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RCP Crawlers collection (2)

RCP Crawlers impressive display of Scalers

I mentioned in the post about RCP Crawlers new Axial XR10 chassis prototype that they had a very cool booth at RC Expo 2011 with all kinds of scale crawlers.  Here’s some pics of a few of them.  All the Jeep crawlers are built with the G.I. Joe Jeep push toy, they are all great looking vehicles.  And be sure [...]


RCP Crawlers Progress Chassis (1)

Prototype Chassis for Axial XR10 from RCP Crawlers

RCP Crawlers was putting on a big show at the RC Expo 2011, with a booth full of awesome scalers and a large crawling course with demos going all day long.  The big news out of their booth though, was their new Progress chassis for Axial’s XR10 super crawler.  While it’s still an early prototype at this point, when put [...]


Interview with Jeff Johns of Axial

We would like to start off by thanking Jeff and Axial for their time, and for being the first in one of our new segments where we talk to people at the top of the fastest moving companies in RC. These interviews are not just with the company PR guys, we go as high up the food chain as possible, [...]


RC4WD Hardened gears for ax10

RC4WD Hardened Steel gears for XR10

Plastic, nylon, delrin gears… who needs ’em huh?  They’re always a weak link in any drive train and one of the first recommended upgrades when you’re stepping up to the mega power of brushless or high torque crawler systems is to change those gears for some metal equivilents.  But even in some situations those metal parts might not be up [...]


Axial machined gears 01

Axial XR10 machined gears and titanium gear shafts

Axial‘s flagship crawler, the XR10, is a tough truck.  But even the toughest trucks can be improved, and Axial is aware of that.  There’s now a bunch of new options to further bullet-proof your ride.  Axial promises that their new lightweight, CNC machined gears will not only be more durable, but also more efficient, the complete set will reduce the [...]


Axial XR10 Stage 3 Aluminum Hi-Clearance Links Kit

Need to get that XR10 a little higher? This new Axial XR10 Stage 3 Aluminum Hi-Clearance Links Kit will do just that! It’s a replacement kit for the upper and lower links on the stock XR10 and adds more clearance to the chassis. If the places you crawl have you rubbing your belly, this kit might be what you [...]


Axial XR10 Carbon Fiber Battery Plate

The XR10 is on the Axial carbon fiber express this month! Axial now has a Carbon Fiber Battery Plate to go along with their electronics plate and other carbon fiber goodies! This plate is height adjustable with all the hardware needed to lower your batter as low as possible! That’s a good thing! I’m gonna have to start a [...]


Axial XR10 Carbon Fiber Electronics Plate Hop-Up

New for the XR10 from Axial is a sweet Carbon Fiber Electronics Plate. If your looking to shave some weight, this plate is 65% lighter than the stock plate! Every little bit helps when your trying to stay on your wheels! Check out Axial’s site for more info!


Axial XR10

Axial XR10 Reviewed!

So is this the rock crawler the world has been waiting for? Head over to our RC Reviews section and check out our thoughts! It’s a pretty impressive vehicle, but does it stand up to the hype? Click Here to find out!


Axial XR10 Carbon Fiber Parts

Even more love for the XR10 from Axial has some sweet carbon fiber hop-ups! These replace the stick aluminum XR10 components. You can buy them in a kit, or separately. The complete kit is 50% lighter than the stock parts! Check out Axial’s site for more info!


Axial XR10 Aluminum C-Hubs

Looks like the XR10 from Axial is already getting some hop-up love! These new aluminum C-Hub’s look very tough! You can buy them as a upgrade kit or as separate parts. Check out Axial’s site for more info!



Axial XR10 Unboxing Pictures

We got our hands on a Axial XR10 here at the Big Squid RC Headquarters, and I have to say the guys here are pretty stoked about it. This is going to be one of those kits you can’t rush, but when it’s done, it will all be worth it! As expected here are the official unboxing photos. I’m not sure [...]


Axial XR10 Pictures

So you remember that leaked info we posted about the Axial XR10? While we finally have some pictures of the awesome beast! Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these! Looks pretty cool! As Cubby would say, a little martian.. but sweet! Check out Axial’s site [...]