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Driven Pro Deca Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Driven Pro Deca Aluminum Beadlock SCT Wheels

Have you been looking for some trick aluminum wheels for your short course truck? For those of you that have, Driven Pro has something for you. Available now from the DP crew are Deca Aluminum Beadlock SCT Wheels. The Decas have been CNC machined from high quality 6061 aluminum and feature a 3-piece beadlock design. Stainless steel nuts and bolts [...]


FireBrand RC The EXPOSER Wheel Tire Tool

FireBrand RC’s New The EXPOSER Wheel & Tire Tool

Do you hate gluing tires as much as we do? If that is indeed the case, take a look at The Exposer Wheel & Tire Tool from FireBrand RC. The Exposer was designed to make easy work out of gluing up 1/10th on-road wheels. The tool helps to expose the “sweet spot” on the tire where the glue is best [...]


RC4WD Breaker 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Breaker 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

New from the good folks over at RC4WD are Breaker 1.9″ beadlock wheels. Featuring a classic look, the Breakers are machined from billet aluminum and sport an impressive amount of scale detailing. * Standard 12mm hex * Scale hex bolts * Scale wheel nut cover w/ RC4WD logo * Width- 1.22″ * Negative offset- 0.35″ * Center hold OD- 0.16″ * Weight- 2.69oz The Breakers are priced [...]


RC4WD Ballistic Offroad Anvil 1.55 Wheels

RC4WD Ballistic Offroad Anvil 1.55″ Wheels

Got a sweet scale build you are finishing up? Looking for some wheels to really set off your current rig? If so, take a look at the new Ballistic Offroad Anvil 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels from RC4WD. These babies are ultra-detailed and are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Officially licensed by Ballistic Offroad Wheel Company, the wheels feature a tough black [...]


FireBrand IceStar-XD Street Juice

FireBrand RC IceStar-XD Street Juice 0º Drifting Wheel/Tire…

Turn on some black lights and watch the new FireBrand RC IceStar-XC Street Juice Wheel/Tire Combo glow while getting your drift-on at the local track. The combo was designed not only for hardcore drifting, but to also give your car some serious attitude. * Pre-glued for your convenience * Come as a set of four * Comes with 12mm hex & 9mm of [...]


RC4WD Rugged 1.9" Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Rugged 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

The good folks over at RC4WD do a great job of giving the public lots of options on how to customize their off-road trucks. They have been especially good at offering a plethora of different wheels, with their latest being 1.9″ Rugged Beadlocks. The Rugged 1.9s are CNC machined from billet aluminum and have a very nice scale look that [...]


RC4WD Raceline Gunner 1.7 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Gunner 1.7″ Wheels

Bolt on a unique new look to your scale rig with Raceline Gunner 1.7″ Wheels from RC4WD. Of course the new Gunners are officially licensed by Raceline and feature a beadlock design to keep your tire’s bead locked firmly to the rim. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Incredible scale detailing * Black anodizing * Standard 12mm hex * Scale hex bolts * Scale wheel [...]


SSD 1.55 D Hole Wheels

SSD 1.55″ Steel D Hole Wheels

Looking for a set of 1.55″ wheels for your scale rig? If so, take a look at these new Steel D Hole units from SSD RC. The wheels feature a traditional steel wheel look and have 12mm hexes to fit a wide variety of trucks. An internal beadlock design keeps the tires planted to rims and they are available in [...]


Axial Method Wheels

New Wheels From Axial Racing

New from Axial Racing are several sets of wheels. First up are some Method beadlock wheels for your crawler or trial rig. These are 3 piece units that are made to fit 2.2″ tires. Axial Racing also has some new Method 2.2/3.0″ wheels made to fit a variety of short course style tires. The wheels are priced from $15 to $27 [...]


FireBrand OG XDR Street Juice

FireBrand RC O.G. XDR STREET JUICE 45°/3° Wheel/Tire Set

New for the drift crowd is the OG XDR Street Juice 45°/3° Wheel/Tire Combo from FireBrand RC. This set has several features that are extra cool. For example, the tires will glow when seen under a black light. Imagine setting up black lights at your local drift track and having a killer night drift session! Also, the tires feature a [...]


Gear Head RC 2.2 RubiComp Beadlock Wheels

Gear Head RC 2.2 RubiComp Beadlock Wheels

New from Gear Head RC are their 2.2″ RubiComp Beadlock Wheels. These are made right here in America from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum and feature some serious scale realism. The wheels come in a natural aluminum finish while the beadlock rings have been anodized in black. * 12mm wheel hex * Fits 2.2″ tires * Width: 1.49″ * Weight: 5.7 oz each * Offset: [...]


SSD 2.2 Rock racer aluminum wheels

SSD 2.2″ Black Rock Racer Beadlock Wheels

SSD has a new set of 2.2″ Black Rock Racer Beadlock Wheels for your off-road rig. CNC machined from aluminum, the wheels have a great scale look and were designed to take the rigors of serious off-road driving. * Standard 12mm hex * Removable hub * Internal beadlock design * Designed for easy tire mounting * Anodized in black * Blue delrin front ring * Width: 38mm * [...]



FireBrand RC DEF Star-D2M Aluminum Drift Wheel Set

Get your bling on with the new DEF Star-D2M Aluminum Drift Wheel Set from Fire Brand RC. The FireBrand crew not only made sure they look hot, but also designed them for increased performance on your drift machine. * Pre-mounted and glued * Come as a set of 4 * 12mm hex * 12mm off-set * Anodized aluminum wheels * Weight- 2 oz each Street pricing is [...]


Pro-Line Brawler Wheel Video

Video Of The Day – Pro-Line Brawler Clod Buster 2.6″ Wheels

Catch some good old fashioned monster truck action in Pro-Line’s new Brawler Wheel video. The Brawler wheels have recently been announced by Pro-Line for the ever growing solid axle monster truck crowd. While designed to fit trucks like the Clod Buster, they come with a standard 12mm hex to fit on all sorts of cool creations. Street pricing is $33 [...]


FireBrand RC Showoff Body Wheel Display

FireBrand RC ShowOff Body & Wheel Display

New from FireBrand RC is the ShowOff Body & Wheel Display. Imagine that you have a lot of different bodies that you would like to display, but don’t really want to spend a bunch of cash on actual cars to put underneath them. The FireBrand ShowOff display allows you to mount up a body and wheels for just $18, saving [...]