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XRay X10
The folks over at XRay have recently announced the 2015 edition of their X10 pan car. The X10 was given a slew of upgrades to make it easier to work on, drive, and to adjust. Some of the updates on the X10 include-

* Narrow chassis with new battery placement & weight balance
* Narrow rear pod
* Harder material used on new front arms
* Updated ride height adjustment
* New servo saver
* New side tubes and rear link brace

Want more details? Hit up This Link over on the official XRay website.

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XRay NT1 2014For all you nitro touring car fans, XRay has released information on the 2014 edition of their NT1. XRay’s nitro touring cars have a history of being some of the best in the industry, the latest version looks like the best one yet. The updates for the 2014 model include-

* Smaller 2-speed
* New shocks and shock towers
* New chassis, radio plate and center body mount
* New mounting system for fuel tank
* Improved battery holder
* New mount for front middle drive-shaft

You can read more about the NT1 at This Link over on XRay’s website, and you can hit up This Link to catch up on XRay news right here on BigSquidRC.

XRay XB8 Buggy
Back in the day, the first XRay nitro buggies were named XB8, now they are bringing back the name for their latest creation. The 2014 XB8 is a high-end 8th scale buggy that is made from high grade materials and is designed with all the latest performance tricks. Some of its highlights include-

* Unique XPBS front pivot ball suspension
* Multi-Flex chassis adjustment system
* All new big-bore shocks
* Beefy carbon fiber towers
* CNC-machined 3mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum chassis
* SFA graphite stiffeners on a-arms

The 2014 XB8 has a part number of #XRA350009 and a street price of just under $700. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official XRay website.

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XRay XB4 2wd Buggy Kit
XRay teased their new XB4 2wd buggy a couple of weeks ago, today they released full information. The 2wd buggy class is seemingly filled with new offerings, but no doubt the XRay buggy will be among the best you can buy. Some of its features and specifications include-

* 95% parts compatibility with the XB4 4wd buggy
* Aluminum chassis
* Mid-motor design
* Gear diff (ball diff optional)
* Slipper clutch
* Adjustable servo position
* 3mm carbon fiber towers
* Big bore shocks
* Roll bars included

The part number for the XRay XB4 2wd is #360500 and you can get more information at This Link.

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2014 XRay XB4
Just like full size cars, XRay has been announcing their 2014 models. Among those models they have just released information on their 2014 XB4 4wd off-road buggy. The 2014 XB4 receives moderate updates, making it even more capable on the track or for blitzing around your cul-de-sac. Some of the updates for 2014 include-

* New chassis
* New Suspension Flex Adjustment
* Narrow A-arms
* Reinforced bulkheads and shock towers
* Stronger slipper
* Updated top deck

For more pictures and information on the 2014 XRay XB4 simply click This Link.

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XRay XB4 2wd
XRay has been expanding their product line-up lately, and it seems like every company out there is now selling a 2wd buggy, so the announcement of their new XB4 2wd comes as little surprise. XRay has only released a teaser picture, but if the new XB4 2wd is like everything else in their line-up it is sure to be made of the highest quality materials with solid engineering. We will post more information about the XB4 2wd when it becomes available, until then you can hit This Link to check out the official XRay website.

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XRay XT9 Nitro Truggy
8th scale truggies are some of the best vehicles you can have for bashing. Big power, big tires, and plenty of ground clearance instantly makes them a good basher. XRay has finally announced full information on their uber new XT9 Nitro Truggy. XRay is known for their high end equipment, if you are looking for a well designed truggy made from the best materials, the XT9 should be on your list. In fact, XRay uses the words “Rugged… Indestructible… Unbeatable…” and “Luxury Masterpiece” to describe the new XT9. Some of its features include-

* All new CNC machined Swiss 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum chassis
* Updated side guards
* Improved weight distribution
* HUDY spring steel CVDs
* Rubber sealed gear diffs
* 150cc fuel tank
* Adjustable caster blocks
* Easy center diff access
* New I.S.S. aluminum suspension holders
* New double rear braces

The part number for the XRay XT9 is #350202 and you can get more information at THIS LINK.

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XRAY RX8 2013
XRay has just announced their newly upgraded 8th scale nitro on-road car, the RX8 ’13.
The new RX8 boasts a bunch of improvements, most notably- a new clutch, low pro shock set-up, and a new fuel tank. All the changes are said to make the RX8 easier to drive, faster, and even more reliable.

Want to learn more about this beauty? Xray has a lot more details on every aspect of the new RX8 ’13 over at THIS LINK.

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XRay NT1 2013 Nitro On Road
One of the most highly regarded rc manufactures worldwide is XRay. They are known for using quality materials and their solid design principles.

New from XRay is the 2013 version of their NT1 10th scale nitro touring car. This latest version hosts a slew of improvements over the previous model. Some of the major changes are new shocks, new towers, new chassis, new bulkheads and new driveshafts (among many other things). If you are looking for an elite nitro touring car, the 2013 NT1 should be on your list.

We’ve received no word on a potential price point or release date, but you can get more information and photo’s over on XRay’s Official Website.

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2013 XRAY XB9 1/8th Scale Buggy
XRay sent out teaser information on their 2013 spec XB9 8th Scale Buggy at the first of the year, now they’ve released full information and photo’s. The 2013 XB9 is a culmination of years of testing and research, surely it will go down as one of the most elite 8th scale racers ever produced.

The changes for the 2013 XB9 include-

* New longer and wider chassis for increased stability and weight balance
* New engine position and internal component layout to improve performance, efficiency and durability
* New updated side guards
* New fuel tank with floating stone type fuel filter
* New high-torque clutch set
* New heavier high-torque flywheel
* New high-torque clutch shoes
* New high-torque clutch springs
* New 16° caster blocks suitable for majority of track conditions
* New steering blocks for increased corner speed
* New Ackermann position for increased corner speed
* New HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles with new size
* New front shock tower with new roll center positions
* New rear shock to accommodate optional longer chassis brace
* New longer muffler mounting to accommodate all types of mufflers

For more information on the XB9 check out the official XRay Website, and for even more XRay news check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

New Xray XB9 for 2013
Juraj Hudy and the crew over at XRay have been hard at work coming up with an all new XB9 nitro off road buggy for 2013. The XB9 has been a solid buggy since it was first introduced, this all new update should push it to yet another level of performance and durability. Some of the all new features and parts include-

* Innovative XRAY Multi-Flex™ setting
* All-new and improved weight balance and weight distribution
* Easy chassis flex setting for traction and stability adjustment
* More forgiving and easy-to-control handling
* Long-term tested by team and regular drivers in all standard conditions
* Focus on smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability
* All-new shocks with completely redesigned parts
* New drivetrain parts for increased performance, weight balance, traction, and reliability
* New narrower chassis is more flexible in longitudinal direction and stiffer in lateral direction
* New chassis flex adjustment
* New radio box plate with batteries relocated to front
* New side guards with Multi-Flex™ adjustment
* New high-downforce body with side guides and improved engine cooling
* New rear wing with increased side stability and increased downforce
* New rear wing was specifically designed to work with the new body
* New more-reliable central drivetrain with larger outdrives and new central drive shafts with 3mm pins
* New drive shaft locking rings prevent the driveshaft from coming apart

For more information on this and all of XRay’s high end vehicles hit up the official XRay Website.

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XRay T4 Touring Car
The good folks over at XRay have just announced their all new T4 Touring Car. The latest and greatest from XRay has been a long time in development, but now it is finally here for your driving pleasure. There is an enormous list of features and specs on the new T4, here are some of the highlights-

* All-new T4 platform
* Improved chassis flex
* Improved traction
* Improved weight balance
* Improved steering
* Improved center of gravity
* All new top deck
* All-new servo saver
* All new chassis design
* All new anti-roll bars
* All new rear uprights
* All new super low shock towers
* All new front lower bumper mounts
* All new composite hubs for bulkheads
* All new Super Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks
* All new low profile foam bumper
* All new Super Short Shock Springs (4S)
* All new redesigned and re-engineered bulkheads
* All new unique super low profile tweak-free motor mount
* All new upper bulkhead clamps
* All new updated alu lower suspension holder
* All new steering system
* All new tweak-free servo mount

If you are looking for a rolling work of art, the new XRay T4 should be right up your alley. Hit up this LINK for the official webpage of the new XRay T4.

Looking for more XRay news here on BigSquidRC? HERE is the link you want.

Cubby Good morning gang, welcome to yet another Cub Report, hopefully none of you are suffering from a bad case of the Monday’s.

First off, congrats to Team Germany for pwn’ing the world at MXoN over the weekend. K-Roc and crew put in some stellar rides to cinch Germany’s first MX of Nations win, they deserve loads of props. Team America just didn’t have it over the weekend, suffering from poor starts and crashing, and well, just lack of speed on the hardcore Euro sand track at Lommel. “Sigh”…

Next up…

The 2012 International iHobby Expo is right around the corner October 11-14 in Cleveland Ohio. I am cordially inviting all of our readers to make it out to the show, not only to hang with the BigSquidRC crew in booth 401 (hint hint), but to also rub elbows with some of the industries finest like Pro-line, Horizon, Parma, MRC, etc. Thursday and Friday are industry only days with Saturday and Sunday being open to the public. Of note to our readers are our rc demo’s on Saturday and Sunday- there we’ll be giving away a FREE Vehicle out during each of our shows. A brand new Axial EXO Terra Buggy, a ARRMA Granite Monster Truck, a Team Durango DESC210 RTR, and a Duratrax Evader Brushless! These are some of the vehicles we’ll be handing out to a lucky person in the crowd, come on out, you could go home with a new rc.

Oh and yes, I will be attending the iHobby show again this year, so if you’re an industry type that has had enough of my malarkey, please feel free to drop by the booth and give me an earful or two (just expect the same in return).
Get all the iHobby Expo info HERE.

Next subject is…

Achtung off-road rc track owners- if you ever wanted to build a scale rc track, one that actually simulates a full scale track, I highly suggest you look at replicating the Reno Nevada Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series track. Wow, the Reno track makes me wanna cut the check for a couple hundred grand and go race full scale short course. But seriously, how did our hobby ever think it was a good idea for our tracks to look closer to Anaheim 1 than to Bark River or Reno? You don’t see full scale off road trucks busting triples and quads. Scale looking tracks to go with scale looking vehicles only makes sense, and they might actually result in better racing. Yes, seriously.

And on to…

We’ve got a big week in store for our readers here at BigSquidRC. We are still giving away a free Hobbico vehicle this week and I hear this weeks contest is going to be EXTRA fun, be sure and sign up for a shot at a free rig.

We’ve got at least two cool reviews coming your way this week, one being a Pro Match 50C 5000 mah Lipo battery review, and the other being a Durango DESC210 RTR review. I’ve personally gotten in a ton of trigger time in with the Durango short course RTR and I’ll say now that not only is it good for the track, but it is also a very respectable bash-mobile. Keep your eyes on the front page for the full review.

Also something interesting coming up later today is an interview with Lee Morrison, the lead developer for the new Horizon ECX Revenge 8th scale buggies. We gathered up a bunch of questions from the bash crew and Lee was cool enough to be quite open and frank with his responses. Some are just general questions about the new Revenge buggies while others lead to some behind the scenes insight into the ECX brand, we hope you’ll dig reading it.

Speaking of the new ECX Revenge buggies, they were just the tip of the iceberg for big new releases last week. The new ECX’s hit on Thursday, then the big “industry news” that I had eluded to last week, the new Team Associated SC10B hit on Friday morning, followed an hour later by the announcement of the new Thunder Tiger ST4 G3 truggy. And finally on Saturday X-Ray released full info on their new T4 touring car. I gotta say that’s a pretty epic week as far as new vehicles go in our hobby.

Team Associated SC10B- The new scale short course buggy from Associated has been warmly received, I think even the hardcore racer types know that its a class that is destined to flourish. You can bash one because of its larger tires, and you can race one because it is not prone to parachute effect, and most importantly, it should be a winner on the sales floor. Scale appearance IS good for our hobby, thankfully AE finally jumped in with Losi and Kyosho to help the scale buggy class take off and to hopefully help kill off some of the un-needed UFO classes. However, the SC10B was a year and a half late to the sales floor, and like our contributor Jim said, “Looks ok, but I view it as another product from a defunct company that is still around as a sticker company. Ready-to-xxx just says built in China, I don’t give a hoot what’s included.”. Personally, I’ve driven Associated 2wd buggies for the vast majority of my rc life, in fact I’ve driven them far more than I’ve driven everything else I’ve ever owned combined, yet because AE so late (again) to the scale buggy party I think I’m still happy with my STRC’ed-out Losi SCB.

Oh… and we hear the Associated SC10B is NOT the cool buggy coming out from AE. Their “cool” buggy, a 5th scale version, is much more scale and not that far out. But then “not that far out” is a relative term, if AE is on HPI time, it could mean years, not months.

ECX Revenge Type E and Type N- Who would have thought the little company that could would bust out some 8th scalers? When you hit a bash spot there are two kings of the hill, 8th scaler buggies and monster trucks. If you show up with anything less prepare to be run over and spit out as roost (or to be hit and broken). Now ECX is suddenly a player for king of the local bash spot. Will the new ECX 8th scalers have teething pains like some of their other offerings? Will they be a legit contender for bash vehicle of the year? We shall find out soon, very soon.

Thunder Tiger ST4 G3- Ya, so we know the Thunder Tiger monster truck took over as king of the hill in many areas of the country. How will the truggy version stack up? It’s based off the same platform so I’ve gotta say it should be one bad ass machine, and if it’s bad ass, it will sell. I can’t help but think the new Thunder Tiger will not only be a beast to bash with but also another sales hit. Who would have thought 5 years ago that Thunder Tiger would have went from non-existent to mainstream here in the USA?

X-Ray T4- Every few years X-Ray busts out a new touring car platform for the hardcore on-road crowd. Unfortunately this time around not many Americans care about a new uber X-Ray. Certainly the new T4 is a huge news in other parts of the country, but as one of our staffers so eloquently stated, “That thing would be a cigarette butt to my Revo.”, the American market just isn’t in touring car mode right now. However, I’d still love to have one sitting on my desk just so I could marvel at its engineering.

And, one last thing…

Rumors continue to persist about a new scale, straight axled monster truck coming from Traxxas. The rumors had died off for a while, but last week they started back up again with a vengeance. I wonder how long the list would be at your LHS to get one of those off the opening order…

And that’s it for yet another incredibly verbose edition of THE Cub Report. Have a great week folks, as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter