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XRay T4 2018

XRay T4 2018 Touring Car Kit

With indoor carpet racing season just around the corner, XRay has released full specifications of their new flagship touring car, the 2018 edition of the T4. The T4 has long been praised for its high-end materials and engineer, the latest version features small revisions to make it even more competitive. * New ULP Ultra-low profile shocks * New ULP shock towers * New [...]


Pro-Line Velocity Wheels Associated B64

New Velocity Wheels From Pro-Line Racing

Just announced by Pro-Line are two new sets of Velocity front wheels for 4wd buggy. The new wheels fit the Team Associated B64 and the XRay XB4. Both new sets are priced at $7 per pair and are available in either white or yellow. Like all Velocity wheels, they were designed to be lightweight, yet durable, helping you to cross [...]


XRay X12 2018

XRay Announces The 2018 X12 Pan Car

Hey, what’s that? That is indoor season, it is right around the corner. If you are a seasoned hobbyist, then you already know that 1/12th scale has been a staple of indoor racing since the very beginning. To help put you at the front of the pack, XRay has announced the 2018 Edition of their X12 pan car. With a [...]


XRay X10 2018

2018 XRay X10 Pan Car

With indoor season just around the corner, XRay has announced the first of their 2018 line-up. The new ’18 X10 Pan Car from XRay comes with a slew of updates to keep it at the front of the pack. Here are some of its highlights- * All new ultra-narrow chassis * New aluminum rear bulkheads * Easier motor access * Harder front arms * New [...]


XRay XB8E '17

XRay XB8E ’17 Electric 1/8 Buggy

Newly re-designed is the XRay XB8E ’17. The 2017 version of the XB8E features many of the updates that its nitro brother also received this year, offering both handling and durability enhancements. Here are some of the New XB8E’s highlights- * All new, high oil volume differentials * New trailing-axle steering blocks * New steering plates with improved geometry * Composite front top deck [...]


XRay 2017 XT8 Truggy

XRay XT8 2017 Nitro Truggy

With the truggy wars heating up across the globe this summer, XRay has announced the 2017 edition of the XT8. The XT8 is a premium 1/8th scale nitro truggy that comes as a kit. To help put you at the front of the raging hordes, XRay has made numerous changes on the XT8, here are some of its highlights. * Longer [...]


XRay XB2D 2017

2017 XRay XB2D Buggy Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2017 version of the XB2D. The XB2D is a high-end, 2wd race buggy that has received a slew of updates to enhance performance and durability. Here are some of its upgrades from the previous version- * Designed for lower traction surfaces * New chassis with more flex for improved traction * Adjustable servo position to change weight [...]


Hudy Pocket Hobby Knife

Hudy Pocket Hobby Knife

Do you like to wrench? Are you really into tools? If so, Hudy has just announced a really trick Pocket Hobby Knife. This tiny hobby knife can come in handy while working on rc cars or even around the house. The Hudy knife folds to save space in your toolbox, plus it has easily replaceable blades. * Ultra compact size * [...]



XRay GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

For all you on-road fanatics, XRay has announced the all new GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit. The GTX8 is a 1/8th scale on-road car that comes as a high-end kit. Based off of XRay’s XB8 buggy, the GTX8 is designed for racing in the GT class that has taken off in several parts of the world. Here are some of its [...]


XRay NT1 2017

XRay NT1 2017 Nitro Touring Car

Can you smell the nitro in the air? Well, it is almost springtime, which means nitro season is nearly here in many parts of the country. To help you go really fast around an on-road track, XRay has announced the 2017 edition of the NT1 nitro touring car. The NT1 17′ is a 1/10th scale sized kit that is loaded [...]


JConcepts F2 Body XRay XB2

JConcepts F2 Body For The XRay XB2

For all you XRay XB2 drivers, JConcepts has announced a new body for your buggy. Coming soon from JC is an F2 series body for the XB2. The F2 body has an aggressive look while also being designed to enhance handling. * Cab forward design with increased windshield angle * Drop on fit * Blended body and wing design * Comes with two Aero [...]


XRay 2017 RX8

2017 XRay RX8

Full details have been released on the 2017 model of XRay’s XB8 on-road race machine. The 17′ RX8 of course comes with numerous upgrades and changes to yield even more performance out on the track. Some of its highlights include- * All new chassis for better gear mesh adjustments * Chassis has machined openings for weights and stiffeners * Lowered 2 speed bulkheads * [...]


XRay 2017 XB8 Buggy

XRay 2017 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

For all you hardcore off-road racers that have been waiting, XRay has announced full details on the 2017 edition of the XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. Of course the 2017 version comes with a bunch of upgrades, changes that were made to help improve durability and to reduce lap times. Here are some the highlights- * Larger volume differentials * Larger 2.5mm diff [...]


JConcepts S2 Body 2017 XRay XB2

Updated JConcepts S2 Body For The XRay XB2

To help accommodate the different transmission layouts on the 2017 version of the XRay XB2 buggy, JConcepts has announced an updated S2 Body. The new version of the S2 uses a different mold to work with the 2017 XB2’s 3 or 4 gear laydown transmission. The S2 retains it aggressive cab forward design and comes with a pair of JConcepts [...]


XRay Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinions

XRay Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinion Gears

Just announced by XRay is a new line-up of Hardcoated 48 Pitch Pinions. The new pinions are designed to work with XRay’s XB4 buggy, but will work equally well on a huge variety of different 1/10th scale vehicles. Some of the highlights of the new pinions include- * Designed to run true * Made from aircraft duraluminum * Individually run-in * Manually inspected * Vibration [...]