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Cubby with Vaughn Gittin MustangGood morning everyone, happy Monday to you all, and here’s to hoping you have a great week that just freak’n blows by.

First up, some BigSquidRC news.

Yes, we’ll be doing another BigSquidRC Live show again this Wednesday. If you caught it last week you saw exactly what can happen during a live net show. Jeff’s computer decided to chunk a tire while Tim’s microphone sounded worse than a sand filled spur gear, so both of them DNF’ed the broadcast. This dropped the entire show in Brian, Adam, and Craig’s lap, and well, it just went downhill from there. On the upside, it should have made for some good viewing watching Brian wiggle around with nothing to say. :) Anywhos, the live show will again be starting at 9 pm CST this Wednesday, and this weeks show will be focused on your comments. You can comment on the YouTube feed or in the post on BigSquidRC, and yes, we’ll be giving away ANOTHER truck live on the air! Be there or be square.

Hey, if you get a chance, check out the BigSquidRC Google + page. Yes it’s rad, and there is stuff on there you won’t see here on our dot com or on our FB page.

FYI, we are 21 days away from announcing our “Bash Vehicle of the Year“, perhaps the only media driven award that consumers actually trust. Who will win? Stayed tuned to find out…

We’ve got some cool reviews coming your way this week- the Durango DESC410R V2 4wd short course truck, the Thunder Tiger TS4E touring car, and the Traxxas QR-1 quadcopter. We’ve been driving and bashing the heck out of the Durango and the Thunder Tiger for weeks now, I hope you enjoy reading the reviews, goodness knows we have enough time put into them. 3 of our staffers ended up getting the new Traxxas quad- one wouldn’t bind out of the box and the other two wouldn’t fly properly without some serious tuning. Should be interesting to see how that review comes out, LOL. Oh ya, expect the majority of our reviews to come with short videos to accompany them from here on out. :)

One vehicle you won’t see reviewed this week is the HPI Ken Block Rally Car. As I’ve previously mentioned ours died about a minute into testing, its pinion gear exploded and the output shaft on the motor broke off and we’ve just got our replacement parts to fix it. This makes the second HPI vehicle we’ve attempted to review this year that broke early and ended up sitting around while waiting for parts. I hope you guys are having better luck getting HPI parts than we are. We should have it back up and running this week so we can get the review finished off.

On a different note…

Ya, ya, I know most of you guys don’t follow rc racing very closely. In this Traxxas RTR world racing has become less and less important to normal hobbyists. I believe part of that is because most users are more concerned about what the latest hop-up is for their bashing rig, and the other is they’ve experienced some of the racing scene and know first hand how broken it is. Well here’s a little story for ya from the IFMAR 8th scale buggy world championship held last week…

Most of the factory guys arrived in Argentina about a week and a half ago. Since then they went through practice, then qualified for nearly a week. The “TQ” for the event was a racer named Elliot Boots from the UK. You may not recognize the name, but he was clearly hauling ass all week and looked to be the class of the field. You will recognize the name of Jared Tebo, after qualifying for a week he ended up sitting in 4th spot. However, neither of these two men, arguably the two fastest men at the IFMAR world championship, would make it into the “A” final to even fight for the chance of being world champion.

How can it be that the Top Qualifier for the IFMAR world championship wasn’t even on the grid of the “A” main? Because… IFMAR screws around and qualifies for a week, then they run a set of qualifying mains. To make the “A”, you have to finish 5th or better in one of the two “semi final” mains, plus they add the two fastest times that didn’t finish top 5. For Boots, his steering servo gave out a few minutes into his semi, meaning that even though he was TQ of the event he wouldn’t be on the grid for the “A”. Tebo also ran into some mechanical issues and ended up missing the “A”, even though he had spent a week qualifying 4th.

As preposterous as that sounds, that’s the way IFMAR works. It sucks for the men that earned their spot in the “A”, it sucks for the companies that spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to put them there, its sucks that perhaps once again the fastest man on the planet in 8th scale buggy was not crowned world champion, and even worse, it’s yet another black eye for rc racing. Not only a black eye to the non-rc masses, but also a black eye to all the average Joe Blow rc’ers that are attempting to base buying decisions on the race results.

IFMAR spent wayyyyyyy too long qualifying, and once qualifying was over, it was all for naught. What in the hell are they thinking? Why do any of the manufactures even support these idiots? There is a better way, and it does not involve any of the people currently running the show right now. The purpose of racing is to fairly determine the fastest driver/car, the current IFMAR set-up does not do that. Maybe two years from now when the worlds are held again they should just sit around and flip coins because that is essentially what they are doing right now.

But come to think of it… IFMAR would even screw up flipping coins. They’d flip coins for weeks in some country where nobody wants to go (and hardly anyone owns a hobby grade rc), then they’d throw out all the results and play rock-paper-scissors with backwards rules FTW. “Sigh”……….

That’s it for this weeks Cub Report, support your local hobby shops and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

BigSquidRC LIVE Show
Here’s a reminder that we’ll be doing another BigSquidRC LIVE show tomorrow night. This weeks show will be one hour earlier, 9 pm CST, to make it easier on our East Coast viewers. This week we’ll be announcing another Basher Approved product, as well as giving away a brand new Durango RTR live during the broadcast! To watch the show just check out our front page at 9 pm CST for a new post featuring the live Google + Hangout feed on YouTube.

Also of note, this weeks show will feature more interaction with you guys! We’ll be responding to more of your comments from the BigSquidRC post and from comments on the YouTube feed. So join us Wednesday night for loads of rc bench racing and interactive fun!

Did you miss our last live show? Catch the replay RIGHT HERE.

THE Cub Report, King CubbyHello everyone, it’s yet another Monday and time for another Cub Report, the finest example of sarcasm (and bull) that you’ll find in the rc world. I hope THE Cub Report gets you all off to a great start to the week.

First up, best of luck to all the American racers down in Argentina right now going for the IFMAR 8th scale buggy championship. Yes, that race lasts about 9 days too long, but best of luck guys and bring that trophy back home with ya to the states.

Next up- I hope you caught our BigSquidRC Live show last Wednesday night on Google Plus and YouTube. We’ll be doing another show this Wednesday night, this time an hour earlier at 9 pm CST, so I am cordially inviting you to join us. This week we’ll announce another recipient of our “Basher Approved” award, and yes, we’ll be giving away another brand spank’n new truck! We hope to see you there, and while you are at it check out BigSquidRC HERE on Google +. Oh and- get your own G+ page rock’n! The real goal of our live show via the Google + “hangout” is to have live interaction with our readers, meaning at some point (in the not too distant future) you guys (yes, YOU) will be invited into the hangout with us to bench race, ask questions, or to just talk rc smack.

Now to get to what this Cub Report is all about- each year I go around the office and ask our Bash Crew, cost being no object, what rc product they’d like their loved ones to get them Christmas, and why. Yes, we’ve certainly got quite a diverse crew around here, sometimes they want very different things, other times they are amazingly the same. Let’s take a look and see what the BigSquidRC bash crew members would wish for in their stockings this year…

Iron Mike- Seeing as how Mike always Bogarts our Pro-Line tuned Traxxas Slash everywhere we go, his answer was no surprise to me. If cost were no object Mike would pick a Slash fully decked out with Pro-Line hop-ups. A Pro-line Pro-2 Slash is not only an animal on track, but one seriously tough truck, so nice pick ya made there Mike. Maybe before next Christmas Pro-Line will release an entire truck? Hummm….

Hawaiian Chris- Chris had a fast response for me, if he could get any rc product for X-mas it would have to be a Losi 5T 4wd gas truck. No doubt the 5T is a beast and fun to drive, but Chris put it on his list because its price point is so high that it is something he would never buy for himself.

Craig The Uber Ramp Guy- The Losi 5T also made Craig’s list, but he wants his converted to insane brushless power. Also on Craig’s list is a full head tracking FPV system. The Losi 5T is quite insane on gas power, and about that times 2 on brushless, so I can see why it would make his list. Craig didn’t say which of his vehicles he would install the head tracking FPV system in, but hopefully not the big BL Losi, at least not if I am standing anywhere near. :)

Jammin Jim Swift- There is no Losi on Jim’s list as he told me his Christmas present of choice would be a LCG Traxxas 4×4 Slash. Jim wants one because the LCG chassis would help make it more competitive on track, it should be super durable, and when you do need a part they should be easily found at nearly any local hobby shop.

Tim Mohr The Pro Driver Guy- No Losi or Traxxas was on Tim’s list, he told me a new Durango DEX408 8th scale electric was what he was looking for. Tim’s the kinda guy that is totally into hitting the track every day and quad’ing every double on the track, and no doubt the Durango would bust out lap after lap with him being pinned WFO everywhere.

Adam The Intern- Adam is sort of our resident scale/crawler type guy so his answer was no surprise to me, it was an Axial XR10 crawler. Adam says he doesn’t have an MOA so an XR10 would be neat for him to find out just what it could do that his other Axial trucks could not.

Brian The Editor- Brian has a couple of things on his list. The Losi 5T also made Brian’s list because it is such a big beast of a bash machine, but he also listed a GPS enabled quadcopter. If you’ve never flown a GPS quad, it’s almost like cheating because they can be extremely easy to fly. Brian has been flying a bunch of different quad’s lately, so he’s certainly been bitten by that bug, but will quads be able to keep him interested or will they just be a short term thing for him?

Myself- Now to finally get to the really important person around here, me. I’ve got too many cars/trucks already, so I’d be wishing for more FPV equipment. FPV has been able to make the hobby interesting for me again and it’s a whole new world when it comes to equipment. You can go with a monitor or you can go with glasses. You can go with one camera, or a dozen. The cameras can move with the steering or be fixed. There are tons of different transmitters and receivers to boot. I’ve got a small selection of FPV gear already, but if money were no object I’d sure like to try some of everything to find out the best possible combo for my personal FPV driving requirements.

So there you have it folks, that’s what the crew here at BigSquidRC would wish for if money were no object this Christmas. Feel free to shoot us an email telling us what you are wishing for to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to tune into BigSquidRC Live this Wednesday night at 9 pm CST, and to support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

After last week’s ridiculously short teaser videos, Axial have now released the full length promo video. Check out the cool slow-mo! According to Axial, both trucks are running Novak Havoc Pro ESC’s, 4.5t motors and Thunder Power 2S Li-Po packs.


Head over to the Axial website for more details aout the EXO Terra Buggy.