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Yokomo YRS Roadster
Looking for something unique for that rc garage of yours? Here ya go, take a look at the new YRS Roadster from Yokomo. The YRS Roadster is a 12th scale 2wd RTR designed with big fun in mind. A 540 brushed motor is used to direct drive the rear wheels and it comes with a 2.4GHz radio system, Lipo battery, and charger. The YRS Roadster is available in 3 different colors and you can get more information over on the official Yokomo Website.

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Yokomo BD7 2014 Touring Car
Touring cars might not be all the rage like they used to be, but that hasn’t kept the manufactures from continuing to improve the breed. The latest uber touring from Yokomo is the BD7 2014. The BD7 2014 Edition is a belt driven 4wd, littered with carbon fiber goodness from nose to tail. The 2014 Edition comes with small upgrades over the previous version, including hard anodized shock bodies and a revised motor mount for more centralized mass and the ability to run larger pinions.

The part number for the new Yokomo is #MRTC-BD714 and they should start hitting hobby shops in late December.

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Yokomo  B-Max2 MR Ver.2 Buggy
Every day seems to bring another announcement of a new 2wd 10th scale buggy. Today’s buggy is from Yokomo with their B-Max2 MR Version 2. The version 2 comes with various updates to make it tougher and to handle better. Some of its features and updates include-

* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace and rear suspension mount
* Steel diff gear
* Aluminum idler gears
* Big bore shocks
* Full bearings
* Cab forward body
* Aluminum chassis
* Mid or rear motor placement

The new Yokomo has a product code of #B-MAX2MR2 and they are said to start shipping in mid-September.

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Yokomo B-MAX4 III
With each passing day we get a little closer to the indoor racing season here in the northern parts of America. One of the core classes during indoor season is 4wd 10th scale buggy, with them being the fastest class at many tracks.

Yokomo has recently announced their latest 4wd 10th scale buggy called the B-Max4 III. The B-Max4 III has many changes over previous models including-

* Aluminum chassis
* Composite side plates
* 12mm wheel hexes
* No top deck
* New gearbox and slipper clutch

The B-Max4 III is said to start hitting shelves at the end of October and you can get more information at THIS LINK.

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Yokomo Land Jumper 14th Scale buggy
While Yokomo is better known for their high-end race machines, their newest buggy, the 14th Scale Land Jumper, has basher written all over it. The Land Jumper comes with a roll cage for scale looks and damage control during big crashes, and its 4wd system gets more traction to keep you in front of your buddies. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Comes with servo, 380 brushed motor, and ESC
* Aluminum chassis
* Double wishbone suspension
* Large capacity oil shocks
* Front and rear gear diffs
* Aluminum motor mount and center shaft
* Slipper clutch
* Ball bearings
* Weight- 940 grams
* Length- 300mm
* Width- 200mm
* Height- 110mm
* Wheelbase- 205mm

We have not received any pricing or release information for here in the states, but HERE is the link to the official Team Yokomo website for more information on their other products.

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Yokomo B-MAX2RS 2wd Electric Buggy Kit
Are you “one of those guys” that likes driving something different than the rest of the people in the pits? Check out this new Yokomo B-Max2RS 10th scale 2wd buggy kit. The new B-Max2RS is a lower priced alternative to Yokomo’s high end B-Max2, making it a bit more attractive to the bashing crowd. Check out some of the features-

* Newly developed 3 gear tranny for rear motor set-up
* Gear differential
* Full ball bearings
* Plastic bodied oil shocks
* Newly designed molded main chassis for mid or rear motor mounting
* Newly designed aluminum rear suspension mount  
* Cab-forward type body shell
* Steel turnbuckles
* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace
* ‘C-clip’ universal shafts
* Gokuraku off-road wing
* Pinion gear and wheels included
* Tires not included

Look for a release date of late December and hit up THIS link for more information on the official Yokomo website.

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A-Main Hobbies Exclusive Distributor for Yokomo
Yokomo rc cars had a huge presence here in the states years ago, and they are still makers of high end racing rc vehicles. We have just received word that A-Main Hobbies has picked up the Yokomo line and is now their exclusive retailer in North America. Hopefully now with A-Main behind them we’ll be seeing a lot more Yokomo product here in the states. Hit up THIS link for more information on Yokomo’s line-up of rc cars, and HERE is the link for A-Main.

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Yokomo BD7 Touring Car
There is just something inherently cool about a high end touring car. Taking just one look at Yokomo’s new carbon-fiber’ed-out MR4TC-BD7 10th scale 4wd touring car definitely leaves a strong impression on just how trick it is, and with 3 of them making the A final a few weeks ago at the IFMAR Worlds, you know it is just as fast as it looks. Some of the highlights of Yokomo’s latest work of art are-

* 4wd, belt driven
* Symmetrical from left to right for optimal chassis flex
* Split aluminum suspension mounts
* Motor mounted 9.5mm farther forward than previous model
* Solid aluminum front axle
* Rear gear diff
* Sway bars come as standard equipment
* Big aluminum shocks

Pricing looks to be around $550 and the BD7 should be available mid-September. For complete information THIS is the link you want.

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Our Italian friends at Hobby Media.IT have been covering the Shizouka Hobby Show over in Japan and, as always, a few interesting R/C things are popping up.  Yokomo, as is usual with them, are showing off a couple new prototype vehicles at the show.  The big one is their new 2wd 1/10 scale buggy, but little information was available other than it not being a final design.  The other item of interest is a small prototype of a Lotus/Caterham Seven.  The Seven has always been one of my most favorite cars in the whole wide world, if Yokomo sets about making a scale R/C version I just squeal for joy.  But the gang was tight-lipped about their offerings, so we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll be posting a bit more from the Shizouka Hobby Show, there’s a few other cool things that showed up.  Thanks to Hobby Media for the pics and info.

Hobby Media snapped a pic of a new prototype rear suspension setup from Yokomo.  Right now all we know is that it’s a single shock setup with the shock placed laterally between the suspension arms.  The Hobby Media guys say they’re going to try to pry some info from the Yokomo staff in the coming days, but they are speculating that this might be for a new front motor, front wheel drive car coming from Yokomo.  Click through to their site for a larger picture.