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SSD 1.9″ Steel Beadlock Wheels

New from SSD RC are some seriously strong stamped 1.9″ Steel Beadlock Wheels. For those looking for durability and a cool scale look, these may be the wheels you are looking for. * Available in silver or black * Standard 1.9″ wheel size * Standard 12mm hex mount * Also fits Axial 12mm hex * Internal beadlock system * Removable hub * Compatible with Vanquish SLW [...]


RC4WD Toyo 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Toyo 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

Bling, bling, bling, here is yet another trick looking set of RC4WD wheels. Their latest set, 1.9″ Toyo Beadlocks, have a great scale authentic look and the rugged design that you demand out on the trail. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Standard 12mm hex * Scale hex bolts * Scale wheel nut cover * Size- 1.9″ * Width- 1.13″ * Negative offset- .37″ * Weight- 2.4 [...]


Gear Head RC 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

Gear Head RC 1.9″ Silver & Gunmetal Gray Beadlock Wheels

The crew at Gear Head RC have some trick new 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels for your next scale build. Machined from aluminum for the ultimate in scale realism, they use a 12mm hex to fit on a huge variety of different vehicles. The new 1.9s are available two ways- in a Natural Aluminum Silver Finish that has a part number of [...]


RC4WD Raceline Havoc 1.55 Beadlock

RC4WD Raceline Havoc 1.55 Beadlock Wheels

Just announced from RC4WD are Raceline Havoc 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels. From one glance you can tell they continue the tradition of scale realism from RC4WD and they are fully licensed by Raceline. A standard 12mm hex allows them to be mounted on a wide range of trucks/buggies and they are CNC machined from aluminum, then anodized black, for a stellar [...]


Boom Racing Evo Beadlock

Boom Racing Evo Beadlock Wheels at AsiaTees Hobbies

Need some sharp looking wheels for your trail rig? If so, AsiaTees Hobbies wanted us to let you know that Boom Racing has a huge line-up of Beadlock Wheels. Available for both 1.9″ or 2.2″ tires, the Boom Racing Beadlock wheels are made from aluminum and are priced to fit almost anyone’s budget (starting around $20 per pair). They are [...]


FireBrand RC 2.2 H-Bomb Mud Treads FUSION Bash Wheels

FireBrand RC H-Bomb Mud Treads Pre-Mounted on 2.2" FUSION Ba…

Are you a fan of tearing up the local mud hole? If so, FireBrand RC has something for you. They have just announced H-Bomb Mud Tread Tires that are pre-mounted on 2.2″ FUSION Bash Wheels. The FUSION wheels are ready for abuse being made from a high quality ABS plastic, while the H-Bomb mud tread tires have deep “jagged zig-zag” [...]


FireBrand Short Course-X Wheels BlackHawk Short Course Xtreme

FireBrand RC Short Course-X Wheels with BlackHawk Short Cour…

What is the latest product from the folks at FireBrand RC? That would be their Short Course X Wheels pre-mounted with BlackHawk Short Course Xtreme Tires. These feature a chevron style design for not only a cool look, but to also give plenty of traction on loose surfaces. The wheels feature a 12mm hex that fits on a bunch of [...]


RC4WD Raceline Revolver 1.55 Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Revolver 1.55 Beadlock Wheels

Need some hot 1.55 sized wheels for your latest build? If so, have a look at the new Raceline Revolvers from RC4WD. The Raceline’s are fully licensed for an authentic look and were designed to fit your 1.55 tires. * Machined from billet aluminum * Beadlock design * Comes with scale wheel nut covers * Uses a standard 12mm wheel hex * Scale hex bolts [...]


RC4WD Raceline 1.7 Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster 1.7″ Beadlock Wheels

Have some 1.7″ tires that need trick wheels? If so, the crew at RC4WD have some new Raceline units for you. The Raceline Monster 1.7″ Beadlocks from RC4WD are CNC machined from aluminum and look incredibly scale realistic. * Standard 12mm hex * Officially licensed * Comes with scale hex bolts * Width- 0.98″ * Negative Offset- 0.45″ * Weight (each)- 1.57oz The wheels are street [...]


RC4WD Fuel Offroad 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Fuel Offroad Trophy 1.9 Black/Gray Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD has done it again, they are releasing yet another set of very trick looking Aluminum Wheels. This particular set is sized for 1.9″ tires and are modeled after Fuel Offroad Trophy Beadlock Wheels. Of course they are officially licensed by Fuel Offroad and are CNC machined from high quality billet aluminum. * OD- 1.9″ * Width- 1.1″ * Negative offset- 0.4″ * [...]


Schumacher SCT Wheels

New Short Course Wheels from Schumacher

The folks over at Schumacher have announced new 6 Spoke Wheels for Short Course Vehicles. They come with 12mm wheel hexes which allow them to fit a plethora of vehicles and are highly detailed to look good on your truck. The wheels are available in either white (#U4732) or black (#U4733) and you can hit up This Link to get [...]


RC4WD Mickey Thompson Wheels

RC4WD Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1.55‘’ Wheels

New from RC4WD are Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1.55 Internal Beadlock Wheels. These were designed for the ultimate in scale realism and are officially licensed by the Mickey Thompson tire and wheel company. The Classic Lock wheels have been Officially Licensed by the Mickey Thompson tire and wheel company and are CNC machined out of billet aluminum. A 12mm hex [...]


Vanquish KMC 3.8

Vanquish Has KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 Wheels

Looking for a really trick set of wheels for your Traxxas 3.8 truck? Check out the new officially licensed KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 wheels that are over on the Vanquish site. The KMC’s have 17mm hexes making them an easy bolt on for trucks like the Traxxas Revo/Maxx, Axial Yeti XL, and Thunder Tiger MT4 G3. * Made from [...]


Gear Head 1.9 EZ-Loc Wheels

Gear Head RC 1.9 CL EZ-Loc Beadlock Wheels

In need of some sharp new wheels for your scaler? If so, the folks at Gear Head RC have announced some new 1.9″ CL EZ-Loc Beadlocks for you to consider. These are made right here in the USA out of 6061-T6 aluminum and can help give your truck a unique scale look. Better still, their EZ-Loc design makes it easy [...]


Pro-Line Wheel Video

Video – Pro-Line 2.2″ Rock Crawler Bead-Loc Wheels

With trail driving and crawling season in full swing, Pro-Line has put out a new video to show you all the features on their new Denali and Faultline 2.2″ Bead-Loc Wheels. Check out the video above to learn how the the new Pro-Line Bead-Locs can up your game out on the trail. Click This Link if you can’t wait for the [...]