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JConcepts Hybrid 1/8th Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts Hybrid 1/8th Buggy & Truck Wing

Yes, the 8th scale wing wars are heating up with the addition of the JConcepts Hybrid to the market. The latest in rear wing technology from JConcepts was designed to increase both handling and durability. Some of its highlights include- * Multi-height layout * Polycarbonate & injection molded components * Can be used with or without a center divider * Anodized aluminum washers * Several [...]


Pro-Line Champion 6.5" Clear Rear Wing

Pro-Line Champion 6.5″ Clear Wing

New from Pro-Line is the Champion 6.5″ Clear Rear Wing. The Champion fits on all the current 1/10th race buggies and is made from a medium thickness Lexan to be stiffer, and more durable, than most stock wings. The sides have been shaped to avoid interfering with the rear tires, while the rear has been curved to increase durability. The Champion [...]


RPM Wing Mounts ARRMA Durango

RPM Wing Mounts for ARRMA & Durango 1/8 Vehicles

We know how hard you guys bash your ARRMA & Durango trucks, so does the crew over at RPM. To help make the 1/8th scale ARRMA and Durangos more durable, RPM has just announced a new set of Wing Mounts. Made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic, they are reinforced in all the right areas to improve overall durability. Fits- [...]


Pro-Line Clear Front Wing

Pro-Line Clear Front Wing & Mount

New from Pro-Line Racing is a Clear Front Wing & Mount. Why do you need one? Well, the Pro-Line front wing helps to keep the front of your 1/10th scale buggy planted when coming out of corners, helping you to lower your lap times. The Pro-Line front wing mounts low and in front of the shock tower. This keeps the center [...]


PROTOform Elite Wing

PROTOform Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit

New from PROTOform is the Elite-TC Pre-Cut Wing Kit. The wing is molded from genuine Lexan and is shaped to give your 1/10th touring car a neutral feel while driving. It can also be run in three different configurations to suit different track conditions. The wing has a part number of #1724-17 and is street priced at $11. For complete details [...]


Pro-Line Trifecta Wing

Pro-Line Pre-Cut 1/8th Scale Trifecta Clear Wing

Remember that hi-zoot Lexan Rear Wing that Tessmann used to win the world championship with last year? It is called the Trifecta and soon it will be available Pre-Cut to save you time. The Trifecta wing is much lighter than a standard wing, helping to lower the center of gravity while giving more downforce. Street priced at $16, the pre-cut Trifecta [...]


PROTOform Aluminum wing mounts

PROTOform Gunmetal Aluminum Wing Mounts

New and hot from our friends at PROTOform are Gunmetal Aluminum Wing Mounts. This set not only looks cool but can add extra security to your touring car’s rear wing. Its gunmetal color will match any paint scheme and they are laser-etched with the PROTOform logo. The wing mounts have a street price of $11, a part number of #6054-01, and [...]


Serpent Front Wing SRX2 Buggy

Serpent Front Wing Set for the SRX2 Buggy

Even though Formula 1 cars are extremely light, they still manage blinding corner speeds thanks to the amount of down-force their wings provide. In rc, wings are also very important, they shove the tires into the dirt for more traction. To give maximum traction to the front end of their Spyder SRX-2 buggy, Serpent has announced a front wing. The wing [...]


Pro-Line Trifecta Buggy Wing

Pro-Line Trifecta 1:8 Rear Buggy Wing

Pro-Line has a new Trifecta Wing for your 8th scale buggy or truggy. The Trifecta was designed for three things – performance, style, and durability. The futuristic design uses large center fins to add stability while dimples are used to create a “golf ball” aerodynamic effect to increase low speed downforce. The part number for yellow is #6249-02, black is [...]


TheToyz Wing Spoiler

TheToyz 1:16/1:10 Rear Wings

Sometimes you just need to add a wing to set off that car/truck/buggy of yours. The crew over at TheToyz can hook you up with several different wings to add that final piece of bling to your ride. TheToyz wings are made from plastic and aluminum for durability, and come in different widths and looks. The unit shown above sports a [...]


pro-line pre-cut body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings

On Wednesday we posted a teaser about the new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line, now we have more pictures and full pricing information. The pre-cut idea is a good one, it will save time and ensure a perfectly trimmed body. Pro-Line has two different SCT bodies that will come pre-cut, the #3355-17 Flo-Tek SCT and the #3413-17 EVO SC. Both [...]


Pro-Line pre cut bodies

Teaser – Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings from Pro-Line

There are many reasons why Pro-Line is our favorite body company, now we’ve got another one, they are teasing new bodies and wings that come pre-cut. Ever spend hours painting up a new body only to realize you’ve still got to spend a bunch of time trimming it? Ever have excess body material get in the way while you were [...]


Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 Pro-Line Body Wing

Hop-Up Series Part #4 – Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3, Installing …

When you start hopping up your Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 the single biggest change you can make to its looks is changing the body. This week we’ll be going over what it takes to put a new body on your big TT. Hit the “Read More” button to see what it takes to mount up a body and wing to the [...]


Pro-Line Clear 10th Scale Buggy Wing

Pro-Line Stabilizer 7″ 10th Scale Buggy Clear Wing

Pro-Line Racing has just announced a new wing for 10th scale buggies and it’s cool in multiple ways. First off is performance, the new Stabilizer 7″ Wing yields more rear traction and high speed stability for your buggy. The Stabilizer is also molded out of super thick Lexan, making it one of the most durable wings on the market. [...]


JConcepts Finnisher 1/8th Wing

JConcepts Finnisher 8th Scale Buggy Wing

JConcepts has a new rear wing for 8th scale buggy’s called the Finnisher. This wing has an adjustable gurney and comes with radical new styling to make your buggy stand out in a crowd. Some of its other features include- * JConcepts high-attack, V-angle Finnisher design * Radical, edgy design which compliments, Finnisher and Silencer body designs * Screw-in type and body-clip type [...]