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Yokomo YZ-2 BuggyYokomo has just announced their latest high-end 1/10th race buggy, the YZ-2. The YZ-2 was specially designed for high-bite surfaces like damp clay, sugar treated tracks, and carpet. To help eliminate traction rolling the YZ-2 features an ultra-low center of gravity motor mount and transmission. The YZ-2 also features an innovative steering design for a more direct feel in the corners.

* New cab-forward body
* 4mm carbon fiber shock towers
* Aluminum wheel hexes
* Low friction hard anodized shock bodies
* New aluminum steering rack
* Can use multiple different styles of batteries
* Aluminum chassis

The part number is #B-YZ2, it should start shipping late this month, and you can hit up This Link for more details.

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Yokomo B-MAX2 MR V3 KitBack in the day, I spent many hours throwing down laps with a Yokomo Super Dog Fighter. It sure could bust out some fast laps in those glory years for Yokomo here in America. While Yokomo might not be the powerhouse it once was, they are still big in Asia and you can still get their products here in the states.

Yokomo recently announced their latest 1/10th 2wd buggy, the B-MAX2 MR Version 3. It comes with a tough aluminum chassis and can do both mid-motor and rear motor configurations. Other highlights from the V3 include a new rear suspension mount, new bottom shock caps, and a new cab-forward style body. It has a part number of #B-MAX2MR3 and you can hit up This Link for more details.

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Kazama Auto is a 1:1 and 1:10 drift shop out of Japan. Known for ultra adjustable designs and beautifully machined pieces, they’re set to introduce a new Yokomo Drift Package chassis conversion this year, the GSX-R.

Not much is known at this time, but we can see it is sporting a new slider-rack steering design and appears to have an advanced flex cutout with matching center bridge.


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Pro-Line Yokomo Body
The Pro-Line crew has announced one of their Phantom series bodies for the Yokomo B-Max4 III. What is so cool about a Phantom? They have cutting edge looks for the racer crowd, plus they are designed for optimal handling. The cab forward design aids in front traction, while the optional center fin helps with high speed stability.

The part number is #3437-00, it is street priced at $26, and Click Right Here for more details over on Pro-Line’s website.

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Yokomo BD7 ETS Champion Limited Kit
Just 25 of the new Limited Edition BD7 ETS kits from Yokomo will be put out for sale. This model was made to celebrate its four wins at the European Touring Car series and comes with luxury packaging and special transporter bag. It also comes with a slew of high-zoot upgrades-

* Titanium main gear shaft
* Titanium turnbuckles
* Precision bearing set
* Aluminum servo mount, belt tension cams, & rear bones
* Graphite body mount support
* Hard coated pivot balls
* Double joint front universals

The part number is #MRTC-BD714ETS and you can get full information over on the Yokomo Europe website.

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Yokomo Toyota 86 SD Sport
It seems like every company is upping their game when it comes to scale realism, with their new Toyota 86 it looks like Yokomo is too. Trick wheels, scale realistic exhaust tips, windshield wipers, and rear view mirrors are sure to turn your buddies heads while out cruising the local bash spot.

The Toyota 86 comes on Yokomo’s tough SD Sport molded chassis and features full time 4wd with a diff in the rear and a spool in the front. The part number is #MRTC-86, it is set for an August release date, and you can hit up This Link for more details over on Yokomo’s website.

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Yokomo BD7 Boom Racing Upgrades
For all you Yokomo BD7 touring car drivers, Asiatees Hobbies is now stocking a complete line-up of aluminum upgrade parts for your car. The bling-bling parts are made by Boom Racing and are available in three different colors- blue, silver, and the ever popular black. These aluminum parts can help beef up your whip and make it stand out in the crowd at your local bash spot. Hit up This Link for complete details.

Also in the news at Asiatees is their Father’s Day Sale. Using a special code at checkout you can score an extra 10% off upgrade parts. This offer is good until June 15th and you can get complete information at This Link over on Asiatee’s website.

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Yokomo Drift Package DIB Version 2
RC drifting has been gaining momentum in our hobby and as it grows comes more and more options for cars. One of the latest drift machines to be announced is the Yokomo Drift Package DIB Version 2. The DIB V2 is essentially a highly upgraded orginal DIB, making it one serious drift machine. Some of the features of the V2 include-

* 45 degree steering angle
* 4wd 2 belt drive
* Full bearing set
* Aluminum lower suspension arms
* New aluminum front upper bulkheads
* Front motor layout
* Carbon fiber chassis and shock towers
* Front one-way and solid rear axle

The part numbers are DP-DIB2R for red, DP-DIB2 for blue, and you can get complete information on the Yokomo website by Clicking This Link.

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Yokomo Team Up Garage Falken 86
The crew over at Yokomo have announced their latest on-road machine, a D1 version Up Garage Falken 86. This is a 4wd tenth scale kit that should be a lot of fun to slide around your cul-de-sac. The Yokomo drifter has an aluminum motor mount, plastic chassis, oil shocks, and comes with a full bearing set. While its running gear looks solid, the highlight of the car has to be its trick looking wheels, tires, and body.

The Yokomo Up Garage Falken 86 has a part number of #DP-UF86 and is scheduled for a late April release.

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Yokomo YRS Roadster
Looking for something unique for that rc garage of yours? Here ya go, take a look at the new YRS Roadster from Yokomo. The YRS Roadster is a 12th scale 2wd RTR designed with big fun in mind. A 540 brushed motor is used to direct drive the rear wheels and it comes with a 2.4GHz radio system, Lipo battery, and charger. The YRS Roadster is available in 3 different colors and you can get more information over on the official Yokomo Website.

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Yokomo BD7 2014 Touring Car
Touring cars might not be all the rage like they used to be, but that hasn’t kept the manufactures from continuing to improve the breed. The latest uber touring from Yokomo is the BD7 2014. The BD7 2014 Edition is a belt driven 4wd, littered with carbon fiber goodness from nose to tail. The 2014 Edition comes with small upgrades over the previous version, including hard anodized shock bodies and a revised motor mount for more centralized mass and the ability to run larger pinions.

The part number for the new Yokomo is #MRTC-BD714 and they should start hitting hobby shops in late December.

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Yokomo  B-Max2 MR Ver.2 Buggy
Every day seems to bring another announcement of a new 2wd 10th scale buggy. Today’s buggy is from Yokomo with their B-Max2 MR Version 2. The version 2 comes with various updates to make it tougher and to handle better. Some of its features and updates include-

* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace and rear suspension mount
* Steel diff gear
* Aluminum idler gears
* Big bore shocks
* Full bearings
* Cab forward body
* Aluminum chassis
* Mid or rear motor placement

The new Yokomo has a product code of #B-MAX2MR2 and they are said to start shipping in mid-September.

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Yokomo B-MAX4 III
With each passing day we get a little closer to the indoor racing season here in the northern parts of America. One of the core classes during indoor season is 4wd 10th scale buggy, with them being the fastest class at many tracks.

Yokomo has recently announced their latest 4wd 10th scale buggy called the B-Max4 III. The B-Max4 III has many changes over previous models including-

* Aluminum chassis
* Composite side plates
* 12mm wheel hexes
* No top deck
* New gearbox and slipper clutch

The B-Max4 III is said to start hitting shelves at the end of October and you can get more information at THIS LINK.

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