report, your weekly dose of rc bench racing and shoot’n the rc bull.

25 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes until the cars roll off in Melbourne, “sigh”. It seems like it takes forever for the F1 season to get started.

The “big” story from Dallas last night (Saturday) was why rookie Honda/Geico rider Zach Bell was allowed to race after literally crashing his brain out in his qualifier. Bell’s crash in his qual was one of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen (massive face plant after a triple), and from my big-screen it looked like he was knocked unconscious. Yes, racing is important, but not as important as actually breathing, remembering your name, etc. Seeing crashes like that (and Bell’s other big crash in the main) makes me feel good that I’m only climbing drivers stands now days, not swing’n a leg over a 450.

And on to rc…

WireGate 2013 rages on, last week Jeff from Fantom sent out another response to the ROAR banning of Trinity D3.5 based 17.5 motors. It seems Fantom sent out a wire sample to an independent lab who used a Smart Scope MVP OGP and it was determined the diameter of the wire was .031556″ (.8015 mm). ROAR posted a now infamous pic showing they measured .84173 mm. One of the two doesn’t know how to measure the diameter of a piece of wire, and at this point it doesn’t really matter who, Trinity is the big winner here regardless of how thick the wire might or might not be. Congrats ROAR, the exposure you’ve given Trinity on this one is priceless.

In more rc news…

It seems a lot of consumers believe that the Champaign based behemoth Hobbico has “bought” HPI USA. We first “broke” the news a few weeks ago during one of our Google+ LIVE shows, but the news is that Hobbico/Great Planes is the exclusive distributor for HPI in North America, not that they own the entire HPI USA company. We’ve spoken to multiple Hobbico people at length (in person) on the subject and they assure us they did NOT buy HPI USA, they simply bought up their inventory and got exclusive distribution rights. It sounded like HPI USA was having some financial ills so Hobbico stepped in and bought their inventory to shore them back up. That is the official word right now folks, but we can expect to learn more on March 1st when the “official” PR goes out.


Last week we posted our BigSquidRC Transmitter Shootout #2. If you haven’t checked it out HERE is the link. We certainly dig shootouts as we feel they are the best way of truly finding out how a product stacks up. Who won? The Futaba? One of the Turnigy’s? The Spektrum? Hit the link!

We’ve been working on a Quadcopter Shootout for some time now. We grabbed the Traxxas, HeliMax and Ares quads and have been bashing them like escaped mental patients (all in the name of science of course, LOL). We finished up our testing at Slot and Wing Hobbies in Champaign Illinois on Saturday. Our categories were- 1. Price, 2. Looks, 3. Durability, 4. Payload, 5. Ease of Flying, 6. Run-time, and 7. Features. The quadcopter shootout goes up Tuesday February 26th, even if you are a surface guy you’ll have a blast reading this one.


Another big week here on BigSquidRC, we’ll be posting our review of the Vaterra Kalahari and TrakPower DPS power supply (plus another surprise review), we’ll be posting all sorts of cool rc news during the week, and of course we’ll be talk’n the rc smack on our BigSquidRC LIVE Google+ show at 9 pm CST on Wednesday night.

That’s it for this week guys, have a fantastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when you can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby Atomik DeeganWelcome to another big week in rc, and thanks for tuning in to yet another CR. Last week was a busy week as many manufactures were intro’ing new product in advance of the Nuremberg show, with plenty more to be released when the doors open a couple days from now.

We’ll be covering the Nuremberg Toy Fair for you guys, mark it on your calenders for Jan 30th through February 2nd, and this year should be epic. Horizon had a relatively “quiet” 2012, but they are pushing full steam ahead for 2013, and proof of this will be found at Nuremberg. Horizon released the first teaser for their all new surface brand last week (btw- they really need to hire me to do their teasers for them, or heck even Stevie Wonder), and they’ll be doing a huge reveal at the Nuremberg show. Good for them for pump’n up their new line, it’s not every day a company introduces a new brand.

Other companies are busting it huge for Nuremberg too. HPI is showing their new Octane game changers (for the second year in a row), and word is Traxxas has something big lined up for the show as well. For ultra high-end gear, Serpent has been busy blowing up lately, and they are showing their all new 2wd 10th scale race machine for the first time in the flesh. Not to mention dozens of other companies that will be showing all new gear, Nuremberg 2013 has all the makings of their best show ever.

Also in trade show news, after a very soft iHobby 2012 in Ohio, they are headed back to the greater Chic-town metro area this year. The dates are Oct 3-6th, a bit earlier than usual (thank goodness, it might not be so freak’n cold), and their new venue, the Schaumburg Convention Center should be sweet. It’s in an easily accessible part of Chicago, the venue was built not too long ago so it should be all new and sparkly looking, and it should save exhibitors some cash compared to the old Rosemont. The Chicago consumers are notorious for busting big numbers when iHobby comes back to town, plus there are new peeps behind the scenes at iHobby, so iHobby 2013 is looking to be epic as well.

Enough trade show news…

Oh what the hell, one more (of sorts)…

Mark your calenders for February 9th. That’s the date for a big indoor rc air show in Champaign Illinois called E-Fest and we’ll be doing some nutty live coverage there. What’s it like to be a bunch of wacky surface guys at a big air meet? Find out along with us on Feb 9th. We’ll be doing posts from the show, as well as some sic live show coverage. And not just a webcam aimed out at the crowd, it’ll be some pretty neat live interactive video. Even if you don’t like air stuff (I know I don’t), hopefully you’ll dig us goofing around like monkeys just for your enjoyment.

On a different note…

I haven’t been following WireGate much this week, to me it was pretty much over by last weekend. Here is the simple scoop- the BIG winner here is Trinity (or Epic, or whatever they are calling themselves now days). It’s not a matter of legality, this is a matter of publicity, and Trinity has received the type of advertising you just can’t buy from all this. Trinity was still known in stock racing circles, but most everywhere else they were written off. After all the publicity that ROAR has given them, Trinity is back on the map with mainstream rc’ers, so mark this one down as a BIG win for Trinity here, regardless if their motor is or isn’t legal.

So, the big loser in WireGate is ROAR, and here’s why- their credibility right now has been shot to hell. I mean, they declared a product legal 10 months ago, and the product didn’t change, and now it’s illegal? Ya, it puts a doubt in the back of everyones mind. How many other products out there are not legal? Can they be trusted to uphold their own rules? If they dropped the ball once, who is to say they won’t do it again? Trust, ROAR has lost it, and not just with racers, but on the industry side as well, and it’s incredibly hard to get back.

And moving on…

Social media- dinosaur media is all over it, on every other paper page you see a “Hey, why don’t you put down our mag, skip our website, and cruise on over to our FB page!” blurb. Yes, for sure social media is an important marketing tool now days, but for us media types, we don’t get paid for hits on our FB or G+ page, we are only able to make money when people visit our dot com. And personally, I’d rather a few bucks go in my pocket to keep me and my family fed instead of them going into Mark Zuckerbergs. So what is the point I am getting too? Well there are a couple…

First off, we are going to introduce our newest social media page on Wednesday. There is a social media site that is more popular among the teen crowd than even Facebook, so that might give you a hint, but check in on Wednesday to our main page to find out, and check out our BigSquidRC LIVE Show Wednesday night for all the details. Also of note- we’ve been doing posts on our all our different social network pages that you won’t find on the other social pages or our dot com, so if you are looking to see everything we post each day, you’ll have to check them all out.

But… the real point I’m trying to make here is this- if you are big Facebook fan and only follow BigSquidRC on FB, two things are happening right now-

1. Only by you visiting our dot com can we show our advertisers that you are supporting us (and thus them). If we can’t show our advertisers that you are supporting BigSquidRC, then we can’t eat, and if we can’t eat, we can’t keep posting all the uber stuff we do.

2. We’ve hit that point with Facebook that their dreaded “algorithm” is kicking in. What this means is that while we may post 6 times a day on FB, only one (or two or three) of these posts may actually make it to your FB news feed. FB now charges money to ensure every post is actually seen by everyone that likes our page. We would have to spend thousands of dollars PER DAY to make sure every single person that likes BigSquidRC received every one of our posts. That is something we can not do.

This will be the second time I’ve ever asked for your guys help, and here it goes-

If you are big FB’er and want to help BigSquidRC, please “Like”, “Share” and “Comment” on our FB posts when you dig them. You can also help us by suggesting or inviting friends to “Like” our FB page. You can also help us by setting up your notifications on FB, when you do this you will get a notification every time we post on FB, thus making sure you don’t miss anything. And lastly, simply visit every once in a while instead of only viewing our content on FB. A bookmark is quick and easy to set-up on your browser, and it’ll help keep our doors open. Oh and thanks ahead of time, from the entire crew here.


Big week ahead of us here at BigSquidRC. Brian will finally be posting our second transmitter shootout, Adam “The Intern” will be posting a new Axial review, I’ll be posting reviews on the Radient Reaktor brushless system and IMaxRC X200 battery charger, and we’ll have our BigSquidRC LIVE show going on Wednesday night at 9 pm CST. Throw in some Nuremberg Toy Fair coverage and hopefully we’ll have plenty of cool stuff for you guys to read and look at this week.

That’s it for this week guys, as always, thank you for your support here at BigSquidRC, and please support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby with TP199 Truck at TORCComing at ya 52 weeks a year- THE Cub Report, good morning everyone, lets set this incredibly sarcastic look at the week in the rc world in motion.

K-dub retired from Supercross racing last night in Anaheim (I am writing this on Sunday). Kevin Windham turned pro back in 94′ and has been one of the most elite riders on the circuit ever since, making this news a huge loss for the entire sx/mx world. K-dub was known for his incredibly smooth style, the ability to make big obstacles from the inside line (when nobody else could), and his uncanny ability to find traction on hard/slick surfaces. Back in the day, his heel-clickers after a win were epic, more recently, his rider-intro transfers (on the dark stadium floor) were enough to make even the gnarliest of mx’ers cringe. Here’s hoping the best for Kevin and Dottie, they will be missed on the sx/mx scene.

Traxxas keeps on blowing up. By that I mean, they keep getting bigger, and keep expanding their reach into the mainstream. More proof of this can be found from last week- Traxxas being a sponsor of the Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale Arizona is big news, and their announcement that they are now a sponsor of rookie Brittany Force in top fuel dragster is too. Huge props go out to the Traxxas guys for continuing to promote hobby grade rc to the masses.

But… the biggest rc news of the week was “WireGate”. What is/was WireGate?

The guru’s over at ROAR, with all their infinite wisdom, declared the Trinity D3.5 17.5 turn brushless motor illegal on Friday. Roughly 10 months ago they had declared this motor legal. ROAR deemed the motor illegal because they say the wire used in the stator was too large. A ROAR rep has also stated that the size of the wire in the Trinity motor did not change from when they first approved it to when they banned it. A ROAR rep has stated that they have recently gotten access to more precise testing equipment, and with that new equipment the wire used in the Trinity is now found to be too large.

So what’s the big deal? Since its introduction, the Trinity motor has been quite dominant in stock class racing, from the “biggest of the big” trophy races, to the smallest local Joe Schmo race, if you weren’t running the Trinity 17.5 you were at a power disadvantage. With that being said, owners of the Trinity motor are torqued off at ROAR because they may no longer be able to race with it, people selling the motors, from Trinity all the way down to local hobby shop owners are torqued at ROAR because they may not be able to sell their remaining inventory. Then you have people torqued at Trinity because of their alleged cheating.

And… then you have the public relations train-wreck for ROAR. It’s bad enough that they are banning a motor that seemingly hasn’t changed since they first approved it, but they also have Steve Pond (their former prez, and still on their ex-com) getting on a message board and “threatening” to take screen shots of “false or disparaging” remarks to put in the records over at ROAR. Seriously???? Does Pond not know that making a comment like that on an internet forum instantly makes him look like an 8 year old that just just discovered the net yesterday? The last thing ROAR needs is someone running around the forums spouting off like a little punk.

And… I’m not the only one sick and tired of hearing people from ROAR use the “we are just volunteers” card every time they pull some bonehead maneuver. Hey, I volunteer to help elderly/single/needy women down at the local church change the oil in their cars once every 3 months. The job sucks, it’s dirty, I always end up getting burnt, the women constantly complain about the work we do, yet I keep volunteering to do the job. When I volunteer for that job I don’t complain about how bad it sucks, and I don’t do a bad job just because I volunteered. And I continue to volunteer simply because even though it sucks, it’s the right thing to do. Any moron that raises their hand and wants to “volunteer” for ROAR should know these basic rules of volunteering, but seemingly they don’t.

Anywhos… I have absolutely no idea, but lets just say that yes indeed, the wire in the Trinity motor is too large to meet ROAR specs. IMO, the blame falls on BOTH ROAR and Trinity. It falls on ROAR because they didn’t properly check the wire during their initial certification process, and it falls on Trinity because they know what the maximum size is and did not inspect their own motors close enough to ensure they were legal.

(Hit the Keep reading to see the rest so Brian does not yell at me for taking the whole front page.)

trinity DT Motor
From the Team Trinity people, we recently got news about their new DT Modified Motors. They come in 6-10 turn, are brushless, 540 sized, sensorless, water resistant, and are a direct drop in for Traxxas Vehicles using the stock ESC. Cost is about $99.

Check out the Team Trinity web site for more info.

trinity lipo locker

Tired of the Lipo-Sack? Well check out the new Team Epic / Trinity Lipo-Locker. They have two sizes, and their new design has what they are calling the ‘Hail Mary Strap’ apparently if your Lipo’s do go up, you have a way of tossing it outside or off your pit table, or something. I have seen MANY Lipo’s go up, and while I’m not sure I want to grab something on fire, I guess it could help in a jam. The big one runs about $22 and the small one just under $20.

Check out the Team Trinity web site for more info.

Team Epic is renewing a name that has been long synonymous with the Trinity brand.  The new Monster Horsepower line of brushless motors are made for all kinds of classes and situations.  The Mini Monster line is meant for 1/16 and 1/18 scale racers like the Traxxas mini e-Revo or the Team Associated RC18 line.  They’re built for 1 – 2 cell LiPo use and are available in three Kv ratings: 8,500, 9,200, and 9,800.  The D3 line is a pro class motor built for a number of applications, including 1/12 & 1/10 scale onroad, oval, offroad, and even crawling.  They are meant to be run on 1 – 4 cell LiPos and come in too many Kv ratings to list here, some of which are ROAR approved for sanctioned competition.  The 4×4 Short Course Monster Horsepower line is built for all the popular short course trucks on the market, such as the Slash, Slash 4×4, Blitz, SC10, and XXX-SCT.  The motor features a longer motor design that provides more low-end torque to help get these heavier trucks moving along.  The short course motor is built for 1 – 4 cell LiPo and is available in 3,500, 3,750, and 5,200 Kv ratings.

All of these motors should be hitting store shelves towards the end of this month with MSRPs ranging from $84.99 up to $199.99.  Be sure to check out the Team Epic web site for more info.

Trinity (Epic?) has a cool new wheelie bar for the Traxxas minis.  Made out of black anodized aluminum, this prostock style mono-wheel wheelie bar is said to help you keep straighter wheelies going.  It’s a quick bolt on accessory that will add to the cool factor of your 1/16 E-Revo and Mini Slash.

MSRP is $22.99 and it should be on shelves soon if not already.  Check out the Epic (Trinity?) web site for more info.

Team Epic

Did you know that Team Epic has a new trade-in program for you Duo, Duo2, and Nemesis brushless motor owners?  If your motor is old and tired you can trade it for a factory refurbished or new motor at a reduced price.  You can trade it straight across for the same wind, or you can choose a new wind for a little bit more.

Here’s the relevant price list:

  • DUO, 10.5-17.5, Trade For Factory Refurbished, Same Wind: $39.00
  • DUO, 10.5-17.5, Trade for Factory Refurbished, New Wind: $43.00
  • DUO, 10.5-17.5, Exchange for New DUO Any Wind: $54.00
  • DUO2, 10.5-21.5, Trade For Factory Refurbished, Same Wind: $42.00
  • DUO2, 10.5-21.5, Trade for Factory Refurbished, Any Wind: $46.00
  • DUO2, 10.5-21.5, Exchange for New DUO2 Any Wind: $56.00
  • NEMESIS, 7.5 -17.5, Trade For Factory Refurbished, Same Wind: $45.00
  • NEMESIS, 7.5 -17.5, Trade for Factory Refurbished, Any Wind: $49.00
  • NEMESIS, 7.5 -17.5, Exchange for New NEMESIS Any Wind: $60.00

If you want to take advantage of this check out Team Epic’s web site.