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Tamiya CC01 Volkswagen Amarok

Tamiya Volkswagen Amarok on CC01 Chassis

At the Toy Fair in Germany this spring Tamiya made some waves by announcing a “Custom Lift” style Volkswagen Amarok. Now Tamiya has announced an Amarok on their CC01 Chassis that has more of a scale appearance. The tires and wheels on the new version look much more like what you would find on a production Amarok and it is [...]


Tamiya Volkswagen Scirocco TT01ED Drift Spec

Tamiya Volkswagen Scirocco RTR TT01ED Drift Spec

Coming soon from Tamiya is a Volkswagen Scirocco TT01ED Drift Edition. The Scirocco comes on a 4wd platform for better driftability and it is fully built and painted, making it fast to go from the box to the local parking lot. A 2.4GHz radio means interference free performance, while a sport tuned brushed motor supplies the power. The VW is street [...]


Tamiya 58603 Volkswagen Amarok Custom Lift

Tamiya Volkswagen Amarok Custom Lift

While you don’t see many Volkswagen Amaroks cruising down the street here in the states, they are pretty cool mid-sized trucks. The folks over at Tamiya have announced their version at the Nuremburg Toy Fair. The Tamiya Amarok Custom Lift is modeled after the version used to promote the 2014 Winter Olympics and comes on a WT-01N chassis. The Amarok [...]


Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit

Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit

Looking for a neat winter project? After a bit of teasing the good folks over at Kyosho have released the scoop on the 2014 edition of their Beetle Kit. The Beetle first hit the market way back in 1983 where it set a new standard for buggy performance. The re-release is much like the ’83 version but is updated in [...]


Pro-Line Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body Axial Yeti

Pro-Line Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body for the Axial Yeti

Fully licensed by Volkswagen, the new Baja Bug Clear Body from Pro-Line will truly set your Axial Yeti apart. The Baja Bug is a perfect fit for the Axial Yeti and comes with window masks, a decal sheet, and over-spray protection. Street pricing is $37 and the part number is #3238-02. To be the fist person on your block to [...]


Kyosho Mad Bug Unboxing

Unboxing – Kyosho Mad Bug Readyset

We recently received a Kyosho Mad Bug Readyset for one of our famous “smash’em up” reviews. Take a look at the pictures below to see exactly what it looks like to crack open the box and to see what comes inside. Being a Readyset (Kyosho’s term for RTR), the Mad Bug comes with everything you need to get up and going [...]


Carisma M40S Volkswagen Golf 24 Review

Review – Carisma M40S Volkswagen Golf 24

THE Carisma M40S Volkswagen Golf 24 ReviewNow days it just isn’t enough to put out a solid car, it has to perform well and look exactly like its full scale equivalent. Today we’ll be taking a close look at the Carisma M40S Volkswagen Golf 24, an affordable ready-to-run that promises the precise scale looks everyone is after, as well a [...]


Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle #58572

Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle M-06 #58572

The Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the most popular cars on the planet for nearly 60 years now. For all you VW fanatics Tamiya has announced a new VW Beetle kit. The Beetle comes on the popular rear wheel drive M-06 chassis and comes as a kit. The part number for the Tamiya M-06 Volkswagen Beetle is #58572, it has [...]


Carisma Volkswagen Tourareg 3 RC Car

Carisma M40S Volkswagen Race Tourareg 3 RTR

The crew over at Carisma have been putting out highly detailed scale rc cars for years. The Carisma Volkswagen Race Tourareg 3 has been out for a few months now, but it’s very trick and deserves some time on the BSRC front page. The Tourareg 3 is based off the 10th scale 4wd M40S chassis from Carisma and it is an [...]


Carisma GT16MB Desert Beetle

Carisma GT16MB 16th Scale 4wd Volkswagen Beetle Desert Wide …

Check out the latest from the crew at Carisma– the GT16MB Volkswagen Desert Beetle Wide Edition. The Bug comes with a nicely detailed scale looking body and big tires for going off-road. Some of its other features and specifications include- * 4WD * 2.4G Radio * Carisma Brushless System * Full Assembled * Ready to Run * Oil shocks * Officially Licensed body * Gear diffs * 370 brushless [...]


Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Racing Group 2 M-05 chassis

Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Racing Group 2

Tamiya is re-releasing another fan favorite, the Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 GR 2 (part #84316). First available in the early 80’s, the latest Golf version comes with their M-05 chassis. The M-05 is a front wheel drive chassis that will certainly make driving the latest Tamiya a blast. We have not received any word on a price point or a release [...]


Carisma M10DT Volkswagen Beetle Desert Edition Brushless RTR

Today we have news on the latest from Carisma, their M10DT Volkswagen Beetle Desert Edition. This is a 2wd, mid-motored, 10th scale brushless RTR that is all about scale looks with its licensed Volkswagen body and various accessories. Some of its other features and specifications include- * Water resistant servo, ESC, and receiver * Front and rear bumpers * Oil Shocks * High traction [...]


pro-line full fender baja bug 01

Pro-Line full fendered Baja Bug body

Here’s something cool from Pro-Line.  A Volkswagen Bug body that actually has fenders on it.  How novel.  It actually casts a much different attitude than all the fenderless beetle bodies that populate the alternative-style short course landscape.  This new vision of an old body is officially licensed by Volkswagen, so you can expect all the decals necessary to replicate the [...]