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JConcepts B64 B64D Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set

JConcepts B64/B64D Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set

New from JConcepts is a Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set for the Associated B64. The lightweight links taper down to a 3mm thread that easily accepts standard Associated ball cups. The links are also conveniently marked for proper orientation and are made from high-grade machined titanium. Pricing for the set is $44 and they have a part number of #2585. You can [...]


Exotek RS4 SPORT 3 Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set

Exotek Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set For The RS4 Sport 3

The folks over at Exotek have announced a Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set for the HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3. The version 2 turnbuckles are machined from steel which allows them to be strong, while giving them the ability to be bent back without snapping unlike some of the other materials on the market. Exotek then applies a special gun metal [...]


JConcepts TLR 8ight 4.0 Turnbuckle Set

JConcepts TLR 8IGHT 4.0 Turnbuckle Set

Back in the day, high-end turnbuckles were one of the most important option parts you could buy. Now days, not so much, but they are still really nice to have. JConcepts has recently announced a Titanium Turnbuckle Set for the TLR 8IGHT 4.0 buggy. The titanium turnbuckles are both lightweight and strong, and perhaps more importantly, they look really trick. [...]


Dirt Racing Products Turnbuckles

Dirt Racing Products Cool Gray Fin Turnbuckle Sets

Dirt Racing Products has announced a new titanium turnbuckle set for the Associated B5 that comes in a cool gray color. The cool grey color will set these apart from a crowd and are the latest brainchild from the dirt master himself, Brian Kinwald. These use a standardized 3mm thread base and come conveniently marked for left and right hand [...]


JConcepts RC10 Worlds Turnbuckles

JConcepts Associated RC10 Worlds Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set

One way of both toughening up and bling’n out your Team Associated Worlds Car is to add Titanium Turnbuckles. The JConcepts crew has announced their turnbuckle set for the Worlds Car that is lighter, tougher, and better looking than the stock pieces. * Marked for easy orientation * Original JConcepts “Fin” styling * Made from high grade machined titanium * 3mm thread base * [...]


Vaterra Halix Hop-up turnbucles tie rods

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #5 – Upgrading the Turnbu…

This week in our Vaterra Halix upgrade series we’ll be showing you how to install new turnbuckles. There are a couple of good reasons to do this, the first being that the stock units can break during hard bashing, the second is that the stock units are not adjustable. Being able to adjust tire camber and front toe-in comes in [...]


Hudy Turnbuckle Wrench

Hudy Turnbuckles Wrenches

There is nothing like using the right tool for the job. Hudy has announced two new turnbuckle wrenches to make it easier to work on your rig. In both 5.5 and 6mm, the Hudy turnbuckle wrenches are hardened for long life and hand ground for a perfect fit. The part number for the 5.5mm is #181055, the 6mm is [...]


JConcepts Titanium Turnbuckles Associated

JConcepts Fin Titanium Turnbuckles and Wrench

JConcepts has introduced new Titanium Turnbuckles for the Associated line-up of 10th scaled racers. The new Fin turnbuckles are lightweight, ultra-strong, and look very trick. * Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling * High-grade, machined titanium material * Standardized 3mm thread base * Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left * Aesthetic jewelry * Part #2225- 6 piece B4 set, retail $40 * Part #2226- [...]


ST RC lightens up your Slash’s or Blitz’s loads

If you’re looking for ways to get an edge on your opponents in some short course racing action, then you might want to turn your gaze to these new turnbuckle sets for the HPI Blitz and Traxxas Slash 2wd from ST Racing Concepts.  The CNC Machined Pro-Light Turnbuckle Kits are made out of lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum.  A complete set of [...]