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Pro-Line Blockade Truggy X2
If we had to choose one tire to race with, it would be the Pro-Line Blockade. Why? They work awesome on just about every track we’ve tried them on.

The latest Blockades are X Compound for 1/8 Truggy. Pro-Line’s X2 (medium) and X3 (soft) compounds are made for long life, meaning you have to replace tires less often, saving you money.

The X2 Blockade 1/8 truggy tires have a part number of #9046-002, the X3 are #9046-003, and they are also available in X2 compound pre-mounted, #9046-033. Pricing is $49 a pair pre-mounted and $32 a pair for just the tires. Get full details by following This Link over to Pro-Line’s official website.

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Pro-Line X Compound Bow Tie 2.0
One of the latest releases from the Pro-Line crew is their Bow-Tie 2.0 8th scale buggy tires in X2 and X3 compounds. Pro-Line’s X compounds are made for long tire life, add that to the legendary traction of a Bow-Tie and you’ve got a winning combination.

These are available right now, the part number for the X2 (medium) is #9045-002, and the X3 (soft) is #9045-003. Expect a street price of right around $22 per pair. Hit up the Pro-Line Website for more information.

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Pro-Line Big Blox Pre-Mounted M3
Pro-Line has announced that their Big Blox 8th scale buggy tires are now available all glued up and pre-mounted for your driving pleasure. The mounted Big Blox save you time and hassle by coming ready to bolt right up to your buggy, giving you more driving time. The pre-mounts are available in their popular M3 (soft) or M4 (super soft) compounds, and come mounted on white Velocity wheels. Part numbers are #9048-32 for M3, #9048-33 for M4, and both have a street price of right at $35 per pair.

Pro-Line Big BloxBig Blox are also now available in Pro-Line’s new long wearing X2 (Medium) and X3 (Soft) compounds. Big Blox are already known for their long wear characteristics, I would think that in X Compound you should be able to complete an hour long main and still have plenty of tread left. Part number for the X2 Big Blox’s is #9048-002, the X3′s are #9048-003, and both have a street price of around $22 per pair. Hit up the official Pro-Line Website for even more information.

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pro-line diamond back tires
Pro-Line is always striving forward looking to give you an advantage out on the track. Their latest 8th scale buggy tires are further proof of this and they are called Diamond Backs. Just like the name implies, the Diamond Backs emulate the scales on a snakes back, the lugs in the center of the tire are closer together, while the lugs near the sidewalls are further apart. Placing the lugs in this manner helps to provide longer tread life while having lots of traction. As far as tire compounds go, the Diamond Back are currently being produced in Pro-Line’s exclusive long lasting X2 (medium- #9049-002) and X3 (soft- #9049-003) compounds.

Expect a street price of $22 per pair, and you can get more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s superior products on their Official Website.

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X Compound Pro-Line Blockade
Pro-line Blockade tires aren’t new, in fact they are one of the most winning tires of the last couple of years. However, it is big news that they are now available in Pro-line’s new X Compound. Why would you, Mr Basher, care that you can get them in X Compound? Because the new X Compound is all about long tire life, it’s a compound made especially for abrasive surfaces. Basically, if you are looking for outstanding traction on a prepped dirt surface, and are looking for outstanding wear characteristics, Blockades in X Compound should be the tire of choice.

Blockades are available in X2 Compound (Medium #9039-002) and X3 Compound (Soft #9039-003), with a street price of right around $22 a pair. For more information, hit up the official Pro-Line Website.

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