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JConcepts Fin Lightweight 8th Scale Wheel Nuts

JConcepts Fin Lightweight 1/8th Wheel Nuts

For all you 8th scale drivers, the folks at JConcepts has announced Fin Lightweight Wheel Nuts. Like all JConcepts products, it is obvious a lot of attention to detail went into the wheel nuts. They use a large flange for extra support on the wheel and excess material has been eliminated to shave weight. They are closed on the outside [...]


RC4WD 1/8 Warn Locking Hubs

RC4WD 1/8th Warn Manual Locking Hub Wheel Nuts

Are you all about the fine details? Sadly me neither, but there a lot of people in the scale community where each and every little detail makes all the difference. RC4WD has offered Warn Manual Locking Hub Wheel Nuts in tenth scale for a long time, now they are offering them in a larger size. RC4WD’s 1/8 version uses M4 locknuts [...]


JConcepts 4mm locking wheel nuts

JConcepts 4mm Low-Profile Locking Wheel Nuts

An easy (and affordable) way to add some bling to your ride is by bolting on upgrade wheel nuts. The folks over at JConcepts have just announced some new lightweight, and low profile, 4mm wheel nuts. These come in two different colors, black or blue, and bolt right on 10th scale Traxxas vehicles, the Associated SC10 4×4, and the TLR [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Cap 17mm Wheel Nuts

Pro-Line Pro-Cap 17mm Wheel Nuts

Have you ever noticed the wheel nuts for your 8th scale buggy tend to “go missing” a lot at the track? They either go flying off your wheel at 30,000 rpm down the main straight (never to be found again) or one of your racing buddies like to “permanently borrow” them. Pro-Line has some good news for you, they have [...]


Pro-Line Traxxas Slash Pro-2 Performance Parts

Review- Pro-Line Traxxas Slash Pro-2 Performance Parts

THE Pro-Line Pro-2 Performance Parts ReviewPro-Line Racing keeps introducing more upgrade parts for the immensely popular Traxxas Slash platform. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of their newest performance parts to determine if they live up to Pro-Line’s legendary reputation and if they are worth your time and money. Come on, lets take a closer look…


Duratrax wheel nut driver 17mm

Duratrax 17mm Wheel Nut Driver

If you have to wrench on a 8th scale buggy or truggy you already know the need for a good wheel nut wrench. Duratrax has introduced a new 17mm wheel nut wrench with you in mind. Some of the features are- * Utilizes a hardened 17 mm socket that fits most 8th scaler buggies * Ergonomic soft grip handle * Easier to use [...]