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Team RedCat TR-MT8E Monster Truck

Team RedCat TR-MT8E Monster Truck

RedCat now has a high-end brand of premium vehicles called Team Redcat. The first vehicle to be introduced under the Team RedCat moniker is the TR-MT8E Monster Truck. The MT8E promises to be extremely durable and to also provide massive performance. Some of the highlights of the new Team RedCat MT include-

* Waterproof Savox servo
* Hobbywing 100 amp 4S waterproof ESC
* Hobbywing 42mm 2500kV brushless motor
* LED lighting
* Hardened steel driveshafts
* Reinforced diffs
* High quality bearings
* Ground Clearance- 88mm
* Wheelbase- 350mm
* Length- 560mm
* Width- 440mm
* Dry Weight- 4980g
* Comes with Deans connectors

The RedCat is street priced at $439 and you can get more details at This Link over on RedCat’s official website.

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